The Rarest and Most Valuable Gameboy Color Games

The original Game Boy is becoming a big target for collectors (especially of boxed and sealed games) and logically, the Game Boy Color goes hand-in-hand with it.   The Game Boy Color has a number of interesting rarities due to how long Nintendo kept the platform going — even after the release of the Game Boy Advance.

Since this guide was originally published in 2008, we have seen quite an increase in values for boxed and sealed games.    So I have updated and expanded this list (and separated it from the original Game Boy listings)

In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this Rare & Valuable series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling. Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game by itself. The second price is the highest price in the past three months which is usually the price for the new/sealed game. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive.

Treasured Game Boy Color Releases

Shantae Cover Shantae: $120 – $660
Rarity = 3
This colorful platformer was released on the tail end of the Gameboy Color’s lifespan as the Gameboy Advance was well on its way to domniate the market.  Luckly, Shantae looked so good that it could pass for an early GBA game.  Because of the combination of a relatively low print run and demand for this cool little gem, the game’s value stays solid.  Shantae may have seen a bit of of uptick in value due to the sequel release on the DSi  Since oue last guide revision in 2008, Shantae increased about 500% from the $27 to $90 range.

Shop for Shantae on eBay
Shop for Shantae on

Magical Chase Cover Magical Chase – $100 – $400
Rarity = 6
This Cotton-esqe 2D shooter is best known for being a gem in the TurboGrafx 16′s library, but it also made a Japan-only appearance on the Gameboy as well.  It’s actually a quite impressive and colorful port that makes it one of the best shmups on the portable.
Check for Magical Chase on eBay
Space Station Silicon Valley Cover Space Station Silicon Valley: $45 – $500
Rarity = 5
This Gameboy rarity is the pocket-sized incarnation of the cult-classic N64 game from DMA Designs (now known as Rockstar North, creator of the Grand Theft Auto series).  Much like Mr. Do, it hardly ever shows up on eBay.  Sometimes, you may get lucky and score a bare cartridge for next to nothing, but if it attracts attention from more than one hardcore Gameboy collector, you can expect some high prices.
Check for Space Station Silicon Valley on eBay
Resident Evil Gaiden Box Resident Evil Gaiden: $34 – $500
Rarity = 4
As a unique entry in a increasingly-popular franchise, Resident Gaiden has become a bit of a collectors item.  Being released in the US in the middle of 2002 also ensured that the print run was rather short considering it is in a popular franchise.Shop for Resident Evil Gaiden on eBay
Shop for Resident Evil Gaiden on
Zelda Link's Awakening DX Box The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX: $27 – $821
Rarity = 1
This upgraded version of the classic Game Boy release isn’t especially uncommon, but it is a popular release of a classic franchise.   Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a loose cartridge for under $30, but the true shock comes when sealed copies exceed $800 on eBay.Shop for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on eBay
Shop for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on
Pokemon Crystal Box Pokemon Crystal: $29 – $435
Rarity = 1
The Pokemon Game Boy games were never rare, but the franchise is still heavily collected.  As we mentioned in the Rare & Valauble Game Boy guide, the kids that grew up with this series are starting to become retro gaming collectors.   Pokemon Crystal is actually an updated version of Pokemon Gold & Silver (see below) that served more as a good game to jump into if you missed Gold & Silver and not a critical installment to play if you we already up to speed on the franchise.Shop for Pokemon Crystal on eBay
Shop for Pokemon Crystal on
Metal Gear Solid Cover Metal Gear Solid: $25 – $228
Rarity = 3Even thought the Metal Gear series was an established 2D franchise and Metal Gear Solid was burning up sales charts on the Playstation, the production run of the Gameboy Color version was quite small.  In fact, this portable version is one of the rarest of all the regular-issue Metal Gear games, right up there with some of the old-school classics.Shop for Metal Gear Solid on eBay
Shop for Metal Gear Solid on
Zelda Oracle of Seasons Box The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons:  $25 – $195
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: $24 – $179
Rarity = 1
This duo are the lone Zelda release that is an original, exclusive release to the Game Boy Color.  These are not a limited release by any means, but Zelda collectors keep the value strong — especially for complete versions.Shop for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages / Seasons on eBay
Shop for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages on
Shop for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons on 
Harvest Moon 3 Cover Harvest Moon 3: $20 – $50
Rarity = 4
It seems like the Harvest Moon series is always popping up on our Rare and Valuble lists (see SNES and N64), but you can’t beat a combination of small print runs and a cult following for a series.  I guess there are a lot of fans of cutesy farm simulations that have money burning a hole in their pocket.   The third portable installment is the most popular and valuable, but you’ll also see the other two installments listed in the honorable mentions list below.
Shop for Harvest Moon 3 on eBay
Shop for Harvest Moon 3 on
Pokemon Gold Box Pokemon Gold: $17 – $230
Pokemon Silver: $16 –  $150
Rarity = 1
Pokemon Mania shows up yet again.   While more common than the Crystal version listed above, the Gold and Silver version can still command a mighty price tag — especially for sealed copiesShop for Pokemon Gold on eBay
Shop for Pokemon Gold on
Shop for Pokemon Silver on eBay
Shop for Pokemon Silver on

Gameboy Color Games With Sealed Premiums

Much like the NES games, there is quite a market for popular Gameboy games that are still in the factory plastic wrap.  Here’s a sampling of the biggest prices of the last couple of months.  I’ve linked to the actual auctions for the prices listed.   In most cases, an bare cart of the same games go for a small amount of cash.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX: $652, $821
  • Shantae:  $660
  • Pokemon Crystal: $248, $435
  • Metal Gear Solid: $228
  • Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons:  $90 – $195
  • Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages:  $90 – $179
  • Donkey Kong Country: $110 – $153
  • Blaster Master: $149
  • Pokemon Gold: $100 – $230
  • Pokemon Silver: $100 – $143
  • Revelations: The Demon Slayer: $139
  • Earthworm Jim: $120
  • Wario Land 3:  $100

Additional Gameboy Color Games of Value

  • Lufia: The Legend Returns: $16 – $30
  • Harvest Moon: $15 – $58
  • Dragon Warrior I & II: $15 – $40
  • Harvest Moon 2: $15 – $34
  • Survival Kids: $14 – $55
  • Revelations: The Demon Slayer: $13 – $91
  • Return of the Ninja: $13 – $40
  • Mortal Kombat 4: $10 – $80
  • Azure Dreams: $10 – $25

Credits: Rarity scores are courtesy of my friends at DigitalPress.


BoringSupreez says:

I miss the days when just about everything for GBC was super cheap.

Low Budget Jeff says:

I miss the days when just about everything for everything was super cheap. I’ve gone from adding 1 – 3 games a month to the collection to 2 – 4 games per year.

Pichu says:

Basically what Low Budget Jeff said. I hate to be one of “those guys,” but I don’t like that retro collecting has grown in awareness over the years.

People who are ignorant of the stuff they sell is great.

Brian K says:


I think you meant to type, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, not DS. Having just bought a DS, I got very excited lol.


AppleQueso says:

“Shantae saw a release on the DSi and past history would suggest that the original release would see a decrease in demand and value.”

Shantae was not released on DSi. The DSi Shantae title is actually a sequel to the GBC game.

racketboy says:

@Brian K — thanks for catching that
@AppleQueso — that’s what I meant, but I didn’t really word it the best

RudyC3 says:

I’m looking to sell my complete copy (box & manual) of Resident Evil Gaiden, if anyone’s interested. It’s a European one. Complete copies for this sell for lower than its US counterpart, or so it seems.

The lowest price I’ve seen on ebay for a complete (but in much worst shape than mine) copy of this was 80€ with shipping. Mine’s in a better shape but I’d be willing to part with it at the same price tag.

Contact me for pictures.

I remember Resident Evil Gaiden, but never played it. What happened in it? Was it canon to the RE story?

rickysix says:

Ive got a legend of zelda: links awakening cartridge and manual, but no box and a snes with everything that came with it. Its even got the yellow promotional super mario world sticker on the side. Would these be worth anything hefty iyo?

katy kat says:

i have Pokemon crystal for game boy color and gold and i don have a box or anything my cousins gave them to me and they work, but if you might be interested in them you can contact me at : girnwaffles4ever@

iced says:

people paying fortunes for sealed games….
u can fight stupidity:)

aced says:

I want to see a list for Gameboy advance games and the Neo Geo color.

zzzyxxx says:

resident evil gaiden is actually great.

Chiburiatsu says:

I bought a copy of Magical chase over 1 years ago for 100bux. Can’t believe that it goes for 200 and above now on ebay

Lullies says:

Do you know the value of a Nintendo game boy colour the legend of zelda links awakening Dx still in wrapping in a black box .

Pappy says:

He should update this list again. Shantae has gone off the charts these days. An average 300$ for a used copy, and today i just saw a CIB sealed autographed copy on Ebay standing at 1860$.

Alex says:

Indeed. Shantae is extremely expensive. Arguably the best GBC game aswell, perhaps explains the hype of this game combined with low production numbers.

Maggie-Do says:

I have a Game Boy Color bought in Dec. 1999 with Super Mario Bros. Game. Have the original box, instruction booklet, consumer information and precautions booklet, as well as the instruction booklet for the game( in color.)

Maggie-Do says:

What value for 1999 Game Boy Color with Super Mario Deluxe? Have box and all the instruction booklets in excellent condition.

wesley says:

hey, guys, i noticed Pokemon Gold was on here. how much do u think i could get for Pokemon Silver without its box, and some writing on it?

davex says:

Damn i want Shantae………… cmon

Kristi says:

I am having a hard time finding the right market to sale my sealed Donkey Kong Country for Gameboy Color. Any advice on where to sale this item? I posted it on craigslist, and have not received any hits.

df123 says:

I can’t believe I had Shantae… Got it at a pawnshop for next to nothing along with a bunch of other games. Tried it for a few minutes and thought it was fun… Months later I pawned it and all the games in el Paso for again… Next to nothing… Uggh if only I knew what I had. If you live in El Paso TX keep your eyes peeled for it. I no longer live there and I only pawned it a few months back…

nick65 says:

i still have pokemon crystal with holographic cartridge art somewhere around here

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