The Rarest and Most Valuable Playstation (PS1) Games

Rare and Expensive PS1 Games

Even though the original Playstation is one of the most common consoles of all time, there are many valuable PS1 treasures to be found. Its diverse library is filled with RPGs and unique gems that collectors long for.   However, when we last surveyed the collectable PS1 market in early 2008, original Playstation titles seemed to have peaked in value.  Three and a half years later, we have seen the most popular games come back closer to reality (many games have dropped around 30% of their value — 2008 values have been noted for each of the top entries).   Having some of the games become availible as inexpensive downloads on PSN might have something to do with it, but this seems to be a more widespread trend that covers non-PSN games as well.   However, there were three cult classics that did increase drastically over the same span of time and have broken into our list.

These drastic changes in value prompted us to do a complete update so that our popular Rare & Valuable series can remain accurate and useful.  In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling.

Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game by itself. The second price is the highest price in the past three months which is usually the price for the new/sealed game. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive.
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Limited Edition Collectibles

Elemental Gearbolt: Assassin's Case Cart Elemental Gearbolt: Assassin’s Case: $1,400 – $1750
Rarity = 10
This treasure chest of sorts was given away as a tournament prize at the 1998 E3 convention in addition to a few people who worked on Elemental Gearbolt at Working Designs. When all was said and done, only 40 of these sets were produced and given out. The set includes a briefcase, gold GunCon, and gold memory card. The latest auction (this was updated in August 2009) got bids up to $1700, which was surprising since it was a new seller (that eventually backed out). Had it been a established seller, it may have gone for more.
Check for Elemental Gearbolt Assassin’s Case on eBay

Treasured Standard USA Releases

Suikoden II Cover Art Suikoden II: $80 – $300
(2008 Value:  $140 – $350)
Rarity = 4
Even though it eventually became one of the most recommended RPGs on the Playstation, a limited printing and tepid initial response means there aren’t many copies of Suikoden II available.  For the longest time, this classic was the most desired North American release.  However, between the dropping of the PS1 market in general and the possibility of digital re-release on the Playstation Network has cooled its value quite a bit (about a 30% – 40% drop)
Check for Suikoden II on eBay
Check for Suikoden II on
Valkyrie Profile Cover Art Valkyrie Profile: $70 – $220
2008 Value: $92 – $210
Rarity = 3
Valkyrie Profile is an action/turn based RPG hybrid and has become a cult classic to the many RPG fans in the Playstation crowd. The original game is hard to find now, but it has since be released on the PSP, which probably sparked continued interest in the original.
Check for Valkyrie Profile on eBay
Check for Valkyrie Profile on
Final Fantasy VII Cover Art Final Fantasy VII (Black Label): $47 – $350
2008 Value: $78 – $715
Rarity = 1
For the longest time, you could find this popular game for a reasonable price (after all, it was the second highest selling game on the PS1 at 9.8 million units), but it still has heavy demand behind it from collectors. As with most Playstation games, the original black-label released command far more from collectors. Back in 2008, a  sealed copy sold for over $700, but we haven’t seen those types of numbers as of late.
Check for Final Fantasy VII on eBay
Check for Final Fantasy VII on
Tomba Cover Art Tomba:  $65 – $225
2008 Value: $56 – $81
Rarity = 5
If there was one PS1 game to invest in over the last three years, it seems to be Tomba.  This gem of a platformer wasn’t even in the top 15 list and has increased at least 20% over a couple years.  Also, a sealed copy was recently sold for $225. This side-scrolling platforming adventure is actually a project of Tokuro Fujiwara of Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Mega Man fame. It has be widely undiscovered, but has recieved more exposure since we featured Tomba in our PS1 Hidden Gems Guide.
Check for Tomba on eBay
Check for Tomba on
Tron Bonne Cover Art The Misadventures of Tron Bonne: $70 – $125
2008 Value: $40 – $50
Rarity = 5
This game is the biggest percetange riser over the past few years, nearly doubling in value in three years.   It actually serves as a prequal to the Mega Man Legends games (see Mega Man Legends mentioned below) but is a platformer featuring the anti-hero, Tron Bonne.  Her recent appearances in the Marvel vs Capcom series in addition to the aftermarket growth in the Mega Man Legends series has helped this title’s value prosper.
Check for The Misadventures of Tron Bonne on eBay
Check for The Misadventures of Tron Bonne on
Tactics Ogre Cover Art Tactics Ogre: $62 – $200
2008 Value $89 – $190
Rarity = 5
Tactics Ogre was originally released as a Super Famicom game in Japan in 1995 and was re-released on the PS1 in 1998 in addition to other spinoffs on other consoles. This strategy and role playing franchise which are notoriously expensive, and this installment in particular has received critical praise — RPGamer stated that “the game is and forever will be a masterpiece”.
Check for Tactics Ogre on eBay
Check for Tactics Ogre on
Persona Cover Art Revelations: Persona: $55 – $100
2008 Price: $79 – $123
Rarity = 4
The Persona series has a small but very loyal following. They don’t sell a ton copies as Altus, the publisher typically has smaller print runs, but the fans of the series love it. Persona takes place in modern times, which gives it a unique spin for RPG fans looking for something different.
Check for Persona on eBay
Check for Persona on
Lunar Silver Star Story Cover Art Lunar Silver Star Story Complete $45 – $80
2008 Value: $62 – $167
Rarity = 3
Lunar Silver Star Story is seen as a gateway between RPG eras. The game originated on the Sega CD and was one of the first RPGs to use FMV cutscenes and voice acting, but did not get all the attention it deserved. This enhanced re-release on the PS1 helped gain exposure for this great game, but as with most Working Design releases, there was a relatively low print run and a high collectability factor.
Check for Lunar Silver Star Story Complete on eBay
Check for Lunar Silver Star Story Complete on
Ogre Battle Cover Art Ogre Battle: $50 – $180
2008 Value: $55 – $153
Rarity = 5
This is a re-release of the Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen for the SNES, which is one of the most expensive SNES games ever. In fact, it is almost the exact same game as the SNES version. However, this special releases Includes a map and memory card stickers. Like its predecessor, Atlus only printed limited quantities of the game and never did a second product run.
Check for Ogre Battle Limited Edition on eBay
Check for Ogre Battle Limited Edition on
Ogre Battle Cover Art Mega Man Legends 2: $50 – $90
2008 Value: $45 – $73
Rarity = 4
Here’s one other title that managed to increase in value over the last few years.  As of this writing, the prices of Legends 2 might have spiked a bit due to the recent cancelation of Mega Man Legends 3 and the outcry that followed.   The Legends series takes the Mega Man franchise into the Action RPG genre and has quite a cult following.
Check for Mega Man Legends 2 on eBay
Check for Mega Man Legends 2 on
Persona 2 Cover Art Persona 2 Eternal Punishment: $40– $80
2008 Value: $56 – $140
Rarity = 3
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is a direct sequel to the first Persona game seen earlier on this list and it is part of a duology (of which the US never received the first installment, Innocent Sin). Atlus published this game too so it is not surprising that there are limited quantities available and it is in high demand.
Check for Persona 2; Eternal Punishment on eBay
Check for Persona 2; Eternal Punishment on
Tales of Destiny 2 Cover Art Tales of Destiny II / Tales of Eternia: $45 – $70
2008 Value: $55 – $135
Rarity = 3
Originally called Tales of Eternia in Japan. The name was changed to Tales of Destiny 2 but is not a direct sequel to any game in the Tales series. This game should also not be confused with Tales of Destiny 2 for PS2. They are completely different games. The game did not perform as well in the US as it did in Japan but is still cherished by Tales series fans.
Check for Tales of Destiny II on eBay
Check for Tales of Destiny II on
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Cover Art Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete: $40 – $163
2008 Value:  $54 – $120
Rarity = 2
This is actually one of the few big players that actually increased in value for mint/sealed over the last 3 years.   The standard complete copy, however still sank quite a bit.
Much like it’s predecessor above, Eternal Blue Complete was also an enhanced remake of the treasured Sega CD game, but had a slightly higher print run than Silver Star Story Complete. However, considering that both of these remakes were released in 1999 when 2D games were becoming a rarity, so it should be no surprise that only hardcore fans picked this game up — and typically held onto them.
Check for Lunar Eternal Blue Complete on eBay
Check for Lunar Eternal Blue Complete on
Brigandine The Legend of Forsena Cover Art Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena: $48 – $85
2008 Value: $55 – $90
Rarity = 4
Brigandine is a turn-based strategy game with some RPG elements and is developed by Atlus. This by itself is a recipe for an expensive game. Atlus doesn’t produce many copies of them games as a publishing strategy, and strategy games and RPG’s typically dominate lists of expensive games.
Check for Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena on eBay
Check for Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena on
Intelligent Qube Cover Art Intelligent Qube: $43 – $60
2008 Value: $68 – $86
Rarity = 5
IQ is very unique and addicting puzzle game that received an Excellence Award for Interactive Art at the 1997 Japan Media Arts Festival and sold quite well in Japan as a result. It was a initially a relative unknown in the US, but those that gave it a try found it especially compelling. Most fans of the game have been holding onto it, keeping supply low and prices high.
Check for Intelligent Qube on eBay
Check for Intelligent Qube on
Team Buddies Cover Art Team Buddies: $42 – $70
2008 Value: $60 – $120
Rarity = 8
Not only is Team Buddies pretty hard to find in the wild, but it’s also a remarkably unique and fun game. Mixing a realtime strategy RPG with flavors of a shooter and party game results in a cult classic that is high on PS1 collector’s want lists.
Check for Team Buddies on eBay
Check for Team Buddies on

The Expensive Playstation Imports

Rakugaki Showtime Cover Art Rakugaki Showtime: $100 – $150
2008 Value: $190 – $205
Rarity = 8
It is hardly surprising to see a game from Treasure on a list like this, but it is relatively surprising to see a Treasure game on the Playstation as they typically did work on Sega’s and eventually Nintendo’s platforms. Rakagaki Showtime was Treasure’s was one of the first games in the arena fighting genre (like Poy Poy and Power Stone) and used a 3D paper-like graphical technique similar to that used in the Paper Mario series.
Check for Rakugaki Showtime on eBay
Suikoden II Cover Art Zanac X Zanac $100 – $130
2008 Value: $160 – $210
Rarity = 7
The Playstation has ones of the best 2D shooter libraries — up there with the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. Zanac X Zanac is a Japanese exclusive that not only was a sequel of an NES classic from Compile, but also included the orignal game on the same disc.
Check for Zanac X Zanac on eBay
Suikoden II Cover Art Harmful Park – $100 – $120
2008 Value: $150 – $200
Rarity = 7
Another one of the essential Japan-only shooters to keep an out for is the quirky but fun Harmful Park. This rare shmup will remind many of Konami’s Parodius series. The word of mouth for this gem plus the limited print run from the small development house, Sky Think Systems, makes for a collectible treasure.
Check for Harmful Park on eBay

The Rarest PS1 Games At Affordable Prices

Each of these games have a rarity rating greater than 6, but routinely sell for less than $40. If you are a PS1 collector and see a boxed or sealed copy of any of these on eBay for a low price, you might want to snatch them up — you may never see them again.

  • Lifespan Learing Games – $2 – $5 each
  • Psychic Detective: $20 – $27
  • Fox Hunt: $13 – $20
  • Syndicate Wars: $8 – $25
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix: $10 – $15
  • Guilty Gear: $8 – $23
  • Goal Storm ‘97: $4 – $10

Additional Playstation Games of Value

These games aren’t especially rare, but are quite collectible; resulting in a high resale value, especially for complete, boxes copies.

  • Arc The Lad Collection: $40 – $88
  • Suikoden: $39 – $195 (graded)
  • Tales of Destiny: $38 – $180 (sealed)
  • Mega Man Legends: $35 – $90
  • Legend of Mana: $31 – $97 (sealed)
  • Klonoa Door to Phantomile: $27 – $40
  • Tomba 2: $33 – $86
  • Bust A Groove – $20 – $80
  • Skullmonkeys:  $28 – $60
  • Spyro Collectors Edition (complete): $35 – $51
  • X-men vs Street Fighter: $30 – $45
  • Final Fantasy VII (Greatest Hits): $29 – $165
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: $30 – $39
  • Bust A Groove 2: $27 – $60
  • X-COM UFO Defense: $25 – $50
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix: $20 – $60
  • Einhander: $23 – $50
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Black Label): $28 – $168 (sealed)
  • Xenogears (Black Label): $22 – $60

Credits: Rarity scores are courtesy of my friends at DigitalPress.  Featured photo via PsuedoGil on Flickr


  1. Andrew Kuehler says:

    This is a fantastic list, and I will keep my eye out for these games. But, how could you forget Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, a cult favorite for the PS1?

  2. racketboy says:

    I didn’t forget it at all — in fact I was expecting to see it on here. But I double-checked the value and it didn’t make the cut. Maybe the XBLA and PSN releases brought the value down.

  3. RadarScope1 says:

    Symphony of the Night usually goes for about $45 or $50 for the black label. The price didn’t go down much if at all when it hit XBLA.

  4. millerjm2 says:

    I know this is kind of lame but……………….

    I have a Playstation 1 lot on eBay as we speak. Well I guess we aren’t really speaking per say but whatever that doesn’t matter because I am trying to promote a sale of PS1 games. I don’t have any of the uber rares mentioned in the article but there are some pseudo rares like Worms and Ghost in the Shell also Threads of Fate (which by the way is awesome).

    Lastly, these articles are always a blast to read (as are the ‘Hidden Gem’ articles) and I wonder does value and the quality of a game go hand in hand? I mean aside from the DDR game most of these look like quality titles.

  5. I had a copy of IQ, was a heck of a fun game, never expected it to fetch that much.

    I did a search for my idea of a rare game (Sentient), but found out it wasn’t that much. Rare yes, valuable not much 🙁

  6. Norbi says:

    Hmm, didn’t include Tombi (I mean Tomba 🙂 on here? The PAL version fetches quite a bit here in europe.

  7. racketboy says:

    It’s #2 on the runner-up list.
    How much does it go for out there?

  8. Oliver says:

    I Have Syndicate Wars Got it for £2 like 4 years ago or somat lol

  9. Caleb says:

    Huh! I got Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete at a garage sale for $10 and just the game itself at a thrift store for $5.

    I had no idea that this game was getting rare.

  10. Lex says:

    I actually had a copy of that game Fox Hunt. Who woulda known it would be rare later in life. It wasn’t even really that good. But I am surprised that Dragon Ball GT Final Bout and Ultimate Battle 22 didn’t make the cut.

  11. ott0bot says:

    Nice list, I think you hit just about everything. Sadly, I only have 2 from the main list and several from the addtional list. I had no idea Einhander had jumped that much in value. I haven’t checked on it for a while. Nice.

  12. moleson says:

    Great article.

  13. peace4myheart says:

    Are you sure Bust A Groove 2 is more expensive that Bust A Groove 1??? I have been checking those games and thought the first game was more expensive and more desirable due to better music. Anyway, I had both games but sold the second game around 3 years ago because it was not as good as the first. I got about 35 dollars for it.

  14. peace4myheart says:

    I think you forgot Valkyrie Profile and Final Fantasy Tactics BL.

  15. peace4myheart says:

    oops, my mistake on that valkyrie profile. I am blind. HA HA HA

  16. Bob says:

    Do you think ff7 will stay that high? I found the gh copy at a thrift store a few weeks ago for- no lie- three dollars. The price is written on the case in magic marker. I have the black label version and don’t even like the game that much so i’m planning on flipping it soon. Seems like with millions of copies It’ll drop soon.

  17. Joshua says:

    Hey, What about Star Ocean: The Second story, thats rare as hell and id no cos it took me hella long to find a copy

  18. PartyMark says:

    I find the fact that FF7 is selling for such high prices to be mind boggling. I can understand working design and atlus RPG’s selling for higher prices, but a game with almost 10 million copies sold, now selling 10 years later for more than it sold for new? something is odd. glad I was into RPG’s when I was younger. I don’t have many of these rare ones, but still have quite a few PS1 square games in the collection.

  19. DorianZ says:

    I’ve been collecting PS1 games for about 10 years now and I have around 230 titles(including the ones listed here). Unfortunately, I a missing 3 big titles-Revelations: Persona, Ogre Battle, and Tactics Ogre. Sometimes I get close to just paying the full price online for one of these titles, but I feel like I might run into them eventually. I’ve been a pretty lucky hunter, finding Suikoden II for $5, and other rarities at low prices.

  20. racketboy says:

    peace4myheart, I initially questioned JJ on the Bust a Groove vs Bust A Groove 2 issue, but he showed me a few months worth of actual sales, and it’s true — at least for that time period.

    Also, I was expecting to see Tactics as well, but the value seemed to have cooled off in comparison to the ones on the list.

    Bob, I think FF7 will eventually cool down. If you have a copy I would sell it if you are remotely interested in the money.

    SO: Second Story actually isn’t worth a ton. A sealed copy actually closed for $75 — $40 is typical.

  21. Jake says:

    Haha no way. Ogre Battle is on here? I have that laying around somewhere..

  22. Swordman554 says:

    I have X-Men vs Street Fighter…interesting…

  23. Geoff Taylor says:

    I have these (order as appeared here): Suikoden II, Valkyrie Profile, Revelations: Persona (2 copies), Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (full copy with all extras), Team Buddies, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, Tales of Destiny II, Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete (full copy with all extras), Einhander, Tales of Destiny, Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Black Label), Xenogears (Black Label), Suikoden, Legend of Mana, Klonoa Door to Phantomile (2 copies) and just about every other decent RPG released for PSX. Awesome games. Would sell some but I dunno… others, I’d still like to play.

  24. spanks says:

    i have most of those besides the stuuuupid fuckin disney shit and crappy TEAM BUDDIES game and shit….

    cant believe Poy Poy isnt on there… good selection.

    suikoden 2 and valkyrie profile are my favorite rpgs (and i hate rpgs)…oh and lufia 2 but thats for snes…lol…

  25. Jesse says:

    what about Lengend of the Dragoon?

  26. Verum says:

    I have two copies of Intelligence Qube, and a few of the other games on this list. FF7 is super popular because of the college kids buying it for nostalgic reasons. Star Ocean is easy to find, as is Bust-a-Move 1. Symphony of the Night saw a cut in price with the release of the HD version. Super Puzzle Fighter can’t be played on a PS2 as far as I know, but I haven’t yet tried it using a PSX controller. Tomba 1 is worth about $50 unsealed. I’d also like to point out that the Lunar’s come with a bunch of stuff, including a map, a medallion, and bonus CD’s. Without those or the case to contain all of the items the cost of the game drops sharply.

  27. peace4myheart says:


    Super Puzzle Fighter can be played on all FAT PS2. It is not compatible with the slim version.

  28. mahouneko says:

    You’re forgetting Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure! It’s such a cute and underrated game!

  29. mahouneko says:

    I forgot to mention that you’re also missing out on Brave Fencer Musashi and Threads of Fate (aka DewPrism). There’s also Parasite Eve.

  30. mahouneko says:

    And hey! What happened to Tales of Destiny? The original Tales of Destiny because American Tales of Destiny 2 is actually Tales of Eternia.

  31. jaxsun says:

    MegaMan Legends 2 was one of my favourites, who would have guessed it was worth something? i dont have the case anymore i wonder if its still good?

  32. jackchen says:

    If you asked me, it’s seems like the ‘rare’ games are those games that the US market often ignore like RPG types or the strategic types. I played most of the games on the list and maybe including the jap versions too. PS1 was one of the highest selling machines because it was easily modded and not too expensive. We can now play PS1 games on the PC. If you are looking for any of the games, the internet is your friend.

  33. Lex says:

    I’m pretty sure I already mentioned Dragon Ball GT Final Bout. That game will always be a hard one to track down. It’s like they only made three copies…

  34. racketboy says:

    Final Bout isn’t rare. It used to be in demand by all the DBZ fans. Now it’s pretty cheap and abundant.

    All the other ones mentioned weren’t forgotten, they just aren’t as rare and valuable. Please check ebay for yourself before flinging a bunch of names out there 🙂

  35. Mrgoodbytes says:

    problem with VideoGamePriceCharts is that the truely rare stuff isnt included. Although I wouldnt expect to find super high values on them, try finding a copy of Tail of The Sun and No One Can Stop Mr. Domino [both Artdink games].

    and Puzzle fighter wouldnt be included because it was reprinted a few years back and its value plummeted [sucks for those of us that owned it since day one… also the packaging is identical]

  36. Danielle says:

    I almost fell over when I found a legitimate (unboxed, however) copy of the original Suikoden on craigslist. The kid (18 years old) was selling it for 7$. When I asked him why he didn’t sell it on ebay for tons of money, he just told me he wanted somebody who really liked the game to buy it. Needless to say, I haven’t found the same generosity for Suikoden II.

  37. DjCojami says:

    Actually, you have left out a game in which is now impossible to find new, and used copies typically start at $60 if the seller knows anything

    Dragon Seed.

    This was essentially the first pocket monster or pokemon ever made, but in a very basic form. You hatched a dragon, fought it in turn based battle on a rock, paper, scissor format.

    I can not tell you how many hours my friend and i spent on this game, hatching new dragons and creating our own combos. Not only that, but the blockbuster near us only had one copy; which was ALWAYS rented even if not by us.

    Brave Fencer Musashi should probably also be on the list, concidering the US version really didnt sell well and it was such an intriguing, unique game. the art is very cool as well.

    anyways, thats my two cents!

  38. I don’t think that I have any of those which is unfortunate as there are many titles that interest me on the list. Especially some of those RPGs, fortunately some of them have seen re-releases. 🙂

  39. your mpm says:

    So HOW much will FFVII sell for?! *greedy smile*

  40. Zach says:

    Don’t forget the Armored Core series:

    I just saw a copy of Project Phantasma and Master of Arena go for 125$ each in a second-hand video game store here in Montana.

    AC4 (360 & PS3) was going for 80$ disc only.

  41. Nightzrain says:

    hmm well I have FFVII and Lunar Silver Star Story with the little book and map and everything… hehehhe

  42. Meza says:

    Interestin, even tho i’m not a game collector or anything… hmm cool I do have black label Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in good shape, my dad bought it back in 1997 lol

  43. nenaghjoe96 says:

    shut your mouth team buddies is brillant espically the ninja or superman dude there brillant better than you andmore rare than your house and everything (he lives in a box) im talking about you spanks saying TEAM BUDDIES is crap!!!! your crap!!! lol!!!!!!!!!

  44. nenaghjoe96 says:

    shut your mouth team buddies is brillant espically the ninja or superman dude there brillant better than you andmore rare than your house and everything (he lives in a box) im talking about you spanks saying TEAM BUDDIES is crap!!!! your crap!!! lol!!!!!!!!!

  45. gaddict123 says:

    i’ve got like 4 of these games. i feel well enough accomplished ^_^ thats pretty cool though

  46. gaddict123 says:

    i got FFVII, lunar, disney mix( which i found surprising) and intelligent qube, AWESOME game.

  47. SaurianOverlord says:

    Got FFVII and both Lunar games; probably my three favorite RPGs ever. The Lunar games weren’t the most complex games ever, but the stories were epic, and the gameplay was just plain fun.

  48. Glenn says:

    I only have FFVII at the moment. I’m into Nintendo collecting at the moment though so I didn’t expect to see too many acquisitions on that list.

  49. PS3 Quiz says:

    FF7 is hands down the best game to ever come out on a system. Nothing else can compete

  50. nenaghjoe96 says:

    TEAM BUDDIES can for sure

  51. Joe says:

    I live in upstate NY and I have a gamestore as does my friend, and we get copies of most of these games almost weekly, usually let them go for less than the ebay prices too same w alot of older stuff as well. I put a link to my friends website, but if you ask him about his friend Joe I also have a ton of old games in my own store like supermario RPG and Ogre Battle 64. Ebay is way over priced and a hassle so I dont feel bad shamelessly advertising here. And BTW where is Breath Of Fire III on this list I mean cmon somewhere it should be here thats my favorite game and a hard one to get.

  52. SuperSSonic says:

    Awhile back I sold my copy of Suikoden 2 to a Gamestop for only $20 wish I had only known then that it was a rare game and worth much more then that.

  53. Daniel says:

    hey racketboy i have a question for you. someone is offering me a playstation 1 with a memory card and a game genie and the following games (non which made your list but i heard were valuable games).

    Breath of Fire IV
    Legend of Legaia
    Legend of the Dragoon
    Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 2
    Heart of Darkness(With 3D Glasses)
    Final Fantasy IX
    Chocobo’s Dungeon 2
    Star Ocean

    How much is this package worth? i respect your opion and ill check back tomorrow. thanks

  54. Lord J says:

    Ah man! I used to own like four of those (damn all of you people who borrowed/never returned those games)! And I definitely remember passing up buying Valkyrie Profile (for $10). Although, I must say I still have a few games that I think are worthy of the list: Breath of Fire III, Final Fantasy Tactics, Grandia, and (one of my personal favorites) Vagrant Story. (This might be stretching it but, I also have a buddy who owns Dragon Warrior VII!)

  55. racketboy says:

    Hey Daniel — I don’t know all the values off the top of my head, and the PAL values may be different than the US versions.

    I would just check the completed auction values of all of them and then round it down to give a bit of a discount for the complete set.

  56. Haoie says:

    I’m surprised I have quite a few of the less rare rare titles, from my years of collecting. They’re even more difficult if you live outside the US, as I do.

  57. Tyler says:

    I have nothing here, except Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories… with no cards. I think my friend has Team Buddies… If he does, I’ll buy it from him.

  58. Tyler says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask, is Worms World Party worth anything? I’ve never seen any other copies, even on eBay…

  59. racketboy says:

    Hmm — haven’t heard of it being rare, but I may be wrong.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    Where’s Grandia? That game is usually 50-200 dollars- and it’s my favorite 🙂

    BF Musashi is great but not all that rare since it came with the much anticipated demo for FF8. I got a copy cheap off eBay recently (my original was stepped on)

    The only game from the list I (used to) have is Tactics Ogre. Don’t remember what happened to it. I REALLY want FF7 but even with no case it’s expensive! Where are you guys all finding these great deals? Yard sales?!?


  62. Brandon says:


  63. Brandon says:


  64. Brandon says:


  65. Patrick says:

    Nice list:), i just have a few of them but only because i collect PAL games. Most of them arent in PAL 🙁

    But i have a question, and if someone knew the answer i would be very happy.

    I recently found this 2disc promo psx (pal) game named: Star Ocean The Second Story. Its not in a original PSX case, no instructions. Just these 2 cd’s. Maybe someone knew these 2 discs are rare or rubbish? Im not that RPG pro and it seems that i cant find it on the web.

    Thnx in advance (:

  66. Hendrik says:

    I never see kula world on this list but lots of people want that game you wil not get it for less then 50 Euro

    On ebay the standard price is allready going to 120 Euro that is more then 200 dollars!


  67. Mike says:

    Most of these games are indeed rare but alot of the ones on the list just simply arent that good even though they may be rare. I had about half of these titles about 10 years ago and I sold them to a rip-off of a store called Funcoland for almost nothing. What do you people think will be rare about 10 years from now among the PS2, PS3, and X360 games that are out now if you were to guess?

  68. John says:

    To answer Omunique Hubbard – I think that you’re referring to “Tomba!” and “Tomba!” 2(pink haired kid), and possibly Jumping Flash for the PSOne (Rabbits – was there a purple one besides Robbit?). I recently sold my Tomba 1 and 2 on eBay for a decent amount. I had Suikoden II quite awhile ago, and got about $200 for it.

  69. Mike says:

    Spyro Collectors Edition is not that rare and I just saw a copy go for $14 last night on ebay and the average copy sells for $19 used on ebay and $26 new.

  70. jim says:

    Mega man x series were fun games and so were most of the capcom fighting games also fun games were the king of fighters series, monster rancher, resident evil games

  71. jim says:

    Some other fun games i forget to put are Digimon world 2, Mortal kombat trilogy, Battle tanx Global assult,snk fighting games

  72. Ziggy587 says:

    I was lucky enough to get the GH version of FF7 and Symphony of the night brand new for $15 each, some where around 2004. Blockbuster just had new-old stock PS1 games collecting dust on their shelfs. I hear even the GH version of both games sell for a lot more then what I paid, and used nonetheless.

  73. Patrick says:

    I recently found this 2disc promo psx (pal) game named: Star Ocean The Second Story. Its not in a original PSX case, no instructions. Just these 2 cd’s. Maybe someone knew these 2 discs are rare or rubbish? Im not that RPG pro and it seems that i cant find it on the web.

  74. Snickerd00dle says:

    I recently walked into the store i work at, we sell old games, and sitting on the coutner was a copy of Intelligent Qube for $2.50, so i picked that up, as well as finding a copy of Suikoden 2 for 40 dollars today, its comes down to right place right time

  75. Norm says:

    Do you know if there was ever a U.S. version of the PS1 game Night Striker? I loved the game in the arcade and see that it is sold on ebay as a Japanese import, but have not seen a U.S. version.


  76. dude says:

    Hey guys, I just found that here in Puerto Rico there are any Gamestops who have over 5 used copies of Persona 2 in the used PS1 bins at only 9.99. Do you guys think that if I buy a bunch of them I could easily resell them at like 30 dollars each???

  77. weasels says:

    idk if anyone said anything but what about front mission 3. im pretty sure that at least feches a $50 or so price. and personally i have only come across 1 copy of it and i own it lol. also im pretty sure ff7 isnt as much as people make it out to be. its just popular in my opinion. i mean i love the game too. but i have walked into that game many times.

  78. weasels says:

    hoho! i see i was wrong on both notions ^^. oh well front mission 3 isnt rare. im still glade to have it. its one of my favorite games!

  79. autumnsodomy says:

    I have the game Bust A Groove and had no idea it was worth that much.

  80. Bill says:

    Great article and great site. I’ve been reading off and on all day. My first question is this; Why did Dragon Seeds not make the list? It was a decent game and tends to fetch a pretty penny when complete with case and instructions. Secondly, why no Virtual Boy list?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  81. racketboy says:

    Glad you enjoyed it — Dragon Seeds might be able to crack the list. There’s a couple copies on eBay right now — I’ll have to see what they close for…

    And this series isn’t done yet and I do have plans for a Virtual Boy list, however, Neo-Geo and TG16 might come first 🙂

    Stick around 🙂

  82. Bill says:

    Sweet! Glad to hear the VB isn’t being neglected 😉 My VB collection is quite massive. Well, to the extent of available games. I even happen to own a copy of Virtual Bowling as well as one of the VB store display stands.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. I’ve got this place bookmarked.

  83. racketboy says:

    Cool 🙂
    If you even want to contribute your thoughts on the VB piece, just shoot me a note (racketboy AT GMail)

  84. Bill says:

    I will certainly do that.

  85. xMikaelx says:

    Let’s see, out of these I have

    Suikoden 2

    Valkyrie Profile (50 dollars at the gaming store while all the others were around 5 dollars so I figured it must’ve been good :P)

    persona 1 and 2

    Final fantasy 7, original black label, lost the book though so it probly wont be worth much.

    Lunar 2 eternal blue complete, boxed set with lucias moon pendant (it was just painted and cheap paint at that, the only way it would stop chipping is to keep it in its case)

    If I had known how much the complete sets were worth when i got most of these (around 6-15 years old I’m pretty sure)I would have protected them religiously until they were worth a lot more 🙂 too late for that now, haha I’ve owned like a dozen of the original black label FF7s but they kept breaking (3 younger siblings that dont have frisbees >.> you don’t know how often I got p.o.ed at them)

    but still my favorite game of all times is azure dreams lol I have the english and the jap. Import, I was disappointed to find that all the guides on gamefaqs lied about the japanese version having the option to marry and that all the other rumors of changes were a complete hoax anyways, enough rambling I must continue my search for awesome games that I missed 😀

  86. A.J. says:

    i have final fantasy 7 for 17.99! i got the game when the ps1 was still cool.

  87. I had a copy of final fantasy VII and tomba 1 and 2, but I didn’t know they were rare and sold them years ago.

  88. Meghan says:

    i’m looking for a video game (ps1) that has aliens in it. i used to play it about 10 years ago… i’ve been trying to remember the name but i can’t for the LIFE of me. it is Not alien trilogy. Does anyone have ANY ideas of what it could be? The scenery in the game was iridescent and the alien was “cute” meaning it wasn’t evil or anything like that. More like a vibe of crash bandicoot.

  89. Mark says:

    Anyone got an idea about this game ‘LEGEND OF MULAN’ PAL version SLES 04145 Published by Phoenix games in 2004,

    I ask as I can only find it in catalogue lists by code, nothing on ebay.

    I have several hundred PS1 games all PAL barring 1 Spyro on NTSC, I sell alot on ebay too,, but some of the games I would like to sell I can’t get a point of reference for values from anywhere, such as starsweep, transport tycoon, Darkstone and Asteroids, any ideas?

    Feel free to check out my listings on user ID chapmark64.

  90. Simon Johnson says:

    Weird, in the UK a game called Future Cop LAPD is impossible to find yet on eBay is worth just £5. Great game aswell. Practically every male who I know who owned a PS1 played the demo disc it was on…

  91. Mark says:

    Can’t say I have heard of that game Simon, was it a shooter?

  92. Moonlight says:

    What about The Legend of Dragoon game? That was for Playstaion one.

  93. Moonlight says:

    What about The Legend of Dragoon game? That was for Playstation one.

  94. Carlos says:

    Not to brag but I have Builder’s block AKA landamker, team buddies, soul blade, battle arena toshiden 3, and speed punks. How rare are the one I put?

  95. Dweather52 says:

    legend of dragoon is a fairly common and worth around $12

  96. Ben Schehr says:

    this list is prety good i think i have yugio forbidden memories its fu but i think i should sell it

  97. kevin says:

    i have a sealed greatest hits final fantasy 7, about how much is it worth?

  98. kevin says:

    oh and out of curiosity sealed Japanese valkyrie profile value?

  99. anthony says:

    finail fantasy 7 black lable, i have one, with he book, open but i got it… if anyone wants to buy lol… and i have a copy of the ps1 game silent bomber how much is this game worth if anything?

  100. anthony says:

    i have a copy of final fantasy 7,8, and 9, all 3 black labels… any takers? blackman5000and2@hotmail, also need to know how much a copy of the playstation 1 game Silent Bomber is worth

  101. Fiacre says:

    I have a copy of final fantasy 7 which has extra discs that have like the making of and s**t like that,
    Tbh im not looking money but if i could get a un scratched copy of resi evil 2 (both discs) and a copy of metal gear solid (both discs)id happily swap
    (i never played the final fantasy-)but it is open

  102. dutchboi84 says:


  103. dutchboi84 says:


  104. dutchboi84 says:


  105. Megadarkly says:


  106. Jett says:

    What about War of the monsters for ps2?

  107. some dude says:

    some real bad games mentioned
    who cares about boring jrpgs. there is million of those

    where is magic carpet? where is medievil?

  108. Jeremy says:

    They forgot 3 games

    Diablo by Squaresoft.
    Legend of Dragoon (MUCH more rare than FF7)
    Worms World Party

    Diablo is a PC game but was also for a limited time (Rumors say only a few weeks) sold on the PS1 with a Two player option.

    Sealed copies sell as high as 90 bucks on Ebay. But that’s not the problem… It’s hard to even find a mildly scratched used one without book or case for under $20. I used to have one… I bought it at a game store (Electronic Boutique or later changed to EB Games) at the mall about 4 years ago. I let my Ex girlfriend borrow it… after we broke up she told me wasn’t getting it back :'(… can’t imagine how pi**ed off I was when I found out how much it was worth and how F***ing hard it is to get.

    As for Legend of Dragoon… I had it at one point also… actually, I believe I bought it 1 year after I bought Diablo at the exact same store (Same used Ps1 Isle too lol). I let my brother borrow it and never saw it again.
    When I bought it at the store the clerk said, “I promised my self I would tell whoever bought this game that they were super lucky because this is one hell of a rare game, your lucky”. Now, years later I have an urge to re-experience that game (It = FF7 IMO, and FF7 is the best Ps1 game ever created, hell it’s the 2nd best game ever invented period, second only to Diablo 2.). When I looked it up on e-bay I wasn’t surprised when It’s used price was still upwards at $35. Sealed for $60.

    As for Worms World Party, It was a birthday gift. Don’t remember when it was, could have been 5 or 6 years ago, or maybe even after I got Diablo, not sure. Me and my friends had a blast playing eachother competitively, we had our own teams, stats, hell we had a freaking league going on that game lol. Anyways, I looked it up on Ebay recently just like LoD and found it just as pricey.

    My girlfriend tried to do me a favor recently and asked the local game shop if they had Diablo 1 for Ps1 and they told her that if she ever got one, they would pay twice the amount just to have it in their collection lol

  109. Jeremy says:

    Btw people, This isn’t supposed to be a list of most popular or most valuable games, although it is.

    If they put them in terms of just rarity and don’t consider price and demand, Diablo would be the rarest Ps1 game on the list. They made the least copies of it out of any other game and like I said bfor it was rumored to be sold for only a few weeks. You see hundreds of Sudokin listings or w/e the F*** it is on E-bay all the time…
    When you search any of the games i listed above, only a handful of listings pop up.

    Btw… I have forbidden memories, and it still works, it’s just boring after awhile because it’s impossible to beat without cheating in some way. I even used the Memory card duplicate trick often but that got me nowhere. Farthest I ever got on the game without Gameshark or duplicating was to the last Seto, never beat the SOB lol. I found a M. B Dragon eventually but other than that my rarest card was Widespread ruin. Highest creature other than him was also only a 2300 or so.

  110. racketboy says:

    I can’t control if people pay good money for games that are common. It’s based on actual resale price.

    I can’t help you if people aren’t paying much for your Diablo game. And it’s not that rare — there’s 13 of them listed on eBay right now:

  111. racketboy says:

    Oh and Legend of Dragoon is quite common and cheap (you can score it for under $10) — not sure where you got that one.
    And Worms World Party is close to breaking into the honorable mentions, but not close enough;

    I’d do a little research before pitching a fit in the comments

  112. martin toms says:

    Hi all

    I have a Metal Gear Solid 1 limited edition premium package and was wondering if anyone knows how much its worth ??

  113. Jose says:

    I have a playstation1,but I don’t have eny games.

  114. marco says:


    nice List but i have some more. There is a german Game called “frontschweine” and ist a little bit rare on german ebay it is at least 30 Euro.

  115. Paul L. says:

    You also didn’t mention the millennium editions of xenogears and chrnos trigger that never reached american ground, they sell for over $200

  116. max says:

    I have the PAL version of Final Fantasy VII, does it cost the same price as the US version?

  117. eSPy says:

    nice. i gots:
    FF VII (Greatest hits)
    also got teambuddies…but its not legit

  118. loz says:

    Most expensive are GAIA SEED, Rockman Collection (but has 7 games) , adventures little ralph, zanac zanac , rakugaki, harmful park, valkyrie profile , suikoden [NTSC-U] + [PAL] , Castlevania SOTN [PAL], CAptain Commando

  119. Nuggets81 says:

    I have Psychic Detective for ps1, somewhat rare game and unlike any other game I’ve ever seen, it’s a live action movie where the main character goes inside other peoples heads to find clues, the path you choose determines what may happen, only problem is that once you play so many times you see every movie scene.

  120. ShortStack says:

    im new to selling my games so my wuestion is… Does a game sell for more if the case is original and slightly cracked or is it better to transfer it to a new case? This is the problem im having with my game The Unholy War.

  121. Moximos says:

    Does anyone know the name of a old military game that was player vs player at the same time…object was to use either tanks, land mine layers, helis or jeeps to destory other player’s defensive turrents and walls to find their flag and bring it back to your spawn point? If so POST IT HERE PLEASE!!!! I need this game!!!

  122. jacobgrocks says:

    Add digimon world 2, i see it going for 50-70 dollars on the internet and in game stores, and it also didnt sell well so they never made a green label version or release it in europe, just in the usa and japan.

  123. loz says:

    digimon world 2 will never be in that list just for the name.

    And it isnt expensive.

  124. Crystalis says:

    The Misadventures of Tron Bonne always sells for a TON everywhere and I am very surprised it was not mentioned.

    There is one up on ebay at the moment – we’ll have to see how much it ends at.

  125. craig says:

    hey there just wondering if the holographic cased games on ps1 are considered rare? i have a few including soul reaver

  126. racketboy says:

    @craig Don’t know if I’ve seen those — any pictures?
    @Cystalis Good find! I’ll need to add that one in future revisions!

  127. Ben says:

    I live in the UK and I was wondering: Are the UK/European versions of these games as rare as the US versions?
    Thank you

  128. Rob says:

    Wow, I pawned off Hercs adventures for $3.00. I feel like puking. I didnt know it was worth that.

  129. marco says:

    the only game i have on the list is FF7 GH (missing the 1st disc),but i have some great games too like ff8 with walkthrough, FF9 with walkthrough (missing booklet), FF origins, Legend of dragoon (with walkthrough), Street Fighter Alpha, Final Fanyasu Tactics (missing manual), and dragon warrior 7, i am looking fro the 1st disc of ff7 and the manual of ff tactics (non GH)

  130. racketboy says:

    Ben, these are all based on US prices. PAL prices might be similar, but they may also vary a lot

  131. Eax says:

    Sealed Suikoden 2

    2x Sealed Tales of Destiny

    Seems as though the sealed premium is going nowhere but up.

    Also of interest for Working Designs and Lunar fans who are unaware of this…Victor Ireland has some really interesting items on Ebay from time to time. Seller name is “GameGenie”…any playstation rpg collector would love to get their hands on some of his stuff. And he autographs it for free if desired.

  132. WILLG says:


  133. Ericks says:

    I just wanted to point out another game that should be under the affordable section. The game “Carnage Heart” is considered one of the Rarest games to be released on the PS1. I can’t find how many were released but it only sells for $14-18 (generally under $20).

  134. Randy says:

    Hey guys, I’m looking for an old PS1 demo… I was hoping someone could help me out. Now I know it wasn’t a JAMPACK demo.. this was a disc that came with the PS1..

    It had games on it like: Coolboarders, an Elmo ABC Orchard game… MLB 2000… Crash 3… Ape Escape… Does anyone know where I can find this?

  135. stanley ochocinsky says:

    where can i sell the games on your list i have?

  136. Angie says:

    Please tell me someone has heard of Guardian’s Crusade! I had the game and my ex stole it!! It was this cute game with a pink baby dragon that looked like a pig. I can’t find it. Sadly, that one didn’t get a lot of publicity. I’m 25 and have been looking for a reasonable copy for about 3 years.

  137. Samuel says:

    I have a lot of these titles but am not going to list them like everyone else and their grandmas here (No offense, i just don’t like reading the same thing over and over). I remember awhile back on ebay there was a copy of Syphon filter 3 with the world trade centers on the cover, 989 studio intended to release it that way, but apparently after 9/11 they abandoned the idea and it never hit stores. So if anyone has any further info please enlighten me.

  138. Greg says:

    Great List!
    thanks for putting this all together

  139. wgamer says:


  140. Tom says:

    For all you people that keep saying Legend of Dragoon is super rare, you are not very well informed. The game isn’t that hard to find. Xenogears may not be at the top of the list but that is an extremely hard game to get a hold of. Grandia is one of the hardest games to find. I owned both three different thinking “I’ll be able to find this again”. I try not to think about it. For those of us that are old enough to remember when all these games came out and bought them without having to ask mommy and daddy for the money it was a great time for RPGs. RPGs just aren’t that great anymore by comparison. Ya sure the graphics look good on some of the newer ones but they just don’t seem to have the awesome story lines of the “classics”.

  141. Tom says:

    For all you people that keep saying Legend of Dragoon is super rare, you are not very well informed. The game isn’t that hard to find. Xenogears may not be at the top of the list but that is an extremely hard game to get a hold of. Grandia is one of the hardest games to find. I owned both three different times thinking “I’ll be able to find this again”. I try not to think about it. For those of us that are old enough to remember when all these games came out and bought them without having to ask mommy and daddy for the money it was a great time for RPGs. RPGs just aren’t that great anymore by comparison. Ya sure the graphics look good on some of the newer ones but they just don’t seem to have the awesome story lines of the “classics”.

  142. XGOUKI says:

    Isn’t silent hill 1 kinda rare to find now too? I noticed
    its on psn now though for $5.99

  143. Yogi says:

    Since we’re talking about rare games, has anyone ever heard anything about a game called Death Come 4. I know it exists, and there is a soundtrack on some ps1 midifiles. Heres a link:

  144. Dark Sol says:

    Damn comments are so n00bish.

  145. goran says:

    i have ff7 platinum is that worth anything? also i think little big adventure on the ps1 must be worth a bob or too

  146. My Bambino says:

    Great Post…..

    I found your site on stumbleupon and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    Thanks for sharing….

  147. Pierrot Masaki says:

    Dude Dragon Ball GT final bout should be number one on the list, not counting obviously Assassin’s Case

    You see the original Bandai release was never reprinted, what happened is that atari took over, and released a the same game with a new cover, new disc design, new everything, it is dirt common

    but the original bandai release from what i hear is around 5,000 copies, and that version didnt magically become more common with the atari version

    also racketboy you are missing the B Ball game that also scored a ten out ten on digit press

    ill agree with some others
    tron bonne should be on the list

    uh every heard of the Lunar Fan art edition, although it doesnt sell for as much, theres supposedly only 1 for every 30 copies of the regular one

    yu gi oh forbidden memories with the cards is very rare, not just valuable, dude its a kids game with cards, almost no one has this complete anymore

    another one that i dont expect too many people to know, but i guess your list doesnt include misprints, is the FF 7 Greatest Hits Sepihroth misprint

  148. i want to buy ps1 game dics

  149. Bill says:

    I would just like to say final fantasy VII is not really all that rare the rarest final fantasy Game is final fantasy IX (Black Label) and its worth more!

  150. jchav says:

    everybody in ur opinion do u guysthink the prices of these games will go up. jw in peoples opinions

  151. jchav says:

    racketoy you need to add more games to this list in terms of value.

  152. phil says:

    you didnt add xenogears? wtf
    rare as shit

    harvest moon
    -add those too while your at it

  153. jchav says:

    phil, xenogears is on here haha.

    but racketboy hes right,

    harvest moon
    digimon world
    digimon world 2
    the misadventures of tron boone
    castlevania chronicles
    dragon warrior 7

    deserve a spot

    also theres only 7 copies of xcom ufo defense started at around 80

    rarity higher than six stars you have to add D.

  154. Shadow2ggah says:

    I own Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar2: Eternal Blue. 2 games i would never let go of.

  155. don says:

    how much is my playstation 1 worth ?

    how much is my street fighter ex plus alpha worth also for my playstation 1?

  156. rob says:

    hey guys you forgot legend of legaia with a resale value of anywhere from $30 to $60+

  157. mainman says:

    I have both lunar 1 and 2 complete with official working designs strategy guides

  158. johnson says:

    nice list, I only own FF7.

  159. Rugulose says:

    Interesting list! I happen to own copies of each Suikoden II, Psychic Detective (3 discs), Final Fantasy VII (Black Label release), Intelligent Qube, and Ogre Battle Limited Edition. I also have a few other rare games that some may be interested in. The only downside, and please read this carefully is that SOME OF THE GAMES ARE MISSING THE CASE AND/OR THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS. With that in mind, if anyone is interested in any or all of them or has questions please email me at

  160. sam says:

    having a bit of trouble getting hold of tombi! here in the uk, going on ebay in original case even with cracjs for 50-60 pound. Bit of a gem!

  161. akshar says:

    i wanna final fantasy 7

  162. DUKE says:



  163. Cameron says:

    Why Didn’t Mega Man 8 Make The List?

  164. fg says:

    I have a copy of return fire for ps1 play it everyday some .Im little sad not to see A-Train on this list of imports It is very hard to find and I love playing it too .

  165. Robert says:

    Did a “control F” for Discworld 1 and 2 on here and they didn’t come up. Anyone have any knowledge of the rarity of these games? They were two of my favorites when I was younger.

  166. Robert says:

    ^ I remember A-Train! Simcity knockoff but harder!

  167. michael cirignano says:

    Has anyone mentioned; Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain?
    That one’s very rare. I have a pal version which i bought from a UK site called chillout games. It’s a superb site selling retro games in perfect condition, & with excellent service.

  168. Adam says:


    Good list(s) you have going, interesting. I’ve been playing games for some time; even played cartridges on an old Texas Instruments computer back in the OLD DAYS. I really think the PS One was an excellent system though all around.

    I’ve found that Persona 2 is getting exceedingly hard to find at a “reasonable” price. I kept passing up chances to pick it up at game stores and I just can’t seem to find this at a price I can afford, or else it has just been sold.

    Does Clock Tower qualify as an honorable mention? Mind you, this is without scanning eBay first. I have seldom noticed the original printing of Resident Evil.

    There is something I seriously think is an extreme rarity, and I wish I had picked it up: Just before Galerians was to be released in the late 90’s(?), I was at the now deceased Funcoland (It may have already changed over to Gamestop) and they were offering a promotional for the Galerians. From what I remember, it was a devotional candle like is often used among Spanish speaking Catholics where is often depicted the Virgin Mary and such. This had some obscure and bizarre depictions on it that resembled the style of those devotional candles. I remember thinking what a strange game it must be. I ended up getting the game somewhat later, but I wish I had gotten this promotional offer. It might have been that you had to preorder the game to receive it? Does anyone else know of this? It must be very rare I think.

    Well, it’s an interesting read about these games. Thanks.

  169. Ebondefender says:

    Anyone ever play “Overblood?” It was a terribly-done horror/adventure game in the same vein as Cyberia, but the voice acting always cracked me up! “Pipoooooo!!!” LOL

  170. Kswiston says:

    I have noticed that copies of Final Fantasy VII have taken a price dive since the game was re-released on PSN. Used copies used to run $60+, even for the Greatest Hits version. Now I see the game selling for $30-40. Not exactly one of the most expensive PS1 titles out there, and like you said, at 9.8M copies sold, not rare at all.

  171. bob says:

    i am wondering, i have some ps1 trial games they came out only at pizza hut when you purchased pizza for a select few times, are they worth anything.

  172. The Gamer says:

    I’m in the business for uber rare games and semi rare ps1 ans ps2 games. I’m currently looking for cheaper version of unopened Tecmo’s Deception ( 1, 2 ,3)series. If you have your hands on this please email me. Also looking for Lunar Silver Story Complete. I had this games years ago and it seems I found one disc out of 4.

  173. Timothy Michael Conti says:

    Rakugaki Showtime is the best PS1 game ever and i wish i could find a real copy for a hundred bucks complete. Treasure needs to release a complete collection on a new system on 1 cd. Best gamemaker EVER. period

  174. joe says:

    I was just wondering, since I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere else, what the value difference might be on imported games. I just bought a shrink wrapped japanese ps1 guilty gear for a few dollars from a friend. I know a shrink wrapped american version is going for a lot right now (from the prices I saw), but I don’t know if this import would be worth close to that. Is there any kind of a market for that sort of thing? I know my friend is into game collecting, so why he sold it to me so cheaply I can’t seem to figure out.

  175. squerrely says:

    hey, racketboy
    i have a rare ps1 “SILENT BOMBER” game. i believe the dev. only made a handful why is this game not on your rare list??
    i happen to own a copy paid 75.00 2 years ago.

  176. Stevie says:

    DAWG, DAWG DAWG…. Racketboi when you gon make ps2 list mayne I need it yo. Got to c howmhuc mrvel verus capcom is

  177. racketboy says:

    The PS2 one was posted about a week ago 🙂

  178. Rob Ocelot says:

    How about oddball rare hardware and controllers? The PS1 had it’s fair share of them beyond the Sony issued ones (though I bet the PS1 Mouse is difficult to find now).

    -PS1 Glove (I don’t think any games specifically used it. Basically like a Nintendo Power Glove but not wireless. Rare as hen’s teeth these days)

    -Namco NeGcon (handheld driving controller that you twisted like a dishrag to turn. It made the original Wipeout a joy to play)

    -Nyko Trak Ball (not sure if many of these were made. I got mine from Dan Kramer who consulted on the design. Dan designed the trakball for the Atari 5200 back in the day)

    -Panther (supposedly the ‘ultimate’ FPS controller, it’s probably better known in PC gaming circles. A PS1 version was made and I believe the only game to fully use it was Forsaken — itself a really shitty Descent clone)

    -Namco Volume Controller (basically a PS1 version of the good old Atari Paddle, was bundled with Namco 2 in Japan to play Cutie-Q — the US release had Ms Pac-man. I was astonished to find the NVC was supported in a lot of non-Namco titles like Arkanoid Returns and even the Digital Eclipse Atari collections for Breakout, etc).

    -Sony Single Shock Dual Analog Pad (released briefly before the much more common Dual Shock controller. Noteworthy because it also included a ‘green’ mode that emulated the launch release dual flightstick. A vibrationless version of the Dual Analog Pad was released in the US before the Dual Shock as well. Only a few games supported single shock at the time, the Japanese release of Bushido Blade had single shock and also supported analog control which the US version did not. For the most part games released with single shock had this feature removed when they were released outside Japan. A notable exception is the PAL release of Porsche Challenge)

    Midnight Blue Dual Shock Pad (Part of the ’10 Millionth Playstation sold’ contest. 100 Midnight Blue PS1s with two Dual Shock controllers were given away and 1000 Dual Shock controllers in Midnight Blue as well. The MB Dual Shock — and I assume the rest of the console as well, though I’ve never seen the console — has a rubberized coating. Noteworthy because Dual Shock controllers were still new at the time and was not the regular pack-in controller until at least a year later. I was lucky to find one of the MB Controllers on ebay cheap in the late 90’s.

    Heck, I’ve only started… Haven’t even got into the really weird Japanese controllers like the Densha de Go control panel.

  179. Timbo says:

    Crime Killer is another ultra rare game

  180. simon says:

    how much do you think i would get for the original grand theft auto sealed?

  181. Dominic Rodrigues says:

    I have lunar silver star stories in perfect condition with the box and cloth map and everything, its selling on ebay atm with starting price $0.99

  182. Dizzy says:

    Suikoden 2 is that rare oo” I got like 3 of them. 1 is almost broken, so I bought a new one. Problem is, my parents at the time didnt know I bought one myself, so they gave me another one about a week later for my birthday xD

    Love that game to bits <33 Best rpg ever.

  183. henry edwards says:

    i found 2 very rare items this weekend for 11 dollars total at the flemarket. suikoden II(brand new sealed with the walmart sticker on it) and its for sale on ebay.The multi-game adapter for the sega saturn to play all of your foreign games on your us system. River city ranson also for a dollar. JUST MY LUCK

  184. Eric says:

    hey everyone I found an asciiware playstation joystick released in 1995 made in japan and yes it is officially licensed by sony I suppose there was a partnership before asciiware became a third party. It’s still in the box with packaging. This thing is cherry and should be great for tekken. if anyone is interested email me

  185. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know where gets their information. If you click the links for the eBay and/or Amazon sales, most of them are selling for half of the “average” price listed. Makes no sense to me.

  186. Reginald Russell says:

    I have a question. Im looking to acquire Diablo for the ps1, and I was wanting to know if it was available?

  187. WhiteJester says:

    You can get Diablo for the PS1 right now for about 30-40 bucks.
    And about the Overblood game. It was very fun once you got into to but very crapy done. Tomba and Tomba 2 were my fav out of all PS1 games.

  188. WhiteJester says:

    Diablo was on Amazon by the way.

  189. Frank says:

    WoW I have FF7 and Return Fire along with the original FF7 Official Strategy guide? I wonder how much I could get for all three?

  190. Frank says:

    Also there is no mention of Legend of Legaia… Ive seen it go for about 50 bucks and the strategy guide I’ve seen go as high as $170 fora new copy..

  191. job says:

    sweet stuff what about for n64 fighters destiny?

  192. JamesMallow says:

    Vib Ribbon is another one,that goes for a fair bit on eBay
    Usually £25+ Unsealed,£100+ sealed

  193. Adam Benstock says:

    What about a game that was never released? Like Thrill Kill!

  194. ScReWaTtAcKeD says:

    I found FF7 for $5001!! No info about Greatest Hits or Black Label tho.

  195. psoneforever says:

    I think alot of what makes FF7 worth so much is that many gamers in the 90’s were kids.

    kids + games = 🙁

    I’m lucky enough to still have most of my playstation games in great condition, especially Valkyrie Profile.

  196. Pro21xx says:

    I have a MINT complete copy of the rare Mega Man X3 game for the PSX which was made in japan and has everything,

    since i never bother to get a region lock out chip for my psx, I’m ready to sell it

  197. dan says:

    i dunno if any1 remembers this game, but all i can remember of it is you had to get these giant carrots and you could bounce around. and the disc was black with purple rabbits on. does any1 know what the hell im talking about???

  198. Jay Junkie says:

    Not that it had the most fanatastic graphics, but..
    LSD: Dream emulator PS1 game is worth a note. I mean that game messes with your head.. ALOT.

    Also apparently it’s unavailable altogether now. And sells for 10,000 YEN. That’s what I’ve heard.

  199. Kostas says:

    I was very surprised not to see anywhere Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I paid a small fortune for a copy of this game, (but I’m talking about the European/UK version)

  200. Harvey says:

    A fucking great game that is very rare and expensive; MR.DRILLA!! Well, Mr.Driller, I remember being addicted to the demo for a while, and now I have money, it has gone up by about $300 in value. Wow.

  201. Harvey says:

    Harsh squerrely, I bought it two days ago for £3.

  202. r darby says:

    Hey my parents own a Video store and are selling games off. Lots of platstation 2 games and possibly playstation 1, also you can request titles to see if we have what you want email me at details of sales will be disclosed if the is a item of interest is requested to buy. Have resurfacing
    machine to make discs look like brand new.

  203. goran says:

    little big adventure has to be up there with the rare ones

  204. steve says:

    hi there i have loads of test pressings of games from differt companys that sent there games to sony to test for the ps1 a freind of mine work hi up at sony i used to get loads still got loads in my garage i got crash bandicot 1 in a woodern box with tshirt game badge it has stamps pressed all over the box as if it had been all over the world is it worth anythink .

  205. Shemmykins says:

    Spider: The Video Game is a very rare gem. I have it with book and full boxed and an immaculate working disc. Would it be worth much?

  206. lilpinkgems says:

    Can anyone help, I have a rare PS1 game Mr Driller by Namco in PAL apparently its almost impossible to find and it’s in mint condition. I’m trying to find the value if anyone has any idea or can point me in the right direction.

  207. ANONRBUSER says:

    You forgot Skullmonkeys.
    Goes up for at most, $65!

  208. steve says:

    i have gran turismo ps1 box set limated to 0-500 on the box is it worth anythink

  209. Light says:

    I have a Greatest Hits Final Fantasy 7 green colored. How much is that worth?

  210. jeff says:

    i have been collecting psone games since 1995 and i have over 600 different games and i also have alot of rare titles. i have intelligent Qube and two copies of motor toon grand prix. does anyone else out there collect any psone games? i would like to share the stories of my years of searching the flea markets and yard sales and swap shops as well as ebay with anyone who collects these games.

  211. Sam says:

    Hey, look at dans comment about the bouncing around with the giant carrots a little bit up. I have never heard of it anywhere, however i loved that game and i used to play it all the time, i completed it and it was fantastic adventure game. The best description of the game is you were in space and each planet was a level. it was first person, and you bounced around, finding carrots, with a time limit ofc. If anyone knows of it, please tell me!!!

  212. 911BONEZ says:

    I would have to say that Alundra released by Working Designs should be on the list. It can range from $60 to $100. Definitely a great game as well.

  213. Gem says:

    Ive got both xmen vs street fighter and marvel super heroes vs street fighter in mint condition, will sell them for 45 dollars each, but they are pal format.

  214. Gem says:

    message me on

    Ive got both xmen vs street fighter and marvel super heroes vs street fighter in mint condition, will sell them for 45 dollars each, but they are pal format.

  215. Keirsdad says:

    I’m selling Marvel vs. Capcom UK PAL edition (Like new condition)right now on ebay….bids at £1.20 lol 5 days to go though, so fingers crossed!

  216. Egamer says:

    I think a lot of these prices need to be updated for 2010/2011 – the prices for most games have gone nowhere but up.

  217. WILL86 says:


  218. djmunch says:

    Hey Sam, the game you are talking about sounds like Jumping Flash! (at least thats what it was called in Europe). One of the first titles released for the PS1.

  219. kirwa says:

    Hoah!! Nice list but you forgot:

    – Pepsiman the running hero ( this game is AWSOME)
    – Jumping Flash 1 & 2
    – Drugstore ( Japanese game..)
    – Star Wars: Masters of Teräs käsi.
    – Santa Claus saves the Earth
    – Final Fantasy VI for Psx ( it wasnt released in Europe)
    – Myst and Raven.
    – Dune 2000
    – Disney Goofys Funhouse ( im not sure about this one)
    – Skullmonkeys
    – Civilization II
    – No one can stop mr.Domino
    – Gamera 2000
    – Southpark
    – and lots of more Japanese games and collections.

    The most rarest game would be Tekken 3 Golden Lion edition or Superman for Psx. Superman for Psx wasnt never released, but there is one in the Playstation Museum ive heard..

    ( sry for my bad english)

  220. kirwa says:

    of course there is many more psx games never released..

  221. ps1nut says:

    hi im selling a few ps1 games an would to do it through paypal.
    star ocean second story
    wild arms 2
    the legend of dragoon
    chrono cross
    hoshigami(running blue earth)
    mail me at

    ive also got a few british games like
    ff7,ff8, ffanthology,grandia,bushudo blade,gta,gta london
    and a few others

  222. ps1nut says:

    dam an suikoden 1,2
    also have whole collection up till 5

  223. Charlie says:

    Pity you guys who want the game arnt near me. I saw quite a few of theses games at my local second hand shop today from between $5 and $15. I only own a couple already like hogs of war, tombi, ff7, silent hill and a couple others. I like playing them still!

  224. aceofbass21337 says:

    Great list as usual. You should update it (i’ve seen you update a few others, or do comparisons). Or at least add The Misadventures of Tron Bonne to the list. I did a search for that recently and most prices I saw were around 100.

  225. ksj dd says:

    way the ps1 gams not coming in 2010????????/

  226. PR0D1GY says:

    I have the greatest hits 4 disc set of Legend of the Dragoon with only the first disc used and the case slightly damaged how much might it be worth?

  227. BIOHAZARD says:

    here’s another rare ps1 game
    clock tower

  228. DaSPAHSTX says:

    i have a 1993 ps1 *fat* version and syphon filter 1,2,3…and 3 controllers…original and the thumbless *stickless* one
    bout how much would it all sell for?

  229. dethsend says:

    good to know i have FFVII, suikoden, suikoden II, and persona all in mint condition. i had no idea they would be worth anywhere near that much. i just picked up a copy of valkyrie profile today at entertainmart for $50. what do you think suikoden would be worth?

  230. Josephine Annabelle Pritchard says:

    Hello ,
    I keep hearing about how valuable FF7 black label 1997 is , but all the pictures are the American version. What about the europan version? is that worth anything ?

  231. Andy says:

    No LSD-The Dream Emulator? Its pretty darn hard to get ahold of.

  232. Parasite says:

    Sup guys! I have a factory sealed copy of Twisted Metal 2 ,does anyone know the value for that? Also ,does anyone know where I can find part 1 factory sealed? I tried eBay and amazon.Thanks.

  233. Cory says:

    So i have a couple questions i have all the spyro games but not in the collectors addition are they worth anything. i also have both magaman legends games where would i go to sell them for more then 5 bucks?

  234. Thomas says:

    Crap! I actually saw Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter at a gaming store for around $15 a few weeks ago. I don’t think it’s there anymore. Bummer…

  235. Ruben says:

    hmm.. ive got ff VII black lable right here O_o 700 dollars.. wtf . i didnt even know … its an import from the us also :S i also have alundra.. hmm how mutch would that go for ? also imported from the us

  236. jimmy alegra says:

    they forget to put darkstalker 3

  237. MATT says:

    Ive got a promo disc of woody woodpecker, for the ps1, i have had a look on e-bay and their isent 1 on their. Just wondering is it a rare one? and would it be worth much? regards matt.

  238. Josiah says:

    Found a complete black label Suikoden II today at a pawn shop for 6 bucks
    got some other good deals lately

    FF7 complete for 16$
    FF 8 & FF chronicles for 6$ ea
    got 3 copies of Legend of dragoon

    Been rummaging and flipping games for a living for a while now.

    yall should check out my store I aint rich enough to hold on to these treasures.

  239. Coolalright says:

    Hey I have a copy of Digimon world for sale here, with a ton of other less rare games. Also just found a copy of Suikoden II, but it’s scratched to hell so i have to test it before I list it. So keep checking back!

  240. Egamer says:

    Anyone know what happened to the Disney Dance Revolution game? All the listings on Ebay for it are now between 25-40$ shipped. Was it re-released somewhere?

  241. Sambo says:

    Hi RacketBoy,
    I have over the last several years taken notes from many of you informative rarety guides. I think that having someone that can compile and extend this information is fantastic. I have been collecting retro gaming consoles for the best part of 20 years. I have 18 main systems that I collect and the games. I struggle to find the game and/or prices on most of the guides that are available for 15% of my collection. Is there a site or sites that you could suggest (mainly PAL Games). Thanks Sambo.

  242. Bernie says:

    I have copies of FF7, FF8, and FF9, all greatest hits but all in great condition with the original booklet in each of them. If anyone is interested email me at

  243. pavilion says:

    what about a game called “one” there are never any for sale anywhere i havent seen anyway, also another side scrolling shooter called “rapid reload” again none on ebay

  244. David says:

    I own all 5 Suikoden games. Bought S2 off eBay a year back for 70 bucks in mint condition, only played once by the owner, black label and everything. I see Suikoden 5 is going up in value as well. I also have the double case Suikoden 1. And my copy of Suikoden 5 comes with the soundtrack and artwork. I recently listed this on Craigslist for 300. Could it go for more on eBay?

  245. logan says:

    The list was good and im glad to say i have more than half of it.But how could you leave out Legend of Dragoon or Legend of legia, these two game are great and hard to fine

  246. dan says:


    thanks so much thats the game. Jumping Flash? it still doesnt ring any bells but its definitely it. thanks again 🙂

  247. Pip says:

    Also I think Tombi the pig game should be up here somewhere as it is selling on ebay for around £30-£70 ($48-$110) !

  248. mikeshoe101 says:

    in the morning im trade for ff7(black label),alundra,xenogears(black label) for ps1 and breath of fire 2 and earthbound for snes, all for my flight simulator that was given to me

  249. Vash503 says:

    I have two copies of the black label ff7 games. One I bought years ago but never played and the other is in Japanese that I got as a gift from a friend that lives in Japan years ago. I also have a regular copy but now I just play it on my psp

  250. DUKE of TRON says:

    Sorry to boast, but I have quite a large collection of PS1 games,and at the last count it was approx over 100.Here are just some of them below:
    Adventures of Alundra ( and Alundra 2)
    Akuji the Heartless
    Alien Trilogy (plus Alien Resurrection)
    Alone in the Dark:Jack is Back
    Azure Dreams
    Breath of Fire III and IV
    Broken Sword (and Broken Sword 2)
    Castlevania:Symphony of the Night (still in good condition with an art book inside)
    Castlevania Chronicles
    Deathtrap Dungeon
    Dino Crisis (and Dino Crisis 2)
    Dracula Resurrection (and Dracula 2:The Last Sanctuary)
    Exhumed (this is one cracking Egyptian first person shooter)
    Fear Effect (and Fear Effect 2:Retro Helix)
    Every single FINAL FANTASY game except for FF III (cannot seem to find this particular one)
    Galaga:Destination Earth
    Heart of Darkness
    Jade Cocoon
    Granstream Saga
    Legend of Dragoon (this game has 4 game discs!!)
    Legend of Kartia
    Legend of Legaia
    Monkey Hero
    Omega Boost
    Nightmare Creatures (and Nightmare Creatures 2)
    Saga Frontier
    Vagrant Story
    Vampire Hunter D
    Wild Arms

    I think I will leave it there for now.Phew!! 🙂

  251. Jared says:

    I have a copy of Final Fantasy 7 black label with the masterpiece misprint on the back and from what im told it could be the only one in existence because of this, my disc 1 has no wrinting on it at all. im told it should have never made it out of the assembly line. any ideas of the value for it?

  252. Jared says:

    i have pictures if anyone wants to see them.

  253. Guy says:

    Yes thats common. its the I in masterpiece. not rare or worth anymore money.

  254. Sean says:

    Wait, when did Suikoden II get a PSN rerelease? I know the original did, but I’ve not heard of one for the second.

  255. racketboy says:

    Sean, sorry about that — I was thinking of the first game. So I’ve corrected the text. Of course, especially since the first Suikoden was re-released, the second one may not be far behind.

  256. Zach says:

    Don’t forget Theme Hospital, that awesome game can run you $30 – over $100 dollars.

  257. Alaysia says:

    why is Thousand Arms not on this list?

  258. TheForestsEnd says:

    OMG! Fox Hunt, I got that game….. there is a reason for it not being worth much.

  259. Hazerd says:

    should add Diablo to the additional playstation games of value, goes from $29 used and up!

  260. Danny says:


    I collect and sell vintage games, and one missing from this list is The Adventures of Lomax. It was a very low print release early in the PS1 lifecycle and it had no press. A complete copy still goes for $30-$40 dollars.


  261. Sean says:

    @racketboy – I would be so stoked if they released Suikoden II on PSN, but since the original was listed in 2008, my optimism wanes with each year that passes. =(

  262. Jared says:

    its not the masterpiece part im talking about…my disc 1 is completely whited out. no logos, trademarks, playstation symbol, title, nothing. its blank except for a light blue graphic of an island or something in the backround. anyone ever heard of that before???

  263. penguin says:

    I’ve always wondered, has the variant disc art for the lunar games affected price in any way? I know it’s not ever mentioned much, but you would think collectors would go nuts for that sort of thing. I didn’t even know about it until I caught sight of the discs at one of my friends houses and they were completely different.

  264. Jared says:

    people Ive talked to said theyve never heard of it before….lunar games? what is that?

  265. Sarge says:

    Wow, I’ve actually got 14 of the 16 standard USA releases. Only missing Team Buddies and Intelligent Qube. Not that all of them are in the best shape (Tactics Ogre is sans manual / case, and Lunar 2 doesn’t have the Lucia pendant). I’m most happy about owning Suikoden II. I remember distinctly having a conversation with my brother while in Software, Etc. We had just purchased, I think, Tales of Destiny II or some other RPG, and we saw Suikoden II in there for $25. I was almost about to pass up on it, and my brother remarked, “But what if we never see it again?” So we bought it. Dang, if he wasn’t prescient on that one.

  266. TikTok says:

    Does anyone know about or even own a copy of ‘Juggernaut’? It was a NTSC US 1999 release and is usually classed as survival horror – though that is somewhat wide of the mark. It’s a rather interesting examination of mental illness, as such I don’t think there is another game like it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  267. Bigtpc says:

    I have all of the american releases and more for sale on my amazon site bigtpc at amazon, if you buy from me, mention you saw it on here and that you follow racketboy and I will offer a discount, please send message before buying, I have over a hundred and thirty five ps1 games for sale, all doubles from my collection

  268. trey says:

    i love persona and tomba but theres no way in hell i would pay 80 bucks plus for em

  269. Newtype says:

    Tiktok, I own a copy of Juggernaut. If your asking about value, the game usually goes for around $10 when sold online. You can also check out gameplay clips on Youtube.

  270. Player 1 says:

    I don’t know why but a few weeks ago i thought about team buddies, which i played with friends back in the day, and decided to look out for it. I live in Switzerland, so i checked ricardo, which is like ebay, and, believe it or not, i found one. For the laughable price of 8 swiss francs, which is nearly the same amount in dollars or euros… Best part: it came bundled with bomberman. So yes, my dear ps1 & 2 can now enjoy team buddies matches!

  271. Xed says:

    great list Nick 🙂
    In the future I expect the values to shift a bit, the games that are valuable now will stay valuable and even rise in price. But when more people pick up Playstation collecting, prices of the unknown rarities will go up.

    I’m a PAL collector myself, so I’m not 100% into the NTSC rarities. But games like Persona etc are always on eBay. They are uncommon and in demand, but their rarity is nothing compared to true rarities like the Syphon Filter 3 pre-9/11 cover and some of the early releases like Fox Hunt.

    Like the NES has done, true value will shift to true rarity in the years when more collectors arise 🙂

  272. Anderson says:

    So…nobody noticed the auction for Castlevania Symphony of the Night PAL Limited Edition? It went for 3049£(about 4800$) last year in august..please see link below:

  273. says:

    why not use emulator??? its so much more cheaper. If u like having them on a disk? why not download an iso, then just burn 1??? if u need an image on the disk like a ps1 game…. u still can burn a picture on it. if u need a cover for it? look up on a website for its original cover, copy, paste it and just fotostat it on premium paper. need a plastic disk holder? u can get it from any local dvd shops. estimated price……USD $20, time consume…… about 1 hour. Well im not encouraging or recommending it. Just a suggestion to cut down on cost because its economical. i would take no responsible for the above activity, like i said(just a suggestion) (^(oo)^)v cheers!!!!

    *reply me through email or FB, happen to came across this website.

  274. ace says:

    i have a ps 1 it fully funtional

  275. Patrick says:

    Oh shit I have Marvel vs. Capcom for the PS1!

  276. jinsenai says:

    I’m surprised Geppy-X isn’t mentioned on here.

  277. Dennis says:

    Hi, I remember as a child, I had a ps1 game where each person controls a person. the person had different powers; ie. one person can throw the rock really high, which would then land directly down on an opposing player. Another power was where the rock gets transformed into a really big hammer, which can be used to hit opponents with. Also, each person had differnt healths. Does anyone know the game im talking about?

  278. adam says:

    blood omen and resident evil should be mentioned. if some games aren’t valuable or rare enough to mention there should at least be a bad ass mofo section. im glad FF7 is on here. i sold my unopened original copy for $1700, im glad i paid $600 for a new PS3 in 06 cuz i kept my other one for myself lmaoand i wouldnt have been able to play it. also i hear people complaining about how FF7 was not rare enough for sites like these all the time. if that game was a god id be a final thumper and id already be in the 7th heaven. that game was so good it literally made me cry when i first played it. i think i had an orgasm when i raised a gold chocobo for the first time…..i was 8. that game took my virginity and fed my pockets fat. it might not be rare but it is certainly valuable. there was so much to do and back then there was just a single walkthrough on most games. and no other game ive EVER played made the most bad ass villain cut down one of the main characters mid-game. i was so distraught my mom could have came in and said the devils here and he wants to make you his bitch and wouldnt have gotten any more upset than i was. that game is one of a kind and pioneered RPG’s. it deserves #1

  279. Explosivo says:

    Not once has Vanguard Bandits has been mentioned….or even a black label final fantasy tactics.

  280. Dale says:

    Hey guys.. I have some factory sealed games and some favorites in excellent condition..

    Factory sealed list: (black label)

    Heart of Darkness
    Colony Wars Vengeance (havn’t seen this or the original Colony Wars mentioned)
    Final Fantasy VIII ( I know worthless compared to FF VII)
    Fear Effect

    Other PS1 games in excellent condition with instruction packs,etc.

    Diablo (This is a great game)
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night
    Colony Wars
    FF IV

    For you PS2 fans:

    Factory sealed:

    Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly


  281. Outrack says:

    The PAL version of Monster Rancher is supposedly rare, and also a pretty interesting release in that it’s actually the second game labeled as the first.

  282. Muhammed Raheem Aijaz says:

    Please let me know if some one is having a game of Dino Crises 2 from PS one

  283. Muhammed Raheem Aijaz says:

    Call me at 00971558707033

  284. Lee says:

    Does anyone know how much the original crash bandicoot for playstation is worth? I have it and it has an additional free demo disc? Ive put it on ebay and been inundated with people wanting to buy it now for around £20?!

  285. Bobbie says:

    I actually received Tomba and Tomba 2 today off a facebook site in exchange for a few ds games worth nothing. I had no idea these games were worth anything, just thought they might be fun to play. The only bad thing is my copies aren’t worth a whole lot because they didn’t have a case or manual. Oh well.

  286. Timbacca says:

    This list tells me that if i wanted to i could spend 175$ at work and end up with 1500$ it looks like. I like working at my local video game store. (got tomba 2 brand freaking new for $7.50 today and wouldn’t have opened it to play it if i knew i could sell it for so much.)

  287. Jack says:

    Lee – Not much I wouldn’t have thought as I have the same and I know a few other people that do. Unless it’s sealed.

    I’ve got Tomb Raider special edition boxset with a Tomb Raider clock for PAL psx is that worth anything?.

  288. adam says:

    if anyone wants em…..i got all the rares accept brigandine in the black label. ill sel them for $1000. cant go lower so dont be greedy i already went low. i even have a playstation that still works….my nintendo was more important to me at the time lol. mario 3, contra, captain skyhawk, the noid,, dr. mario….mario rpg, zelda,…..hahmmmmmmmm i wish i was little

  289. Retrogamer0001 says:

    I really think Tail Concerto needs to be someone on this list, or at least in the “other ps1 games of value” seeing as how there are relatively few copies on Ebay and complete copies sell for 100+

  290. zendor says:

    Hey, Wheres Metal Gear Solid on that list!!

  291. levi says:

    where the hell is LDS dream emulator

  292. FakeName says:

    the original twisted metal goes for a pretty high price also..

  293. Retrogamer0001 says:

    Twisted Metal is not rare at all – you can easily snag a complete copy for 10 -15$.

  294. Patrick BBE says:

    I still have my Black label Twisted Metal game from the day I got the Grey PS from Toys R Us. It’s a easy game to find. Any vintage game store will have multiply copies.

  295. that guy says:

    well, Expensive imports… Try LSD Dream Emulator, it’s only been released in Japan and litteraly can fetch up to 500$ for a new disc, i’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet and i’m to lazy to read all the comments, but yeah I figure i’d put that out there, do some research yourself if you want more info.

  296. sam says:

    where is kula world? i heard that goes for insane prices

  297. Taylor Simpson says:

    Where’s LSD: Dream Emulator?

  298. $h@f3_D@WG says:

    I think Castlevania: SOTN is hands down the all time best game to have ever come out for the Playstation 1!!

  299. Waldo says:

    No Monster Rancher here or on ps2? what’s up wit tat?

  300. Waldo says:

    Monster Rancher is a gold mine, the entire series.

  301. BILL509 says:

    RIVEN DISC 1-2 & 3
    JET MOTO 2
    IN THE ZONE ‘99
    NHL ‘99
    FROGER 3-D
    CRASH 2
    EXCALIBUR 2555 A.D.
    NBA LIVE ‘98


  302. Daniel says:

    There’s no mention of the PAL version of blue’s clue’s big musical. It was only released in Australia and New Zealand as far as I know. Last time it was on ebay it went for around $120aud. 🙂

  303. Kyle says:

    What about brave fencer musashi!? I saw it was going for quite a bit on amazon

  304. Daniel DuBois says:

    Rad list! Don’t forget some popular racing games though!

  305. Randy Greene says:

    So far I have Valkyrie Profile, Lunar Silver Star story 4 disc set complete, Castlevania Symphony of the Night (black label) Final Fantasy VII (black label misprint). I just purchased Dragon Warrior VII. Very suprised it isn’t here. No way you can get that game in great condition complete for cheap, it’s way more expensive than some on this list. Really great list though and I have been using it for my collection over the last month

  306. Randy Greene says:

    And yes Kyle, Brave Fencer Musashi I also own and to get that complete with demo disc is very expensive and rare. It even goes for more than Tomba (so does Dragon Warrior VII) I think both those games should be on the list. I hate to sound like I’m taking jabs at the list when I’m not. I will def keep using this list to help my collection.

  307. Daniel streets says:

    Just a question: I have resident evil 1, is that valuable?

  308. Randy Greene says:

    Well Daniel it depends what version you have. There is an original RE and then there is a Directers cut. If you have the original black label then you can get 35-40 bucks for it on Ebay depending on the shape of course. Directors cut Im not sure about. Not as much for that one I would imagine

  309. Yummy Kins says:

    I would not pay more then 20$ USD. for Ogre Battle: March of The Black Queen. Its kinda funny how that game could be going for 50-180$ USD.

  310. Drew says:

    what about Psychic Force, that was such a great game

  311. Jules says:

    jeez, I don’t have any of the games on this list, but going on a quick hunt through ebay looking for games I already have some people are paying pretty high prices for them, $35 for crash bandicoot, used and platinum, $50 for Bushido Blade sometimes, hell even one of my personal favourites Muppet Race Mania sells for $35 unsealed and I’ve seen one for $80+ sealed

  312. Randy Greene says:

    I also noticed the firat Crash Banicoot black label is getting hard to find. I got lucky and found one in great shape for 15 bucks

  313. Randy Greene says:

    First** Bandicoot**

  314. xudesiz says:

    bu oyunların yarısını oynamışımdır her halde şimdi 3 var bunları nalsıl oynadım diyorum kendimee 🙂

  315. Zoe says:

    So I am a huge fan of the star ocean the series. I am trying to find the first one for ps. If anyone lnows where I can get this, PLEASE let me know. I will pay pretty much anything to get it.

  316. Pauley says:

    Don’t forget about ”D” the horrorfying FMV Game which was a 3 disc title released by Acclaim/Warp at the end of 1995, it was produced in extremely limited quanities, and its hard to find a complete set with all discs. i sold this game on eBay in 2003 for over $150.00, so i think its a good idea to add this to the list.

  317. Daniel says:

    I’ve got D. 😀 WIN!

  318. Tyler says:

    I’m assuming these are going by average prices and not certain vendors (probably rare ones) overcharging? For example, I was looking for Tales of Destiny on Amazon and some vendors were trying to sell it for about 700-900 dollars. Here’s hoping Megaman Legends 2 climbs in value, it’s the only PS1 game left in my collection. (I once sold all my games for groceries, those were bad times lol)

  319. Nickchamp110 says:

    “LSD Dream Emulator”
    It irritated me when you didn’t put that on the list.
    It’s probably THE RAREST game out there. So what the fuck. How could you not put that game on the list???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  320. Jennifer says:

    Interesting list! I used to love Kurushi (or Intelligent Qube) on one of the ‘Demo One’ discs.
    I still play Tombi 2 to this day! It’s stood the test of time for me, and I don’t think I could part with it. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo is another great one!
    I’ve got the black label Final Fantasy VII, a gift from a customer at the video game store I worked at. Shame it doesn’t seem to make such high figures these days!

  321. vinzo1309 says:

    i… just read this list… and… 2 weeks ago i picked up a copy of Suidoken II for $1.50…


  322. Ufuk says:

    what about: euro demo 69, grand theft auto, fifa ’99, abe’s oddysee, rayman 1, crash bandicoot 2 : cortex strikes back, carmageddon SCI?

    p.s. they are all playstation 1 games

  323. Big Hen says:

    I have a PS1 Tron Bonne and Tomba 2!!

  324. Kyle says:

    Sorry to wade in on this but I’m sure ehrgeiz and heart of darkness are rare and valuable aswell? Correct me if I’m wrong by all means

  325. dizzymenace says:

    i have final fantasy 7 . all 3 discs , pristine condition . all 3 discs including the final fantasy 8 preview disc , manual box intact and cover art . i think its the EU version , how much is it worth

  326. hayley belcher says:

    I have a playstation one game called Battle Area, I think its a misprint and meant to be battle Arena, the N is def missing, anyone know if this is worth anything

  327. Dan says:

    If you did happen to have one of these games where would you sell it

  328. Hello says:

    Hello everybody I maybe looking to offload my sealed copy off final fantasy 7 and 8 any offers email me on

  329. Hello says:

    It is a uk pal game black label

  330. Sonicx360 says:

    Rival Schools: United by Fate is another worthy candidate to be added to the list. Based on my observation, the game’s price averages around $40 to 75 (though new copies can cost even higher) on eBay and

  331. Jye Manning says:

    What about Crash Bandicoot. I just bought one off ebay and they’re so rare

  332. SlyStrife says:

    Some of the prices for this list need a massive overhaul. Specifically both Tales of Destiny games, ToD II is consistently going for $100-$130 used, I’ve even seen go up to $150 a few times. Tales Of Destiny 1 is generally going for $60-$70 for a good condition copy, but I’ve seen go as high as $100.

    Brigandine The Legend of Forsena and Suikoden II are other ones. A mint condition of Brigandine with map usually goes for $90, but I’ve recently seen it consistently selling for about $120-$130. A complete Suikoden II goes for no less than $100 but it constantly selling for an upwards of $150. A mint copy The Misadventures of Tronn Bonne is selling for close to $200 used and never, ever ever goes below $150.

    I’m going to do more research, but seems like most of the games on this list have gotten a decent or a pretty dramatic increase in price. There might even be titles that have gone up recently that I dont know about. I would suggest updating this list ASAP to reflect the current prices.

  333. racketboy says:

    Thanks for the info! Since this one was last updated in 2011, I had this a much lower priority than some other ones to update. But I will bump it up. I have a few others I will still need to do first though.

  334. SlyStrife says:

    Alrighty! In the mean time I’ll just continue to look up research, I know that there’s a slew of SNES games that have spiked as well.

    Which lists are you going to update first? I love your site btw, it’s been on my favorites list for years!

  335. racketboy says:

    Gamecube and SNES are the next ones in line as they have changed a lot.
    I just finished Genesis and you may have seen.

  336. SlyStrife says:

    Yes, I just finished reading the Sega Genesis section. I really wish I had bought Crusader of Centy when I had the chance… D:

    Have you considered making sections for the PSP and the NeoGeo Pocket Color? Both handhelds have quite a few notable titles that have high mark ups.

  337. racketboy says:

    I have — Game Gear as well. I’ll probably delay the PSP a bit as I have some of these updates to catch up on and PSP isn’t super-old yet (which also makes it more likely to need another update sooner)

  338. Tam says:

    Hi i was wondering about promotional discs? I have te 2 disc promo of parasite eve 2. Cant find pricings anywhere!

  339. Renatus says:

    Strider 2 is a game i would check out and is getting quite hard to find in good shape.

  340. Renatus says:

    Even the jewel case it came with is hard to find! lol

  341. Appmik says:

    I have just picked up Motto for the PS1 but can’t find any mention of it anywhere.
    Does anybody know anything about it ?

  342. Nick Meggitt says:

    LSD isn’t on the list. Game goes for about $300 used, and it’s only in Japan I believe. Very crazy and rare game

  343. tc says:

    I’d look into Gaia Seed.
    ISS Pro Evolution NTSC is far less common than PAL.

  344. brunsShizk says:

    Wow, the funny thing is the only way these prices get this high is because of stupid people reading posts like this. All the early 20 year olds and kids that spend on their money on games not even in their generation when they came out. I know at least 4 guys that are in their early 20s that just collect games and never play them. You cannot collect early games btw in mint condition, why do you think on ebay people are trying to sell you adverts for replacing your game batteries??? they end up leaking after 20+ years, you leave them in the shrink-wrapped box your only damaging it further that someone with just the cartridge. How nice it must be to have such a shitty generation that you have to collect someone elses games, music, and styles. Its fine to be a collector but you people are just hoarders.

  345. Steve says:

    Dude above me has got a problem? Why are you so angry? Ever thought that some people just prefer older games because new ones are just being carbon-copied every year and they’re shit? COD for example. Why are you on here slagging people off for no reason? Wind your neck in, dickhead. Each to their own.

  346. lolloll says:

    Ive read this whole page and havent seen a single thing about final doom. Yeah doom itself was pretty shit, doom 2 (ultimate doom) was cool, doom3 is just crap, but final doom is just awesome! I can play it over and over again for hours! Cant believe it didnt make the list. 🙁

  347. Randomkiden says:

    Ah, I had Intelligent Qube. Sold it for 8 bucks…………shit.

  348. GhostCreeper101 says:

    Dude! How in the world could u forget bubble bobble and Rainbow Islands???!!! That is going on amazon for $100! And it is a super fun game!

  349. RGNerdWorld says:

    What about the game LSD Dream Emulator? It’s a japanese exclusive, but I’ve never seen a copy go for less than 250 dollars.