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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Luke Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:54 am

I prefer the "Collection" on the Sega CD, but this was an original cart. You can definitely tell a difference as far as sound goes, but each game still sounds great.

Not a fan of any Sonic port though.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by alienjesus Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:59 am

Luke wrote:I prefer the "Collection" on the Sega CD, but this was an original cart. You can definitely tell a difference as far as sound goes, but each game still sounds great.

Not a fan of any Sonic port though.

I still need a Mega CD, one of the last retro consoles on my wants list. All of the compilations I listed were released on Mega Drive cartridges.

I'm not sure how I've gotten this far without buying a Mega CD actually. I remember playing Sonic CD and Final Fight CD at a friends house as a kid, and that's actually why I ended up buying Mega Games 2 - because Streets of Rage looked a lot like Final Fight.

And hey, what a good purchase, because Streets of Rage is better :lol:
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by BoneSnapDeez Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:29 pm

prfsnl_gmr wrote:1. Cut the Rope (3DS)

Got this today based on your recommendation. $6.99 new at Best Buy!

Didn't realize the physical 3DS version was actually a compilation of sorts. This should keep me busy.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by prfsnl_gmr Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:24 pm

BoneSnapDeez wrote:
prfsnl_gmr wrote:1. Cut the Rope (3DS)

Got this today based on your recommendation. $6.99 new at Best Buy!

Didn't realize the physical 3DS version was actually a compilation of sorts. This should keep me busy.

Nice. It is such a fun game. I've only beaten the first of the three games included in the compilation, and it took me hours. There's a ton of value there.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by GSZX1337 Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:13 am

1) Cannon Spike - Dreamcast
2) I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream - PC
3) Mighty Gunvolt - 3DS (as Mighty No. 9)
4) Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X - PSP (Vile Mode)
5) StarCraft - PC
6) Naughty Bear - Xbox 360
7) The Last of Us - PS3
8] Eets (100-percented) - PC
9) Gunpoint - PC
10) The Last Story - Wii
11) Papers, Please - PC (Ending 18)
12) King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (AGD VGA remake)
13) Dune 2000 - PC (easy :()
14) Clock Tower: The First Fear - PC (S Ending)
15-19) Sam & Max Season 3: The Devil's Playhouse - PC

20) Dishonored - PC
I didn't think I'd like this as much as I did. That was mainly because I thought it was a straightforward first person actioner with some stealth elements made by Bethesda themselves. In actuality, it's a first person stealth-action game with strong RPG elements made by Arkane Studios. Arkane Studios is the team that created Dark Messiah of Might and Magic back in 2006, a game I rather enjoyed while others abhorred it. Knowing this, it should've come as no surprise that the game felt like Dark Messiah with beefed up RPG elements reminiscent of Deus Ex.

Anyway, this game is awesome. The fun powers, fine map design, and moral choices make for an enjoyable experience. There's not much to say about this game as everything about it is just good. The graphics looks rather nice (and runs at a nice 60fps on my rig), the audio while not something I'm likely to listen outside the game is pleasing to the ears, and the gameplay is spot on. The stealth hits that sweet spot between mindlessly running around blind dolts and dancing around all-seeing eyes. The sword play is exciting and encourages thoughtful maneuvers instead of mindless slashing. There's a good amount of replay value thanks to its variety of moral choices and hidden goodies.

The only things I don't like about this game are its setting and the fact that midway through the game, combat becomes a joke. I'm not into the Steampunk aesthetic and I'm not digging its weird technological landscape with stilt-like mech-suits and sophisticated surveillance equipment, but no cars or motorboats. The force push power can dismember foes, resulting in easy fights. This in combination with the Blink (teleportation) ability make the battles a joke. I had to forbid myself from using the push power in order to keep the fights interesting.

Overall, a very fun game and a pleasant surprise.
casterofdreams wrote:On PC I want MOAR FPS!!!|
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by dsheinem Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:14 am

I really need to finish Dishonored. I like what I've played but I always seem to play for a few hours and then lose patience. Maybe before the year is out...
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by RyaNtheSlayA Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:18 am

Yes, yes you do.

I've been eyeballing the PS4 release since I want to replay it - I'm not sure that it's worth $40 though, it doesn't even run at 60FPS and doesn't look much better than the PS3 version outside of resolution. But it's probably than what my laptop will do.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by MrPopo Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:46 am

I squeed when the Dishonored 2 teaser came out.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Fragems Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:06 pm

1. Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition(PS4)(Good)
2. Infamous First Light(PS4)(Good)
3. Drakengard 3(PS3) *Endings 1-4. Ending 5 I watched online due to BS boss.(Good except for the boss of the final alternate branch ending who can go burn in a firey hell :lol: )
4. Infamous Second Son(PS4)(Good)
5. Thomas Was Alone(PS4)(Great)
6. Uncharted Drake's Fortune(PS3) *(Good)
7. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves(PS3) *(Great)
8. Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception(PS3) **(Good)
9. Deadpool(PS3)(Great)
10. Red Dead Redemption(360)(Good)
11. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare(360)(Okay)
12. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct(360)(Shit)
13. Fuse(360)(Okay)
14. The Bureau Xcom Declassified(360)(Okay)
15. Asura's Wrath(360)(Great)
16. Beneath a Steel Sky(PC)(Good)
17. Soul Gambler(PC)(Okay)
19. Harvester(PC)(Good, but disturbing)
20. Coma: Mortuary(PC)(Shit)
21. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure(PC)(Good)
22. Freedom Planet(PC)(Great)
23. Tropico 3 Steam Special Edition(PC)(Great)
24. Far Cry 4(PS3)(Okay kinda meh)
25. Shellshock 2 Blood Trails(360)(Shit)
26. Grand Theft Auto V(PC)(Great)
27. Shadow of Mordor(PS4)(Great)
28. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare(PS4)(Okay)
29. Fallout 3(PC)- Great
30. Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage(DLC)(PC)- Crap
31. Fallout 3: Broken Steel(DLC)(PC)- Okay
32. Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta(DLC)(PC)- Buggy Crap
33. Fallout 3: Point Lookout(DLC)(PC)- Great
34. Dying Light(Xbox One)- Great
35. Sunset Overdrive(Xbox One)- Great
36. Murdered Soul Suspect(Xbox One)- Okay
37. Ryse Son of Rome(Xbox One)- Great
38. Halo Anniversary Edition(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Good
39. Halo 2 Anniversary(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Okay
40. Halo 3(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Great

Halo 2 Anniversary

I don't know if I really like the "improvements to the game. It does look a lot better graphically, but they changed some of the color schemes which kind of fudged some of the atmosphere. The new cut scenes are very nice, but they seem to have issues loading same as the hidden terminal videos in each level. Some of the cutscenes seemed jittery and I had a few that ended abruptly which at first I thought was just bad editing, but after a while I decided to reload the levels and sure enough upon reloading the cut scenes played for another 3-4 seconds longer then they had with the first load. The terminal videos are completely fudged though basically the game has to connect to the Halo Channel app to play them which is kind of slow and 99% of the time doesn't load the video so you have to back out and reactive the terminal a second time in order for it to play. Aside from that I also had issues with the AI companions they occasionally stopped following for no reason and I seemed to encounter a lot of friendly fire deaths especially whenever I had friendly covenant troops with energy swords :lol: .

There is once again the nice option to switch between the original and updated graphics on the fly. The game doesn't feel near as polished as the Halo CE Anniversary version though.

Halo 3

Probably my favorite game in the Master Chief Collection most likely due to the fact that it's the one that 343 fucked with the least :lol: . This feels like a pretty direct port of Halo 3 and it feels 10 times better then the "anniversary" editions of CE and 2. Game runs smooth, controls feel good, and the warthog has a functional horn :lol: . Think the main issues with the two anniversary games is they use the code from the PC versions. Managed to play through it in the course of a day which is surprising since my interest in Halo was dying down after play Halo CE & 2 back to back. Will probably tackle 4 next.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Markies Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:10 pm

I beat Halo: Combat Evolved on the XBOX this evening!

When it comes to FPS, I really only enjoyed the Bond games on the N64 and Perfect Dark as well. I never saw the big fuss and I always was curious on how the genre evolved to the Call of Duty's and Battlefield's of today. I can now see how Halo was the bridge between those games. The game very much reminds me of a modern FPS with regenerating health, checkpoints readily available and a more cinematic feel.

The game really surprised as I really got into it after a while. The controls take some getting used to and driving a vehicle never feels good, but it wasn't too much of a deterrent. For a game that people only play for the multiplayer, I was kind of surprised at how good the campaign actually is. Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering, but it was fun. I was rather pleasantly surprised.
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