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Television Mods - Audio Out - HD Digital TV - HD Antenna

by CRTGAMER Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:37 pm

Sony Wega Mods
Useful procedures also can be applied to newer LCD and LED HDTVs

A Thread for modifying your TV to improve its capabilities. I take a look at how to add an external speaker amp while retaining the internal speaker sound. I also added in the second post below how to get the most out of HDTV broadcast with its hidden secondary channels utilizing.

Adding Amplified Harmon Kardon Speakers to TV - viewtopic.php?p=731713#p731713
Sony Trinitron WEGA RLOD Repair Guide - viewtopic.php?p=458437#p458437
Samsung CRT and Sony PVM internal shot - viewtopic.php?p=1032803#p1032803

Audio Out Issues of LED HDTVs and the Sony KH-27FS170
Many models of LCD and LED HDTVs will turn off the internal speakers when an external audio jack is plugged in. This is okay if a headphone, but there should be an option to keep the TV speakers on to supplement external speakers connected. Most Wega CRTs have RCA jack audio output, but the TV below above has none which is a usually a common feature on flat screen CRTs! With the Wega history as the best of the best, shocking that Sony would neglect such an important feature on one of their last CRT models for adding external amplified speakers.

KD-27FS170 Sony Wega Trinitron Flat Tube TV
I recently picked up this TV which is a flat screen standard definition tube. One of the last generation of CRTs produced, it even has an on board HD Digital Broadcast Tuner! :shock:

The Marketing Specifications from the Sony website states a 1080i tube, but the bezel has a logo stating SDTV.


The DVD player hooked up thru component will not display properly when set to 480p. However, when set to 480i it displays with very sharp imagery. Even SVideo and Composite display surprisingly well, just as clean as my larger HDCRT Wega. This TV does not have the fragile MCZ3001D power detection chips a common problem of the WEGA series D board. :D

Wiki wrote:

FD Trinitron/WEGA is Sony's Flat Version of the Trinitron picture tube. First introduced in 1998 on Sony's 32-inch and 36-inch televisions, this technology was also used in computer monitors bearing the Trinitron mark. Flat CRTs reduce the amount of glare on the screen by reflecting much less ambient light than spherical or vertically flat CRTs. Flat screens also increase total image viewing angle and reduce overall geometric distortion.

One huge advantage of Sony Wega CRTs over the highly rated Sony PVMs is the flat tube design and the larger size
The TV has a wide range of inputs including multiple RF, Composite, SVideo and Component; WEGA HD CRTs even include more such as DVI and even HDMI on a tube TV. The scan lines cannot be seen on the newest Sony SD Trinitron Wega tubes making the video even cleaner. This alludes to maybe the CRT is a 1080i tube with 480i components? The HD broadcast video are really clean, really do appear to be in 1080i or at least 480p.

Older Sony Wega TVs have many input and output jacks, no audio out on the KD-27FS170 though.


HD LCD and LED TVs have less input jacks, mini jack audio output DISABLES internal speakers!


This mod can be applied to any TV, especially newer LED TVs that automatically disable the internal speakers when the audio jack is plugged in. There is no alternative of just the TV turned on with an external amp connected which always have to be powered on. Really a cheap cost cutting method that modern HDTVs took away the more robust RCA Stereo output jacks; replaced with a mini plug that automatically disables the internal speakers! Modern TVs also have shared Composite/Component input requiring an external video switch box in order to cut down on cable leads to a hung on the wall screen! :?

One could modify the mini phone speaker cutoff contact jack so it will not disable the internal speakers. However, this may be difficult due to small intricate components with risk of damaging the PCB traces. Simply add the same mod I have done on the Wega CRT as shown below.

So why keep the internal speakers active when the external amplified speakers sound much better? The internal speakers can adjusted to the best balanced sound shared with an external amplified set of speakers. This is especially useful when only a stereo with just two rear speakers are hooked up. Even a 5.1 sound system could benefit by retaining the TV speakers adding to the total speakers enabled in the room keeping the sound emanating from every source.

Parts and Tools List
High Level to Low Level Converter
Speaker Terminal Board (Spring Clip or Screw Lug)
Speaker Wire (two sets for left and right channel)
Solder Iron and Solder (Leaded the best)
Crimp Terminals or Butt Connectors with Crimp Tool
Drill and Drill Bits and/or Dremel and Cutting Bits

Right Click for a larger view

Sony KD-27FS170 Audio Line Out 01.JPG
Sony KD-27FS170 Audio Line Out 01.JPG (204.08 KiB) Viewed 10175 times

Most High to Low Level Converters are design for car stereos to allow additional low impedance amplifiers to be added to high impedance leads. Many of the converters do not need a power supply, making for an ideal conversion to TVs that do not have RCA output jacks.

I used the Boss B65N High to Low Converter. No external power required and has a pair of adjustment potentiometers for high level input volume level. I did not have to readjust the volume controls of the converter due to the amp having enough range in its volume control, in this case the Harmon Kardon iSub 2000 SoundStick II linked at the top.

C. Spencer wrote: ... Descending

Worked for my Television setup

What this accomplishes is
- Clear line level output
- Upgraded sound system (from the base TV speakers)
- Original volume control

With regard to the factory-set BOSS level settings, I turned up then down, and settled on the original levels as it was enough to provide clean output to the speakers until I reached what might be considered 7. The instructions do not indicate the range or factory set level and there are no markers so it is a guessing game where you end up using the position of the knobs to guess. I played several types of music on different TV audio settings to ensure I heard crisp cymbals, vocal midrange and decent techno-Hip-Hop Bass and the range the speaker outs/BOSS setup provided was just fine.

Also note, that the BOSS requires no power which is a plus for my simple setup. Aesthetically speaking, the unit is lightweight and chrome painted plastic, at home for automobile setup next to an amp, or show it off to impress unsuspecting friends in the home theater.

There are some things to be careful of when popping of the cover of TVs. CRT TVs have additional issues that have to be scruntinized. A couple of very important Safety precautions from my WEGA Repair Thread:

CRTGAMER wrote:Keep the TV level and do not rotate the tube to the bottom for access to the back. The tube is heavy and sits on a cradle in the normal position, it might crack the front bezel if rotated.


There is a discharge procedure which has its own risks. Since only the TV speakers will be worked on, this step is not needed, but do be careful of keeping clear of the Flyback cable.


Position the TV so the rear cover can be removed with the TV set on a table at a height so it can easily be worked on. Note that CRTs have the majority of the weight in the front, ensure that front NEVER overhangs the table or shelf. Remove the back cover, triple checking each screw and size for locations.

Be sure there is a clear location to place the cover out of the way that allows it to sit flat to avoid cracking the housing. A good idea to take the removed rear cover outside to clean all the dust out of the air vent slots. With the cover removed use a soft brush and a can of air to blow off any dust off the internal PCBs. Be gentle as to not damage any of the fragile soldered in components; keep clear of that high voltage Flyback wire harness.

Speaker Terminal Board
Find a location where to mount the Speaker Terminal Board for connecting the High to Low level Converter. RCA jacks which are standard low level connections would be easier to mount. However, best to use the correct connectors to avoid confusion and damage risk to external amplifiers due to wrong output style jack. I could have mounted the High to Low Converter inside the TV with the RCA running out, but wanted to be able to easily access the converter volume controls if needed.


Ideally the Speaker Terminal Board should be mounted clear of the removable back cover and preferably to the back of the TV. Fortunately the KD-27FS170 Sony Wega has just enough room on the secondary ATSC RF input panel at the back of the TV, the entire vertical rectangular panel clears the back removable cover. A Dremel tool easily cuts the plastic board for cutting out the notches for a clean mounting of the Speaker Terminal assembly. :idea:


Wire Connections
Do not mount the terminal block yet, the soldering must done first. Cut two sets of speaker wire, leaving enough slack to connect both ends. The wire leads will be need extra slack if the Speaker Terminal Board is mounted directly to back cover of TV for clearing its removal. Run red positive and black negative leads to each TV speaker, keeping the right and left channel separate. If a very old TV being upgraded with a single mono speaker system, just split the leads to the left and right bank of the Terminal Board for attaching to the external amp.

Either solder or use butt crimp connectors and splice in to the existing TV speaker leads. The TV speakers will not be disconnected as to preserve internal sound when the external amp is not used. Due to speaker connectors usually tightly crimped on a fragile plastic terminal board mounted on the speaker frame, I found just soldering the external wire wrapped around the speaker crimp connectors the best quickest method with minimal risk of damage.

Sony KD-27FS170 Audio Line Out 02.JPG
Sony KD-27FS170 Audio Line Out 02.JPG (210.17 KiB) Viewed 10175 times

Connect the other end of the added speaker leads to the Speaker Terminal Board. After all wires are connected, mount the terminal board onto its predrilled location.

In the picture below, note the add on newer style PCB which houses the Digital HD Broadcast Tuner, certainly a rarity on a CRT TV!

Right Click for a larger view
Sony KD-27FS170 Audio Line Out 03.JPG
Sony KD-27FS170 Audio Line Out 03.JPG (200.55 KiB) Viewed 10175 times

Replace the back cover while confirming the extra wires do not get pinched. Ensure all rear screws are started before tightening any. Speaker Terminal Block is separate of rear cover mounted solid on the ATSC RF input support.


Attach High To Low Level Converter
This is easy, simply connect the leads from the converter to the mounted Speaker terminal Board as if adding external speakers. Hook up the low level outputs to the matched red and white low level inputs of your amp.

CRTGAMER wrote:Before hooking up external amp, ensure the volume is turned down on BOTH the TV and external amp, sound bar or stereo.

After all leads are connected, turn on the TV to double check the volume is turned down. Turn on your external amped system. Adjust to external amp to balance out the external sound mixed in with the TV Speaker audio level to your choosing.

I use a Harmon Kardon iSub 2000 SoundStick II setup for left and right at the back of the bedroom and the WEGA TV speakers for the front. A simple one time volume adjustment of the Harmon setup to get the right balance mixed. ALL Speakers external and internal main volume as well as instant mute are handled by the TV remote! :mrgreen:



HD Tuner Broadcast Signals
This model is the very last generation of the SD Wega series and has a very uncommon feature considering it is a tube TV. A built in HD tuner, perfect for picking up HD channels off the air! Though this may seem limited, there are actually additional sub channels at each band many might be unaware of. This TV has not one, but two RF inputs which carries on the tradition of the Wega CRT series, one for TV cable and one for the digital tuner input teasing me to give it a try.

CRTGAMER wrote:I picked up a secondary Tuner box as well as a very different style of TV Antennae. Both the internal and external Digital Tuners are used each for a different purpose. I added to this Thread below, the reason why the very first Reply was reserved.

Note that Sony TVs that have two RF inputs require a a Sony TV remote with an ANT (antenna) select button. In the case of the KD-27FS170 one input is for analog such as an Atari and the other input is for HD TV broadcast. See the next reply below for more info on free HD broadcast.



KD-27FS170 Sony Website ... manualsTab
Owners Manual -
KD-27FS170 Amazon - ... op?ie=UTF8
BOSS Audio B65N Website - ... udio-b65n/
BOSS Audio B65N Amazon Link - ... op?ie=UTF8
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Television Mods - Audio Out - HD Digital TV - HD Antenna

by CRTGAMER Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:37 pm

TV Antenna - Free HD Broadcast
Perceived as an antiquated way to watch TV, the old antenna method is being rediscovered with free HD broadcast stations. Of note, many stations have now included sub bands to their station channels. Under analog broadcast for example would be channel 10; the digital broadcast now has multiple signals such as 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 sub channels. Cable and dish providers usually support the main local channels and do not always support all the sub channels.

Cox Cable pulls the Cable
As of February 9, 2016, COX Cable will remove the cable only option, requiring ALL TVs to be hooked up with a Cox Cable Digital Box increasing monthly charges. These Mods offer TV enhancements and alternative Digital TV viewing options. See my newest Reply at the bottom for the details on the Cox announcement.

Most of the extra channels tend to be the affiliate's older video library, a neat way to discover 50s-70s-80s TV shows. Sometimes a sub channel converts to an expanded news coverage of the affiliate station, an important off the air emergency broadcast tool depending on world events. So far I have seen each station channel offer up to four sub bands, unclear if more bands would be capable later on.

ABC HD - Laff - Azteca America
CW HD - Canal 5
FOX HD - Antenna TV - This TV


Rabbit Ear Antenna
First off, a digital antenna is not required to receive off the air digital broadcast, just a digital tuner ready TV or converter box. I first tried a set of Rabbit Ears which worked reasonably well for local broadcast stations. The digital signal is clean compared to the older analog broadcast, no more fuzzy snow associated with the older broadcast.


However, I could not pull all the local stations, a constant moving the antenna around depending on the TV station channel. The same occurred under the older analog broadcast, depends on the distance of the Broadcast Tower. The static electricity from my hand improved on pulling in a couple of more stations, maybe I can train my pet cat to nap on top of the warm CRT TV. :lol:

Flat Digital Amplified Antenna
The Flat HD Antenna design has great reviews online with the better models having a built in amplifier and at a decent price at Costco. The amplified antenna utilizes USB power which is handy since most TVs have a USB port. This allows automatic powering on whenever the TV is turned on. A 110v USB power brick is included for TVs that do not have a USB port.

Image Image

Mark Buff, president of Mohu and GreenWave Scientific, stands in front of a shipment of Mohu Leafs destined for Sam’s Club, where the product is making a mark on consumers.

Thanks to Mark Buff, you can forget rabbit-ear antennas. The entrepreneur has turned his work with military communications to commercial use, resulting in antennas that redefine HD for home consumers.

The proliferation of antennas (for communications and electronic warfare) made the vehicle look like a porcupine and announced it as a key target. The Navy expressed interest in minimizing the visual signature of various ground-vehicle antenna systems and accepted my proposal to develop a low-/no-profile antenna. The group developed a mud-flap antenna, a flexible printed circuit board sandwiched between sheets of rubber, for similar applications and other related products.

After analyzing many high-definition TV antennas, the team set out to improve upon them, basing their design on Green-wave’s mud-flap military antenna. The result was the paper-thin Mohu Leaf, the industry’s first flat and flexible HDTV antenna. Replacing unsightly “rabbit ears,” the Leaf can be mounted behind a bookcase or picture and still provide high-quality reception.

Mudflap VHF Antennas
Our new mudflap stealth antennas are ideal for applications where low visual signatures are required. The patent pending broadband antenna designs are available in a variety of frequency band configurations ranging from 20-600 MHz and provide superior performance in a clandestine, "under belly" form factor. Ideal for vehicle military applications, asset tracking applications and fleet monitoring, the mudflap broadband antenna provides a great alternative to conventional whips and mast VHF antennas.

Mud Flap Antenna Data Sheet - ... tennas.pdf

Image Image

The Winegard FL5500Y Flat Antenna has a black and a white side, either side pulls the same reception. However, just like the Rabbit Ear antenna, the digital antenna location makes a difference. The instructions recommend mounting on the window for the best reception, but I have concerns of the sun cooking off the material shortening the life of the antenna.


After Googling TV station Lists and TV Fool Locator, I first hung the antenna over a couple of already installed ceiling hooks, spinning the direction based on TV Tower Broadcast locations. No risk of damage to the flat antenna hanging off its own cable upside down due to how light it is. The ceiling hook easily spins and is needed to identify direction; the static electricity from my hands affect the reception.


TV Signal Locator
This tool will analyze your location to determine which broadcast television signals are available in your area. It will compute the expected signal strength for every channel "in the air" at your location, including adjustments for transmitter power, terrain obstructions, curvature of the Earth, and other factors that affect signal availability. This information can help determine the relative signal strengths of stations that are potentially within reach of your location. It can also come in handy when trying to troubleshoot reception problems.


After sorting out the direction, I placed the flat antenna right above a window on the closest matched wall. Utilizing a stud sensor, I ensured it was placed right between two of the house frame studs. Checked all the channels again, moving the antenna left and right. Turns out, placing the antenna just a bit over one of the studs actually improved the signal strength!

The best antenna would be a roof antenna of course, but for an ease of installation, the light weight amplified flat antenna works out well. Moving the antenna around depending on the TV station does help, but not needed once positioned for a compromise direction of all the local Broadcast Towers. I managed to pull all the local stations after finding an optimal spot on the wall. :mrgreen:

Winegard Antenna Site -


Analog TV Digital TV Tuner
A way to obtain Digital Tuning for an analog TV. Though my WEGA listed in the OP above supports off the air digital broadcast and analog TV Cable, it would only pick up analog TV Cable and not the Digital Cable fed channels without a converter box. I have one of the TV cable provider boxes in the front room, but did not want to pay a monthly fee to rent additional boxes for my other CRTs.

Venturer STB7766G
An off the air digital tuner, this has RF and Composite output and can use either a "Rabbit Ears" analog antenna or newer digital TV antenna. As mentioned earlier, digital broadcast can be received with ANY antenna, but usually the newer digital antennas are better built with better quality amplifiers.


I have the square unit pictured above, manufactured by RCA. The converter boxes initially were popular with many brands to choose from when Digital TV Broadcast was mandated by the government. Back in the day many consumer TVs only had analog broadcast tuners, so a rebate coupon became eligible for every household regardless of income. TVs today have built in digital tuners so the selection of converter boxes today are limited.


Most of the digital conversion boxes will not support Cable TV; just off the air digital signals. Compared to analog broadcast, the digital channels have a further mileage range with much clearer picture. Many digital broadcast are in HD which even visually shows an improvement on SD TVs. Simply scan the airwaves to automatically setup the channel guide.

Owners manual -

Iview-3500STBII Digital Tuner / Media Recorder Player
The unit is a Digital Antenna/Cable TV converter, JPG, MP3, Video player and Digital Recorder (TV Digital Channel only) by adding an external hard drive thru the USB slot. Since I already have off the air digital capability, this box is used for TV Cable and Digital Recorder Media Player.
I have the channel select switch unit which is the newest version with the larger remote.
A picture of the back, the newer model has the addition of 3/4 switch for RF output. I use the Component output for the WEGA KD-27FS170.
Unfortunately, most of Cable TV digital channels are scrambled. However with the Iview QAM capability, I have been able to add Government Access feeds including CSPAN, CSPAN2 CSPAN3, College Channels, local HD Channels and affiliate secondary channels including COZI, ME-TV, Antenna TV, V-ME and LAFF.

QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, the format by which digital cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable television providers. QAM is used in a variety of communications systems such as Dial-up modems and WiFi. In cable systems, a QAM tuner is linked to the cable in a manner that is equivalent to an ATSC tuner which is required to receive over-the-air (OTA) digital channels broadcast by local television stations when attached to an antenna.

Many cable providers offer few or no details about unencrypted QAM channels. It is also common for cable providers to falsely insist that a set top box from the cable company is required to watch all digital cable channels, including unencrypted channels, even though QAM channels may be distributed via their system. QAM channels may move without notification and some channels may have strange numbering schemes.

I had issues with the Cox Cable channels dropping out of the Favorites section. Sometimes channels would be lost even when the unit is powered on and just changing channels! The Iview was already difficult to search for actual unscrambled channels since it default lists ALL the channels found in the Cox Cable listing.

I updated the Firmware progressively to V1 - V2 - V3. I suppose I could have gone straight to V3, but V2 and V3 only had new features for just Cable TV input vs V1 mentioning a fix for all users.

V3 really cleans up the program listing with much easier to decipher Station Call signs such as WKRP and even including an HD tag for stations that are in high definition. The only downfall is losing the extra radio stations after the firmware update. The original firmware before the update had 8 Cox Cable digital radio channels, now I get only one local digital radio channel. However, I'll take the much cleaner listing of ALL TV Cable Channels available with none getting lost from the Favorites Memory.


The update changes the box default output to 1080i which can be an issue if plugged into an SD TV. In my case (have component hooked up to an SD CRT TV), I plugged the green cable into the composite output of the box and got to see a black and white screen in order to to switch it back to 480i.

Note that there are TWO sections at the Firmware link. One for non switch boxes and one for the CH 3-4 units.

Instructions for upgrading IV-3500STBII firmware

Download and copy “flash.bin and usb_upgrade_all_flash.bin” to flash drive.
Insert Flash drive to converter box.
Press “MENU” on the remote.
Select “SYSTEM”.
Go to Software Update.
Select “usb_upgrade_all_flash.bin”.
Upgrading will show, after finish installing.
Select “MENU” again go to “SYSTEM”.
Select “Restore Factory Default” it needs to reset the box to be able to work.

Has improved the:
QAM capability
Daily and weekly recordings
Midnight recording bug
Daylight Saving time
Closed Captioning functions
Freezing issue

IVIEW-3500STBII No Switch
READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Do NOT download this firmware if your 3500STBII Converter Box has a CH 3/4 switch behind it. You own a converter box that was released in a new batch that has a different chip piece that is not compatible with the box. If you do install this firmware your box will automatically shut completely off and it will not be able to turn on. Please be patient, a new firmware is being currently tested that will be compatible with your box soon.

VAA 10/13 = Update AA 3/10/2014
V9 = All-Purpose Update 3.2mb 1/7/2014

IVIEW-3500STBII CH 3-4 Switch
READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING : These will Only work for the 3500STBII with CH 3-4 Switch. For NONE CH 3-4 , Please read the info above.

V1 = All-Purpose Update for all users 3 MB 09/14/2015
V2 = Cable Users Only 3 MB 09/14/2015
V3 = Cable Users Only 3 MB 09/14/2015

Iview Site -
AVS Forum - ... hread.html
Solid Signal Forum -


Antronix Cable TV Amplifier
Adding multiple Televisions to the Cable TV lead can reduce the overall reception due to so many splits. Throw in an Internet Cable TV Receiver, Digital Telephone, and Digital Channel Conversion boxes reduces the signal shared to all of the connections.

My Cable TV provider had already installed an Antronix MRA1-15/ACP cable amp to the main cable line. An interesting power lead from the power brick, it utilizes a standard RF coaxial cable as the power lead.


Amp Undocumented Option
When I Added a digital tuner box to my TV, it would only pull in just some of the Cable TV channels. Since I have the cable split between the TV RF Cable input, TV direct digital tuner and the digital tuner box I added a switchbox. The box picked up more channels when the other leads were switched off due to the signal becoming stronger by not being split off. Still, it would not pick up all the Cable TV channels clearly, some showed a digital version of the snow distortion.

The Archer 15-1261 RF Switch Box has separate banks of input/outputs for the TV and Video Tape Recorder. Put to use once again for the digital tuner box and older Atari RF video game consoles.


I added a second Antronix amp with power plugged in which helped. However, different cable channels would not work, maybe too strong a signal?

The Solution
Leaving the Cable TV leads hooked up to the amp, I unplugged the power brick. A surprise, all the non scramble channels now work! This was strange since the amp is no longer amplified, at least by appearance. It turns out the first amplifier upstream which is powered has the voltage already introduced in the entire TV Cable TV line! The power indicator does not light up at the second amplifier, perhaps just enough amps in the cable to kick it up just enough.

Antronix Site -


Right Click for larger view
Wingard Flat Antenna - Rabbit Ear Antenna - Venturer Digital Tuner - Iview Digital Tuner Media Recorder Player

Digital TV Antenna Tuner Boxes.JPG
Digital TV Antenna Tuner Boxes.JPG (171.32 KiB) Viewed 10170 times

Peek if you want, pictures for the Guide in the OP.
Rear Panel.JPG
Rear Panel.JPG (30.43 KiB) Viewed 10170 times

Sony KD-27FS170 Back Cover Removed.JPG
Sony KD-27FS170 Back Cover Removed.JPG (238.22 KiB) Viewed 10170 times
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Re: Sony Wega Mods useful for newer LCD and LED HDTVs

by TSTR Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:12 pm

Leaving the internal speakers on while externals are playing can cause all sorts of phase issues, making the sound actually weaker than before. Just a thought.
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Television Mods - Audio Out - HD Digital TV - HD Antenna

by CRTGAMER Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:09 pm

TSTR wrote:Leaving the internal speakers on while externals are playing can cause all sorts of phase issues, making the sound actually weaker than before. Just a thought.

Well, I do have to turn the TV volume DOWN whenever I turn on the external amplified speakers; internals still on. No weak sound here, I can rattle the windows now.

Your statement will have better impact if I just wired in additional speakers into the loop throwing off the internal speaker OHM match to TV amp. I think you missed the point that a High to Low Converter (common in beefing up car sound systems) is utilized sending the signal to an external amplified speaker system. The TV volume drop is no different then before the mod even when the external amp is turned on or not.

CRTGAMER wrote:This particular model has no audio output which is a usually a common feature on flat screen CRTs!

This mod can be applied to any TV, especially newer LED TVs that automatically disable the internal speakers when the audio jack is plugged in.

An easy upgrade certainly better then not doing nothing at all to a TV to improve the sound. Any video screen can really benefit with an additional external amplified speaker system. :idea:

KD-27FS170 Wega Specs.JPG
KD-27FS170 Wega Specs.JPG (95.8 KiB) Viewed 10065 times

KD-27FS170 Back.JPG
KD-27FS170 Back.JPG (25.48 KiB) Viewed 6005 times
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COX Cable Removes Cable Only Option - TV Mods Alternatives

by CRTGAMER Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:06 pm

Cox Cable Requires Digital Box - February 9, 2016
For decades Cox always had a niche advantage over Dish and Direct TV providers, allowing TVs connected without need of a converter box avoiding the box monthly rental charges. The cable is direct connected to the TV and had supported both HDTV digital tuners and older analog tuners. Pay for just one TV, the rest of the TVs in the house are connected for free.

However in my location, Cox Cable will remove support for any TVs that have been working with just a TV Cable attached. Now ALL TVs will need a converter box; a monthly rental price increase of requiring renting a box for EVERY Television including HDTVs that already have built in digital tuners!

For now the fee is nominal at $2.99 additional charge per box with the first box free the first twelve months. The concern is what will happen a year from now as cable rates go up. Watching TV back in the day used to be free off set by commercials. Today one has many more choices of channels, pays for the services and still gets commercials! :?

Cox Cable wrote:

We're moving towards the industry standard of providing a purely digital signal to every TV in your home.


How do I know if I will need to take action or I'm already digital?
Customers who have only wall-connected TVs will need to order equipment, like a mini box, to continue TV service. If all your TVs are currently connected to a Cox receiver, you’re all digital.

Will all my TVs be affected when Cox goes All Digital?
All TVs that aren’t already connected to Cox receivers are affected when we make the transition to All Digital. For TVs that are already connected to a Cox receiver, you’re all set. No action is required.

Why is Cox going All Digital?
To give you the best experience, we’re moving toward providing you a purely digital picture on every TV. Most TV providers have moved or are soon moving to a digital-only service. As a Cox customer, you’ll enjoy better picture quality, an on-screen program guide, more HD channels and more!


IVIEW-3500STBII, Digital Tuner and TV Antenna
I went ahead and ordered the Cox Mini boxes for all my bedroom TVs which for decades worked just fine with the direct connected Cox Cable. I did not order the upgrade for the kitchen TV which mainly is viewed for local News channels; glad I had already performed the Digital Tuner with the Flat antenna upgrade for the FREE over the air HD digital broadcast. I'll post after Cox makes the official move to Digital only with information if the IVIEW still can pick up the OTA QAM channels thru the Cox Cable connection. :?:
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Re: COX Cable Removes Cable Only Option - TV Mods Alternativ

by ApolloBoy Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:18 pm

All the more reason to cut the cord.
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