The Rarest and Most Valuable Atari 2600 Games

Rare and Valuable Atari 2600 Games

Presented by Ack & Racketboy

Due to its age, and the bizarre state of the video game industry in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Atari 2600 has seen some of the cheapest and common, as well as some of the rarest and most valuable games ever released. Because of the rarity of certain games, it is nigh-impossible to build a complete collection for the console, especially if one attempts to collect the different versions of some companies’ games.

But if you happen to look in on your Atari 2600 collection and spot one of the titles mentioned below, or wander across them in a bargain bin at a local flea market or yard sale, thank your lucky stars, because you will hold a real piece of gaming history. So take a look, one of these might just be sitting in your closet right now.

In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this Rare & Valuable series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling. It should be noted, prices vary based on condition and completeness of the title.


  Gamma Attack: $20,000 $50,000
The only game released by company Gammation, programmed by Robert L. Esken, Jr., and seeing only a handful of cartridges produced, Gamma-Attack remains one of the rarest video games ever made.  How rare you ask?  There is one copy known to exist, in the hands of collector Anthony DeNardo.The eBay auction in February 2008  for Gamma-Attack was Mr. DeNardo’s copy, put up to showcase his amazing find.  The auction had a $500,000 Buy-It-Now price.  Back when originally published this guide in 2009, we had this game valued between $5,000 and $10,000.  This is what Mr. DeNardo estimated the worth at in 2008,  but he confessed that he had received even larger offers for the title.Nearly five years later, the video game collecting market has taken off quite a bit, so it is easy to value Gamma Attack between $20,000 and $50,000 making it arguably the most valuable video game of all time.

It is worth noting that the ROM of Gamma Attach has been released, and in 2008 Gammation unveiled GammAttack4, a re-release of the game for PC emulators.  Gammation’s website is   You can also occasionally find reproductions of the game on eBay

birthday-mania-2600 Birthday Mania: $15,000 – $35,000
Distributed by Personal Games, Birthday Mania cartridges were specially ordered cartridges with personalized title screens and spaces on the front where names could be written in. The game focused on the player blowing out birthday candles, and the game was billed as a perfect birthday gift. It didn’t really catch on, so there are very few of these out on the market.So how rare is it? Well, there’s only a couple claimed to exist. One is supposedly in the hands of Jerry Greiner, known Atari collector and enthusiast, while another belongs to a user at AtariAge (I won’t list his name since he appears to value his privacy). Since Greiner has never actively proven his ownership, it means the one from AtariAge is the only known in existence. (Yes, that could very well make it more rare than the NES Nintendo World Chamption Cartidges)Back in 2009, the highest known offer for a copy of Birthday Mania was $6500, but it was turned down by the owner.With recent sales of Air Raid and the rise of collecting over the last 5 years, Birthday Mania could easily fetch 2 to 5 times the amount of that offer.
air-raid Air Raid: $3,400 – $33,400
This game was apparently the only released by MenAvision with possibly only twelve official copies ever seeing the light of day. The cartridge is blue, with a t-shaped handle on the end.Gameplay centers around the player attempting to protect a city by shooting down flying saucers, airplanes, and other kinds of enemies which are trying to bomb said city. To do this, the player must fly around in their own aircraft, launching missiles at enemy ships. Waves are continuous, though scores are tabulated so players can compete against themselves.For many years, only cartidge-only versions of the game had surfaced.  In 2004, the cartridge sold $3,305 and another one was listed in 2009 for $5,000 and passed without a bid.  However, in 2012, we have now see two boxed copies sell on eBay and GameGavel — for $14,000 and $33,400 respectively.

These recent sales made it one of the highest priced video game transations of all time (a bit behind the $41,300 that was paid for a copy of Stadium Events for the NES).  For the record, it would be very interested in seeing one of the other two games change hands just so we can see the values/
See Latest Air Raid Cartridge on eBay

atlantis-2-2600 Atlantis II: $5,000-$18.000
This was a special tournament version of the Atari 2600 game Atlantis. The gameplay is much faster, the scoring system has been slightly altered from the original, and enemy ships are worth far less than the original version, where the city of Atlantis must be protected from the evil Gorgon spaceships. Copies of the cartridge were sent to the top players in the Defend Atlantis competition, primarily because there were far more than four people capable of maxing out the score in the original Atlantis. Of those receiving the cartridge, four were chosen and sent to Bermuda for the final round of the competition, where the winner won $10,000. The game looks identical to Atlantis, though a sticker with “Atlantis II” typed on it was stuck to the front of the box. It is unknown who won the competition.
  Red Sea Crossing: $10,400 –  $14,000
This game was created by Steve Slack at Inspirational Video Concepts in 1983 and was advertised in some magazines, but wasn’t uncovered by gaming collectors until 2007 at a garage sale.   As the story goes, there were only 100 copies produced, but they were quickly lost with no idea what happened to them.   There are only 2 copies that have surfaced.   According the the advertisement, the game was supposed to come with a coloring book and an audio tape, but we have yet to see any of those items surface.   In September 2012, the cartrridge sold for nearly $14,000 on eBay.  Another copy showed up at Medium Bob’s Curioisity shop in Philadelphia and was later sold on GameGavel for $10,400.   If a copy ever is sold with the coloring book and/or the audio cassette, I’m sure it could climb higher on this list.
gauntlet-2600 Gauntlet: $3000-$5000
This title has nothing to do with the later action RPG series Atari would release. Instead, the plot follows Sir Robert Whittenbottom as he runs the gauntlet of an ancient tribe in an attempt to prove his manhood and join the tribe. The player could run around or leap over various obstacles, and could survive multiple hits before finally succumbing to wounds. The game was mail-order only from Answer Software and was not contained in a box, instead coming in a foam case.We haven’t really seen much activity on this release in recent years.   Copies back in the early 2000s went for about $3,000.   I think it would be safe to say that it could reach $5,000 or more if went up for sale in good condition.
Check for Gauntlet on eBay
karate-ultravision-2600 Karate – Ultravision release: $2500-$4000
Some of you may be shocked by this winding up on the list, because the Froggo release of this game for the Atari 2600 really isn’t rare at all. If you happen to be the proud owner of the Ultravision release of this game however, count yourself among the lucky few because both the T-case and square case Ultravision releases are considered worth these exorbitant rates. Functionally however, there really isn’t much of a difference, so owning the Froggo version will let you play the game.

Check for Karate (Ultravision) eBay

  Superman (Sears Telegames Picture-Labeled Version):  $1,000 – $3,000Don’t get too excited if you have the standard Superman release with the red text on the labels.   Even a typical Sears release of the Superman game with the text-only label is only worth $150 to $200.  However, if you have the Sears version that has the yellow text and the picture of Superman on it (see comparison shot with the standard release), you’re in luck.  It is the rarest of the Sears Telegames variants and can fetch a few thousand dollars.  A boxed copy recently sold on eBay for over $30,000 in November 2012.
pepsi-invaders-2600 Pepsi Invaders: $815 – $2125
This was a revision of Space Invaders, specially designed and built for the executive level of the Coca-Cola corporation, so there are believed to have only ever been 130 of these games, at most. Instead of waves of aliens being fended off, the player must shoot invading letters that say PEPSI, as well as a flying Pepsi logo that replaced the flying saucer at the top of the screen. The game also includes a three-minute timer, so the player can’t dally about.A recent copy on eBay and only sold for $815, although, there wasn’t a lot of varifcation that is was the real deal.  Other verified sales on eBay include a 2005 sale for $1,825 and a 2010 sale for $2,125.

Check for Pepsi Invaders on eBay

music-machine-2600 The Music Machine: $380 –  $500 – $5250
This title by Sparrow was only available through religious bookstores. That’s right, it’s a religious game for the Atari 2600, where two children must collect the Fruits of the Spirit that fall from the Music Machine in a basket, then grab a heart to move to the next level. This game was the only video game release by Sparrow, though they still exist today. A Music Machine LP was released at the same time which contained several inspirational songs which could be listened to at the same time. In 2009 sealed copy sold on eBay for $5250.00.   A loose cartridge of the game sold for $500 in August of 2012. and also for $380 in September 2012
Check for The Music Machine on eBay
elis-ladder-2600 Eli’s Ladder: $1500-$1700
Easily the rarest educational game ever made, as well as one of the rarest for the Atari 2600, primarily due to an extremely limited release. Players must answer basic math questions to help Eli climb a ladder to get back to his ship so he can fly to the moon. The game also came packed with a wall chart and motivational stickers for children, which are also difficult to find.
Check for Eli’s Ladder on eBay
river-patrol-2600 River Patrol: $760 – $2000
Due to a very limited run for a port of an obscure arcade game, River Patrol is considered extremely rare. There’s speculation that as few as six copies may be in circulation among collectors. It is unclear why the game is so rare, though there is speculation that it has to do with the trouble engineers had programming the game to licensing problems over the arcade game, as well as its 1984 post-video game crash release date. The game also holds the distinction of being one of the few 2600 titles with music. Players must navigate a large boat down a river strewn with obstacles.  Back in 2009, the game was valuabled between $300 and $500, but in 2012, the game cartridge (without box) sold on eBay for $760.
Check for River Patrol on eBay
  Cubicolor: $1,183 – $1,425

Even in the early days of the console business, there were times that a game got pushed aside by a publisher and developers go indie to sell their creations.  Cubicolor was developed by Rob Fulop during his days at Imagic.  After the company refused to publish it, Rob sold it on his own.  Since we don’t have the distribution methods we do today, the game was very limited in quantities.  Earlier reports suggested there were “less than 100” copies of the game circulated, however later information reported that there were 50 cartridges made.   Each cartridge was signed and numbered by Rob.   The recent sale on eBay also mentioned that the cartridge included an “original letter from Rob about the game, [which] also included is the packing envelope and game instructions .The letter and envelope both have Robs company logo on it (PF. Magic).  In the letter he mentions being flattered that anybody would pay attention to these games anymore.He also talks about his fascination with Rubiks Cube, and Cubicolor being designed and programmed in 8 weeks. He goes on to say he kept 50 copies of the ROM and guaranteed that no more will ever be made.”   If you would like to see more pictures of the cart and the letter from Rob Fulop, check out this archived copy of the eBay auction contents.

Check for Cubicolor on eBay

Xante-2600 Xante Releases: $200-$1350 individually
Xante was a small company based out of Oklahoma which opted to sell popular games via blue rewritable cartridges. Whenever a player grew tired, they could return to a Xante kiosk and have a new game written on their cart, complete with generic label and box. Games released this way include Alien, Solar Storm, No Escape, Demon Attack, Beany Bopper, and Crypts of Chaos. There are certain Brazilian releases with the same-style cartridge, such as Spacegame, but these generally are worth the same amount, so don’t feel bad if it turns out not to be a Xante cart. It’s still worth quite a bit.The last eBay sale of a Xante release was Beany Bopper in October 2012 for $579.
mangia-2600 Mangia: $720 – $1000
In this game, you must either eat the plates of pasta your mother is constantly making, or throw it to your pets. Eat too much and your stomach explodes, but don’t get rid of the plates quick enough and your table collapses. The game is also noted for having one of the most annoying sound effects of the entire Atari 2600 library. This is a black cartridge Spectravision release, but was only released through the Columbia House Record Club. It may also be worth mentioning that a European release of the game was recently sold on eBay for about $200.   Also a boxed copy that was missing the instruction manual just sold in December 2012 for $1000.
Check for Mangia on eBay
out-of-control-2600 Out of Control: $270 – $2200
The point of this game is to weave your ship through space buoys and pop several balloons before executing a perfect landing in a space station. There’s also a minimalist idea used for the sound and visuals. But what’s really impressive is the price tag. The game had the unfortunate problem of releasing in the middle of the video game crash of 1983, so manufactured amounts were very little, and the game didn’t sell very well, hence why it’s so difficult to find now.   Loos cartridges show up on eBay fairly regularly for under $300, but the boxed copy has fetched well over $2,000
Check for Out of Control on eBay
  Condor Attack – Ultravision Release: $200 – $1,830

Much like Karate mentioned above, this game is only valuable if you have the Ultravision release.   There are bare cartridges showing up on eBay fairly regularly, but a complete, boxed copy only shows up every now and then.  In November 2012, a boxed, albeit roughed-up copy,  sold for $1340.   A more pristine copy sold a month earlier for over $1800.

Check for Condor Attack (Ultravision) on eBay

mbx-airmaster-atari-2600 BMX Airmaster – Atari release: $300-$800
While this game is not terribly uncommon, it’s the TNT release that can be found so easily. But late in this game’s production, Atari bought the rights and produced a limited number of their own cartridges for it. Of these, fewer sold, making it difficult to find a copy of Atari’s BMX Airmaster. Don’t be fooled by the “RARE” label you see on most auction sites next to this game. Rarely is it really the rare version.
lockjaw-2600 Lochjaw: $300-$1375
This is the original release of the game Shark Attack, put out before Apollo changed the name due to a pending lawsuit of copyright infringement for the film Jaws. Certain minor changes were also made to the game, though these aren’t really noticeable. The point of the game is to grab as many diamonds as possible without letting the shark get you. If the shark does get you, he eats you, just as he eats any diamonds he comes into contact with. The Loch Ness Monster can also be found hiding in various undersea caves, and will hunt the player down if disturbed.
Check for Lochjaw on eBay
quadrun-260 Quadrun: $180 – $410
First, this title was released exclusively via mail-order by Atari. Second, it was kept in limited quantities because the play-testers hadn’t liked the game. This is what happens when you let a group of little girls test your game(seriously, that’s actually what happened). For the record, the game’s also the first Atari game to utilize voice synthesis.Loose copies of Quadrun routinely show up on eBay for under $200, but a compete copy can fetch over $400.
Check for Quadron on eBay
tooth-protectors-2600 Tooth Protectors: $140 – $600
Tooth Protectors was a mail-order only release by Johnson and Johnson, though it’s never been as popular as Chase the Chuck Wagon. Then again, it also happens to be rarer than Chase the Chuck Wagon. It’s an interesting marketing tool, where you play the Tooth Protector, who must save teeth from the Snack Attack. To do this, you must knock back the crumbs that Snack Attack shoots at you. If a tooth takes too much damage, you can clean it by using your trusty Reach toothbrush, Johnson and Johnson dental floss and Act fluoride mouthwash. Seriously.Since it was only a mail-order release, there isn’t a retail box.  However, one recent eBay sale featured the orginal styrofoam formed backing that was included in the mailer.  How they kept that, I have no idea.
Check for Tooth Protectors on eBay
chase-the-chuck-wagon-2600 Chase the Chuck Wagon: $65-$400
This game is practically the poster child for what went wrong with the home video game market during the Golden Age. It was a mail-order release by Ralston-Purina, advertising dog food based on a popular commercial in the early 1980s. Also, it’s not as rare as certain other Atari 2600 games(AtariAge doesn’t even rank it in their top 40). Still, it’s box and manual are considerably rarer, so finding a complete copy is extremely difficult.
Check for Chase the Chuck Wagon on eBay


Rare Atari 2600 Carts That Aren’t Really Games

video-life-2600 Video Life: $1800-$2700
This “game” was only available via mail-in order to CommaVid, and only if the sender already owned a copy of the rare Atari 2600 game Magicard. The game is an Atari version of Conway’s Game of Life, a game, which happens to be a cellular automaton. One doesn’t play the game so much as simply watch it and see what happens as “life” is created on the screen. It is rumored that fewer than twenty cartridges of the game were ever released.
magicard-2600 Magicard: $850 – $2400
First off, this is actually a programming tool released by CommaVid. It features a plane cartridge with a bland white label and a 100+ page manual. Magicard was not packed into a box. The cartridge was available via mail-order only, hence its rarity. Several sample programs were included in the cartridge to help give an understanding of how it worked. The cartridge worked in conjunction with the keyboard controller.The cart actually just sold with the manual in September of 2012 on eBay for $2400.

Color Bar Generator: $230$480
The purpose of this diagnostic cartridge was to enable television owners to check the alignment and quality of their televisions. It came with fifteen different patterns, including one specifically for checking the adjustment of the color generating circuitry of the Atari 2600. Several of these patterns were simply single color screens.  Back in 2010, Chris Kohler scored an awesome deal in what turned out to be a complete-in-box Color Bar Generator.  I haven’t seen one of these advertised on eBay since then, but a boxed unit could probably reach $1,000 or more if promoted properly.
ecpc-carts-2600 ECPC Cartridges: $150-$695
These were reprogrammable cartridges released by Romox. They could be taken to Romox’s Software Centers so they could be rewritten and taken home again. Some of the games to be loaded onto them were exclusive to the Romox carts, so if found, it’s one of the only ways to play titles like Castles and Keys, Flapper, Bartender, or Topper.
copy-cart-2600 Copy Cart: $100-$600
The Copy Cart was basically a blank cartridge that could have other games copied onto it. You will also need the Duplicator to handle the process, as the cart is pretty useless on its own. While there aren’t very many of these, there’s also not much of a market, hence why the price doesn’t go as high as some of these other titles. For the complete package, the cart was originally packaged with both the Duplicator and the game Dishaster, but finding all three together can be extremely tough.

Additional Games of Value

There are quite a few other rare and valuable Atari 2600 titles. If interested in finding more information, the website keeps lists of rare titles and offers a forum for those interested in Atari collecting. Here’s just a few other titles that are rare, valuable, or both:

  • Malagai: $320-$1150
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre:    $120 – $500
  • Mr. Do’s Castle: $30 –  $700
  • Spider Maze: $150-$300
  • X-Man: $70-$280
  • Q*Bert’s Qubes: $78-$575
  • Stronghold: $175-$300
  • Cakewalk: $150-$700
  • Wall Defender: $238-$450
  • Video Jogger: $105-$950
  • Video Reflex: $105-$950
  • Z-Tack: $238-$450
  • Motocross/Tomarc: $145-$350
  • Assault: $238-$450
  • Jogging Pad: $250-$950
  • Great Escape: $238-$450
  • Halloween: $130-$450
  • Springer: $90 – $338
  • Custer’s Revenge: $90 – $300
  • Swordquest: Waterworld: $85-$400
  • Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em – $60 – $500
  • Crazy Climber: $60 – $430
  • Berenstain Bears: $45-$130
  • Sir Lancelot $40 – $273
  • Cosmic Corridor: $30 – $270
  • Scuba Diver – $25 – $293

Sealed Games

This list isn’t by any means a comprehensive price guide, but it will give you an idea of what some sealed 2600 games can sell for on eBay

  • Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em” $67 – $500
  • Shuttle Orbiter: $250
  • Gremlins: $80 – $338
  • The Power of He-Man: $200
  • Star Wars: The Arcade Game: $153
  • GI Joe: Cobra Strike: $100 – $130
  • Shootin’ Gallery – $90
  • River Raid: $71
  • Freeway: $70
  • Math (Sears): $65
  • Ikari Warriors: $51
  • Off the Wall: $50
  • Cosmic Ark: $50
  • Spider-Man: $50
  • Pac-Man: $40
  • Space Invaders: $40
  • Rampage
  • Solaris: $15


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    The Romox ECPC programmable cartridge titles listed are not Atari 2600 titles. Romox made similar cartridges for other consoles and computers, and of course each system had its own list of titles. Castles and Keys, Flapper, Bartender, and Topper can be found for the Atari 400/800 home computer systems, and possibly others.

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  35. John Drummond says:

    Victor, considering only a few Atlantis II cartridges were released, there’s only speculation. AtariAge claims that Atlantis II has not only a different style font for keeping score in the game, but also the cartridge picture is the “Night Scene” instead of Atlantis’ “Day Scene”. So, I’d say go play it and see.

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    I knew The Music Machine was rare, but it was even nicer that I managed to get if off of eBay remarkably cheap. I have the rarer version that’s black and has the triangular indents in the sides. My goal as a collector is to get most of these titles as complete as possible. Air Raid, well…that’s a long shot. @Jason: I’ll consider buying your Coleco Voice Module, shoot me a PM and I’d be glad to negotiate.

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    look diffrent from the other carts i have lochjaw n x-man condor attack have pac man n like 2 other games for atari so with dat sai wat do i do with dem

  47. Miguel says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me how much the game “defender” goes for. It’s unopened (i mean noone ever took it out and how it lasted this long i have no idea) in its original package and even has a comic book from dc in it. i guess for promotion purposes when it came out in ’81

  48. Bruno says:

    I have a 4-in-1 from dactar (brazil), have “Triangulo das Bermudas”, “Damas”, “Condor Attack” and “Name this Game” xD

  49. Clark says:

    I recently rediscovered my old stash of games from childhood and learned I might have some rare WIP versions of Halloween and some prototype Starpath games. Anyone help me figure out there rarity? Details and pictures here:

  50. Clark says:

    I recently rediscovered my old stash of games from childhood and learned I might have some rare WIP versions of Halloween and some prototype Starpath games. Anyone help me figure out their rarity? Details and pictures here:

  51. john says:

    i want to sale my atari

  52. john says:

    i want to sale my atari how much do you thank i cold get for it

  53. Jacqueline cosenza says:

    What about a 1978 Dodge’Em game from Game program or Stampede, River Raid or Chopper Command from ActiVision? Have quite a few others. Demon Attack, Riddle of the Sphinx, Warlords? Some strange ones to me but just started to look into all of this today. Sincerely, Jacqueline

  54. neil walker says:

    hi, i have a Q*bert 2600 atari cartridge in its original box with instruction book in good condition, the cartridge is like new and works fine, im looking to sell it on, cheers, neil.

  55. JONATHAN says:


  56. Ian says:

    I have the Atlantis game but i dont know if its the right one. anybody help me out

  57. Someone says:

    I recently sold all my old Atari items that included 36 games, 3 sets of paddles, 5 joysticks, game system, power supply, switch signal converter…. i sold it on Ebay for $112.50, why did it go for so much? I listed it at first at $40.00. None of these rare games were in the 36 i found……

  58. Chris says:

    Where is the best place to sell my system, all out of box w/no manuals:
    Atari 2600 w/ power supply, 2 joysticks, & 2 paddles
    Commando Raid
    Super Breakout
    Video Olympics

  59. Wally says:

    I just found a copy of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” for my Atari 2600 about 3 weeks ago. Awesome! \m/

  60. Kiri says:

    I have a european copy of Mangia, was wondering if anyone knew how much I could get for it these days??

  61. jimmy flahive says:

    isnt E.T. rare because it sucked and everybody returned it or threw it away

  62. racketboy says:

    The story was that there was a ton of unsold carts buried in a landfill, but it still sold lots of copies and is quite common. You can easily pick one up for a dollar or two.

  63. Toad64 says:

    Since it’s probably the only time I’ll have anything on this list, I figure I’ll mention this here. I actually own a copy of Music Machine for 2600 and put a short video up on YouTube of me playing it! Go here to check it out:

  64. David S says:

    I just bought a bunch of Atari stuff and found an apparently rare cartridge. One of the 2600 consoles had a promtional use only embeded on it. The game is Mr T. by Activision. Been doing some online research and only found a few comments that reference this item. Any idea of it’s history or value?

  65. SONICISRARE???????? says:

    what about the porno games?

  66. Marc says:

    I sell my atari 2600 game the berenstain bears CIB and Smurfs Save The Day NIB

  67. Logan says:

    I have the gamma attack for Atari 2600….doubt its worth 10k tho

  68. jay says:

    How about Pitfall, megamania, ice-hockey. Worth much/anything yet.

  69. alli says:

    i have an atari 2600 halloween game in good shape where can i sell it to for what it is worth because i no it is rare and i do not just want to be played

  70. kevin says:

    WOW…I have Air Raid game with box and manual and also have Quadrun game, box and manual..Ebay here I come!

  71. Grant says:

    2 months ago my brother gave me a box of his old atari
    Games there was all you average games E.T,PAC MAN,etc then one game caught
    My eye and it was a copy of river patrol which I recently sold for $250 at my local game store

  72. I have two copies of Chase the Chuckwagon, Room of Doom, Air Raid, Gamma Attack, and Video Reflex!

  73. I was a bit suprised that Video Reflex went up to $950! I got my copy for a steal!

  74. Luckyman says:

    damn i have like 5 of them my day just got a whole lot better

  75. Einstand says:

    anyone know this one where 2 player digging around, climbing stares and hunting coins.
    Dont even know wich console is was. But what else should it been

  76. Atari collector says:

    i am a collector and have 2 mint copys of air raid complete” anyone interested?

  77. kEVIN says:


  78. Zombie says:

    Ebay guys stop asking for pricing

  79. Trevgauntlet says:

    There’s an Air Raid game for sale for about $7000! :3

  80. byron says:

    wow i can’t believe i might be setting on a gold mine most of this systems setting in storage and games its time to see what i got plus alot more lol holly shit$$$

  81. corey says:

    I have a atari 2600 with over 40 games. My most valuable is atlantisII (2). I know it was worth $5,000 dollars around 2010. I am going to a local vintage video store to get it tested. My atari system played last year but I need the tv/computer switchbox to hook it back up. Is there another way to make it play with the new tv cable jacks? I would be williling to sell my atlantisII (2) cartridge but it would have to be for a great amount. Maybe some day it will fetch me tens to hundreds of thousands or a few millions.

  82. george says:

    I have gamma attack, what is it worth, just the game, no box.

  83. Steven says:

    I recently bought an atari system at the flea market, and inside there was one “game” which looked like the Green “guts” of a game which was missing its black shell. Then there was a blue peice which had a lever on it. In the box, there were these game microchips with some names of games on them, Well apparently you can lock these microhips onto this blue mechanism and pull the lever down and it locks it in place. Has anyone ever heard of this thing?

  84. Alex says:

    as mentioned above; we buy any game, any console any age..drop us a line….

  85. I own a copy of “River Patrol”. No end label, but there you are…

    “Has anyone ever heard of this thing?”

    It’s a ROM reader, *possibly* a developer’s unit, but more likely a bootlegger’s.

  86. T says:

    Anyone know if these all have to be in the original packaging or can it be just the games?

  87. William Roach says:

    Gamma Attack by company Gammation had at least two copies. The copy I had was lost in a house fire last May. Along with a copy of Atlantis II by imagic, and the rare yellow Superman by Telegames.

  88. William Roach says:

    By the way what was imagic Spiderman worth? I’m sad and just wondering.

  89. Brian says:

    @jimmy flahive. No The ones that were returned were the ones that were unsold which were most of them which atari burried in the desert along with Pac man, However both games are amongst the best selling atari 2600 games Pacman alone sold 7 million carts and atari still had millions left over ET itself sold over a million copies. Atari had unrealistic slales expectations and produced millions of carts. Even if the games were critical hits Atari would still likely been left with a bunch of unsold carts as they were producing more carts then there ere Atari 2600’s
    Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 is one of the best selling Xbox 360 games at 14.23 million copies. the 360 itself has sold 67 million units even if you factor in people buying multiple systems you still got a large gap between the two. So atari really did have unrealistic sales expectations.
    So most likely there are still carts out there that were sold but it’s not really any more rare than most Atari 2600 carts.

  90. Drac3000 says:

    I just hit the jackpot…I bought a big bag of games from some guy yesterday….this is what was in the bag…..PS-1 System” 24 ps-1 games….18 super nintendo games….13 Nintendo games…..21 sega genesis games….and 6 games of 3 DO brand new unopened…..All this for $20……JACKPOT…..original DOOM (NEW)…..NBA ”Showdown “94 Limited edition……….frogger…….super mario(s) world and All-stars……3 DO”s…..Plumber…..shock-wave…..Wolfenstein 3-D….and other great classics….like….sega CD ”Dracula unleased”…..and sega CD…..Joe Montana football…..interactive games.

  91. laporsche hamilton says:

    I have berzerk cc2650,combat cx-2601,mega force,smurf,baseball 2600,space invaders cc-2632,keystone kapers want it to know if its have any value.

  92. vonda says:

    how much is just the concole its self

  93. Cj says:

    Im sitting on 1 copy of each of these:
    The musuc machine
    Chase the chuck wagon
    Montezumas revenge.

    Plus 150 other wonderful memories from childhood:)

  94. javier says:

    i got a skate boarding by absolute the 1987 one, can’t find any value to it can anyone help out?

  95. joe says:

    So dumb games cost more? I’d rather have a mint still in the box old favorite on the wall.

  96. Randy & Rhonda says:

    We have a Few of the Atari Consoles and tons of controllers and Games. Few are rare

  97. TeeJay says:

    I have an Atari 2600 plus over twenty games would like to sell.. Email me if interested . Thanks

  98. Stacy mac says:

    I have Atlantis game for sale … How can I sale this game

  99. Jedidiah says:

    I have none of these games. Therefore, fuck you.

  100. Larry says:

    WoW, I have the ATLANTIS 2. Great find!

  101. Lincoln says:

    Almost 200 games “carts” in my collection, plus the CBG, interested in trades, or acquiring rare carts, preferably.

  102. just wondering? says:

    What about the Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gold Cart. Released in a competition and only 26 were released 23 years ago? I was just wondering what its worth and why its not on this list as I thought it was one of the most valuable game almost ever. Is it?

  103. racketboy says:

    That would be included in the NES section, not the Atari 2600 guide

  104. cheryl says:

    I have three Mystique addult atari games Bachelor Party, Custers Revnge, Beat’em and Eat-em complete in box. Anyone interested? Sixsixone 769 eightonefivezero

  105. jay says:

    i might be email me at

  106. jon says:

    HA, I have Gamma Attack, who wants to buy it

  107. laurie says:

    i have the atari 2600 with game cosole and 8 remotes…and games
    listed below
    2 pacman
    night driver
    wizzard of wor
    haunted house
    video pin ball
    video olympics
    pole position
    frogs and flies
    is this worth anything

  108. Janet says:

    Hello! I’d love a little more information on the font differences in Atlantis vs. Atlantis II. Any suggestions on what to look for? I have a night scene version of one or the other. Also, I am interested in finding out any information on Dokey Kong with a French label. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  109. Janet says:

    Oops! That would be Donkey Kong!

  110. michael pool says:

    I have the atlantist 10.000 weeptsstakes game had aling time i would sell it

  111. chachi says:

    says right in the article that there are no outside differences…you have to buy several versions and compare the speed and score amounts. I have seen hundreds of the Atlantis games and a few sword-quest water-world at the local flea markets….time for some weekend searching !!

  112. chachi says:

    $40-$80 maybe more with remote no cord controls or if it is a 5 switch woodgrain . I think most even some woodgrain ones are 6 switch.

  113. chachi says:

    those are 4 to 6 switch the 4 being the rareer one

  114. j Mac says:

    I have a ton of Atari cartridges and and paddles with the working console they all work and is currently hooked up to my tv . No one ever really plays it although I would like to get rid of some of the games we don’t play ?

  115. Me says:

    Any chance an Atari Jaguar list will hit soon?? Still clinging tight to my AvP cart.

  116. i have like 5 of each game on this site. i’ll be more than welcome to give some to you guys

  117. Nolan Bushnell says:

    I created most of these so yeah, I’ve got several copies in my basement. Its no big deal….

  118. Paula wynne says:

    My son has a very very rare atari game tigervision matterhorn cartridge for sale, anyone know what price its worth??