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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by MrPopo Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:16 am

The bat grab gives me a morbid fascination when there's a pack of them, because you can play "The floor is lava".
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Ack Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:44 am

1. Jungle Book (SNES)(Platformer)
2. Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge (SNES)(Light Gun Shooter)
3. Might and Magic VI (PC)(RPG)
4. Revenant (PC)(RPG)
5. Neo Turf Masters (NGPC)(Sports)
6. Fatal Fury: First Contact (NGPC)(Fighter)
7. Pac-Man (NGPC)(Action)

8. Golden Axe (Genesis)(Hack and Slash)
9. Blood and Bacon (PC)(FPS)
10. Gain Ground (Genesis)(Strategy)

11. Flicky (Genesis)(Platformer)
12. Zombie Shooter 2 (PC)(Top-Down Shooter)
13. Phantasmagoria (PC)(Point and Click)
14. SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash - Capcom Version (NGPC)(Card Game)
15. Toonstruck (PC)(Point and Click)
16. Riven (PC)(Point and Click)
17. Dragon Wars (PC)(RPG)
18. Dungeon Hack (PC)(RPG)
19. SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium (NGPC)(Fighter)
20. Portal 2 (PC)(Puzzle FPS)
21. Goat Simulator: Waste of Space (PC)(Action)
22. Goat Simulator: Payday (PC)(Action)
23. Goat Simulator: MMO Simulator (PC)(Action)

24. Goat Simulator: GoatZ (PC)(Action)
25. Goat Simulator (PC)(Action)
26. Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis)(Beat 'Em Up)
27. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (PC)(Action Platformer)

28. Deadlight (PC)(Platformer)
28. Antichamber (PC)(Puzzle FPS)
29. S.C.A.R.S. (N64)(Racing)
30. Anvil of Dawn (PC)(RPG)
31. Earth Defense Force 4.1 (PC)(Action)

Do you want to shoot giant bugs?

Do you want to blast alien warships out of the sky?

Do you want to use a giant robot to beat up a giant lizard?

Do you want to do all of this while wandering through destructible environments, listening to the other grunts in your platoon lose all hope or sing songs while swarms of massive ants, spiders, wasps, dragons, killer robots, and alien fighter drones rip them a new one?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Earth Defense Force 4.1 is for you! Just pick one of four classes, select one of the 89 levels, and pick your difficulty, and then go to town! Thrill as you level an unnamed Japanese city that you're supposedly protecting! Watch as the Earth is overrun with alien forces hellbent on conquering our planet! Listen as you are told that over half the Earth's population is wiped out, and areas like Hawaii or Sydney, Australia, have been wiped from the face of the planet.

Yes, the game looks like something from the PS2 days, but that's because if you see a building, you can blow it up! After all, aliens can't level the city if there's not a city to level! And as for sound, who doesn't want to listen to a bunch of goofy-sounding voice actors talk about what they want for dinner, whether they'll get married, and how this whole experience has ruined aliens for them forever.

If you have read to this point, it's time I get serious. Earth Defense Force 4.1 is a simplistic game: play a level, shoot stuff, collect weapons and more health, move to the next level, eventually win. It's formulaic, it's ridiculous and over the top, and it's also quite addictive in the way that a game like Dynasty Warriors is. The game also tracks progress across all difficulty levels and character classes, so you might become extremely good at the basic soldier, the Ranger, but have put no progress into improving the vehicle guy, called an Air Raider. Also, do the math: 89 levels, 5 difficulties, 4 character classes = 1780 levels to get through total. That's a lot of levels. EDF 4.1 is something that you get on discount and play a long time, not because it's visually stunning or mentally stimulating, but because it's good, clean fun with a setting reminiscent of kaiju movies or 1950s B-movie sci-fi from a Japanese perspective. And with so many levels, it's a lot of content to keep coming back to. EDF 4.1 will last you for ages. Heck, I've beaten the game on Normal now with one class, done 50 levels on Easy and 30 on Hard, and I'm not even 10% of the way into the game.

Plus, the game does get steadily more ridiculous, both in the foes you face and in the weapons you'll obtain. I recently found a grenade launcher that shoots a sticky bomb which ignites in a geyser of fire. Quite literally, a geyser, with force behind it. You can use it to set traps for enemies, but I get much more entertainment out of firing at an enemy and then watching as the flame geyser operates like a jet engine and launches them into the air. Now that's entertainment.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Flake Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:35 pm


Yakuza Kiwami (PS4)
Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4)
Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again (DSi ware)


Roundabout (PS4)
Pocket Fighter (PSX)
Double Dragon Neon (PS3)
Batman Arkham VR(PSVR)


Gundam Versus (PS4)


Batman: The Enemy Within (PS4)
Megaman 9 (PS4)
Megaman 10 (PS4)


The Legend of Zelda: BotW (Switch)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS4)
Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA/WiiU)


Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams (Switch)
Megaman (Switch)
Megaman 2 (Switch)
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS4)
Ikaruga (Switch)
Batman: Tell Tale Series (Switch)
Gunbird (Switch)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Switch)
Caladrius Blaze (PS4)


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD (PS3)
Street Fighter (PS4)
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (PS4)

Revisiting old favorites in new wrappers this month! Not a lot to say about these games since they are so well known. A Haiku for each about how I felt, then:

Metal Gear Solid 3:
My despair at Trump
Solace in fighting Russians
Throwing poison scorpions

Street Fighter:
First time to play it
Since once at Taco Bueno
Back in '94[/b]

Street Fighter II: World Warriors
Not bad, truthfully
Slow movement, hard blows
Sagat is bullshit
The PSTV is amazing.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by prfsnl_gmr Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:52 pm

I like your reviews.
They are all elegant poems.
Let’s bring back that thread!
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by dsheinem Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:59 am

Games Beaten 2018
The first 50:
Darkwing Duck - NES (PS4)
DuckTales - NES (PS4)
DuckTales 2 - NES (PS4)
Talespin - NES (PS4)
Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers - NES (PS4)
Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 - NES (PS4)
Scarecrow - PS1 (Vita)
The Heart of Dark - PS1 (Vita)
Justice - PS1 (Vita)
Caligo - PC
Tomb Raider (2013) - X1
Nephise Begins - PC
Diablo III: The Darkening of Tristam - PC
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - X1
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - SNES
Forza Horizon 3 - X1/ PC
Elbub - PC
Tekken 4 -PS2
Injustice 2 -PS4
Apollo 11 VR - PSVR
Star Wars Battlefront II -PS4
Unearthing Mars - PSVR
Jenny of the Prairie - C64
Part Time UFO - iOS
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - PS4
War of the Monsters -PS2
Far Cry 5 - PS4
Uncharted: Lost Legacy - PS4
Soul Calibur 2 - GCN
God of War (2018) - PS4
Orcs and Elves - NDS
Tekken 7 - PS4
House of the Dead 4 Special - PS3
S.A.R. (Search and Rescue) - PS3
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - PSVR
Time Crisis: Razing Storm - PS3
Time Crisis IV - PS3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance - PS4
Dodonpachi Saidaioujou - 360
Ketsui Kizuna Shigokutachi Extra - PS3
Bad Dudes - Arcade (Wii)
Crude Buster - Arcade (Wii)
Wizard Fire - Arcade (Wii)
Heavy Barrel - Arcade (Wii)
The Bouncer - PS2
Thor: God of Thunder - NDS
Destiny 2: Warmind - PS4
King Oddball - PS4
High Hell - PC
Postal Redux - PC

Super Night Riders - PC
Slap City - PC
Ultraflow - iOS
Grim Dawn - PC
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - PC *new*

Total: 55

Previously: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

I thought that this was one of the weaker entries in the series and in the recent run of Bethesda-published classic iD revamps. It doubles down on a lot of what made the previous game in the series an interesting (and fun) reboot, but there was far too much story in this one for my taste - I don't play Wolfenstein games for 10 minute cutscenes and annoying missions where I have to run around a hub base to grab a advance a NPC character's watch another finally get into a mission where I get to shoot Nazis. Though the story's presence is too overstated, it is nonetheless interesting enough and has its fair share of awesome and/or WTF moments, and the gunplay is not too far off of the previous game...but the map design is largely built around a stealth system that doesn't work very well, enemy AI is lacking, and the boss fights aren't especially memorable compared to those in previous Wolfenstein games (the final boss "fight" is barely even a QTE). I am glad I played it, but I can't recommend it as easily as I can the other more recent iD reboot titles (The New Order, The Old Blood, Doom, Doom VFR, etc.).
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Flake Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:34 am

prfsnl_gmr wrote:I like your reviews.
They are all elegant poems.
Let’s bring back that thread!

To that fun format
I am planning a return
Thanks for the Feedback!

- no but seriously, I forgot how much fun it is to try and encompass a game experience into 5x7x5. I also miss an even older thread I did forever ago where you would recount the plot or point of a game in the most literal way possible.

Like Super Metroid: Space bondsman goes off on her own to murder a planet of kidnappers and save a baby. Fails to save baby.
The PSTV is amazing.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Forlorn Drifter Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:31 pm


I haven't played TNC yet, but I've been put off by most of the reviews I read on it. Mostly stuff like the weird ups and downs in difficulty, and stealth not working as well (none of the reviews I read pegged down why though). Any thoughts on that? You mentioned stealth, I just want to get a bit more in depth on that.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by MrPopo Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:10 pm

My experience was that you have only one or two weapons that let you stealth, and then lots of weapons for going loud. And the level design definitely is not designed to allow you to go full stealth; there are points where unless you are hyper patient then you are going to have to tip off SOMEONE that you're around. I ended up using stealth as a way to conserve resources until I failed it, then I would go loud. The weird thing is there are a ton of spots where you get tools for going stealth, like getting under a narrow opening to be able to pop out and axe someone without them raising an alarm. But then there's other parts where there just is no hole in the enemy coverage.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by pook99 Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:02 am

1. Skeleton Boomerang
2. TMNT: Hypersonte Heist (genesis)
3. greedy guns
4. Haunted: Halloween 85
5. Fists elimination tower
6. 222 hearts
7. Archrobo: robotic annhilation
8. King of fighters 94 (neogeo)
9. 88 Heroes (terrible game)
10. Iron Commando (snes) (another terrible game)
11. Ersatz
12. Crystal Cosmos
13. Metal Slug (neogeo)
14. Gunhero
15. Gradius rebirth (wii)
16. Kung fu (nes)
17. Ghosts n goblins (nes)
18. Double Dragon 2(gameboy)
19. Ninja Baseballl batman (arcade)
20. Mega man network transmission (gamecube)
21. Aladin(master system)
22. Rastan (master system)
23. Kung fu kid(master system)
24. Alex Kidd in Shinobi world (master system)
25. GI Joe (nes)
26. Sonic Chaos (master system)
27. Double Dragon(nes)
28. Dick Tracy (genesis)
29. Mega man 2(nes)
30. Final Fight (snes)
31. Ratchet and Clank (ps4)
32. Redeemer
33. Mega Man X3(snes)
34. Nex Machina
35. Doodler
36. O Fox life (sucked, but finished in 15 minutes)
37. Tai fu(ps1)
38. serious sam bogus detour
39. Vox Populi Vox Dei 2
40. Mecho Tales
41. Metal Soldiers 2
42. Atomic Adam episode 1
43. Altered beast: guardians of the realm(gba)
44. Mike Tysons Punch out (nes)
45. Strider 2 (ps1)
46. Contra(nes)
47. Batman returns (snes)
48. Double Dragon 4
49. Megaman (nes)
50. Ninja Gaiden (nes)
51. Ninja Gaiden 2 (nes)
52. Axiom Verge
53. The Evil within 2
54. Entertainment hero
55. Miles and Kilo
56. Momodora: reverie under moonlight
57. Aladdin (genesis)
58. Kick ass commandos
59. Carnage in space: ignition
60. Death and return of superman (snes)
61. Save Dash
62. Ultra Goodnes
63. Lady Sia (gba)
64. goldeneye (n64)
65. Dragons Lair
66. Streets of rage: remake
67. castlevania: dawn of sorrow (ds)
68. Wendy: every witch way (gbc)
69. Kid tripp (switch)
70. Lost Castle
71. Splasher
72. Super C (nes)
73. Castlevania (nes)
74. Super Double Dragon (snes)
75. Guardian
76. Golden axe: revenge of death adder (mame)
77. Double Dragon (arcade)
78. adventures of batman and robin (snes)
79. Heads run
80. Final Fight 2 (snes)
81. Mickey mouse -great circus mystery (snes)
82. Super Punch out (snes)
83. Bionic commando (mame)
84. shovel knight: plague of shadows
85. Castlevania: rondo of blood (turbo cd)
86. Castlevania: dracula x (snes)
87. Ruiner
88. Castlevania: the adventure rebirth(wii)
89. Pavel quest
90. Super castlevania 4 (snes)
91. Operation C (gameboy)
92. Not dying today
93. Double Dragon 3 (nes)
94. Hikibyou 2
95. Bayonetta 2 (switch)
96. Boogerman (snes)
97. Rocking pilot
98. Talent not included
99. Overgrowth
100. Shockman (tg-16)
101. Castlevania 3 draculas curse (nes)
102. Streets of rage 2 (genesis)
103. Loyalty and blood: Viktor origins
104. Mega Man 4 (nes)
105. Contra: shattered soldier (ps2)
106. Mega Man 5 (nes)
107. Final Fight 3 (snes)
108. Target Renegade (nes)
109. Renegade (nes)
110. Smashing the battle
111. Kabuki Quantum fighter (nes)
112. Streets of rage (genesis)
113. Kageki (genesis)
114. Batman (nes)
115. Mega Man 9 (wii)
116. Mega Man 6 (nes)
117. Mega Man 10 (wii)
118. Fist Slash (not beaten, completely impossible last world)
119. Wolfenstein 2
120. Final Fight Gold SUper plus (openbor)
121. World Heroes supreme Justice (openbor)
122. Streets of rage 4 (openbor)
123. Final Fight x (openbor)
124. Tmnt and battletoads(openbor)
125. double dragon revolution (openbor)
126. Beats of rage street fighter edition (openbor)
127. SHiva and lisa (openbor)
128. King of fighters beat em up(openbor)
129. Final Fight apocalypse 2nd edition (openbor)
130. Dejin Makai Zero (openbor)
131. Vengeance of kyo (openbor)
132. Street fighter Taiwan (openbor)
133. Fatal Fury Rebout (openbor)
134. Art of fighting vs. double dragon (openbor)
135. A tale of vengeance (openbor)
136. Double Dragon 1 remix (openbor)
137. Fists of legendary heroes (openbor)
138. Rage of the streets (openbor)
149. Beats of rage: xtra (openbor)
150. Final Rage Chaos (openbor)
151. Street fighter rage world olympic tour(openbor)
152. Rushing beat (openbor)
153. Double dragon: evil forces expand(openbor)
154. Battletoads double dragon: return of the dark forces (openbor)
155. Double Dragon: renegade(openbor)
156. Final Fight Alpha plus(openbor)
157. Beast and Blanka in violent world (openbor)
158. Bloodstained: curse of the moon
159. Fatal Fury rebout 2(openbor)
160. Fatal Fury: Final (openbor)
161. Final Fight DC (openbor)
162. Venture kid
163. Final Fight Boss(openbor)
164. art of fighting: trouble in southtown (openbor)
165. Savant: acsent
166. Gunstar Heroes(genesis)
167. Sega brawlers megamix(openbor)
168. Cocoron (nes)
169. Final Fight heroes(openbor)
170. Dragons of rage EX(openbor)
171. Glitchbuster
172. Robot Legions reborn
173. Charlies adventure
174. Rising Islands
175. Blubblub: Quest of the blob
176. Double dragon zero (openbor)
177. Ladies of rage (openbor)
178. Super Ghouls n ghosts (snes)
179. bionic commando rearmed
180. Tupa
181. Indecision
182. Imperil
183. Jet Buster
184. xmen hunt for mutants(openbor)
185. when it hits the fan
186. dead island retro revenge
187. major Mayham 2 (android)
188. Ninja Striker
189. Techno boy
190. Invert
191. Metal Commando (android)
192. Damnation
193. hyper final fight 2 (openbor)
194. shio
195. Titanfall 2
196. Mortal Kombat: outworld assasins (openbor)
197. Dungeon Gambit boy
198. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (arcade)
199. Art of fighting (neogeo)
200. Shocktroopers (neo geo)
201. street fighter 2 champ edition (openbor)
202. Shadow of the ninja (nes)
203. Art of fighting 2 (neo geo)
204. Pilli adventure
205. Rex
206. Donkey Kong (nes)
207. Ninja Commando (neogeo)
208. Mikey Shorts (android)
209. Bucky O' hare (arcade)
210. Shadow Force(arcade)
211. World Heroes 2 Jet (neo geo)
212. Light Bringer (arcade)
213. Squidlit
214. Art of fighting Beats of rage remix 3 (openbor)
215. Super Blue Boy planet
216. Super Mario Bros 2(snes)
217. World Heroes 2 (snes)
218. Astyanax(nes)
219. Rescue rangers (nes)
220. Life force (nes)
221. Mega man 3 (nes)
222. Contra 3: alien wars (snes)

219. Rescue rangers (nes)
220. Life force (nes)
221. Mega man 3 (nes)
222. Contra 3: alien wars (snes)

Had the day off today and played through these 4 games, all games I have played in the past, and just like to replay from time to time.

In honor of mega man 11 being released this year I decided to play through all 10 mega man games and mega man 3 is the last one I needed to play.

I don't think I need to write a review of mega man 3, it is likely that the vast majority of people on this board have played it and probably love it. Mega man 3 typically gets put on a pedastel alongside mega man 2 as the best mega man game. Although I have played all of these games in the past, and many multiple times, I have never played all 10 in such a short time span, as such I will try and order mega man games from my favorite to least favorite and would like to hear everyone else's opinions on the subject, here is mine:

Please note, regardless of where the game falls on the list, I love every one of these games(except the one I placed last), and feel that even the mega man games that rate lower on this list are still among the best games of all time.

1) Mega Man 9 --one of the few mega man games I have never replayed until now and it really blew me away, amazing level design and the most useful sub weapons alongside a really solid challenge makes this my new favorite mega man game, I did miss the charge shot and am looking forward to its return in 11, but it does not hinder the immense enjoyment I got from this game.

2) Mega Man 2 and 3: tied for second place, I'm going to not pick a side on which one is better, they are both amazing games, they both pull at my nostalgia strings as I play them. 2 in particular brings out lots of warm fuzzy memories for me, I remember reading about it in nintendo power and was so excited to play it. When I finally got it I remember being completely blown away by the larger than life sprites(things like the fish in bubble mans stage, the dragon boss, the platforms in air man stage and so much more) Mega Man 2 was one of the greatest games I had played in my life up to that point but when I take the nostalgia goggles off I can't say for sure that it is better than 3. three does a ton of great things, has lots of great levels and weapons, introduces the slides, and is a much longer game thanks to the 4 extra stages you have to play before wilys caslte.

4) Mega Man 5: IMO, the most underrated game in the series. 5 gets lumped in with 6 as being lackluster entries, but I just don't see it. I did not play 5 as a kid so no nostalgia goggles here, I first played it in my late teens/early twenties when I was managing funcoland and really enjoyed it at the time, every few years I replay it and I always completely fall in love with it when I do. After playing it so close to the other mega man games it definitely falls into the upper tier of the series

5) Mega Man 1: Realistically, this game probably deserves to be lower on the list, but I am letting nostalgia win here.

6) Mega Man 4: I love the charge shot, lots of people mark 4 as the downturn of the series, but it is a very solid title that does the series justice. I think how you feel about 4-6 depends alot on how you feel about the charge shot, I love it, as a result I love this game, but many purists hate the charge shot and for that reason(that and not much new being introduced at this point) hate this game

7) Mega Man 6: I loved the rush suits in this game, particularly the jet pack. 6 is probably the easiest game in the series, but the only real complaint I have about it is how clunky it is to constantly switch suits, this game could have really benefited from more buttons.

8) Mega Man 7

9) Mega Man 8 (ps1): I enjoyed 8, but the gameplay felt clunky compared to other games in the series. I also absolutely hated the stupid skateboard segments. Still a fun time, if for nothing else to enjoy the worst voice acting in the history of gaming, I can't help but laugh everytime Dr. Light opens his mouth.

10) Mega Man 10-- I played 10 and 9 in pretty close proximity, after I beat 9, I went back to 6 and then started 10. Mega man 10 is the only game in the series that I did not enjoy at all and it is the only game I am likely to never play again. I felt the level design was not fun and it was hard for all the wrong reasons. A huge step down from 9.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by dsheinem Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:00 am

pook, how have you managed to beat more than a game per day so far this year? I mean, I realize a lot of these games you have played can be super short, but many of them also require a lot of trial and error, route memorizing, etc. in order to be completed without save states, credit-feeding, cheat codes, etc. Are you just using some of these things to play the games through to the credits, or are you beating them all under the default conditions? Either is fine - I am just curious. I don’t think we’ve seen these kinds of numbers from anyone in the 8 years or so we’ve run this thread....

On TNC - the game is more difficult if you try to employ stealth, I think, because neither the AI nor the levels are well designed for it. The game encourages you in a number of ways to try to be stealthy, but there’s really no reason to do so unless you want to go for stealth achievements or some such. By contrast, there are lots of places in the game where a ton of ammo and health is laying around, and enemies always drop weapons and armor, so I never really felt I had to worry about resource management. I think people who have complained about difficulty likely tried to do what the game steered them towards (stealth)...but there’s no real reason to play it that way.
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