The Rarest and Most Valuable NES Games

Rare and Valuable NES Games
Considering how much of a nostalgic powerhouse the NES is, there should be little surprise that Nintendo’s 8-bit library is filled with so many collectors pieces. And opposed to the Super Nintendo’s rare and valuable list, the most desirable NES games are not necessarily the most popular games. Because of the unassuming nature of these titles, you may be unaware of the treasures that could be found in a local garage sale, flea market, or your own closet.

In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling.  Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the cartridge by itself. The second price is the highest daily selling price of recent history. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive. It is also worth nothing that we are not including prototype cartridges.

Note: Values updated on May 25, 2010

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Limited Edition Collectibles

1990 NES World Championship Gold Cartridge 1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition: $15,000 – $21,000
Rarity = 10
In 1990, Nintendo famously held a gaming tournament in Los Angeles, California, not unlike the one in the finale of the cult classic film, The Wizard. While admittedly a mainstream competition (most of us could have won with no problem), the event was a high point in Nintendo’s glamorous reign at the top of the gaming market, and is remembered by many with great enthusiasm. After its promotion in the popular Nintendo Power and through the Powerfest tour, kids everywhere practiced feverishly in hopes of heading to this event, seeing the wonder of light and sound, playing some Rad Racer, and winning it all.The actual game is a timed compilation of three titles (Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris), each adjusted for the tournament, and containing a unique scoring system.  The 1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition was the contest prize in one of Nintendo Power’s monthly promotions. One grand prize winner and twenty-five equally as fortunate runners-up were each sent a single copy (which makes 26 copies in the wild).  What gives these competition cartridges an incredible dynamic is that, while so few copies exist, they were distributed to winners throughout all of North America. Many rare/prototype games and systems with this low of a production, had their entire allotment sent to or found in a single localized area.See Latest 1990 Nintendo World Championship Gold Cartridge on eBay

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge:  $14,000 – $20,100
Rarity = 10
The 1991 Nintendo Campus cartridge was created by Nintendo for a video game competition like the Nintendo World Championships in 1990, but this one would tour college campuses and spring break hot spots.  The cartridges had three games on them, Super Mario 3, PinBot, and Dr. Mario and a time limit of about 6 minutes.  You tried to get the most points on all three games within the allotted time.  After the event the games were all supposed to be destroyed but this one was found at an ex-Nintendo employee’s garage sale in 2006.
Up until recently, it was hard to pin down a value for this cartridge as it never really surfaced on the marketplace.  It was recently sold privately for $14,000 and then later resold for $20,100 — bringing it just shy of the mark for the 1990 Gold Nintendo World Championship Cartridge.
See Latest 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Cartridge sale on eBay
1990 Nintendo World Champtionship Grey Cartridge 1990 Nintendo World Championships: Grey Cartridge: $5,000 – $8,356
Rarity = 10
These essentially have the same story behind them as the Gold cartridge mentioned above.  However, the more common grey cartridges were the ones actually used in the tournaments and were then given to each of the finalists. The grey carts had a print run of 90 and has a monochromatic label and, like a lot of EPROM exposed prototypes, has a hole in its casing, but for displaying dipswitches.

What is rather interesting about these cartridges is the fact that only about half of the cartridges have reportedly surfaced, so there are still more out there hidden in somebody’s closet, garage sale, or flea market.  Even though these are cartridge-only releases, condition can be a large factor. A grey cartridge sold in December of 2012 on eBay for over $8300 
See Latest 1990 Nintendo World Championship Grey Cartridge on eBay

Coveted Unlicensed Games

The NES had a number of unlicensed titles that didn’t receive the Nintendo Seal of Approval. Since most of them had a very limited release, it isn’t a surprise that many are worth quite a bit.

Myrad 6-in-1 Cart Myriad 6 in 1: $700 – $2,900
Rarity = 9
The 6-in-1 Myriad cart and its sibling, the Caltron 6-in-1 (see below) have become some of the more standout collector’s items on the Nintendo Entertainment System. As the name suggests, they are a collection of 6 games, which are about as good as you’d expect from an independent, unlicensed title.While the games themselves was released many times, these actual carts were released twice, the other time from Caltron, who reportedly went bankrupt during it’s production. Myriad Games would later acquire the leftover carts, shipping them out in a new box, and with a numbered label for the price of $69.  That sum might have seemed steep then, but it would be a steal for that today. While it might be slightly outdated information, a Digital Press posting lists #888 is the highest number found, so it’s unlikely that more than a thousand exist.
Two copies (one sealed and one complete in box) were listed for $4,500 and $3,120 respectively, but neither received bids for those asking prices
Look for Myriad 6 in 1 on eBay

Carlton 6-in-1 Box 6-in-1 (Caltron): $525 – $2080
Rarity = 9
The original Caltron 6-in-1 release is about equally as hard to find as the Myraid 6 in 1, but generally commands a tad less.   It is worth noting that there have been a number of suspected counterfiets showing up on eBay recently and usually sell for about $150.  (looking at the feedback shows the sellers have been selling multiple copies).  Most recently, a loose copy has sold for over $1,000.
Look for Caltron 6 in 1 on eBay
Bubble Bath Babes: $500 – $1,275
Peek A Boo Poker: $705$1,352
Hot Slots: $605$1,352
Rarity =
The games from adult publisher, Panesian, obviously didn’t meet Nintendo’s strict content guidelines. And even without the whole Seal of Approval business, the chances of your average retailer carrying the games would be pretty slim. So what was Panesian (the publisher) to do? Ship it only to video stores as a mail-order release. I’m not sure it can be said how many copies are out there, but it is presumably less a thousand.It is very easy to imagine, even with the game’s immense rarity, that you could walk into a flea market, thrift shop or video store and discover one of these games hidden away for a dollar. Why is that? The game wasn’t packaged in the cardboard box typical of most NES releases, but rather in a VHS-esque movie case.The copies still left unclaimed for are most likely shoved in with regular old moviesrather than games, meaning there are plenty of unsearched places to look for it.Bubble Bath Babes is a puzzle game featuring an 8-bit rendered, unclothed female at the bottom of the screen. Peek A Boo Poker and Hot Slots are your standard poker and slot machine games with extra “character” so to speak.Judging from the cover art, I think we all have an idea of what kind of video store might still contain it…but a grail is a grail, and this one goes for over half a grand, so don’t hesitate to uncover a copy for yourself (or for eBay).The prices for each of these games seems to be skyrocketing over the last few years.Just a few years ago, you could find these pop up on eBay for $500 or less. Since then they have nearly doubled in price if recent successful eBay auctions are any indication. I have not seen a completed auction of Bubble Bath Babes in a while, but that is not surprising as it is considered the rarest and most valuable of the trio. Considering the recent prices of both Peek A Boo Poker and Hot Slots, one could come to the conclusion that a complete copy of Bubble Bath Babes could raise more than $1400.If you want to get a landmark NES collection off to a good start, here are all three in one auction.Check for Bubble Bath Babes on eBay
Check for Peek A Boo Poker on eBay
Check for Hot Slots on eBay
Cheetahmen II Box Cheetahman II: $400 – $503
Rarity = 8
Thinking back to the early 1990s, you can probably easily recall how incredibly popular the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were (at least in the US). The Cheetahman franchise was a relatively bizzare attempt to capitalize on the idea of humanoid animal action heroes. (I guess those at Active Enterprises thought it sounded like a good idea). In addition to the unlicensed Nintendo games, the publisher actually had high hopes of cashing in with action figures, t-shirts, a cartoon TV show before the word spread of the the series’ lack of quality.Despite the franchise’s lackluster performance a second installment of Cheetahmen was completed, although not officially released. Eventually, but 1997 all of the reported 1,500 copies of the game left their warehouse and were sold to the public. However, once people actually played the game, they realized there was more to its cancellation than it’s namesake. To this day it is known as one of the most unplayable games of all time.
Check for Cheetahmen II on eBay

Treasured Standard USA Releases

Stadium Events Cover Art Stadium Events: $1,800 – $8,800
Rarity = 9
What makes this otherwise standard game so rare, is that just after its release, it was recalled. As an official third party title, Stadium Events made use of an accessory called the Family Fun Fitness Pad. It required the player(s) to run or step rapidly in order to complete each event. Upon its release, Nintendo decided to grant the game a first party production, recalling the scant initial cartridges that had been sent out.The game would later become “World Class Track Meet” and would be played with Nintendo’s own controller the “Power Pad”. Both became very common and were boxed-in with many NES consoles. But Stadium Events, the original anomaly, had snuck out in ever so limited numbers. 2000 copies is believed to have been the total distribution tally, but doesn’t consider how many of those were sold prior to Nintendo’s recall. Some have suggested that no more than 200 actually made it into NES owners’ homes.   It should be noted that PAL versions were not recalled and are not worth as much (even though many eBay sellers try to pass them off as rarities)
Check for Stadium Events on eBay
Bubble Bobble Part 2 Cover Art Bubble Bobble Part 2: $100 – $340
Rarity = 6
If you’re an old-school gaming fan, it is hard not to love the Bubble Bobble franchise. The original is a common mainstay in the NES library, but Bubble Bobble Part 2 was released in 1993 which was very late in the NES’s life span. Two years after the SNES was released actually. Because of this the game never sold very well and became very rare.
Check for Bubble Bobble Part 2 on eBay
Check for Bubble Bobble Part 2 on Amazon
Little Samson Cover Art Little Samson: $90 – $200
Rarity = 4
Little Samson is a gem of a platformer developed by Taito to try and mimic the huge success of other platforming games on the NES. Even though it did a good job in terms of graphics and gameplay, it didn’t quite have the marketing power to prevent it from selling poorly. Now that NES fans are delving back into the large library looking for Hidden Gems, Little Samson has risen in value.
Check for Little Samson on eBay
Check for Little Samson on Amazon
The Flintstones 2 Cover Art The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak: $120 – $250
Rarity = 7
As the NES era drew to a close, publishers like Taito released many of their games exclusively to game rental companies while bypassing the traditional retail market. The Flintstones II is the best example of this in the US, but is a bit easier to find in Europe. Of course, since it was primarily a rental game, finding a complete copy in good condition is especially challenging.
Check for Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak on eBay
Check for Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak on Amazon
Bonk's Adventure Bonk’s Adventure: $60 – $250
Rarity = 7
While it was know primarily for being the leading franchise on the TurboGrafx-16, Bonk also received a release on the NES.  This rather limited release didn’t get much attention on this original publication of this list in 2008, as it was selling for between $30 and $60 at the time.  However, the selling prices have more than doubled since then and a complete copy has sold for $250.
Check for Bonk’s Adventure on eBay
Check for Bonk’s Adventure on Amazon
Snow Brothers Cover Art Snow Brothers: $49 – $150
Rarity = 6
Snow Brothers is an arcade port that is very similar to Bubble Bobble in terms of style. The game did not sell very well despite its solid gameplay. In fact, Ocean had licensed the game for the Amiga and Atari ST but canceled the games part way through development because of perceived bad sales.
Check for Snow Brothers on eBay
Check for Snow Brothers on Amazon
Fire 'N Ice Cover Art Fire ‘N Ice: $45 – $153
Rarity = 6
Fire N Ice is the sequel to the NES favorite, Solomon’s Key (and is called Solomon’s Key 2 in Europe and Japan). Like many rare NES games, it was released in after the NES lost popularity and did not sell well. The name change in the US probably didn’t help any either. However, once again, releasing an NES game in 1993 was a recipe for creating a collector’s item.
Check for Fire N Ice on eBay
Check for Fire N Ice on Amazon
Duck Tales 2 Cover Art Duck Tales 2: $42 – $130
Rarity = 5
Duck Tales 2 is the sequel to the original Duck Tales game on the NES and is, of course, based on the Disney TV series that many of us grew up with. The single biggest determinant in the game being hard to find now and a collector’s item, it was released in 1993. I wish I was still buying NES games back in 1993 instead of moving onto the SNES and Genesis.
Check for Duck Tales 2 on eBay
Check for Duck Tales 2 on Amazon
Stack Up Cover Art Stack Up (Complete): $160$248
Rarity = 6
Remember R.O.B. The Robot? Gyromite may be the most popular game to play with the NES’s early companion, but Stack Up was yet another option for our friend. I’m putting this on the bottom of the list because the game itself isn’t very rare (can be found for about $15), but it is very hard to find in complete condition due to all the pieces that were included.
Check for Stack Up on eBay
Check for Stack Up on Amazon
Pro Sport Hockey: $25 – $140
Rarity = 8
Here is your rarest and most valuable widely released sports game on the NES. Pro Sport Hockey is the only NHLPA licensed game on the NES, and standalone games go from $30-$40. Complete copies of the game have received a lot of action in recent auctions and can run from $130 to $150.
Check for Pro Sport Hockey on eBay
Check for Pro Sport Hockey on Amazon
Dragon Warrior IV Cover Art Dragon Warrior IV: $35 – $120
Rarity = 3
Dragon Warrior IV is the final NES installment of the popular Enix RPG series. The game was another classic case of a game coming out too late in the NES’s life to sell very well. The game received much critical praise when it was released. As a matter of fact, Nintendo Power rated it the 2nd best game of the year. The best sale of recent history was this complete and pristine copy that went for nearly $130. Keep in mind, that isn’t sealed — a sealed copy would go for far more – especially since it is part of such a popular franchise.   However, since the release of a DS remake in 2008, the value of this game has done down significantly — falling out of the top 10.  (We’ve bumped it down, but kept it on the list for documentation)
Check for Dragon Warrior IV on eBay
Check for Dragon Warrior IV on Amazon

The Rarest Japanese Famicom Games

I don’t have a ton of information or pictures from the wonderful world of Famicom games, but here are the most treasured Famicom and Famicom Disk games via this thread at Famicom World. Most of these were issued as prizes for game competitions. The values are primarily from Japanese transactions on Yahoo! Auctions. If you would like more information and pictures of some of these check out this article.

  • Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match Golden Tag Cartridge (8 Made) $7328 – $9770
  • Rockman 4 Gold Cartridge (8 Made) $5370 – $5765
  • Uranoid Ii (300 Made) – $4885
  • Obake No Q Tarou Wan Wan Panic Present Version (100 Made) $1759 – $3900
  • Meimon ! Daisan Yakyuubu Gold Cartridge: $2440

The Rarest Japanese Famicom Disk Games

  • Wakusei Aton Gaiden Kokuzeikyou$290 – $1,000
  • Clu Clu Land $1,000 – $3,200
  • Gold Disk (Japan Course) + Plate (100 Made)
  • Alien II
  • Zelda No Densetsu Charumera Version : $1000
  • All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros (3000 Made) $830 – $1280

Additional Rare & Valuable PAL NES Games

  • Mr. Gimmick: $600 – $750
  • Vindicators (Australian HES version) :  $600 – $710
  • The Flintstones: Surprise At Dinosaur Peak: $600 – $750
  • Jetsons: Cogwell’s Caper: $ $300 – $400
  • Parasol Stars: $50 – $80
  • Banana Prince: $45 – $75
  • Noah’s Ark: $35 – $60

The Rarest USA Games At Affordable Prices

Each of these games have a rarity rating greater than 6, but routinely sell for less than $30. If you are an NES collector and see a boxed or sealed copy of any of these on eBay for a low price, you might want to snatch them up — you may never see them again.

  • Wacky Races: $11 – $15
  • The Jungle Book: $5 – $7
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition II: $16 – $30
  • Puzznic: $5 – $10
  • Ms. Pac-Man: $12 – $20
  • Race America: $4 – $6
  • The Jetsons Cogswell’s Caper: $14 – $20
  • Qix: $14 – $20
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: $6 – $10
  • Jimmy Connors Tennis: $5 – $25
  • Galaxy 5000: $8 – $12
  • Hatris: $6 – $8
  • Swamp Thing: $9 – $20
  • Cowboy Kid: $16 – $23

Additional US NES Games of Value

These games aren’t especially rare, but are quite collectible regardless resulting in a high resale value, especially for complete, boxes copies.

  • Action 52 (Unlicensed): $100 – $190
  • Panic Restaurant – $80 – $180
  • Menace Beach (Unlicensed): $80 – $139
  • Secret Scout (Unlicensed): $56
  • Contra Force: $40 – $130
  • Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom: $40 – $110
  • Dragon Warrior II: $20 – $80
  • RC Pro-AM II: $38 – $50
  • Bomberman II: $37 – $50
  • Mario Time Machine: $33 – $50
  • Bandit Kings of Ancient China: $30 – $50
  • Dusty Diamond All-Star Softball: $35 – $40
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters: $25 – $40
  • L’Empereur: $32 – $34
  • Ultima Warriors of Destiny: $32 – $35
  • Faria: $31 – $50
  • Dragon Warrior III: $29 – $101

Credits: Rarity scores are courtesy of my friends at DigitalPress.


  1. dgraham says:

    I have Little Sampson, Dragon Warrior IV, and Ducktales 2. All great games. I also have Banana Prince, Noah’s Ark, and Parasol Stars from Europe. Planning on a follow-up European list?

  2. Ben Combee says:

    I picked up about six of those Myriad 6-in-1 games in Dallas at a big flea market back in 1996… I knew it was rare, but not $1600-rare! Alas, I traded off several of them. I got a Cheetahmen II cartridge in one of the trades; the others I traded for various 2600 games. However, I’ve still got two — one that I opened and played, and one in the unopened and shrinkwrapped box. I might just have to look into this thing called eBay 🙂

  3. molotovwars says:

    I’ve always collected Sega, but as I go on my game hunts I’ll be keeping my eyes out for some of these. But I’m confused by what you meant in this line “Each of these games have a rarity rating greater than 6” – Is the rarity related to the number produced or something? I know the game Industrial Spy had the lowest production count of all commercial Dreamcast games, but sells for cheap all the time.

  4. Damn, I have nothing mentioned. I’d be interested in Ducktales 2 though as I enjoyed the GB version of Ducktales which was a black and white iteration of the NES game.

  5. I have quite a collection, but the only one on the page that I have is
    Dragon Warrior III

  6. m3talst0rm17 says:

    I have dragon warrior IV cib (bought at goodwill in excellent condition for $2.00) and I also have Fire ‘n Ice cib (also a two dollar purchase). Fire ‘n Ice is excellent by the way.

  7. The Indigo Effect says:

    What were the additional parts included with Stack-Up? I thought R.O.B. was the only thing needed.

  8. The Indigo Effect says:

    Thanks for the picture.

  9. johnny says:

    Ive been looking for a game for 17 years. I dont know the name. The person you are playing in the game is a baby and the levels are food and you eat your way through the level. You are crawling through the entire game as a baby of course. The is a power up like mario exept the power up allows you to walk. I called to baby mario but I dont think that is the name. Someone told me that it was a japanese game that leaked out accidentally. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. johnny says:

    It is a nes game.

  11. racketboy says:

    Sounds like a question for the forum…

  12. Nicholas Olsen says:

    I have a copy of the pirated multicart: “76 in 1”. It is the NTSC version (as opposed to the Japanese famicon disk). Does anyone know if it is worth anything?

  13. The Indigo Effect says:

    Do the pieces packed in with Stack-Up have official names? I’ve read found some info on Wikipedia, but the names of the parts seem like generic descriptions rather than real names.

    Also, I did manage to come across a game that fit Johnny’s description, but it’s a Famicom title called Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa. It actually looks pretty fun.

  14. racketboy says:

    I haven’t seen any official names of the pieces, but I’m far from an expert on the game….
    I was just surprised to see how much the game went for 🙂

    Trying to find some loose pieces, are you? 🙂

  15. The Indigo Effect says:

    Heck, I’ll probably find those loose pieces before I EVER find Moon Crystal for the Famicom.

  16. DJ says:

    Johnny the game i belive is called: Baby Boomer Nintendo NES Game babyboomer RARE *MINT* its actually on Ebay now you can copy paste :Baby Boomer Nintendo NES Game babyboomer RARE *MINT* running for 44.99 not including shipping

  17. Parker says:

    Can someone help me..What is this game I’ve stumbled upon? 76 in 1 w/what looks like chinese writing on the front?? Help!!!! It has 76 games in 1..

  18. Garret says:

    Hah, I remember playing the stadium events game as a kid. It came with the mat that looked a lot like a twister mat. I had no idea it was rare… Neat!

  19. Nicholas Olsen says:

    I have that same 76 in 1 cart, only mine has a white shell instead of a black one.

  20. Jason says:

    I too have a 76 in 1, not sure what its worth.

  21. bbadeau says:

    I have 2 copies of the NES game “skate or die”. One has a blue title and one has a yellow title. They have different label art. Does anyone know the story behind this? One says made in Japan and the other says made in USA.

  22. Jon says:

    Duck Hunt Factory sealed
    Super Mario Bros. Factory sealed

  23. Dave Ripinski says:

    You left Earthbound out of the list. Its pretty rare too.

  24. racketboy says:

    Earthbound is an SNES game… 🙂

  25. Jeremy says:

    Ben Combee, do you want to sell your sealed Myriad nintendo game. I bought this complete off a guy down the road from me for $10 but sold it on Ebay about 5 years ago and got $266 for it. I guess there has been a price jump since then.

  26. Scott says:

    What about Tengen’s version of Tetris which I have held on to for many years? I’d say it’s pretty rare as well.

  27. racketboy says:

    Actually, it isn’t that rare — it’s rarer than the Nintendo version, but there are still quite a few out there.

  28. Christian says:

    My parents owned a video store growing up so I used to have a lot of those, including the Caltron 6-in-1. We always figured it was a quasi-legal hong kong bootlegs, as those x-in-1 games usually are. I hope we still have it boxed away somewhere because if I find out we sold it for a buck or two I’m going to be very sad. At least I still have Bubble Bobble 2.

  29. Me. says:

    Wow.. we had ALL of these except for the Championship ones. I worked at a game store in the 90s, and the values of these games were quite a bit less. Great investments!

  30. overmatik says:

    And what about the original Zelda for nes, they’re sold at ebay, if in good condition, for about 500 bucks!

  31. ben says:

    i dont see elite in the rare games section ,has to be the rarest gems of them all,only released in u.k the cart alone goes for 15 + pounds on ebay, thats 30 dollars

  32. Rico says:

    What about Tetris by Tengen? I thought it was pretty rare. Not the grey NES cart but the black Tetris by Tengen.

  33. Deniz says:

    Well. I just found an ad on craigslist in chicago, where i live. It was an add that said: Posting this for my neighbor, their son was big into nintendo but moved out over 10 years ago and this has been in their attic. No idea what game console you need to play them, the gold one says 1990 on the front (not sure if its real gold plated but it could be) so they are pretty old. all the boxes have games in them. send me a offer for all and then come pick them up. One of the games looks to be pornographic so you must be 18. I want to put the least amount of effort into selling these since I am doing this for free thanks. Included was NWC Gold Cart, and all the other rarest games. I missed him by 2 minutes, otherwise they would have been mine, for he sold them to somebody for 45 dollars. Yes, 45. If you would like to see pictures of this, please email me. I am so mad i couldn’t get these. ONCE AGAIN, A NINTENDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CARTRDIGE (GOLD) HAS BEEN LOCATED!!!

  34. user says:

    yeah, Deniz I think that post was just someone trolling because I saw the same post yesterday in the Washington, DC area.

  35. Actually he’s referring to the Earthbound Prototype cart on the NES. It’s basically a fully translated version of Mother 1 that Nintendo developed. There are maybe 2-3 in existence.

    The reason why Nintendo had a team translate Mother 1 but not release it was just bad timing. The NES was dying and the SNES would soon dominate the market. It wasn’t in there best interest to release it.. However the prototype carts got out into the public.

  36. Katy says:

    What about Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom? Good luck finding that gem! I bought it in 1992 when a local video store was selling off all their old NES carts. Never seen another copy since.

  37. Cooper says:

    Dang! For a while my local video game shop was selling Bubble Bath Babes for like $200!

  38. knubbs says:

    me got dragonwarrior 4 , 2 toploaders , 135 classic games no kidding

  39. Glen says:

    I have a Caltron 6in1 (no box) that I would sell, I will NOT sell it on eBay, any ideas ?

  40. Griever Valentine says:

    I have a NES game titled Ghost Lion. It was produced by a company called Kemco. Just wondering if I happen to have a gem or if its more common than I think. I have searched Ebay, but haven’t found a match.

    Can you help me out here racketboy?

  41. Chris says:

    I don’t really see why The California Raisins is on this list as it is only in prototype form and was never released with a box or manual. There are quite a few people selling reproduction carts on eBay. Just doesn’t seem like this game should be on this list.

  42. Allen says:

    i have hot slots in great condition with the box! for sale of course… good luck finding it anywhere else!

  43. Ben says:

    Hi. My name is Ben and I would just like to let you know that I have a copy of Nintendo World Championships: Grey Cartridge and will be selling it on ebay as of 3/04/09. If anyone would like to talk to me about it before that, please email me at

  44. paul says:

    i still have RC pro am 2 in the box. and Dusty Diamond which is alot of fun.
    I remember renting many of those at Blockbuster..wish I had bought them.

  45. paul says:

    i still have RC pro am 2 in the box. and Dusty Diamond which is alot of fun.
    I remember renting many of those at Blockbuster..wish I had bought them (like Wacky Races and Dragon Warrior 4). Some of those were the last to come out in ’94..Nintendo Power started to phase our reviews of NES games around that time.
    I already sold my top loader.but i don’t think i want to sell anything else for a while.

  46. brs says:

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned Panic Restaurant! It is definately a top 10 licensed North American release. Great list though!!!

  47. forkix says:

    Nice list, all I have is contra force complete and bomberman 2 complete. I’m interested in buying RARE nes games. Email me.

  48. Jamie says:


    I actually own a 110 games in 1 for the Nes. I know their were only so many made,how rare is it I haven`t come across one ever. I just happened to have the one my mom got for e when I was a kid. I searched further & find-out that colour dreams might have made it..?

    Any ideas…?

  49. josh says:

    how come chubby cherub nes game isnt on the rare site its rated at like 91 percent ultra rare I just picked this game up for pretty cheap..if anyone has any rare nes games email me im looking to buy some

  50. josh says:

    my email is…also picked up the california raisins nes game its very nice and excellent condition, as well as factory sealed zelda

  51. Niki says:

    what about

    bubble bobble part 1

  52. jeff says:

    i have the zelda gold edition for nintindo i was wondering does any one know how much it gos for?

  53. forkix says:

    i have the factory sealed zelda legends of zelda anybody know what that is worth? I saw it for 1,050.00 on a price guide..bubble bobble part 1 isnt as rare as the 2nd one the 2nd one goes for way more you can pick the first one up for cheap on ebay!

  54. forkix says:

    I got this game it’s called Bio Miracle Baby Upa. Some have referred to this as “Baby Mario”. All I’ve read about it is that it was never released outside of Japan but this is all in english and works on my system. Any info?

  55. forkix says:

    Ive been looking for a game for 17 years. I dont know the name. The person you are playing in the game is a baby and the levels are food and you eat your way through the level. You are crawling through the entire game as a baby of course. The is a power up like mario exept the power up allows you to walk. I called to baby mario but I dont think that is the name. Someone told me that it was a japanese game that leaked out accidentally. Any help would be appreciated.

    hey johnny I just got that game off ebay for $40. It’s called Bio Miracle Baby Upa. It’s a japanese game never released but it was translated into english and made into a nes cart.

  56. SuMtOnE says:

    NICE… is there a newer updated rare list or will this be the latest and current one?

    i lost my dragon warrior 4 sumwhere =(

  57. racketboy says:

    I will updated this list later on — just not sure when.
    Thanks for checking it out 🙂

  58. josh says:

    hey racketboy.. ihave 2 different versions of california raisins one made in japan one in usa both made by capcom though do u know anything about this?

  59. Qweetix says:

    As a PAL collector there comes to mind:

    Mr. Gimmick = 750$
    Jetsons – Cogwell’s Caoer = 400$
    The Flintstones – Surprice At Dinosaur Peak = 750$

  60. Qweetix says:


  61. racketboy says:

    Thanks for the PAL numbers 🙂
    Josh, not sure about the Raisins variations. Are they both US releases?

  62. Qweetix says:

    Racketboy: Have you ever thought about making a PAL list? I would love to help 🙂 I’ve got a pretty big collection, and have been collecting for about 6 years now…

  63. racketboy says:

    Yeah, if you want to help making any PAL lists, I’m totally up for it! I just don’t have the resources to do it myself 🙂

  64. Qweetix says:

    Sweeet 😀 I’ll start a list right now 😛

  65. forkix says:

    Rackboy, do you know the value of the Family Fun Fitness Pad and the FFFP version of Athletic World? The Athletic World has pretty much the same label just has a series 1 (Stadium Events being series 2) on the box and says it requires the FFFP. I would think it’s the same rarity as Stadium Events as it was recalled and took down the same time.

  66. forkix says:

    ok maybe not same rarity, it was probably in stores longer than Stadium, but still has to be some kind of good rarity.

  67. forkix says:

    about the california raisins…there’s one label that is the picture you shown. The other label has blue writing and a blue background. One says it’s made in the U.S.A. the other says Japan.

  68. josh says:

    hey racketboy forkix is my brother so he answered the question yea one has blue writing and has blue has white writing which is the pic u show , then the other one i mentioned so i wonder if there both the same rarity..i always see the one with blue writing on ebay never the one with the white writing..

  69. XsmpX says:

    But where is Mr. Gimmick? Is´nt it one of the rares games on NES?

  70. Corns says:

    Forkix, the Athletic World cart itself is fairly common. You can usually find the carts alone for about $5. XsmpX, Mr. Gimmick was never released in an NTSC version, the only officially released version was the Scandinavian cart, which is very rare. I believe it usually fetches anywhere from $100-$300 the few times it ever pops up for sale on eBay. Also if anybody has the Caltron 6-in-1 and you want to get rid of it, contact me, it’s one of the few I’m missing for my collection.

  71. forkix says:

    alright, do you know any info about the Satchen games?

  72. Steveo says:

    nice.. I have bubble bobble 2 and I didn’t even realize it was rare. It is a great game and brought me some great times in my childhood but I’m willing to part with it for 150 bucks 🙂

  73. HailJunkr says:

    Hello Racketboy and all others.

    This ebay auction popped up recently and I tried to find some info on this cart and failed hard. Any info anyone?|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

  74. Feefle says:

    Golden Game 260 in 1. Ever heardo of it?

  75. racketboy says:

    Can’t say I have — do you have any info on it?

  76. daniel says:

    Hi Racketboy. I was hoping you could help me out. I have been trying to find out how much my Duck Tales 2 NES game was worth and can not find any information on a price for a sealed copy. Can you give me your estimated price for this game? The plastic is in very good shape and i have a plastic protective case around the game. email me and i will send pictures if needed. thanks!

  77. Feefle says:

    I really can’t help you with Golden Game 260 in 1, I bought some extra NES consoles for like dirt cheap, and one of ’em had this beauty inside. It basically has about nearly 260 unique games in it. When I opened it, it has a japanese shaped 60 pin rom connected to a 72 pin adapter so it’s compatible with US consoles. I haven’t seen it anywhere on the internet lately, but I did see one sell for over $100 long ago.

  78. forkix says:

    daniel, if you go by the rarity guides a sealed Duck Tales 2 is around $326. But I don’t go by them often, it’s whatever you pay for something makes it worth that much.

  79. Wanderain says:

    I was wondering for Little Samson…does it matter if it is a pal version or ntsc for its value? Thanks.

  80. Oscar says:

    Hi, I love this site and its been a reference bible for my collection for the last few years, just after some general info really. Today I picked up 2 NES what appear to be promo / review carts, they are both standard grey one is PACMAN – has a yellow label which states from the top
    PAC – MAN

    The other one has two what appear to be dot matrix printed plastic labels which state THE JETSONS and TAITO CORP.

    The checks i’ve done indicate that they are kinda rare, are they worth more as they are promo versions? I hope so! Thanks in advance.

  81. Oscar says:

    Also this is a good reference for rarity of different region versions for wanderain.

  82. Wanderain says:

    I have purchased a Little Samson PAL version, but it is not in spanish as you non-domestic list seems to indicate it would be. I guess the question is are PAL versions usually worth about the same or are they very different? Thanks.

  83. grady says:

    what about the chronicle of the radia war?
    ive been looking for a copy and havent had any luck

  84. Oscar says:

    Last PAL copy Little Samson went on ebay for £30, Boxed you could probably get at least £50. Hope this helps.

    Any ideas on mine, anyone?

  85. Oscar says:

    Picked up Duck Tales 2 from a charity shop for 95p (cart only) and Elite from my local market (Cart and instructions) for £5. My Nes collection is getting quite impressive. Thanks to racketboy I know exactly what im looking for.

    Still wondering how much these prototype / review carts are worth, only paid £1 each, and I know the regular release versions of both the jetsons and pacman (p7-NTSC) are worth more than that. Glad I multi region modded my NES now!

  86. daniel says:

    Thanks feefle! I posted it on Ebay and already got an offer for $125 which was declined. It is a beauty. I almost want to hang on to it but im scared one of my nephews will open it. here is a link to my auction if you would like to see pictures.thanks again

  87. Neovo says:

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how many ‘PAL only’ games there are? I started counting and didn’t got any further than 33 games.

  88. Oscar says:

    As far as im aware there are only 32 PAL exclusives, other titles would just be name variations.

  89. daniel says:

    duck tales 2 factory sealed sold for $300!

    type in item number in ebay search

  90. Dean says:

    I have the Japanese Famicon Disc Game Clu Clu Land. Is it really worth what you posted on here racketboy? $1000-$3200. If so, who buys these games? Also how many copies of this game are there?

  91. Barry Malindine says:

    Hi i have what looks like a Japanese import with 110 games on it, anyone have any idea what it is?

  92. jay says:

    i might be able to get a 76 in 1 superVision cart. worth anything? i saw on the that they show a 76 in 1 on there list of NES games for an avg of $80 but idk if its the same?

  93. Rudy says:

    Surprised that Arkanoid with paddle isn’t on the list, its around 150 plus.

  94. Heath says:

    I would add Dragon Warrior 2, Panic Restaurant, and Operation Secret Storm. Even though its not a game the Game Action Replay unit is pretty rare.

  95. Toni Byrd says:

    My husband collects NES games& he asked me what my favorite game was growing up & I have no idea whats its called !! All I remember is that There was a man in a purple cloak with his hood up & you had to figure out how to get him through different maze like rooms . ..Does any one have a clue what im talking about ? lol

    p.s. its not milons secret castle

  96. nubs says:

    i was gunna buy the jetsons game today but i bought earthbound instead for 5 dollars to bad thats all i had 🙁

  97. Ichigo-chan says:

    I remember when I had Stadium Events, but I think that I had it when it was Track and Field. Talk about fun but tiring.

    But oh my god, I went garage saleing to find some old games and I found a few places selling nintendo games. The one garage sale I went to was selling a crap load of nes games, an nes, a few controllers, and the nes gun thing. I wanted it so bad, they wanted 80 bucks for all of it, which I would say is a good deal. But I totally did not have 80 bucks… *sniffles* But my bf bought Final Fantasy for 3 bucks.

  98. forkix says:

    Track and Field and Stadium Events are two different games. You mean World Class Track Meet.

    Toni, are you talking about Darkman?

  99. AJ says:

    hey just found bubble bath babes up on ebay for $1250.00…heres the link if anyone is willing to dish out for it. auction ends in 3 days

  100. Alibaster says:

    Wow, what price difference in A and A+

    I have Qix which is considered A…”A true conversation piece” that goes for about $20-$30 on ebay. Those A+ games are just a bit more 🙂

  101. Teamladd says:

    Hi racketboy! This is a great site! I’m a UK collector and have only been collecting for around 2 months. How is the pal list you said about doing coming along? I have pal versions of ducktales 2 bubble bobble 2. Are they worth the same as the US versions? Cheers

  102. Richard Flory says:

    Love the site ,big gamer my self. I have a game called SuperVision,it is from Japan.Have you ever heard of this game?Oh, I forgot to mention it has 63 game in one game and they all work through every level.

  103. Bad Planning says:

    I noticed that you don’t have X-men listed…

  104. @Bad Planning
    If were talking about the same game, The Uncanny X-Men for the NES isn’t rare… You can pick it up for ~$5.00 almost anywhere… Now, sealed in a box is another story…. but that is true for many common loose games.

    I am assuming you are actually referring to the prototype of an X-men game for the Sega 32X that never saw the light of day.

  105. john says:

    im looking to buy a myriad 6 in 1, if anyone is willing to sell please email me at

  106. rendar82 says:

    At 8/16/2009 12:58 AM, Toni Byrd said…

    My husband collects NES games& he asked me what my favorite game was growing up & I have no idea whats its called !! All I remember is that There was a man in a purple cloak with his hood up & you had to figure out how to get him through different maze like rooms . ..Does any one have a clue what im talking about ? lol

    p.s. its not milons secret castle

    I realize this is very very late and you probably won’t see this comment, but I am 99% sure the game you are referring to is called “Solstice.”

  107. ed says:

    man today, someone lended me a box of games, and i found a copy of ducktales2. Cool!

  108. Sonya says:

    Today I was at a flea market buy my house and they were selling for $100 a NES game that had 700 games on it.. does anyone know what this is called? i am trying to find it online and cant.. I am thinking i should go back in get it lol,

  109. Dane says:

    The game Vindicators should be on this list as it recently sold for $709 and has a rating of exceptionally rare at NintendoAge along wit the NWC cart. Not the Tengen version but the Australian HES version.

  110. Bushy says:



    $4,000 – $6,100


  111. martin says:

    oooh shit yeah I found the Flinstones II: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak at a pawnshop for $2.99 hahaahahaha. as of today the average on the internet was $109 hah.

  112. tom foolery says:

    Hey guys, just saw a listing for a complete Bubble Bath Babes:

    It’s rising pretty quick!

  113. Mark Green says:

    Oh, come on guys. Surely most of you want to buy the game just to HAVE it, not to sell it, RIGHT?

  114. Tj2kou says:

    errr… how much would a Quatro arcade NES cart sell for?…

  115. sam says:

    I got a Smart Boy ‘SM3’ Cart…Anyone know what the population of these are?

    It’s Mario 3, and the color is lighter gray than licensed NES games.

    The label is hand written ‘SM3’, while Smart Boy is printed on. I heard there were something like 3 of these out there. Is that true?

  116. melanie says:

    I have about 30 factory sealed games from the 80’s I am interested in selling. No idea of worth.i also have many open games we play periodically. I was told they may be very valuable.Top Gun, Rambo, Willow, Vindicators, Gun Smoke and many more. Where should I start?

  117. racketboy says:

    I would just start listing them on eBay and Put “sealed” in the title, take good photos, and a low starting bid… you should make a nice return that way

  118. Justin says:

    Hi Melanie,
    contact me… I may be interested in the games


  119. Jessica says:

    If you still have the games available, let me know, I may be interested in purchasing them as well.


  120. Allen S says:

    I have the following and was wondering if any of them are sought after…
    Heavy Shreddin
    Top Players Tennis
    Bandai Golf
    Twin Eagles
    Sky Shark
    Spy Hunter
    Friday the 13th
    John Elway
    Ultra Kings of the Beach
    Double Dribble
    Bases Loaded 3
    Excite Bike
    Rad Gravity
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Kung Fu
    Wheel of Fortune


  121. Eric Veloria says:

    I have the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System with Mario Bro & Duck Hunt Tape.

  122. Cindy Trosper says:

    Is the Robot to the original nintindo worth anything?

  123. Kad says:

    Hey, I don’t know 100% about the Wheel of Fortune, but I know that I have it as well as a few other people, and I’ve seen it at a few garage sales, so I don’t think it’s that rare.

    I also have the Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cart.

    I also have a Zelda cart, but it’s just the cart. I’m assuming that drops its value quite a bit. 🙂

    I’m going to go through my games and see if I’ve got any others… Wheel of Fortune is my kids’ favorite (they’re learning their letters). They also love the Duct Hunt game. I’m just glad the guns work!

  124. Lourenzo says:

    I have the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System with Mario Bro,Spy Hunter and Super Mario Bro 3..1985-made in japan

  125. Lourenzo says:

    here is my e-mail add —

  126. James Lee Jr. says:

    I have Nintendo Entertainment system,1985 version,with nintendozapper. I have games;Marios time machine,Gotcha,Duckhunt&Super Mario1,The Original Popeye classics series,Mickey Mousecapade; and Super MarioBros.3.

  127. James Lee Jr. says:

    I have a Sega Genesis 3 with two sega remotes also i have games Sonic Spinball; and HardBall.

  128. James Lee Jr. says:

    My e-mail is

  129. yelitza says:

    I still have my Atari dat I got when I was a child in the box and I have the Nitendo.Both original and have about 20 to 30 games for each system. I thank my mom for keeping everything in great conditions.

  130. CWK says:

    I have the original NES system, works perfect still. I have only about 12 games now, but the best ones…

    Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt
    Super Mario Bros. 2
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Double Dragon
    Super Contra
    Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr.
    Mike Tyson’s Punchout
    The Legend of Zelda
    Tecmo Bowl

    Plus a few Disney games for my 2 children.

  131. Dave Fawcett says:

    I have Faxanadu for the Nes, worth anything?

  132. DaveFawcett says:

    If interested in the Faxanadu game, email @

  133. Shawn Osbey says:

    i have this console and several games

  134. Jamal says:

    i have pro am racing brand new still in the plastic wrap.. any estimates on it value or if there are people intrested in it

  135. Mike M. says:

    Ummm…. You may wanna update the price on that Stadium Events.

    One just went for $13,105 on eBay.

  136. Daniel says:

    my mother own the NES and our favorite games are the original Final Fantasy with the original maps and case it comes with, also ninja gaiden 1,2 and all 4 Mario Brothers which include Dr.Mario all with there original cases and 50 other games that most of which have there cases and also the NES Game-Geni cheat cartrige anybody know what any of this is worth, Not that I want to sell, I’m just curious. I am a collector myself.

  137. Daniel says:

    I also own 3 Atari 2600 and bout 100+ games some of which have there original cases and some that don’t.

  138. Pete says:

    Actually, the boxes for these games (some I have never even seen) are more rare than the game itself ! In fact boxes for these games plus many others are more hard to find than the games !

  139. Brent says:

    They forgot to add Panic restaurant as a rare game. It goes for over $100 just for the game by itself.

  140. Barbi says:

    I have the original 1985 Nintendo w/ 8 games.
    *Top Gun
    *Punch-Out (Not Mike Tyson’s Punch Out)
    *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Arcade Game
    *Super Mario 3
    *Dragon Warrior (1st Edition)
    *Twin Cobra

    Anyone interested? Please email.

  141. Brent says:

    Let me rephrase my post. Most Taito games released on the NES are quite valuable.

  142. Steve says:

    I have the original NES with the Power Pad and Zapper Light Gun with the original box and manuals. I also have Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Astyanax, Disney Adventures, Tetris, Jack Nicklaus, Rad Racer, Guerilla, Stealth, Top Gun, and Paper Boy. Anyone interested?

  143. PJ says:

    I have a nintendo nes in the box with 12 games.
    1) Mario Bros./Duck hunt
    2) The Legend of Link
    3) Pinball
    4) Simon’s Quest
    5) The Legend of Zelda
    6) Adventures of LOLO
    7) Marble Madness
    8) The Legend of the Lost City (Digger T. Rock)
    9) Top Gun (The Second Mission)
    10) Pinball Quest
    11) Pin Bot
    12) Rollerball
    Anyone interested? Email me

  144. Lauren says:

    I want california raisins the grape escape in the box dangit!!!

  145. Jamie says:

    i have the system and about 40 games to go with it…i went through and look at the games on here and i think i might have a few but i have a whole crap load of ones that arnt on here….i need to go through them

  146. Leo says:

    These games are hard to come by but some are on ebay and you can make deals with the sellers like I do. Stadium Events just sold on eBay along with an NES system and 4 other games for a little over $13,000! You never know what you have in those closets.

  147. mel says:

    ok i have a few games plus the console… any idea what its worth??
    super nintendo
    zoop,street figthe 2,ken griffey baseball,timon &pumbaa’s,super mario world,super mario all stars,spankys,speedy gonzales,jepordy,mario paint,ken griffin winning run,toy story,donkey kong 2 and 3.. and a insert for super game boy… somebody make my day please.. lol

  148. Brunzt says:

    btw Stadium Events is up on the swedish ebay right now

  149. Jayme says:

    I NEED HELP! My boyfriend has a game made by SuperVision. It has a pink label with 110 in 1 along with all the games listed on it. We’ve been trying to find out how much it is worth, but we haven’t had any luck at all whatsoever! If anyone knows anything please email me as soon as possible otherwise his mother is going to sell it in her garage sale. My email is Again, PLEASE help us. I don’t want to sell it in a garage sale if it’s worth something!

  150. bob says:

    i got stack-up

  151. Eric says:

    A Stadium Events (Brand New Factory Sealed) has just surfaced on eBay and is bidding at $22,000 with 3 days still left in the auction!! That’s freakin crazy!

  152. Eric says:

    The Factory Sealed “Stadium Events” is now going for $40,100 on ebay!!!

  153. Justin King says:

    I have Dusty Diamond’s All star softball and the complete Dragon Warrior I,II, III and IV. If anyone is intrested please email me. The are rare and work great.

  154. Mike Owrey says:

    Man! I’ve never heard of anyone talking about the best NES Game ever! Period! My Buddies and me played it religiosly!!! ” BOOGERMAN! A PICK AND FLICK ADVENTURE!!!” Anyone ever heard of it? Write me and tell me! “

  155. greg steinbrunner says:

    just want to find out how much the games I have are worth?
    *Super Mario 3
    *Ice hockey
    *Ryan Sandberg baseball
    *Nes football
    *Nes baseball
    *Konami Jack Nicklaus Golf
    *Original Mario and duck hunt

  156. Eric says:

    Factory sealed stadium events over $100,000?! that’s is overkill…

  157. Chelse says:

    The Stdium Events Game just sold for over 40,000 dollers, so I doubt that it’s only worth 1,000$.

  158. Dave S. says:

    I found a rare game i have, it’s not Action 52, but it has 52 games on it. I found a version of the game on youtube, called Supervision 52. I am pretty sure this is the game i have it looks the same, and the games are the same. Any idea the value of this game? It has a bunch if great games, some of them VERY odd, seems some of them are chinese. Has strange Mario games too.

  159. Dave S. says:

    The youtube link to the Supervision 52 game is

    Any idea on the value, I cant find any information on it anywhere.

  160. Dean says:

    The sealed Stadium Events game on ebay is now over $800,000! I would damn near kill to be the guy selling that right now…

  161. racketboy says:

    The sealed might be a fake and the bidding is probably people that are messing around.

    And yes, I know some of the values one here are outdated a bit with recent events, but I will be updating

  162. Heath McPherson says:

    I found a bunch of my old nintendo games. Was wondering if anyone knows if they are worth anything?balloon fight, duck hunt, mike tysins punch-out, super mario bros, 10-yard fight, rad racer, swords and serpents, target renegade, the battele of olympus, wizards and warriors, adventure island, super sprint, dynowarz, pinball, caveman games, mach rider, taito bubble bubble, spelunker, superspike v’ball & world cup in 1, captain skyhawk, legend of zelda, vice, and last but not least TROJAN. If anyone could Email me at and let me know if any of these are worth anything or would like to buy some let me know.

  163. rick says:

    how can i find if my NES and NES games are of any value???

  164. rick says:

    how can i find if my NES and NES games are of any value???

    email me at


  165. seannapaull says:

    I am missing on the list:

    Super Mario Bros Hong Kong version (smallbox)

    See my post.

    email me if you want pictures

  166. Steve says:

    I have a game with 110 original nintendo games all on a single cartridge. It has no label and is a very light gray color cartridge. It still works. Any idea if this cartridge has any value? Please email me at

  167. CRAIG says:

    off that list i have STACK UP COMPLETE IN BOX NEAR MINT, i have dragon warrior 2, 3, romance of the three kingdoms 2 complete and contra complete in box. i have a TON of rare games.. im actually auctioning off STACK UP RIGHT NOW ON EBAY Here is the link

  168. Phil says:

    ****BEWARE**** for the person selling the California Raisins on cragislist in Louisville, the California Raisins for sale is a REPRODUCTION and not the actual rare cart.

  169. Debbie says:

    CALIFORNIA RAISINS? I found it on ebay but this person sold the same one to another person (exact same picture too) & feedback said WARNING: Reproduction…Was does that mean? Is it still worth to buy it? someone please answer..
    I’ve been looking for the cheaper rare ones and so far only found Puzznic.

  170. bob says:

    Hi all, i have the standup arcade machine for super mario bros, anyone know if this is worth anything. its not in mint condition has some ware but it works and doing nothing but taking up storage at my house, also i have a nes strategy guide for super mario 3 its in ok condition, only the front page got seperated from the rest but is all there and rest is goood shape. any idea if its worth selling.

  171. Matt says:

    Hello, I just happened to stumble across this page today. I’m not a collector, but you guys seem to know your stuff. When I was a child I spent hours and hours playing this game called Pirates of the Caribbean on the NES…probably not all that rare (I know that a very similar game was released for the xbox a few years back)…just out of curiosity, how rare was this game for the NES, and did anyone else play it?

    my email is

  172. roberto says:



  173. ArmouredGoat says:

    What could i expect to get for the following? All of these games are unopened, still sealed in there original nintendo seal these are original and not reproductions or anything i have had them in a box for over 18 years..

    These are PAL

    maniac mansion
    blue shadow
    wrath of the black mantra
    captain planet and the planteers
    double dribble
    bionic cammando
    ruscue the embassy mission
    bad dudes vs dragon ninja
    konami hyper soccer
    Blaster master
    turtles the arcade game

  174. BroBuzz says:

    I remember me and my bro having snow ball brothers, it was really fun, even my mom liked it, too bad he didn’t know how much he could get for it and sold it for 30$ 🙁

  175. greg says:

    California raisins is a reproduction game, or more like an unreleased prototype the game can be bought for around 20-50 dollars off nintendo reproduction websights. they are not rare at all.

  176. Mackenzie says:

    Hey I’ve been looking for a value of a game I recieved as a child. It’s for NES. It’s one cartridge with 110 games on it. I got the game about 20 years ago. It still works great. It has Clu Clu land on it as well as many others….. I see a couple of other posts about this type of game but no replies can anyone help??
    Thanks so much!

  177. I have an original japanese nintendo game cartridge that has 110 games on it. cover has little yellow ball-like cartoon guy, all japanese writing w/exception of 110 next to japanese words. interested in determining value and possibly sell.

  178. Weasel says:

    Didnt read through the million comment so its possible someonme else has brtought it up. Wheres Zombie Nation on this list? Usually goes for close to 75

  179. Weasel says:

    Didnt read through the million comment so its possible someone else has brtought it up. Wheres Zombie Nation on this list? Usually goes for close to 75

  180. Mackenzie says:

    Glenn that is the same game that I have and it’s at least 20 yrs old. I am so interested in seeing a value for it! I just played it the other day it’s been so long since I’ve seen it! Still works!

  181. greg pabich says:

    I believe I have a unique prototype of the Action 52 game, as well as another different prototype or preproduction Action 52 cart. If anyone is interested in what must be the RAREST of the WORST, PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS AND PHOTOS.


  182. Mechanikill says:

    There’s also one other game that wasn’t included in a game with high value. Operation Secret Storm. Game ranges between $39-$129 in value.

  183. longhorn says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have 4 stadium event video games with original packaging

  184. chops says:

    Why is California Raisins still on the list? It was never released, the carts you see on Ebay are REPRODUCTION and are worth no more than $30.

    To the guy above me, are they NTSC or PAL version? More than likely PAL, which are worth no where near the NTSC value.

  185. Bill says:

    I have a complete NES collection only missing top 3 on the list i have every game listen here besides them 3 im thinking of selling my whole collection, ive been collecting for 15 years now and im thinking of giving it up any one interested in this im thinking of putting it up on ebay 🙂

  186. Dashia says:


  187. GPABICH says:



  188. Light says:

    Does anyone know if Excite Bike and Kung Fu are rare? And if so how much they are worth?

  189. jose says:

    i happen to know were 2 of the gold nes price cartridges are, one belongs to my cousin (moved back to south america) but the other one belongs to his old friend in georgia (if he has yet to move)

  190. Crash says:

    I have a copy of Jetsons: Cogswell’s Caper in original packaging with the instruction booklet and game sleeve.

    The box has seen better days but it’s still very much intact.

    Anyone wanna gimme a price on that?

  191. Crash says:

    It’s the PAL version by the way.

  192. Mikey says:

    For years now, I’m looking for a special version of Mario. It’s a version where Mario can change to a ball. all the text in the game were japanese. does anybody know what the title of that game is?

  193. David says:

    My friend has two different color 1985 Nintendo world tour staff jumpsuits that they wore while working the tour in Kansas City. They have been wrapped and put in a air tight box from the day after the tour ended. She wants me to sell them for her, anyone know what they are worth?

  194. David says:

    Sorry it is a 1990 world championship jumpsuit

  195. Gil says:

    i have a nintendo entertainment sysem model number 001…is that rare?..does that mean i have the first nintendo nes made?

  196. Bill says:

    Hey guys, maybe one of you may know this? i bought a few pal games including the aladdin deck enhancer and i know i need to mod my system to play. I have a nes top loader i know theres a way to mod this system but im not exactly sure how, Any takers? 🙂

  197. RAY says:

    I got a 260n1 game and I was wondering how much it could be worth?

  198. Lelio says:

    hi i got a gold the legend of zelda cartridge on its box with manual and map, if interested
    email me

  199. RAY says:

    if anyone is wanting to sell The Flintstones-The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak just e-mail at

  200. Light says:

    Is the gold cartridge of legend of Zelda worth much? How much?

  201. racketboy says:

    It’s just a few dollars — it’s quite common. I’ve got one on my shelf too. If you have a sealed copy in a box, that’s pretty nice though…

  202. Light says:

    Thanks, and I believe I have found a Bubble Bobble pt1 game. I plan on getting it today. 🙂 very happy and it’s only 2.99

  203. Light says:

    sorry ment pt 2

  204. Light says:

    Wait is bubble bobble part1 worth anything. Cause they don’t sell for that much on or ebay.

  205. racketboy says:

    Not a whole lot — it’s pretty common

  206. curtjack says:

    wat about final fantasy and the game rated bet game ever Zelda i have all the games listed here and then some, in some cases multiple cartridges. are final fantasy and zelda worth anything?

  207. Jessie says:

    How could you forget Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers 2? Try finding that on ebay for less than 50 bucks!

  208. Ben says:

    I just bought the HES “Real Player’s Pack” 6 in 1 at an op shop today with no idea of its value, its essentially the same as the caltron 6 in 1…..well after playing it for about 20 minutes I must conclude that its the rarity not the gameplay that makes it such a valuable game 😛

    I must admit that Die Hard, and Ducktales 2 are two of my favourite Nes games…

    Haha, if anyone is interests in my 6 in 1, let me know 🙂

  209. Indionchuck says:

    I threw all the boxes out for my games that are rare, that makes quite a difference I take it. Funny thing is I saved them untill a couple years ago then cleaned the basement.
    I have for nes,
    Destiny of an Emporer
    Star Tropics
    Legend of Zelda, gold cartridge
    Adventure of Link
    NES Open Tournament Golf
    Super Mario Bros.1 and 3
    Dragon Warrior I,II and IV all maps,weapons and armour list
    have all games but no boxes. any one know the value?
    I also have the guides books to games and Nintendo Power Magazines Volume 27 – 81

  210. christopher says:

    i i have stadium events for nes if anyone would l;ike to make me an offer for it it is the real thing in mint condition i will except only real offers as i know what it is worth. got it at a grage sale in 1997 for 5 bucks played it a few times then forgot all about it until my momwas cleaning out strage room and came acrossed my old video games and comic books so if you want it make me an offer or call me 862 268 4567 name christopher

  211. jay martinez says:

    Hi I have Final Fantasy for the nitendo. Any one know what its worth?

  212. mimi says:

    the game with a crawling baby is not baby boomer but bio miracle bokula, or baby mario. It starts with candies in the sky…

  213. Sephiros says:

    Hi, I got a caltron 6-1 if anyone is interested

  214. Jason says:

    I have two off of that list: Bubble Bobble part 2 and Bonk’s Adventure. Both are CIB

  215. Random Cool Black Dude says:

    I am selling the Legend Of Zelda Test Cartridge on eBay right now if anyone is interested in takiing a look at it.

  216. Odin says:

    Is it possible to have a link to a picture of the rare Obake no Q-Taro game? Also, is it only rare CIB?

  217. Oldgamer says:

    Tombs & Treasure is extremely difficult to find factory sealed. A sealed copy would be really rare.

  218. mimi says:

    hi everyone, I have a mario baby famicom cart that I will put up on the bay soon. I also have converters to sell. If someone is interested.

  219. Alec says:

    I am intersted in purchasing rare games…email me what you have and an asking price…

  220. Steven says:

    I have a white NES cartridge. It’s obviously unlisenced. The label says “Game Paks” 4 Games in 1. then it has an image on the front of 4 people in a computer type room with a tank and a couple of helicopters shooting at them. I cannot find ANY information about this game. Can anyone help me out.

  221. Ben says:

    Anyone know what Street Fighter II for the NES is worth? I’ve tried doing some research and have found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

  222. Oldgamer says:

    Has anyone seen a game that was graded 100 by the VGA? I’ve never seen one.

  223. Oldgamer says:

    Has anyone seen a sealed game that was graded 100 by the VGA? I’ve never seen one.

  224. RJ says:

    Powerblade 2 hasn’t been mentioned yet if regular goes for over 60 bucks cart only.

  225. Andrew says:

    just had the best garage sale weekend ever.. see an add selling old nintendo and gaming items.. was there waiting to open at 7 30am they opened at 8am.. no one else was there so i kinda lost hope they pulled out a super dusty box and said pic through.. first game i seen when i opened the box was ” little samson ” so i closed it up quickly and disgretely and asked what she wanted for the box.. she said 50$ and i put it down and looked uninterested but inside i was feeling like jumpin for joy i said sorry i only have 30 on me and she said with out hesitation “sold” i gave her box and went home.. inside youll never believe but i got

    1. myraid 6-1 “sealed”

    2. little samson
    3. bubble bath babes

    5.stadium events
    and the big one and im not shitting you 1990 “gold edition” nintendo world championship.. plus there is 40 or so more games in the 50-200 range.. 86 games in total i believe this box was worth $50,000 and i will get it slowly!!! i still cant believe it !

  226. Rik Smits says:

    just got a cib Legend of Cockmaster:Anal Intruders for $6, I almost shit my diapers when the lady pulled it out!!

  227. Bruno says:

    God job…
    Maybe you can answer a doubt of mine…
    I found a game im my closet, and i can’t find any information or images of him on the internet, the onli thing i found was it rom as unlicensed game on a romset in thepiratebay.
    The game name is “DUCK” there are some photos of his: (at the end of the list)
    you can tell me what is the rarity of this game, and what is aprox. his price?
    Thanks, and sorry for my bad english xD (i’m brazilian)

  228. Eric says:

    I’m going to call B.S. on Andrew’s story above from 12/6

  229. Brian says:

    does anyone know the value of this game?

  230. Parasite says:

    I have the flinstones..ducktales 2 .. fire and ice..king Neptune and bubble bobble will be lol Samson and cheetahman 2 once I get more money.

  231. Harrison says:

    Good call Eric on calling Andrew’s story just that… a story. I actually have a Gold 1990 World Championships cart and was thinking about selling it recently, but it looks like it will only increase in value… I’m going to hold on to it, not let it go for $30 in a garage sale

  232. Eric says:

    Harrison…if you have a Gold 1990 WC cart, definitely hold onto it. The economy is still bad right now. You’ll receive a good amount for it now, but I think you’ll get more if you wait. I’d give it a few years, and you should just kill on it…..and laugh all the way to the bank.

  233. Parasite says:

    Haaa! Just bought Cheetahmen 2,now gonna get little Samson.I always thought action 52 was pretty rare,but according to this list ,it’s not.It’s going for $200.00 on eBay

  234. jon says:

    I have every game on this list and more, some of them 10 times over same with the snes list, ive been selling them all. online anyone wants to buy hit me up

  235. Parasite says:


  236. Patrick Covington says:

    Racket Boy, could you explain why Tengen tetris is not listed as a rare nes item? The game has some history behind it and there is not many floating around. I believe the value of the game should be significant. What do you think?

  237. Patrick Covington says:

    Hey Jon do you have both nintendo world championships? If so, email me pics with your name beside each to this email address.

  238. racketboy says:

    The Tengen Tetris is indeed harder to find than the Nintendo one, but it’s rarity has been overstated by a lot of people. This list is mainly ranked by value and it just doesn’t hold up to the others on this list.

  239. Patrick says:

    I see. Tetris Mega Drive is indeed a rare item. I have been starring at it for the past two days. It is on display in Nakano, in Tokyo at Mandarake Galaxy. I tried to get them to sell it to me but they would not, even at an offer of 10k. It’s early in the morning here in Osaka. I will be heading back to Mandarake today. I will take some pics if anyone wants to see. Thanks for the info on Tengen Tetris though.

  240. b boy says:

    a i have a orginal box and insides the book an styrofoam is that rare enough

  241. Dre says:

    i have a ALOT of nintendo NES games , 2 guns , the mat , 4 controllers nad 2 working amchines i have one original game of donkey kong country . it’s orange covering , donkey kong throws things at you and you conquer obsticles. Any idea of what its worth ?

  242. BONEZ says:

    Hey racketboy I am sure you have herd, but for those that haven’t, a factory sealed copy of Stadium Events recently sold for $41300. You way want to re consider the price on the game you have, maybe bump it up to a max value of 10K or so. Anywyas thanks for your time.

  243. shane says:

    I have a paperboy for nintendo still works but would like to know how much it is worth. I am not intersted in selling it just curious. If you all can let me know.. can’t find it here..

  244. Alex says:

    Umm….im like 17 years old. I used to hang out at my cousins house a lot and he gave me a box of his nes games and i have 3 of them on this list…..and one of them is near the top…
    1) 1990 World Championships grey edition
    2)Little Samson
    3)Bonk’s Adventure

    …i just crapped my pants at the prices of these after reading these

  245. Excellent article, and quite a listing of rares, gems, etc. Good times on the NES, long live retro gaming!

  246. paul says:

    hi guys ive found two ebay selling 6-in-1 (Caltron) one is price at US $750.00 and he has 1 copy, while the other dealer has two copies price at US $400.00 or best offer both dealers have 100% feedback. however i am unsure which dealer to go for as mention above there have been fakes ones put on ebay, and the last thing i want to do is end up with a fake copy.

    heres the ebay links for the two dealers can some check them for me

    this seller has the one copy

    this seller has two copies

  247. Bubbasizer says:

    What about a complete copy of family fun fitness athletic world, nintendoages list says its more rare then a complete copy of bubble bobble part 2.

  248. mybee says:

    I have come arcoss a bunch of Nes Nintendo games still in orginal packages some are open but stillhave box you buy them in I have been looking online to see prices on them does anyone know where in Nh I could find someone to buy them from me?????

  249. mybee says:

    I have seen many prices and want to sell them I have other games as well. But theses ones i know are worth money.

  250. james says:

    i have a nintendo model # nes-001 works fine play aver day i have 56 games 4 con 1 gun all the wires how much can i get for it

  251. Bubbasizer says:

    What about Family fun fitness athletic world, Nintendo age’s list says a complete boxed version is more rare then a complete boxed BB2

  252. Worth? says:

    What are my Nintendo games worth? I have a lot of them! I have a game like Super Mario Bros 3 or something and Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers etc.

  253. NES says:

    Does anyone out there know what the current value of a 1985 nintendo nes action pack in the box with the game Mario Bros and Duck Hunt combo .The system works awesome the zapper gun is in mint condition still in the plastic bag, the controllers are like new the buttons are nice crisp real tight feel to them almost mint i would say. The system looks great no scratches i would say in great condition. i would like to know if is worth keeping or if i should sell it…

  254. NES says:

    Does anyone out there know what the current value of a 1985 nintendo nes action pack in the box with the game Mario Bros and Duck Hunt combo .The system works awesome the zapper gun is in mint condition still in the plastic bag, the controllers are like new the buttons are nice crisp real tight feel to them almost mint i would say. The system looks great no scratches i would say in great condition. i would like to know if is worth keeping or if i should sell it to a collector.

  255. Fadobo says:

    @Worth: Sorry Bro, those two are very common and super easy to come by in used condition. Most NES-Games go for 3-5 Dollars & Euros on Flea Markets and ebay. Unless you have them in absolute mint condition / factory sealed that is. Then even common popular games can be valuable. For example The Legend of Zelda with box and booklet go for 25-40 bucks, while a factory sealed copy can easily be worth 10 times that ammount. (hope you are not trolling, since those two are quite literally in my top 10 easiest to find game). Anyway, hope I could help.

    Rule of thumb: The less copies of the game where sold + the better the condition is, the more money you get.

  256. jason says:

    belive this or not i accutally have a copy of 1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition i found it in a box of nes games the lady sold me them for 2 dollars a peice so yes that game is still out there and i have one

  257. Bob N says:

    In 1985 I bought 2 complete NES Nintendo’s. One to leave at my house and one to leave at my ex’s, for my sons to play with. they just took the games with them. I still have One complete unit, witch I just unpacked and I’m using it, in the original box. I also have two extra controlers, an extra power cord, and an extra TV hook up cord. I still have the original games like Mario and duck hunt, contra, punch outF-117A Stealth fighter,Tecmo baseball renegadeTecmo bowl, tecmo super bowl, Zelda, and Link, and an original Doc’s FIX-A-Pad repair kit.
    How can I check to see if it’s worth anything.
    I also have a 1962 New York Yankee offical program, from a game I went to when I was 14. They played the Red Sox. lol

  258. david says:

    i have 110 games in 1 game and its japanese can anyone tell more about these games

  259. zach says:

    I have an NES Game that I have a question about. Its a Link game(before it was called zelda) but its gold. Anyone know how much its worth? I do not have the box for it and it still plays.

  260. spindle says:

    r any of these games worth any think? nes, rollergames, faxanadu, blades of steel, double dribble, metal gear, top gun, star wars, ferrari grand prix challenge, kick off, tecmo world wrestling, shadow warriors and probotector II return of the evil forces?

  261. Scott says:

    I have a 110 in 1 NES cartridge. Video Deon Japan International Edition. Dont know much about it. It does work, I have played almost every game, except the ones in Japanese. Anybody interested in it? Email me

  262. Bubbasizer says:

    tony you might be talking about solstice idk

  263. peter says:

    i have startropics,ghost & goblins.joust,contra,super mario bro 3,ferrari grand prix challenge;teenage mutant ninja turtles,robocop 2,metal gear,jackal, loopz and system duck hunt gaming system in box

    yes all working

  264. tke334grind says:

    I just found an ORIGINAL Caltron 6 in 1 NES Game Cartridge that is in perfect working order. It will be posted on Ebay if anyone is interested.

  265. JJ says:

    I have all 4 of the Dragon Warrior games, also a few others that my dad left me, Ms Pac-Man, Gauntlet, Solomens Key. They are great fun. Still play them alot.

  266. tela miller says:

    i have a nintendo nes and 4 games plus 2 maybe 3 controllers and a gun controller for the duck hunting game i would like to know how much i could get all of them for and wat u have to look for to see if the gaming system is rare?

  267. carlos carlos says:

    i have some rare nes games myself …….. i know that close to 10,000 copies of tetris by tengen made it to the public n is kinda rare n price oscillates now for cartridge only used from 20 to 40 complete well over 100 n brand new for like 400 bucks … i got one of those used and one more copy with dust sleeve and box but the cart itself has the factory seal still which mean that the cart has never been played .. i also have chip n’ dale 2 which is picking up in value going for close to 80 on ebay .. last one and not mentioned anywhere in here is chiller unfortunety ive tried everything to make this game work n i just can’t . im looking to sell chip n dale 2 for 70 im in mesa arizona anyone interested locally hit me up

  268. randi says:

    soo i have a super mario bros. game action series,, the front of it has just the picture of mario and the fireball, the seal . made buy japan ,, well i m sure u know what it lloks like,, but when we play it there is a duck hunt option,,, nothing about duck hunt on it,,, is that normal???

  269. Adam says:

    just wondering, i have 3 original games still in packaging , captain skyhawk, blades of steel and pinball quest …. just wodering , how much are these games worth still in box ?

  270. ray says:

    captain skyhawk is worth 70……blades of steel is worth 65…..and pinball quest is worth 149.99…..hope that helps you out.

  271. random says:

    what about little red riding hood HES NES Game it is australian only and fetches about $300 on Ebay

  272. michael says:

    I have a original 1985 baseball game still in shrink wrap. One of the original sports system games with awful graphics. Any idea of a value on it?

  273. Nick says:

    Wow, I’m surprised Conan didn’t show up. It’s not the rarest NES game, but it’s hard to find a boxed copy and just a cart alone is $20-30. I have a boxed copy.

  274. anthony says:

    I have a 80s nelsonic Mario Bros gamewatch,and dnt know where to start..any type of help would be great PLEASE HELP…TONy 734 837 0444…cell

  275. Alfonso says:

    I own a Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse factory sealed, it’s my most valuable item of my collection, though it’s very common

  276. Amusing story – my brother-in-law, who is a gamer but not a big retro one, has a copy of Dusty Diamond’s All-Star Softball. I recently had given him a refurbed NES and he found his copy at his parent’s house. I’ve tried to procure it from him but no dice so far 🙂

  277. frank77 says:

    I have a nintendo nes original system, about 50 working games along with several controllers, gun, joy stick, and a multi-plug in for controllers, want to know what its all worth, it was from my childhood and very well kept, we played it up until about 6 months ago. I know there are quite a few rare games, too many to list. Any feedback would be welcome.

  278. daniel says:

    i need a little help i just got a 3 free games from a friend and they work 1 is Jurassic Park another one is Super Mario 3 and the last is Double Dragon what do u thank thos three are worth a pice

  279. Carl says:

    I have 120 classic nitendo games how do I find out what they are worth.

  280. Carl says:

    Hey look I am really interested in these games and finding out some history. I feel like I may have a few rare game.

  281. Matt Lewis says:

    I have just un-covered a few amazing gems, check out my Google+ profile to see all the beautiful pics:

    What I have is a few original NES Prototype EPROM games. The one I’m most excited about is the copy of Ninja Gaiden. I’ve been searching non-stop for another Prototype like it, but I cannot seem to find anything. If you know anything about another copy floating out there, please let me know. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that I might have one of the only copies in the world.

    Less as exciting as above, but exciting none the less, are my other two Prototypes. Sky Kid and Blaster Master. These have all been confirmed to work and roughly “verified” by a few collectors via NintendoAge forums. Curious what anyone else has on this topic. Please contact me via Google Plus, linked above. Game on!

  282. reflux says:

    “Ive been looking for a game for 17 years. I dont know the name. The person you are playing in the game is a baby and the levels are food and you eat your way through the level. You are crawling through the entire game as a baby of course.”

    In reply to johnny.. the game you might be looking for is rainbow island. The only other 2 games i can think of is ‘baby jo’ which was for the amiga, and ‘the great giana sisters’ which was similar to super mario, except it was for the atari st.

  283. TheRetroGamer7624 says:

    what are your opinions on roms?

    email me at:

  284. Mike says:

    How much would a Brand New Gradius be worth? Knowing that there were 1 million copies sold in Japan alone!!!

  285. Cody says:

    I have an old regulare n e s in box still….really old from 1985……….been opened and played but works……shouldni clean and put up. I love it but like to find if its of any value as it may be one the first few or a special one…never know….been in family and been taken care of…….oh take me back old school games are great…may not type too well on a cell phone….email if u have any ideas heres my email how to correftly identify amd date its year and production im just a curious avid gamer and if its one that need s to be seen thatd be great for gamer history……prolly not…just being stupid please and thanx if.ur availabe to help…..have several sevarl games and its the duck.hunt edition

  286. Brandy says:

    Reflux I think the game you are looking for is called Baby Boomer.Pat the nes Punk just did a review of it.

  287. infectedA says:

    I just started a serious nes/snes collection. I had some games from when I was a kid and Bonks adventure was in there. It had permanent marker for 1.95 on it. I just spent about 40minutes and was able to get that off. Now it looks mint! I’m happy lol

  288. Rachel says:

    I have a 1985 first run nintendo with 2 controllers and all the cords, and 14 games, everything works perfect, how can i find out what it is worth?

  289. Rachel says:

    if anyone can help email me @ Thanks

  290. Rachel says:

    wanting to sell if anyone is intrested let me know.

  291. ASSSss says:

    Pal Devil World should be on here.

  292. Joseph D says:

    I have R.C. PRO-AM, Mike Tyson Punch-Out, Battletank, and Ice Hokey for NES, all having the original box, instruction manual, styro piece, and sleeve. All have that, but each has all the exact paperwork that came with it. Battletank has the warning label, the mailer for free stuff, and the other few things that came in it. Punch-out has the letter to the player from Tyson, Ice Hockey has the Now your playing with power poster and a free mario membership mailer. Then on top of all this, everyone of the games are gold seales and REV-A in like new condition (due to wrapper missing) or Mint condition. Then I have 4 Mario/DuckHunt cartridges, mario 2, mario 3, bubble bobble, and black bass all having the gold stamp. I am needing a price for these. I researched all of them and the prices are 4.00-4000.00 and the rest less than that, but none of them explain to me what I could get. Please help

  293. Jason_D says:

    I have a friend who has a copy of Bubble Bobble 2 but all I see are copies that have the grey cartridge and his is a baby blue color. Any ideas?

  294. DAVE says:

    Hey guys,

    I have Super Mario Bros 2, but it’s an ASIAN Version, with the black Nintendo case. So far In know there are maybe less than 10 around.Any idea how much it will fetch?

  295. Cody Haller says:

    I have a shed full of Nintendo for sale from NES (including over 800 games 30 systems boxes of joysticks and super controllers, running pads ect) to SNES (including 10 systems , 170 games , super scope in box, controllers ect) to 64. if your interested in buying.

  296. LORENE says:

    I cant believe this I have the whole system inside a lil blue bag with so many games. This was my fav so I never parted with it. Im showing it to my 13 year old son. He cant believe it.

  297. ravenstwilight says:

    wow i believe this i got like 7 of these games in the boxes still i found them at a yard sell for 50 cents and a few unopened games also

  298. MoNsTeRzKHAOS says:

    Your missing Zombie Nation, just got that game today didn’t know how much it was worth til I looked it up.

  299. kaiman says:

    can someone tell me the value of these games

    rainbow islands bubble bobble 2
    snake rattle n roll
    super Mario bros 2
    super Mario bros 3
    double dragon 3

  300. Drew says:

    Looking for snow brothers for Nintendo nes in California. Hit me up if you have a copy.

  301. jay says:

    man I had all the dragon warriors 1-4 and then I sold them all for like 120 now I can get that for one of them wow shoulda kept them but I got the re releases and old roms since I owned the cart im entitled lol

  302. matt says:

    looks like mighty final fight has climbed in value to about 70, might be time to add it to the list

  303. DreamStar says:

    I own a grey edtion NWC 1990,I used to own Little Samson,Chip and Dale 2,Duck Tales 2 and CIB copys of Dragon Warriors 1 though 4.

  304. Barth says:

    Stop asking how much your old crap is worth. Check ebay. This stuff is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

  305. Tyler says:

    My aunt told me of her old video game stash in her locker, so I checked it out and found Snow Brothers.

  306. Sandi says:

    I have the 110 games in 1 pirate done by ex Nintendo employee. Does anyone know what it’s worth. I bought it new from a local store and then two weeks later a story in the paper said they were pulled from the shelves because they weren’t legally allowed to sell them. HA! I’ve got my fame and still have it so if anyone knows what IRS worth pls tell me. Thanks.

  307. michell says:

    Flinstones 1,400 dlls used
    Perfect conditions

  308. Fred says:

    Check this game, newly listed ultra rare, get it before its gone only roughly 3 sold a year!! IN MINT condition, in case, foam, and manual!!!


  309. Ben says:

    Are you kidding me?!?

    These games go for WAAAAAAY more than 100$ little Samson’s goes for about 700 surprise at dinosaur peak goes for about a grand. You guys underestimate the madness of collectors.

  310. jesus says:

    Hi,I have acople of Gámez ,celda,Narc,baseball,comandor,nintendo games nes and the much they value.

  311. jesus says:

    How much they worth