Under Defeat – New 2D Shooter Announced for Dreamcast

Under Defeat ScreenshotThe Dreamcast will just not die. Yes, ANOTHER 2D shooter is on its way for everybody’s favorite white box.

Hot on the heals of the February 2006 release of Radiligy, a 2D helicopter shooter named “Under Defeat” is scheduled for March 2006 release in Japan.

Under Defeat is a late NAOMI arcade release that is popular in Japan, so this was a fairly easy decision to port it to the Dreamcast. If it is successful, it may follow titles such as Ikaruga, Castle of Shikigami 2, and Chaos Field in being ported to the Gamecube and possibly the PS2.

The game is developed by G.Rev, which is the team behind another later Dreamcast shmup named Border Down. From the limited exposure I have had to Under Defeat via posts on the Net and the screenshots, it looks to be similar to one of my favorite Dreamcast shmups, Zero Gunner 2. However, Hiroyuki Maruyama for G.Rev was asked about it’s similarities to ZG2 in a recent interview and stated,

“With just looking at the game (turning helicopter…) without playing, I can see how you’d come to that impression. However, once you play it, I’m certain that you’ll know you’re playing a totally different game. That being said, the game does have a certain echo of this comparison within it. Under Defeat is very inspired by the “Seek & Destroy” concept seen in many games before, and in Zero Gunner 2. Yet, we don’t go to the point of using a full rotation to make use of a horizontal screen.”

Pre-orders should be appearing in import shops shortly and sources are suggesting a retail price for Under Defeat to be 6,090 Yen (around $52 USD).

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lozz says:

cant wait for this, i’ve already preordered radilgy and im waiting for some cash to get this.

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