The Rarest and Most Valuable GameBoy Games

Rare and Valuable Gameboy Games

The original Game Boy and brought portable gaming to the masses and now holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of collectors right there with the NES.  And while the rarest Gameboy games don’t quite touch the those in the NES library in terms of value, there are some surprising treasures to be found.

Since this guide was originally published in 2008, we have seen quite an increase in values for boxed and sealed games.    So I have updated and expanded this list, but also took out the Game Boy Color listings (which have their own list)

In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this Rare & Valuable series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling. Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game by itself. The second price is the highest price in the past three months which is usually the price for the new/sealed game. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive.

Treasured Releases

Trip World – $170$1353
Rarity = 10This gem of a platformer from Sunsoft never saw a release in North America (it was released in Japan and in Europe).   This past month saw a loose Japanese copy sell for about $170 while a sealed PAL copy passed the $1300 mark.  The game has recently been re-released on the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan and Europe (still noting for North America), but it hasn’t seemed to slow down the enthusiasm for the original Game Boy version.

Shop for Trip World on eBay

Amazing Tater Box Amazing Tater – $130 – $800
Rarity = 10
If there’s one developer that seems to consistantly show up on our Rare and Valuable lists, it is Atlus.  They always seem to make cult classics and release them in low numbers.  While Amazing Tater might not have what it takes to reach cult classic status, it is one of the hardest to find Game Boy games of all time.   This puzzle platformer is a part of the Japanese Puzzle Boy series (and the US releases, Kwirk and Spud’s Aventure), but most non-collectors have never even heard of it.Shop for Amazing Tater on eBay
Shop for Amazing Tater on
Spud's Adventure Box Spud’s Adventure – $90 – $700
Rarity = 10
As you might have been able to tell from the titles, Spud’s Adventure is in the same series of puzzlers as Amazing Tater (and also Kwirk).   It was released just 8 months before Amazing Tater.   Of course, this title is also developed and published by Atlus and saw very low production numbers.

Shop for Spud’s Adventure on eBay

Mega Man 5 Cover Mega Man V: $55 – $500
Rarity = 4
Even though one might think that the Gameboy games are just monochrome versions of the NES games, the portable versions are actually quite different than their console counterparts.  So all those Mega Man fans have to give this one a try if they want to play through the massive series.  As you can see from our recent Best Mega Man game poll, Mega Man V is the most popular of the portable installments and it’s also one of the hardest to find.   Over the last few years, this title has increased in value about 40%.  A loose copy has onlyincreased to just above $50, but complete copies have skyrocketed from $100 to $500 in just a few short years.

Shop for Mega Man V on eBay
Shop for Mega Man V on

Castlevania Legends Cover Castlevania Legends: $37 – $262
Rarity = 3
Despite being one of the lowest ranking game on our Best Castlevania Games poll, Castlevania Legends is one of the most collectable installments on a portable platform.  It’s quite different than most of the games in the series, and it still has a group of devoted fans.

Shop for Castlevania Legends on eBay

Shop for Castlevania Legends on


Kid Dracula Box Kid Dracula:  $34 – $134
Rarity = 3
Interestingly enough, the next game in our list is actually a spinoff of the Castlevania series.  This platformer from Konami is more a comical game, but it actually has characters that have later appeared in Castlevania titles.   Because it is both a quirky title, and interesting game, and an offshoot of a very popular series, Kid Dracula has become more and more of a collector’s piece.

Shop for Kid Dracula on eBay
Shop for Kid Dracula on

Mega Man 4 Cover Mega Man IV: $26 – $200
Rarity = 4
While it isn’t quite as popular as Mega Man V, the fourth installment in the portable Mega Man series is still quite a hit and a challenge to find in the wild at a decent price.

Shop for Mega Man IV on eBay
Shop for Mega Man IV on

Mr Do Cover Mr Do! – $24 – $100
Rarity = 4
This game may be ones of the less popular games on this list, but it is one of the hardest to track down.  Loose catridges will show up here and there, but complete and sealed copies are near impossible to find. If you do find one for a decent price, I would jump on it (especially as the market for boxed Game Boy games heats up)  Typically, the cartridge alone and generally runs in the $20-30 range, but even an unsealed, complete copy can break $100.
Shop for Mr Do! on eBay
Pokemon Red Box Pokemon Red: $23 – $450
Pokemon Blue: $22 – $305
Rarity = 1
This is where the Pokemon madness all started.  Pokemon Red & Blue are the very first games in the imensly popular RPG series focusing on collecting little creatures for battle.  There were millions of copies of these games sold, so we know these cartridges aren’t rare.  However, the kids that grew up with these games are now becoming nostolgic adults and these are becoming the gateway drug to Game Boy collecting (much like Mario and Zelda are to NES collectors for the generation before).   Cartridges can be found for a bit over $20, but boxed copies are becoming fast sellers and sealed copies go for a few hundred dollar bills.   Collecting all the Pokemon games might become an expensive habit.

Shop for Pokemon Red on eBay
Shop for Pokemon Red on

Shop for Pokemon Blue on eBay
Shop for Pokemon Blue on

NIV Bible Box NIV Bible and the 20 Lost Levels of Joshua:  $21 – $100
Rarity = 4
The NES infamously had some Bible-related unlicenced games that made for interesting collectors pieces.  The Gameboy also had a cartridge published by The Wisdom Tree.   This one let Game Boy owners carry around an NIV translation of the Bible (complete with searching capabilities) in addition to twenty extra levels of the game “Joshua and the Battle of Jericho” that were not included in the original Game Boy release.

Shop for NIV Bible and the Lost Levels of Joshua on eBay
Shop for NIV Bible and theLost Levels of Joshua on

Snow Bros Jr Cover Snow Bros Jr: $21 – $55
Rarity = 4
This Bubble Bobble clone was also listed on the Rarest and Most Valuable NES Games list, but in top condition, it can actually command a few more dollars than the console version and doens’t show up quite as much on eBay.   However, this game seems to have actually gone down in value a bit over the last few years.  Back in 2008, cartridges were seen going for $38 and complete copies for $90.   Four years later, the values have been cut almost in half.   The game is still just as hard to find, so now might be a good time to add this one to your collection while it is still relatively cheap.

Shop for Snow Bros Jr on eBay

Gameboy Games With Sealed Premiums

Much like the NES games, there is quite a market for popular Gameboy games that are still in the factory plastic wrap.  Here’s a sampling of the biggest prices of the last couple of months.  I’ve linked to the actual auctions for the
prices listed.   In most cases, an bare cart of the same games go for a small amount of cash.

  • Mega Man III (PAL Red Tearstrip) – 3,000 Euros – Private Sale
  • Castlevania Adventure: $500
  • Pokemon Red: $188 – $450
  • Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: $200$418
  • Mega Man: $325
  • Pokemon Blue: $158 – $305
  • Metroid II: $274
  • Pokemon Yellow: $172. $185, $193, $260 , $300
  • Double Dragon II: $218
  • Final Fantasy Legend III:  $200
  • Micro Machines: $200
  • Tetris: $200
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day: $149 – $200
  • Kirby’s Dream Land: $175
  • Super Mario Land: $140 – $150
  • Super Mario Land (Greatest Hits): $170
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: $150
  • Pokemon Silver: $143
  • Super Mario Land 2: $103
  • Soccer Mania: $110

Additional Gameboy Games of Value

These games aren’t especially rare, but are quite collectable; resulting in a high resale value, especially for sealed copies.

  • Felix the Cat: $20 – $50
  • Adventure of Lolo: $20 – $40
  • Gargoyle’s Quest: $20 – $20
  • Captain America: $19 – $30
  • Metroid II: $18 – $274
  • Kirby’s Dream Land 2: $17 – $46
  • Bomb Jack (PAL): $17 – $30
  • Stop That Roach: $16 – $190
  • Jeep Jamboree: $16 – $30
  • Spirtitual Warfare: $15 – $30
  • Buster Bros: $14 – $18
  • Mega Man: Dr Wily’s Revenge : $13 – $325
  • Sumo Fighter: $13 – $150
  • Final Fantasy Legend III: $11 – $200
  • Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge : $10 – $159
  • Mega Man II: $9 – $80
  • Mega Man III: $9 – $60
  • Cool World: $10 – $20
  • The Punisher: $9 – $61
  • Dragonheart: $9 – $15

Credits: Rarity scores are courtesy of my friends at DigitalPress.


  1. WingZeroKai says:

    You listed Contra: The Alien Wars as Conta under the Sealed Premiums section. Otherwise its a very nice list, though I was suprised Castlevania Legends made the list. It makes me happy that I have an original copy with box and manual.

  2. Ex says:

    I Brought Harvest Moon 3 for 7$ at a local game store XD funny that i actually own a game that went up in value.

  3. the7k says:

    Ever since I got a RetroDuo, I’ve actually been playing a whole lot of Mega Man V on the Super Game Boy. It really is the best Mega Man no one has ever played.

    I also know of a flea market where a guy is selling Metal Gear Solid for GBC for $7. Going there this Sunday.

    I might just have to find out if the Super Game Boy can play imports.

  4. butane bob says:

    It should be able to play imports – nintendo’s handhelds are region free.

  5. Atlus says:

    You forgot about Amazing Tater for the Gameboy, last time I saw it on ebay(a few months ago) it went for 40$ for the cart alone.

  6. SirJaundice says:

    Should the US version of Kid Dracula be put up here? There was an NES version as well as a Gameboy version released in Japan, but only the Gameboy version made it stateside. There’s usually quite a fervent bidding war when it’s put up on eBay, and a lone cartridge is usually more expensive than Megaman V. Good game, too!

  7. Eddie says:

    If you’re patient on ebay, you can get some of these games for cheap. I got Mega Man V for 5 bucks and IV for 8. MMV was a buy it now for that price shipping included. Looking for people who don’t know what they have isn’t too tough with the classic gameboy.

  8. RyaNtheSlayA says:

    Welp now to go find Metal Gear Solid for GBC.

  9. jonathan says:

    “Mr Do! is typically regarded as the holy grail of licenced US releases in the Gameboy library and doesn’t show up on eBay too often. ”

    this must be a typo, because while mr. do is quite uncommon, the rarest and most treasured licenced us release on the gameboy is actually Amaz’n tater. last year alone, only 3 (loose) copies showed up on ebay. digital press agrees too. look again.

  10. jonathan says:

    i forgot to mention that 1 of those 3 went for almost 60.00, loose!

  11. racketboy says:

    Not sure how that’s a typo…. I said it was the rarest and it isn’t on eBay much. Unless I mis-read something, I’m agreeing with you…

  12. 3rdman says:

    i was implying that mr. do! is not the holy grail you claim it is. it might be #2 but, i’m confidant that amazing tater is considered the rarest. digitalpress’s rarity guide agrees with this. forgive my sarcasm, i appreciate and respect your guides. nothing personal against mr do, but he should be behind amaz’n tater.

  13. racketboy says:

    Ah ok — I guess I mis-read your earlier comment. Makes sense now 🙂

  14. 3 says:

    Could you modify your report to include TATER? It really should be up there.

  15. A.J. says:

    crud! when i was little, i remembered playing a roach game on the gameboy. then i lost it. argggg….

  16. rick says:

    Can anyone here tell me what a factory sealed Original Gameboy Tetris is worth?

  17. Illirik Smirnov says:

    I once bought a copy of Resi Gaiden for $4.99 at GameStop. Great game. Traded it in for $2 (not $30) at PlaynTrade to finance what would become my introduction into 32bit gaming, the era where my mind still sits, the PS1 (only a $13 purchase).

  18. Illirik Smirnov says:

    I once bought a copy of Resi Gaiden for $4.99 at GameStop. Great game. Traded it in for $2 (not $30) at PlaynTrade to finance what would become my introduction into 32bit gaming, the era where my mind still sits, the PS1 (only a $13 purchase). I also once saw MGS gameboy on sale for $8 and amazing tater for $3.99… what a great world

  19. molotovwars says:

    Hey Racket, I think it would be worthwhile to host snapshots of the ebay pages, or like host the one particular page, so that when you link to an ebay completed listing (for the sealed games) that it won’t expire after x number of days. I hope that makes sense.

  20. racketboy says:

    Yeah, that’s a good idea — might need to start creating an archive…

  21. Daniel Bell says:

    there are tons of super mario land 2 games on e-bay at the moment…

  22. Daniel Bell says:

    if i were to sell magaman 5 just the cartridge on ebay what would i expect to make?…

  23. racketboy says:

    For cart only — probably around $30

  24. TRuegamer says:

    Are the pokemon games like red and blue just the cart, worth any thing?

  25. sh13ld says:

    Any idea how much a factory sealed Kirby Tilt’n’tumble is worth?

  26. bourne says:

    yo tengo algunos de esos completos hay muchos raros en game boy pero muchos felix el gato o ninja taro son raros y no se ven casi nunca

  27. breakwind says:

    Gremlins 2 on the Gameboy constitutes being a rare and valuable game.In fact,on there are’nt many video game sellers offering this great game.

  28. EctoGlow says:

    Ive been told by people from digitpress and other online rarity guides that the “holy grails” of the original gameboy line are amazin tater, spuds adventure and f1 pole position.

  29. Vacs and Videos says:

    Anyone ever heard of a gameboy game with 86 games on 1 cart? If so please email at

  30. Madgeniusboy says:


    i just thought i’d mention i just found a cart-only copy of zool – ninja of the Nth dimension for $26.96 on Ebay… which is good for me, ‘cos i just bought it for the equivalent of $5!

  31. Feefle says:

    What about Bomb Jack for the original gameboy? It was only released in Europe, and rarely shows up on ebay.

  32. Oldgamer says:

    This isn’t such an old game but Ive never seen a sealed copy anywhere in a really long time. The game is Wario land 3.

  33. Oldgamer says:

    @ Sh13ld, I’ve seen it a few times for $100-110.

  34. CRTGAMER says:

    At 2/8/2010 10:02 AM, CRTGAMER said…
    At 2/8/2010 9:56 AM, CRTGAMER said…
    Anapan has posted scans of the Original Game Genie Code Book.

    They are here:

  35. I wish Shantae was only 30-90 bucks. Right now on eBay its hovering at 200 : /

  36. Billy says:

    hey i see that empire strikes back is on the sealed list, i have a used one with the box is it worth anything?

  37. Cameron says:

    I have the Pokemon Yellow edition. I didn’t know it was worth so much money

  38. Gmr says:

    Mole Mania is Rare

  39. Oldgamer says:

    I have pokemon Blue & Red both sealed.

  40. Oldgamer says:

    Can any1 tell me when this website was started?

  41. Oldgamer says:

    How much would anyone pay for Pokemon red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, firered, and leafgreen all at once? If anyone still reads this forum…

  42. Oldgamer says:

    I forgot to add that they all would be factory sealed.

  43. shaun riches says:

    could someone please help me i have a game (cart only)of gorou mark of the wolves (fatal fury 2001) its a gameboy advance game but the graphics are more like a neo geo pocket i can not find any info on the net about it i have been lookin now for about two months now is it unofficial bootleg or could it be a rare game i just dont know i would be very grateful to any one who could drop me a quick e mail regarding this cheers

  44. CRTGAMER says:

    Recently purchased STOP THAT ROACH right here on Racketboy from a fellow member.
    Interesting game, did a mini review here:

  45. Oldgamer says:

    If anyone is wondering why it’s so difficult to find a sealed Zelda Links Awakening, then google: Zelda collectors museum, they’ve got them.

  46. Oldgamer says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a hard case for a sealed Gameboy game?

  47. Justin says:

    I actually own Pokemon Red, and Yellow!! i didnt even know the were rare! they range fron 80 to 100 dollars!

  48. vic says:

    i got an original gameboy in a hard plastic caring case with the ac adaptor still in brandnew condition has to instuction books with it and metroid II, yoshi, big hurt, and nfl club 96. im trying to sell it all do u know of anywhere other then ebay to sell them or if anyone is intrested in buying them pls contact me at

  49. Amos says:

    i have a gamoshit!!!!!!!!!!!w much do u want it for i want eboy advace h

  50. Oldgamer says:

    I have a factory sealed Pokemon Crystal Version in mint condition.

  51. collector23 says:

    I have a 1989 factory sealed game boy I need to show an expert some pics to confirm it isn’t a re-seal.

  52. Slip says:

    I bought a castlevania Legends for $3 at a flee market.

  53. Rik Smits says:

    I have seled copi of Cockmasters 1&2 and Anal Intruders GBC how much to sell would cock be worth?? Please help my cock

  54. Oldgamer says:

    Does anyone have a factory sealed copy of Wario land: Super Mario Land 3 that they would be willing to sell or trade? Or does anyone know where I can get it?

  55. Oldgamer says:

    @ collector 23, what game do you have from 1989?

  56. Cole says:

    I have a gameboy color game that has 110 games on it, including all 3 Original Pokemons, an english version. Does any one know about this? I cant find it on the internet anywhere so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it?
    Thanks in advance

  57. Gaye says:

    Anybody out there interested in buying Tetris and Ms. PacMan for the original Gameboy? In case and hardly ever used – like new!

  58. Garrison says:

    OMG had MGS 4 ever i thought it was just i piece of junk but wow

  59. John says:

    I used to have a copy of super marioland 2, but my friggin older sister lost it with her gb sp. now I can only play it on my visualboy advance emulator…

  60. Luis says:

    Cool. Hey, I have Super mario land 2! My grandma found it while she was working. I can’t believe how much it costs!!!!!

  61. jimmy flahive says:

    I’m keeping my pokemon black sealed since the other game value is going up so I was wondering in 50 years, how much would it be worth?

  62. mr h says:

    hi i see a space station silicon valey on ebay for 3 quid delivered buy it now should i buy it

  63. racketboy says:

    The PAL one might not be worth as much if that’s what it is

  64. mr h says:

    thanks,how much is a boxed pokemon crystal and a boxed zelda oracle of seasons worth

  65. racketboy says:

    Boxed copies can really vary — but at least they are popular ones. You could get anywhere from $40 to $60 for them now.

  66. Mr h says:

    I’ve got about 100 games about thirty boxed with 15consoles a boxed printer organiser two boxed cameras and other stuff I’ll see if I can post some pictures

  67. superdeeduper51 says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention The King James Bible for Game Boy. I know it has to be rare because I never see copies of it on eBay. I bought a sealed copy for $50, but I can’t figure out how much it’s really worth.

  68. Mr h says:

    I have a sealed n sync get to the show

  69. Oldgamer says:

    I haven’t been on this site for a while. The updates like the homepage are pretty cool.

  70. hello friend says:

    how much would you pay for a Kirby’s dream land game? is $9 to much? please help trying to decide what game for my game boy to buy 🙂 do you have any good games inmind?

  71. Oldgamer says:

    @ hello friend, Kirby’s Dream land is a great game. I owned it years ago. I think that $9 dollars is worth it. I’d say the average price for Kirby is around $5-8. You could probably get it for $6, but then shipping would be another $4 which is $10. I recently played and beat Zelda Link’s Awakening for the 1st time. I would definitely recommend it. I don’t know what types of games you like, but Link’s Awakening was a lot of fun. Wario Land 2 is also a good game. My first two games that I owned for Gameboy were Wario land and Wario land 2.

  72. Oldgamer says:

    I have a factory sealed Shadow Warriors Ninja Gaiden for the original Gameboy. I think it is a PAL version. It isn’t an NTSC release. The sides are sealed with a “Y” fold seal, and there is a red strip going around the box which opens when you pull the plastic tab in the back. I know that PAL GBA games have a red strip that says Nintendo on it, but this one doesent. Maybe it is because it is from 1991, I don’t know. Can anyone tell me how much it is worth?

  73. hello friend says:

    hey Oldgamer thanks for you help, you have inspired me to buy the game. and in return i will tell you how much you Shadows Warriors Ninja Gaiden costs, it costs 10-45 and sence it is factory sealed probably way more you can check on ebay to see the prices listed there
    hope i helped

  74. hello friend says:

    (to oldgamer) how much do you think would be a good price for the game Zelda Links Awakening? and whats the highest price you would pay for a used gb game and a new one? also do yuo now any where you can buy protective cases for each of your games? thanks for helping me decide on buying Kirby’s dream land it looks like an awesome game and i am going to buy it this monday 🙂

  75. oldgamer says:

    A good price for Link’s Awakening would be around $10. Are you asking what the highest price I would pay for any used or new gameboy game or just for Link’s Awakening? You can get protective cases on Ebay for pretty cheap, $1-2 or so.

  76. jimmy says:

    actually, at my game store the dust cases come with the game but you cant buy the cases. I get each game for usually 8$ plus the dust case. Whats the value on a dust case? I got 11

  77. hello friend says:

    (to old gamer) i was asking what is the highest price you would pay for any used or new games cause i need to find out whats the highest price i should pay for a game and thanks 🙂 link’s awakening sounds awesome, i just searched it up on youtube and it looks pretty impressive, i probably will buy that as well 🙂 thanks for all your help

  78. hello friend says:

    (to jimmy) what is your game store called? is it located in canada or is it a online site? i might be interested in buying some games and i really need dust covers for my game boy games and i have looked everywhere but can’t find any cause they don’t make them anymore please help

  79. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) I think that the highest price that I would pay for a used gameboy game (cartridge only) would be $25. (awhile back I bought the first Fire Emblem game for GBA for $20 or $25, I don’t remember which) I’m not sure what the highest price is that I would pay for a brand new Gameboy game. It depends if I would be getting the game to play or if I was getting it as a collectors item. Though I would recommend buying a used game if you want to play it because some of the older gameboy games can be pretty expensive if they are brand new. How many games do you have that you want dust covers for?

  80. jimmy flahive says:

    I could use about 4 dust covers, maybe 3, am I pushing my expectations too far?

  81. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) thanks for your help, i wasn’t sure what would be a good price to go up to for a game boy game 🙂 i have 10 game boy games (hardly any) and 30+ game boy advance games that i need covers for. Do you know any where you can get them for cheap or they come with a game?

  82. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) I just looked online and I found a great deal on ebay for Gameboy advance game cases. The item number is: 370498766801. I think it is by far the best deal that I found for GBA cases. You get 24 cases. The “Buy It Now” price is $1.99 and shipping is $5.99. That is about $8 in total for 24 individual cases. That’s about 33 cents per case. I think it is definitely worth it, being that you have 30+ Gameboy advance games. P.S. If this item gets bought before you have a chance to take a look, the seller has more than 1 of the same deal, so just search under the sellers name.

  83. Oldgamer says:

    @ jimmy flahive, I think that 3 or 4 dust cases are within reasonable expectations. They aren’t too difficult to find and they’re usually not expensive. The easiest place to find them would probably be on eBay. (I would think)

  84. hello friend says:

    Thanks for all your help, and searching up some cases for me 🙂 i am going to buy them today, you have been a great help 😀 today also i am going to buy Kirby’s Dream land at the price of $9.29 do you think that is reasonable? I’m also going to buy one of these games Croc 2 for game boy, Muppets for game boy, or Lizzie McQuire 3 for game boy advance.
    Which one do you think is the best?

  85. hello friend says:

    does any one know a shop where you can buy games (in Canada)?

  86. hello friend says:

    How much should i pay for a game boy pocket?

  87. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) $9.29 is a reasonable price for Kirby. I haven’t ever played Croc 2, Muppets, or Lizzy McQuire, so I can’t tell you which one is best. I think that the most that you should pay for a Game boy Pocket is $30. You can probably get one for around $15-25. You can buy one at for that price.

  88. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) hey mate thanks for your help, i ordered Kirby’s Dream land and the Muppets yesterday 🙂 hopefully they come soon.
    I am also intersted in buying a gameboy pocket it is extreame green color (rare) and comes with 5 games, i am thinking of bidding for it on this auction site and was wondering how much to go up to for it, thanks for your help i think i will go up to $30 because it comes with games and is rare go to this website to see what it looks like (not actual item) and tell me if it is a waste of money or you think i should go for it and see if i win the bid

  89. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) hey mate thanks for your help, i ordered Kirby’s Dream land and the Muppets yesterday 🙂 hopefully they come soon.
    I am also intersted in buying a gameboy pocket it is extreame green color (rare) and comes with 5 games, i am thinking of bidding for it on this auction site and was wondering how much to go up to for it, thanks for your help i think i will go up to $30 because it comes with games and is rare go to this website to see what it looks like (not actual item) and tell me if it is a waste of money or you think i should go for it and see if i win the bid 🙂

  90. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) I think you should definitely go for it. Maybe even bid up to $40. As you said, an extreme green game boy color is hard to find, and since it comes with some games, it’s even better. If you decide to bid on it, then good luck.

  91. hell friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) thanks for your help, i think i should bid up to $40 for it cause i really love the color and it is hard to find and probably will never come up in auction again in the next few months 🙂 when do you think i should bid for it? the bidding ends (April 11, 2011 19:28:31) , do you think i should bid on it early like tomorrow or wait till a couple of hours before the bidding ends?

  92. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) You might have already bid on it, I don’t know. But this is what I would do. I would bid when there are a few hours left or if you are able, at a few minutes or even a few seconds before it ends.

  93. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) thanks i think i will do that just so i have a better chance of winning the bid, if i bid a few minutes before it ends 🙂 thanks for your help, i will let you know if i won the bid

  94. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) sadly i didn’t win the bid 🙁 oh well what’s meant to be will be

  95. jimmy flahive says:

    im gonna win a bid for an atari 2600 darth vador model with original box, dust case box, plus like 20 games!! great condition only 50$$ yea!!!!!

  96. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t win the auction. I don’t know when you are going to read this, but currently there is the same item for sale on It is for less then $40 and the description says that it even comes with some games. You can ask the seller what games are included. It sounds like a good deal and if you want it, you won’t need to bid.

  97. Oldgamer says:

    @ Jimmy flahive, good luck. Sounds like a great deal.

  98. jimmy flahive says:

    yea, gonna win in 1 hour!

  99. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) thanks it sounds awesome, i will have to check it out 🙂 thanks for looking it up for me and it is even better cause i can just buy it 🙂 you’re a really good friend! thanks

  100. hello friend says:

    (to jimmy flahive) hope you won the bid it sounds amazing 🙂 and $50 or even $100 is cheap for a atari 2600 darth vador model with box and games, lucky duck if you got it 🙂

  101. hello friend says:

    Guess what i won a ebay bid for…
    1 clear game boy pocket
    5 games – pacman, pokemon blue, supermarioland, tetris Dx, Championship racing
    and 4 dust covers for the games
    it only cost me $35 shipping included 🙂
    I am sooo happy

  102. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) Thats awesome!! Pretty sweet deal especially since the games are good ones.

  103. jimmy flahive says:

    i would pay at the most 20$ for it

  104. Oldgamer says:

    @ Jimmy flahive, Only $20? I’d say $35 including shipping is worth it, considering the games that were included and the dust covers.

  105. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) thanks for your opinion 🙂 i was wondering if it was too much to bid for it, but pokemon blue is a awesome game and i was also looking for dust covers and mario super land 🙂 i can’t wait till it comes, how long do you think it would take?

  106. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) I don’t know when the seller will mail it, but I would estimate not more than 11 days.

  107. jimmy flahive says:

    well, depends on how many games their are. If theirs like only 5, no, if like 15 games then yea. Each game i get comes with a dust cover from a used game store for around 8 bucks but for ebay like 3 or 4. Remember that ebay is like a huge online thrift store with better prices than used game stores. For the gameboy, i would pay at the most about 10 or 15 $.

  108. hello friend says:

    Thanks for your help guys 🙂 guess what today i went looking for gameboy games so i went to a thrift store near me and i found husdreds of gameboy games (it was really weird cause they never have any) anyway they were all $2 and with the box’s and manuals and the games were in awesome condition! i bought these 5 games which only cost me $10 total :O

    1. Super mario land 2 (with everything)
    2. Kirby’s Dream land (with everything)
    3. Spy vs Spy (with everything)
    4. Metroid 2 return of samus (with everything)
    5. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Dx (with everthing)

    I am sooooo happy and was like going to faint when i found them and it was really weird because my other Kirby Dream land just came today which costed me $10.00 only for the game and i found one today and bought it for only $2 and it came with everything game, box, manual, and poster
    OMG! unbelievable

  109. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) Wow, so lucky. I don’t know of any thrift stores near me, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for one. Only $2 each for several complete games? Terrific deal.
    Were all the games in the store complete with the box and manual? You should look through every game, you might find some valuable stuff.

  110. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) i still can’t believe it, and yep $2.00 each for complete gameboy games. you can also buy sega genisis games (there was only a few) for $3 each , sega game gear games for 50 cents by them self also there was a gameboy color clear atomic purple that came with Noby case and 9 games and lightboy for only $20. There is a sega saturn for sale with games, remotes and lots more for $12, i am thinking of buying it do you think it is a good deal? There are a few places you can find game stuff sometimes, a couple of places are

    1. Thursday and Saturday market indoors (St. Jacobs)
    2. Game place beside Salvation army in Listowel
    3. Gamestop (but doesn’t really have old games)
    4. Elmira Thrift store
    5. bless me Centre (best place cause everything is free) i got a few nintendo stuff from here 😛
    6. Online ebay, Amazon …
    7. Goodwill (never been there but people on youtube got pretty cheap games there for under $3)
    8. Yard sales (you can find amazing stuff there, one guy found sealed games for only $1)
    9. Friends (ask around if they have any old games they don’t want and you can buy them forcheap)
    10. Game warehouse (buy, sell or trade games)

    It depends how far away you are from these locations, i haven’t been in goodwill cause there is only one in Toronto and the states .. and game warehouse i also haven’t been in cause it is not close to me. If you live in Canada the rest of the places you can go but if you live in the states or Califorina then the other two you can go to, i hope one of these places will help you find gameboy games or any other types of games for cheap prices. My opinion is that ‘The Bless Me Centre’ is the best because you bring clothes or stuff you hate and don’t want anymore and you can shop around and pick up as many things as you want for free! i got a playstation and nintendo remote out of there a few weeks ago but it is closed for the moment until the end of April so i will have to wait till then 🙂 Can’t wait till this Sat, i am going to buy 2 more boxed games and maybe 3 sega game gear games and the sega saturn lot. what do you think?

  111. hello friend says:

    sorry the last one was so long 😛

  112. hello friend says:

    Do you think i should buy the sega saturn for only $12? it also comes with the remote and games and a refund of my money back if it doesn’t work

  113. racketboy says:

    Sounds like a good deal if it works fine,.

  114. hello friend says:

    thanks for your help racketboy 🙂 i will post another comment saying if i bought it or not and if it works 🙂 that will be on saturday when the shop is open

  115. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) Thanks for the info. I’ve thought of goodwill but I don’t know if there are any near me. I’ll have to look. Yard sales are probably a good place to start.
    $12 for a Sega Saturn, games and more is definitely worth it. I hope it works if you decide to buy it. I’m almost tempted to go to Canada and to go to that store.

  116. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) lol your welcome, and thanks for helping me out 🙂 i hope someday you will get to visit Canada and when you do i will be here to help you find the best game stores possible 😀 hope you have an amazing easter! and a lovely day 🙂

  117. Oldgamer says:

    No problem. The next time I am in Canada looking for games, I’ll be sure to look you up 
    Have a great weekend and a great Easter.

  118. hello friend says:

    awe thanks 🙂 you too!

  119. Batman says:

    I just saw a sealed copy of harvest moon 1 for gameboy for sale for 30$ Would this be a good investment??? Thanks

  120. Oldgamer says:

    @ Batman, I think that it is. It’s worth more than $30 as it is, so even if you bought it and decided to sell it soon after, you would most probably get back what you paid + more. Where’d you see it?

  121. Batman says:

    @old gamer thanks I saw it at a game store in ny they have a bunch of sealed nintendo super nintendo and game boy games.

  122. Oldgamer says:

    Really? What store? I’m always looking for a store that has the old games brand new.

  123. hello friend says:

    Quess what! i won a bid for a 1979 Intellivision system w/ 16 games 😀 It cost me $24.50 with shipping so i total of around $53.00, i am sooo happy! Do you think it was a good deal?

  124. Oldgamer says:

    To hello friend, Definitely! Although I’ve never actually played one, so I don’t know anything about the games. Though they’re probably good. Most systems out there have some great games.

  125. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) Awe thanks, i think the best games for the intellivision is burger time, astrosmash and a few others 🙂 how long do you think till it will come? my gameboy pocket w/ 5 games still hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully it will this week 😀 can’t wait till they both come lol 😛 I hope you find a nice system that will be lots of fun at a cheap price

  126. Oldgamer says:

    Thanks. I think I’ll look for a Nes or a Super Nintendo. My cousins used to have a few Super Nintendos just sitting in the trunk of their car. But those systems are long gone, probably thrown out . It’s a pity, because I’m sure that my cousins would have let me have one. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to bid if I want to get one. I would think that it should arrive within 2 weeks. That isn’t a very short time, but since it is a medium sized system with a bunch of games, I would think that the package will be a little bulky. Unless of course, the seller sends it with priority mail. Then it would take somewhat shorter to arrive.

  127. hello friend says:

    Your welcome 🙂 and that sounds awesome, but a pitty your cousins don’t have the systems in their trunk still. I always wanted a Super Nintendo but couldn’t find one at a cheap price. Cousins are awesome sometimes, mine gave me a onyx game boy advance sp (with back and front light) for free, i guess she thought it wasn’t worth anything 😛 i hope you find a cheap NES or Super Nintendo off Ebay or another bidding site … i searched some up here is what i found, i hope it gives you a rough idea of what they are worth or if you decide you like one then you can bid on it (all of them ships worldwide)

    I hope this helped there are also some other cool systems you can het like sega saturn , intellivsion, famicom, N64 and lots more 🙂 i hope you find one for cheap and have lots of fun playing it 🙂

  128. massimo says:

    stop that roach is on ebay for 29$

  129. hello friend says:

    Guess what! i won a bid on ebay for an original gameboy with 11 games, 2 light boys and a carry case I am so happy until i saw a youtube video on a guy who won a gameboy with 1 game and a gamegenie for $1.99 free shipping. And mine was $33.00 total 😛 do you think it was a good buy?

  130. racketboy says:

    I’d say so if it’s in good condition — that’s the hard thing now is finding the things in good condition — I personally like screens that are just about new. Although now I sell replacement screens in the Racketboy store 🙂

  131. Oldgamer says:

    (to hello friend) Thanks for looking up and posting all those links. I think I now have some sort of idea of the price range. Lol at “cousins are awesome sometimes”. Only sometimes? You’re right about those other systems. They’re all great. Maybe I should buy one of each? Just kidding. It would be fun, but I think I’ll start with just 1 of them. Anyway, thanks again for searching those listings and posting them. You’ve been a great help.
    P.S. For some reason, when there is a new post on Racketboy, it gets sent to my spam inbox. That’s why I’m replying a month later. I only just got an email telling me that there was a new post.

  132. hello friend says:

    (to Oldgamer) Your welcome 🙂 And thanks again for all your help, much appreciated 🙂 I hope you find the right system at a bargain price. I was going to get a ps1 cause i use to have one but i think i will stick to my Intellivision 🙂 cause i just bought 15 games for it and now i have 31 games in total so i have alot of playing to do 😛 lol. I hope you get this email even if it is a month later, which mine does that sometimes too cause i marked it as spam but luckily relized and now it’s back to normal. Anyway thanks again.

    P.S. sorry made a mistake – cousins are awesome all the time 🙂

  133. hello friend says:

    lol just relized i used alot of smileys 😀

  134. Oldgamer says:

    To hello friend, Surprisingly, I got the new post today. You already have 31 intellivision games? You’ll probably be playing for a pretty long time. I think that I’m going to focus on getting a Super Nintendo. I want to play the original games like Mario RPG, the first Final Fantasy, and the games that are in my cousins basement . They may have thrown out their Super Nintendos, but they still have a bunch of games just sitting in a box. Anyway, have fun with your intellivision. I’ll let you know if/when I get a Super Nintendo.

  135. batman says:

    @old gamer it ended up being a old pawn store that was closing down by jamaica ave in queens… the game was sold but i ended up getting a great bunch of n64 games for 30$ conkers bad fur, starcraft,indiana jones, harvest moon, mario party 1-3. All for just 30$ it was a great deal

  136. callaloo says:

    how much would warioland be worth now? or the mighty morphin power rangers gameboy game?

  137. Oldgamer says:

    @ batman, Sweet, it sounds like you got a really good deal.

  138. Oldgamer says:

    @ callaloo, sealed or unsealed?

  139. Stevy Golden says:

    Hi everyone so new at this site and thank you for all the comments that have been left sorta helping me through all this. See I own a mint condition Gameboy 1989 portable device with 2 games one being SuperMarioLand 1 as well as Spot from virgin games as well comes in a original Gameboy portable case even with the strap that goes around you neck to carry LOL so would anyone know anything of how much all of it would be worth? My e-mail is so please if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Stevy =)

  140. BobbyBill says:

    This girl is selling what looks like a mint copy of Kid Dracula, I might give it a go if the price is right, didn’t realise it was worth anything until someone mentioned it on here. I sent her a message to see what other games she had for sale because she says she’s going to be selling loads more over the coming weeks. She reckons she has a copy of Mr Do! boxed and complete in good condition. I really want this game but how much should I pay?

  141. ben says:

    I have the legend of zelda links awakening dx game now I no I some money in the game

  142. hello friend says:

    Hey i was wondering if anyone can tell me how much
    Spy vs. Spy (Nintendo Game Boy, 1992) game would cost?
    I looked on ebay there is only one for sale but it doesn’t come complete…
    So if anyone would be able to give me a rough price, i would be very greatful 🙂
    Thank for reading…

  143. Oldgamer says:

    To hello friend, About $5 used and around $60 used.

  144. Oldgamer says:

    I meant $60 new. Mistakenly wrote used.

  145. hello friend says:

    To Oldgamer, thanks for the help 🙂 and how has your summer been?

  146. Oldgamer says:

    Good so far. I hope yours is going great too.

  147. hello friend says:

    It’s been great 🙂 thanks for asking.
    P.S. Any luck finding a Super Nintendo yet?

  148. butterstickdelux says:

    Dose any one know the price of super chines land

  149. hello friend says:

    @ butterstickdelux, if it is a lose cartridge it would cost $5- $9 and if it is boxed it would cost around $20- $30, or if it is lose but has the manual but no box, it would cost $8-$10 🙂 Hope this helped..

  150. Oldgamer says:

    To hello friend, I haven’t gotten a Super Nintendo yet. However, my cousin said that he also wants one, so perhaps we’ll each pay half for the system, maybe.

  151. scarper says:

    You listed Shantae as $27. I haven’t ever seen a copy go cheaper than $150.

  152. zany says:

    I am wondering if I purchased these for the right price. I won two systems late last night, a gameboy color and a gameboy pocket. The pocket cost $24 with shipping and came with a Pikachu case, Link’s Awakening, Tetris Plus, and Star Wars all in dust covers. The color is $34 and comes with 9 games Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2, Super Mario Land 3, Conker’s Pocket Tales, Pyramids of Ra, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Land. 4 of the games have dust covers.

  153. hello friend says:

    @ Oldgamer, that sounds awesome 🙂 i hope you find one – it’s a really awesome system, one of my favourites 😀

  154. hello friend says:

    @ zany, I think you got a bargain 🙂 most gameboys and nintendo systems are expensive and $24 is cheap for a case, gameboy pocket, three games with dust covers .. i bought a gameboy pocket with 4 games and no case it cost me about $35. Also i think you got an even bigger bargain for the color because it would cost about $45 or even maybe 50 shipping included 🙂 Good job finding them and i hope you have many hours of entertainment playing them 🙂 happy summer!

  155. Tu2lauj2o9 says:

    Ok, i have a few games that i think might be rare or worth a lot because people from ebay and amazon were saying em for a lot(these games are for the GBC) Deja Vu I/II, Nba Showtime, Catwoman? price range are from $39 – $89

  156. Tu2lauj2o9 says:

    Well the reason why i posted the statement before this one was because i just bought 12 brand new gameboy color games on ebay for $70, which i think was a pretty good price, because the 12 games that i’ve bought was Nba Showtime, Deja vu 1&2, Missile Command, Catwoman, Battletanx, Black Bass Lure Fishing, Austin Powers: Oh Behave, Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarding, Pro Darts, and Shamus. What do you guys think? Was it a good deal? All the other games i can careless, i only wanted Nba Showtime, Deja Vu 1&2, and Catwoman the most.

  157. zany says:

    @Tu2lauj2o9 Are these games in boxes with manuals and everything?

  158. Rocnik says:

    I actually have Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Sliver, and Crystal. All of them with boxes and manuals and are all of my first original games that are in near mint condition being that they were in a container most of the time I’ve had them and they all still work expect my Crystal sometimes deletes my save game which pisses me off alot. I expected them to be worth some money but I didn’t expect Pokemon Red to go for $88 and Pokemon Yellow for $79. I sorry for you game collectors out there but I’m not selling my Pokemon games for any amount of money. I actually have every single Pokemon game for Nintendo handhelds, N64, Gamecube, and unfortunately the horrible Pokemon Battle Revolution which I thought was going to be good which unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectation at all in actually it was a piece of crap.

  159. natasha says:

    what does the 64 and origanel game boy go for used

  160. Oldgamer says:

    @ hello friend, I saw a sign near my house about about a yard sale. I went over and found a bunch of super nintendo games. The lady mentioned that she had a Super Nintendo at home but she didn’t bring it because she figured no one would want it. I said that I was interested, and she said that she would drive back to her house to get it. I finally got a Super Nintendo. I got the system, all the wires, 2 controllers, Super Metroid, Super Mario all stars, Earthworm Jim 1 + 2, and Clayfighters for $60. Do you think it was worth it?

  161. hellofriend says:

    @ Oldgamer, it sounds like an amazing deal (lucky duck) and it was also really cheap for having 2 controllers and 5 games with it. I think it was definately worth it! and you have been wanting one for awhile now, so it is good that you found one:) So how are you liking it so far ? Have you got any other games to play on it?

    P.S. Sorry i didn’t reply for awhile, I haven’t checked my email’s until now, and awesome deal… I wish someone near my place had one for sale, lol

  162. Oldgamer says:

    @ hellofriend, I was really surprised to find it at a yard sale. I usually never see video games at yard sales.

    I actually just ordered a couple of RPGs. Hopefully I get them soon. I can’t wait to finally use a Super Nintendo which I finally own 

  163. Oldgamer says:

    What would be the best way to store sealed games?

  164. hellofriend says:

    @ Oldgamer, You are a lucky fellow bud cause it is really hard to find one at a yard sale. I hope you have lot’s of fun playing the Super Nintendo and get hours of entertainment out of it (:

  165. Nick says:


    If you want to store sealed games, I’d say a plastic ziploc bag (airtight) in a cardboard box should do fine. Also, in terms of the SNES you received, I have a few games you should consider getting –
    Harvest Moon
    Gradius III
    Mega Man VII
    Super Street Fighter II
    Kirby Super Star
    Mario Paint
    Donkey Kong Country
    Star Fox
    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
    Final Fantasy II
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Wow. Didn’t know I knew that many games. Feel free to take it all with a grain of salt except Link to the Past and Kirby Super Star. Heh heh…. Memories….

  166. Rondi says:

    Anyone know how much an unused, in original box, original Game Boy is worth?


  167. Nick says:

    You should have added Wayne’s World to the list. It is one of the rarest GameBoy games. I own a copy of it, though one of the game designers told me he had a bunch of shrinkwrapped copies.

  168. Sam says:

    Hi, I have just picked up a gameboy pocket colors new and sealed. 2 things that a confusing about this unit is the box is only 15mm thick (1.5 cm), which suggests that the unit is slightly thinner for the entire lenght. the second is the fact that it states it is a Gameboy pocket colors, I can not find any information on this item and would appreciate any information you could offer. this item came from a nintendo employee in america some years back, so I am told? Thanks

  169. James says:

    I just bought a complete Space Station Silicon Valley on eBay for £18. The box is in great condition and has tray, and all paper and books. The seller said the cart was “well used” though.

    I also found Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat 2 on the same cartridge. Picked it up for £5. Can’t find any mention on the internet or game lists of this ever being made.

  170. Anne says:

    I have a Gameboy game called Hong Kong which was only released in Japan, 1990
    I have searched and cannot find another copy on the net anywhere,just bought if from ebay aust.
    was wondering if it could be worth anything. It is Boxed and has its case and booklet written in Japanese. all in very good condition.
    Thanks for any help

  171. Oldgamer says:

    I finally have a factory sealed original release Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. I’ve been looking for it for so long.

  172. OtakuFerret says:

    I agree with one of the earliest posters who mentioned Kid Dracula. Finding a complete copy of that was a $#@! and the prices were ridiculous. Also, while only released in Japan and Germany, Trip World consistently sells for $50-80 loose and $150-200 boxed, and I only see a handful of copies pop up on eBay each year. Another Japan-only release that’s noteworthy is the 1993 port of Makaimura Gaiden: The Demon Darkness (Gargoyle’s Quest II in the U.S.). It also included new content–a couple of new stages and new weapons–and was generally considered more difficult than its NES counterpart. I hardly ever pops up on eBay, but when it does I see loose copies go for $30-50 and the only boxed copy I ever saw sold for $80.

  173. Mrs.young says:

    I have an orignal gameboy system that has tetris and head phones with it. I also have the rechargeable battery pack with ac adapter. Both are brand new, the battery has the plastic wrap on it still and the gameboy still has the factory stickers on it. Can anybody give me figure of what it might be worth?? Also the it has a purchase date on it still 12/20/1993

  174. Adrian H says:

    A Nintendo sealed PAL copy of Megaman 2 on Gameboy recently went for over £2000 on ebay UK. Crazy

  175. Oldgamer says:

    That is insane. In total, I wonder which has been spent more on. Games when they were released to play or sealed games to collect. I would think that it would be games when they were released, but if games are going for 100 times (or more) the retail price, then I don’t know.

  176. Matt says:

    Just a correction – Shantae goes for much higher now, the cheapest I’ve ever seen is $140, and I’ve seen up to $350. Shame, because the game is kick-ass.

  177. Mike says:

    The Mr. Do ebay link redirects to Bangai-O for the Dreamcast on ebay, Just saying, you might want to fix that.

  178. ..... says:

    Shantae is really rare they only made 15,000 copy. now worth $100+
    this game is hard to find but i found one at good will 🙂

  179. ..... says:

    at game store* oopse

  180. Bloody Crumpet says:

    Awesome! I didn’t know they were SO valuable! These are the games I have from the ones mentioned above:

    Castlevania Legends
    Final Fantasy Legend
    Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
    Mega Man IV
    Metal Gear Solid
    Metroid II – The Return Of Samus
    Pokemon Crystal


    Also, one should mention that a boxed version of the GameBoy version of “Ultima – Runes Of Virtue” is AMAZINGLY expensive. Just check eBay and you’ll see.

  181. Oldgamer says:

    My most difficult game to find factory sealed was wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It was the first release too. (not the players choice 2nd release)

  182. MikeyLikey says:

    Can anybody tell me about a grey metal gear solid cartridge? Looks like it’s a gameboy game and not gameboy color. I have a copy of each. Can’t find info on the grey one anywhere.

  183. Bobby says:

    Hey old gamer, I have wario land 3 cartridge. Also have teal game boy color with battery cover missing. Working model. Can you tell me what it’s worth. Would like to sell asap !!!

  184. Oldgamer says:

    Bobby, I’d say Wario Land 3 is worth about $7 and the Gameboy color a little less than $20.

  185. alex says:

    Lol i have a Wario Land 3 cartridge too oldgamer got me too pumped up

  186. Simon says:

    Maybe someone else has made a comment about the absense of this particular game.. but I am too lazy to read through everything xD Isn’t Bamse a rare game? In almost all countries it’s called “We’re back!”, but I believe it’s only here in Sweden (and maybe our neighbors Denmark, Norway and Finland) we got a game about our beloved bear Bamse 🙂

  187. Chap says:

    I have a cib copy of SSSV in great condition. ( 8/10 ) What’s it worth these days? Since I can only find cartridge only sales.

  188. Stephen Riley says:

    My Aunt has a used gameboy game called Supergames 50. It had 50 games on it. It was mostly in Japanese with some English in it. It had the First Marioland game, Tetris, Dr Mario., Yoshi’s egg, Ninja Gaiden, Mario tennis, a boxing game, tenpin bowling, Othello, pipe dreams, Mahjong, Link (not sure if it was Zelda), Alleyway, a Karate Game called Kata I think and others…..unfortunately I cant recall the others…….must find out. Many many hours were wasted in the early 90’s. Wonder what it was worth now, sealed and unsealed…….any info anyone?

  189. Eduardo says:

    The Castlevania game has just been released on the 3DS virtual console. I’m pretty sure it’s about lose a lot more value.

  190. tc says:

    Guys don’t forget about Hammerin’ Harry (PAL). Rare to such an extreme it hasn’t even been mentioned in nearly four years of this page’s user comments.

  191. I love how two of the most expensive games on this list involves potatoes.

    Also keep in mind that another reason the Pokemon games still fly like hot cakes is that many of the kids who had the cartridges and kept them, eventually had the games internal battery die on them and even though a simple Google Search can provide solutions, a lot of people just buy new games.

  192. KoopinKrackerz says:

    Mega Man IV is on the list?! I have this game and have had it forever! It’s probably only worth sub $20 since my copy is cart only and has been through many abuses since I’ve had it since I was in 1st grade, but it’s cool to know I’ve been holding onto a rarer game with even knowing it!

  193. robbievgb says:

    Does anyone else find it disturbing a large amount of the comments in this thread sound like they are 2-4 split personalities having a conversation for almost a year?

  194. Gunstar Green says:

    I just ended up getting a Japanese copy of Rockman World 5 for Gameboy. I know the story anyway and the gameplay is identical. Well worth the $15 instead of $50.

  195. Susan says:

    Hi I’m new to all this but I have almost 100 games and most still have there boxes I want to sell them they where my sons and he has passed away I also have two of the game boy advanced machines ,memory cards and games that are on a disc that he use to load on a cartger if anyone is interest email me and I’ll send you a list thank you for taking the time to read my add

  196. Susan says:

    The games are game boy advance games I I know he had all the Zelda ones as well

  197. 97Retrogamenerd says:

    what is your email? il buy the whole lot if you like. there is no possible way i can contact you and your email is not included so yea

  198. Oldgamer says:

    Susan, what is your email address?

  199. 97Retrogamenerd says:

    a nah nah. i messaged her first so i got first dibs on it. susan, please email me with this email since your email is not shown

  200. Oldgamer says:

    Haha, theres no dibs here. We’re both interested in the same thing.

    Susan, here is my email address:

  201. RudyC3 says:

    Got a loose copy of Kid Dracula for 7€ a few months back at a local retro game shop. I suppose I can consider myself lucky.

  202. Liz says:

    How much is Pacman worth? along with the Aladdin and Both Super Marios?

  203. Jo says:

    I am wondering how much the Tetris 2 game boy factory sealed original game would be worth anyone know it is in very good condition and has the red nintendo markings down the undamaged seal.

  204. hellofriend says:

    @ Jo, A Tetris 2 factory sealed gameboy game is worth around $80-110…and since yours is in good nick, you should have no trouble getting top dollar for it. Hope I helped 🙂

  205. hellofriend says:

    Does anyone have any games on this list?? I’ve got alot of money to spend and is in need of pretty much every game on this list..especially the top 3. Willing to pay a good price and if they are complete in box as well as mint condition, I’ll pay ALOT more. Shoot me a message with what you’ve got-,
    Thank you. 🙂

  206. Does anyone want to buy Pokemon red yellow gold or crystal i have those and a gameboy color and want to sell them.

  207. Oldgamer says:

    Terry Francis, I might be interested. Send me a message to and tell m how much you want to sell them for. Thanks

  208. Hmu if you would want to but these iteams

  209. Tyler says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me how much my gameboy and games are worth, Game names…..Joe And mac, tetris, adventure island 2 aliens in paradise, we’re back a Dinosaur story, monopoly, bubble bobble part 2, the little mermaid, the bugs bunny 2 crazy castle, adventure island, kirbys pinball land, pugsleys scavenger hunt, pinball dreams, starwars and popeye 2.

  210. Firebrand says:

    There’s a missing paragraph between the rating & summary for Trip World, just thought I’d let you know.

    Also, since you’ve been doing consecutive lists regarding rare Gameboy games, isn’t it about time we got a GBA list (sorry if I worded that a bit aggressively, lol)?

  211. Firebrand says:

    *There’s a missing page break; I apologize once again.

  212. Stu says:

    Is the Japanese version of amazing tater worth anything or not?

  213. squrtle453 says:

    I actually have pokemon Yellow and i think ill sell it for $199.01 because it works but crashes wen you load the game 20% of the time but still works and has MISSING NO.

  214. luke Ryan says:

    i have 6 boxes of n64 games and game boy games nes snes a lot are sealed anybody interested?

  215. Oldgamer says:

    Yes. Luke Ryan, Here is my email address Let me know what you have.

  216. Stu says:

    Was wondering if Wendy every witch way is worth much. There are none on UK eBay

  217. TERESA SHEPPARD says:

    I HAVE AN ORIGINAL GAME BOY IN BOX WITH PAPER WORK GAMES EVEN comes with charger for vehicle for sale call 706 509 86 56 ask for TERESA. ITS 1989 PINK and BLUE BOX.

  218. Marc Klingler says:

    Selling an 1989 Tetris from Nintendo still in box has all the papers and posters from purchase email me if you are interested.

  219. Stu says:

    Spuds adventure is now mine! Cart only…

  220. Oldgamer says:

    Hahahah, Stu, Lucky you. That comment made me laugh. How much did you get it for?

  221. Stu says:

    £25.49 in a bundle of 16 games and a gba sp! Just resold the games I didn’t want and the gameboy for £25.00 so I guess really spuds adventure and 2 other games cost me 49p =]

  222. Oldgamer says:

    Wow, amazing! You had every right to put that smiley face after your sentence.

  223. Stu says:

    Thanks…also if you were wondering the other 2 games I kept were pang and nail n scale

  224. Oldgamer says:

    Pang is an uncommon game. I’ve never played it. I doubt many people have heard of it. Nail n scale is a fun one.

  225. Stu says:

    I had wondered if it was, had no idea of it played it and seemed quite challenging not to die lol but really became appealing when on UK eBay there is only 1 (boxed mine isn’t) but it’s £59.99 I gathered it must be hard to come by so kept it. Cheers for confirming my hunch

  226. Joe Kopke says:

    Hey all,

    Just trying to find someone who might want these original GB games for cheap. Not in the original box but in great condition. GameBoy unit also available with gamegenie, light, and power pack.

    Wave Race
    Tetris 2
    Battletoads in Ragnaroks world
    Joe and Mac
    Kirby’s Dream Land
    Donkey Kong Land
    Super Mario Land
    Super Mario Land 2
    Spider Man X-men
    Top Rank Tennis
    Solar Striker



  227. Joe says:

    Check this out ? last one on ebay went for over $250.
    Gameboy WatchBoy Watch 1992 Classic, Rare, Very Collectable: #ebaymobile

  228. cody jewell says:

    Hello I have a Mega Man II it doesnt have a case or anything but I want to sell it and I would like anywhere between $9 and $80. I don’t expect to get $80 or anywhere near that but I would like a nice bit for it because its old and its not made anymore. So if your interested you can contact me by my email or you can call or text me at (440)-361-9246. Thank you and i hope for a reply.

  229. Kunwar says:

    Yay,, I have this gameboy 1989!!! my first one with pacman

  230. Kunwar says:

    Yay,, I have this gameboy 1989!!! my first one with pacman

  231. Simon Pring says:

    Hi, I have just started a Facebook page for Game Boy collectors to gather and show off their collections. Please visit and like my page then show us what you have!

  232. jhovani madera says:

    Does anyone know the value of (The little mermaid) for gameboy color? It has the players choice seal on it if that helps

  233. C says:

    is waynes world rare, cartridge only? if so what is the value?

  234. hellofriend says:

    @ C, To buy Wayne’s World for the Gameboy cartridge only it costs $40, and is quiet rare since it is hard to find. Hope I helped. 🙂

  235. 8bitbrain says:

    I found asteroids the original arcade game for gameboy gray cartridge. is it worth about $15?

  236. Alexander says:

    This list is laughable
    Castlevania Adventure: $500
    Pokemon Red: $188 – $450
    Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: $200 – $418
    Mega Man: $325
    Pokemon Blue: $158 – $305
    Pokemon Yellow: $172. $185, $193, $260 , $300
    Tetris: $200
    Kirby’s Dream Land: $175
    Super Mario Land: $140 – $150
    Pokemon Silver: $143
    Super Mario Land 2: $103

    You really think these games that you can pick up quite easily for about $10 will be sold at these prices?

  237. racketboy says:

    Alexander — if you read the guide, those are for games that are still factory sealed in the boxes.

  238. marlene says:

    hi i have quit bit of gameboy games that belong to me i also have the game boy color in had everything works propartly _pokemon_t2,kirbys dream land_tetris_ ninja turtels_super mario land.
    these are the games i have i also have wave race_drx mario.
    i would like to know how mutch money could i get for it its bean setting in my closet for years, thank u very mutch have a nice day

  239. james says:

    What About Battletoads?!?!?

  240. Dy. says:

    The Top 5 games listed may be rare but not even close to the rarest game on the console – not even in the Top 50. I mean… you can find a Trip-World about every Week on eBay.
    There are Pal-Versions of common US-Releases you are happy seing on ebay once in 5 years boxed. Some games never surfaced in the time I collect, not even as a cartridge.

    Pretty useless List for the serious collector.

  241. racketboy says:

    While I admit, PAL releases are usually my weakpoint in knowledge. I don’t track them very often.
    I also try to avoid speculating on values, so I typically depend on recent eBay activity of completed auctions so I have a documented and relatively accurate source of pricing.
    If you can help list some of the titles you are talking about, that would be appreciated.

  242. Dy. says:

    Thank you for your kind answer racketboy.
    I did not want my comment to sound as harsh as it did. While this list is not for the freak, it is surely a good startingpoint for Collectors who are just beginning with the Hobby.

    Generally I dont want to talk about those games in the public since this will boost up the prices – it is enouth challenge to find these games allready.

    But a few honorable mentions would be “Hammerin Harry” or “Hit the Ice”, both Austria / Switzerland – exclusives for the PAL-Region or the very rare “Un Indien dans la Ville” only released in France.
    You mentioned Cool World in your list: Try to find a Pal-Box for that game.
    There are many Games out there like this but they don’t hit prices as high as, lets say, the Laguna Megaman-releases because they fall into obscurity and are therefore not in very high demand.

  243. Cam says:

    You mentioned pokemon red and blue but not yellow?

  244. racketboy says:

    Dy, no worries
    And yeah, even though some people treat this list like it is the authoritative list for collectors, it wasn’t really the pure intention. I mean, if I can pull that off, over time, that’s awesome. But my goal is to work with the information I can find (and I do put a lot of time, effort, and thought into it — unlike most of the other sites that try similar lists).

    But to reach the goal of completeness, I really do depend on the community to help me fine-tune these. Kinda like a wikipedia type thing, but with a central editor.

    Anyway, thanks again for the feedback and I’ll try to work these in in the future.

  245. Dy. says:

    Yeah Wayne, these are very rare.
    The last one sold for over 1400$, the one before cracked the 1000$-Mark:

    I wonder what this set is worth today.

  246. Wayne says:

    It does not surprise me, I know only 500 was made, it would be interesting to see what it would fetch if one came up now.

    There is one for the n64 as well and 1000 where made, you don’t really see any of them.

    The gameboy one should be mentioned here though.

  247. Steve W. says:

    Does anyone know what loose copies of Tetris (1989) TMNT Fall of The Foot Clan, Game and Watch Gallery, Kirby’s Dreamland Marble Madness and Play Action Football is worth for the original Game Boy? Please email me @ if you are intwr

  248. Steve W. says:

    Does anyone know what loose copies of Tetris (1989) TMNT Fall of The Foot Clan, Game and Watch Gallery, Kirby’s Dreamland Marble Madness and Play Action Football is worth for the original Game Boy? Please email me @ if you are interested in buying any

  249. Steve W. says:

    Sorry bout double post my phones being dumb

  250. Tony S says:


    Whilst tidying round & re-uniting carts with boxes, I’ve just found a 2-in-1 pack of Super Mario Land & Super Mario Land 6 Golden Coins for the Gameboy. I can’t find any info so far about its’ rarity, but likewise, I can’t find any pictures or anything else! Does anyone here have any info? Apologies if this has been asked before!

  251. Jack'ngames says:

    Yesterday I was at a garage sale and I found a sealed Pokemon red game and I bought it for $20 so I’m a happy man

  252. GamerDude says:

    Hey guys, if any of you guys want sealed gameboy advance games then you should check out this store called 5 below they have a ton of ps2 games at my local one but occasionally they have a sealed GBA game, and I have a mint condition Super Mario Land 2 that I got for 4 dollars on amazon, wow it’s kind of a expensive game glad I got it for cheap!

  253. GamerDude says:

    It’s also the golden ribbon players choice million seller edition

  254. Esco says:

    I have Pokémon yellow Gameboy with 13 games if interested e mail me

  255. mike says:

    Kirby’s Dream Land (with booklet)
    Super Mario Land
    Super Mario Land 2
    Super Mario Land 3 (Wario Land)

    What about these but cartridge only?

  256. mike says:

    oh and

    Micro Machines

  257. Gamer129 says:

    I found a Pokemon red lying around, hope in 20 years it goes up in price

  258. Dawney12345 says:

    I have a pokemon yellow game sealed without the red strip so does this mean it is an NTSC version and not PAL?
    Please could you tell me average pricing for both versions?
    Thanks – Dawn

  259. Just a Curious Dude says:

    So I have a Pokemon GBA game collection and im wondering what a good price estimate would be.
    Pokemon Red, ruby , Saphire, yellow, etc. Ive got them all in mint condition.