The Rarest and Most Valuable Playstation 2 (PS2) Games

The PS2 game library is starting to come to an end, and much the like the PS1 before it, there is a strong selection of collector-friendly titles to choose from.  And if history is any indication, many of these values might fluxate quite a bit over the next few years.   Since the initial publication of this guide in 2010, we have already seen a good deal of fluctuation — partially because of reprints and remakes, but also because of changes in demand as the PS2 loses popularity.

In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this Rare & Valuable series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling. Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game by itself. The second price is the highest price in the past three months which is usually the price for the new/sealed game.  Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive. (Digg This Article)

Special Note: Music game bundles like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Beatmania are not included in this list as the included instruments add quite a bit to the value and would otherwise dominate the list.  I’d rather focus on just games and those that have more collector interest.

Most Valuable Limited Editions

Mushinhime Limited Mushihime-sama Limited Box: $220 – $240
This limited edition version of an already-popular 2D shooter from Cave also includes figurines of the game’s characters, Reco and Kinero.   A sealed copy sold on eBay in 2010 $175, so we’ve seen quite an increase in just two years.  This set doesn’t show up too often, so values may fluctuate.
Check for Mushihime-sama Limited Box on eBay
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Limited Edition: $190 – $230
One of my all-time favorite fighters in a limited edition forms.  As if the game wasn’t great enough, this Japanese release contains a DVD containing battles from the masters of the game, a reprint of a game guide and a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Check for Street Fighter III Third Strike Limited Box on eBay

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Premium Package: $90 – $349
It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Metal Gear Solid is involved in making the list of collectible games (also see below for standard sealed releases).  This particular set was released in Japan with a special DVD, two special booklets and a painted 1/144-scale model of the Shagohod.  A sealed copy recently sold on eBay for $349, but you can also buy new copies on Amazon for about $265.   There have been opened copies on eBay quite a bit for just over $100 asking price will few takers.  Even though I haven’t seen an opened copy have a documented sell in the past month, I would appraise the box set at around $90.
Check for Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Premium Package on Amazon
Check for Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Premium Package on eBay
Metal Gear Solid 3 Limited Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition: $50 – $150
And here’s another Metal Gear Solid release — this time a US release.  Only availible to pre-order buyers, this special release includes Existence, the game’s cut scenes edited into a three-and-a-half-hour feature film with additional scenes and remastered sound.  Back in 2010, this was going for $125 to $400.  It’s dropped quite a bit in value since then.  The highest on eBay in the past month was $60, but a sealed copy could probably still get about $150 or more.
Check for Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition on Amazon
Check for Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition on eBay


Valuable Japanese Standard Releases

Ibara Cover Ibara: $180 – $200
Much like the Sega Saturn, the Playstation 2 has a handful of 2D shooters that draw in hardcore fans.   However, since shmups aren’t especially mainstream outside of Japan, they usually remain Japanese exclusives and command high prices.   Ibara leads the pack of regular Japanese releases as there aren’t too many copies of this Cave-developed shooter that typically appear on eBay at any given time.   This release has cooled just a bit over the past two years.
Check for Ibara on eBay
Mushihimesama Cover Mushihime-sama: $90 – $100
Ibara was the last Cave shooter released on the PS2 and probably had a lower print run because of it.  Mushihime-sama is right behind Ibara as it was released about a year beforehand (original PS2 release was in 2005).   Of course, as mentioned above, a limited edition box set was also released and sells for a bit of a premium.
Check for Mushihime-sama on eBay
Princess Lover Eternal Love For My Lady Cover Princess Lover! Eternal Love For My Lady: $80 – $83
The Japanese love their romantic visual novels…. This PS2 release has been tweaked in a handful of ways from it’s initial PC release.  It has remastered graphics, additional scenarios, and the content has been toned down to be a bit more appropriate for younger gamers.   There is also a more limited version of the game availible that has a higher asking price.
Check for Princess Lover! Eternal Love for My Lady on eBay
Espgaluda Cover Espgaluda: $58 – $70
This shooter from Cave is the spiritual successor of it’s 1998 title, ESP Ra.De.   Espgaluda was released on the PS2 in 2004.    The sequel, Espgaluda II, was recently released in 2010 on the Xbox 360 and iPhone, so it will be interesting if we see some additional interest in this PS2 title.   This titles has cooled from it’s $70 – $100 range in 2010.
Check for Espalgulda on eBay
Melty Blood Actress Again Cover Melty Blood Actress Again: $65 – $75
Of course the shooters can’t have all the fun on this list — it’s only fair that we see a 2D fighter on this list of PS2 collectibles.  The Melty Blood series saw a couple Japanese exclusives on the PS2 — the first being Act Cadenza (which goes for about $50).   Actress Again was released 3 years later in 2009.   Of course, being an especially late release it has a rather limited print run and usually stays in the hands of the hardcore crowd.
Check for Melty Blood Actress Again on eBay

Valuable Standard Releases

.Hack 4 Quanantine Cover .hack Part 4: Quarantine: $53 – $142
Now that games like Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Ico have seen re-releases on the PS3, other collectable gems that have remained PS2 exclusives have been able to take over the “most valuable” list.  Much like the original Playstation, the list of valuable games includes a handful of RPGs.  The .hack series is especially popular with RPG fans and collectors.  Quarantine easily tops the list, commanding at least double the amount of most other games in the series.
Check for .hack Part 4 Quarantine on Amazon
Check for .hack Part 4 Quarantine on eBay
Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cover Marvel vs Capcom 2: $45 – $140
Even though there has been a significant decrease of the resale value of open copies of MvC2 since it’s re-release on XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, it still tops the list of valuable PS2 games.   Sealed copies of this 2D fighter still command a very high premium to collectors and show up every now and then on eBay.
Check for Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Amazon
Check for Marvel vs Capcom 2 on eBay
Shadow Hearts Cover Shadow Hearts: $32 – $135
This RPG series got off to a bit of a rough commerical start being released just a week before Final Fantasy X in North America.  However, it has gather a number of fans and sequels. The standard complete price for this title has held quite steady, but the trend in the sealed games increasing continues here.
Check for Shadow Hearts on Amazon
Check for Shadow Hearts on eBay
Suikoden V Cover Suikoden V: $34 – $99 (was $28 – $55)
The Suikoden games have long been a staple on the PS1’s list of Rare and Valuable Games.  With the recent shakeup of PS2 values (which often happens a few years after the consoles fades from primetime), Suikoden V has jumped high into the top 10.   Just two years ago in 2010, this game was selling for $28 to $55 — now it’s gone up a healthy amount while other big names are on the way down.
Check for Suikoden V on Amazon
Check for Suikoden V on eBay
Dark Aliance II Cover Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II: $34 – $90
While most valuable RPGs are of Japanese origin, we do see some American representation here with Dark Alliance II.   This game isn’t even a PS2 exclusive, but from a sample of eBay listings, there seems to significantly less copies up for grabs than the XBox version.  We’ve seen standard complete copies dip in value just a bit since 2010, but much less than most of the big names.  Sealed copies, however, has risen in value a healthy amount.
Check for Dark Alliance II on Amazon
Check for Dark Alliance II on eBay
Rule of Rose: $40 – $88
This psychological horror game from cult-classic factory, Altus has been a bit of a hidden game since it’s release in 2006.  Since then it has gradually risen in the ranks of collector’s pieces of the PS2 library.  This is an up-and-comer to keep an eye on.
Check for Rule of Rose on Amazon
Check for Rule of Rose on eBay
Wild Arms Alter Code F Cover Wild Arms – Alter Code: F: $35  – $74
Wild Arms was a cult classic on the PS1 and Alter Code: F served as a remake for the PS2 and features 3D environments, more playable characters and other improvements.   Apparently collectors approve the remake as it has been climbing the charts on this PS2 list while the PS1 original is still significantly cheaper.
Check for Wild Arms – Alter Code F on Amazon
Check for Wild Arms – Alter Code F on eBay
Devil Summoner Cover Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army : $28 – $95
The Shin Megami Tensei series once had a strong representation on this list before reprints  brought down the values of many of the games.   Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army was the first of the Devil Summomer games localized for English audiences (the original games were on the Japanese Saturn) and also remains as one of the few in the series to hold its value..   Much like Dark Alliance II, we saw a drop in normal complete copies over the past two years, but sealed copies have risen slightly.
Check for Devil Summoner on Amazon
Check for Devil Summoner on eBay
.hack G.U. Vol 3 Redemption Cover .hack G.U. Vol 3 Redemption: $30 – $70
The .hack franchise has a strong presense on this list and this final chapter in the G.U. series  has cracked the top 10 list this time around.   (Volume 1 isn’t far behind either)
Check for .hack G.U. Vol 3 Redemption on Amazon
Check for .hack G.U. Vol 3 Redemption on eBay
Ico Cover Ico: $20 – $70
Much like Marvel vs. Capcom 2, we have seen a HUGE drop in value of Ico after a re-release.  Even though it was a full HD retail release at a higher price point on the PS3, the relelease left the original PS2 version out in the cold with collectors.  Instead of garnering $50 to $120 for a PS2 copy, you can now snag it for less than half that price.  Ico had long been a underground favorite of the PS2 library.  Once it’s spiritual successor, Shadow of the Colossus, gained fame, Ico’s profile has increased and the value of the game has stayed solidup until the re-release.  It is still one of the harder PS2 classics to find and a sealed copy is still work a good deal to collectors.
Check for Ico on Amazon
Check for Ico on eBay

Valuable Sealed US Games

(not an extensive list — only based on recent completed eBay Auctions with bidders)

  • Final Fantasy X (Black Label) – $385
  • Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil: $192
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant: $160
  • Final Fantasy XII Collector’s Edition: $154
  • Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection $125
  • Kingdom Hearts (Black Label) $95 – $107
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Black Label) – $104
  • Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II – $89
  • Contra Shattered Soldier – $85

Additional Games of Value

Japanese Limited Editions

  • Musou Orochi 2 Treasure Box – $125 – $212
  • Fate Unlimted Codes Limited Edition Box: $75 – $249
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi Limited Box: $50 – $120
  • Zone of the Enders Premium Package: $60 – $140
  • Growlanser: Generations Deluxe Pack: $78 – $122
  • Psyvariar Complete Edition Special Capture Box: $50 – $80
  • Melty Blood Actress Again Limited: $80 – $100

US Limited Editions

  • .hack  G.U. vol.1 Rebirth Limited: $150 – $160
  • Bully – Limited Edition Box Set w/ Comic & Dodgeball: $40 – $90

Japanese Standard Releases

  • PSIKYO Shooting – Sol Divide & Dragom Blaze: $70 – $105
  • King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match: $65 – $87
  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: $52 – $78
  • Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou: $55 – $60
  • Prism Ark Awake: $50 – $60

US Standard Releases

  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant: $25 – $164
  • .hack G.U. Vol 1 Rebirth: $30 – $60
  • Futurama: $30 – $36
  • Dark Cloud 2: $25 – $64
  • The Warriors: $25 – $40
  • Digimon Rumble Arena 2 – $25 – $50
  • Firefighter FD 18: $29 – $63
  • Haunting Ground – $25 – $45
  • Silent Hill 3:  $25 – $46
  • Digital Devil Saga: $20 – $44
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga – $26 – $45
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2: $20 – $36
  • Gitaroo Man: $20 – $40


  1. Mike says:

    Beautiful article racket. Just ran to my local Gamestop and picked up quarantine for $30 and I plan to resell it. I remember when ICO was $20 at Gamestop. Coulda added a classic to my collection for cheap.

  2. Jerkface killah says:

    I was lucky enough to preorder subsistance back when I worked at EB Games. I also picked up a used ico there for $17.99. Nice gems to have I guess.


  3. Craig says:

    The Shin Megami games were much more valuable a year or two ago. Atlus re-issued them, which killed their market value.

  4. vgm says:

    I guess my first-run, sealed copy of Persona 4 isn’t gonna be worth much in ten years… =(

  5. Raz says:

    The European version of Subsistance comes with the limited edition disk as stand, as an apology for releasing so late.
    It can be bought for around £45

  6. Tankninja says:

    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Limited Edition (Japanese release) is also pretty damn expensive heh.

  7. Agent75 says:

    I’ve got a press/review copy of UK Shadow of the Colossus (ICO 2). It even comes with the cover which inside shows the controls etc. I’m not sure how much it’s worth, but I’m guessing it’s more rare than say a retail/rental copy.

  8. the vamp says:

    I actually have a sealed copy of Xenosaga III. the reason for that is cuz i love rpg’s so i bought Xenosaga 1 to 3 on the same day thinking i would love them. I was so wrong

  9. the7k says:

    He he he… I got MGS3:Subsistence Limited Edition for $10 at a pawn shop.

  10. Brian says:

    wow, I didn’t know that Bully box set went for so much. I’m glad I never inflated that dodge ball 🙂

  11. 32xforever says:

    What about rare PS2 PAL games.

    505 gamestreet games such as Raiden 3 o Raw Danger are extremely rare.

    Masters of the Universe is also very rare and Pal only.

    Racket, I think you are missing TOP PAL rare games.

  12. wip3outguy7 says:

    Gamestop oversold the hell out of MGS3 Subsistence SE. There were many more preorders (money down) than there were Special Editions. Gamestop failed to instate a cut off or there was a breakdown in communication between GS and Konami over the amount of units that would be available. The Gamestop I bought my SE from had around 10 “paid in full” preorders but only 2 SEs arrived.

    To my knowledge, the Subsistence Special Edition was only released in the United States and Canada did not receive shipments at all.

    Those two factors caused the game to jump to over $200 in value on eBay the minute it hit shelves.

  13. wip3outguy7 says:

    ^arg… I meant MGS3 Subsistence “LE”

  14. Discoalucard says:

    Masters of the Universe isn’t rare is it? There’s one on eBay for less than four pounds:

    The Megami Tensei games will go back up in value in a few years once the supply of reprints is exhausted. Persona 2 was reprinted about five years ago and it dropped to less than $30 for a period, but now it’s back up to $60+.

  15. 32xforever says:

    Discoalucard, a lot of people misunderstand the concept of rare game as you did. A rare game does not imply an expensive game.

  16. 32xforever says:

    In fact It is too soon to see ultra high prices on PS2 games. Just take into accont that some game and gamestop stores still have stock of some ps2 games and a lot of second-hand ps2 games.

    Let’s wait a couple of years and then try to get you PAL copy of raiden 3, raw danger, MOTU…

  17. CRTGAMER says:

    I think ICO will just keep going up in value. The one to get is either Japanese or the PAL DVD versions with extra features.

  18. AWESOM-O says:

    When LE are included, Wander to Kyozō is definitely the most expensive ps2 release. Also the 3rd strike,
    KoF Orochi and garou: motw boxes with neo stick should be mentioned.

  19. Wry Guy says:

    Hmm, good representation by the SMT games for certain. If I may mention a couple of things, though? I don’t know if you’d bother to add these details in or if you are monitoring the comments but Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga 2, and Nocturne all have some interesting tidbits about their value.

    1) Devil Summoner was not a traditional SMT game in the least. Hardcore fans scoffed it because of its relative lack of challenge and how far a departure it was from the rest of the series. While some thought it was a breath of fresh air, the majority paid little attention to this game. It was only once the sequel was announced and Persona 3 had made this series more popular that the value of this game rose. There was a point where it had plummeted to the value of a GameStop bargain bin title at around 10 dollars. Maybe less.

    2) Digital Devil Saga and Digital Devil Saga 2 have both been reprinted, but the original box set of the game still commands a relatively high value. Digital Devil Saga 1 initially came with a very nice box and soundtrack, with the box helping to build anticipation for the fact that this game was essentially a two-parter. There was space in the box for both games, and if you have both games and the box set the value about doubles.

    3) While Nocturne has also been reprinted, the original print is still far far more valuable. The reprint is rumored to have some bugs the original does not such as freezing, but I don’t think anyone had ever proven this. What really makes it valuable is the fact that the original comes with a soundtrack CD that the reprint does not. The original print of the game in mint condition can still command a solid 100 dollars when the supply gets short. Right now it commands about 60.

  20. shwisha says:

    That is a pretty boring list. Not much variety they’re mostly anime games.

  21. Anon says:

    @ shwisha – you’re boring me with your gripes.

  22. Good God. I guess I should hold on to every game that I get and pay close attention to what could be valuable. That one classic “golden” nintendo game sold for thousands, but I can’t remember the name of it.

  23. racketboy says:

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Yeah, reprints really screw with lists like this. We’ll have to see how things pan out in the next year or two.

    I would like to do more PAL info — I just don’t have many good sources of info — maybe I need someone in the know to help out 😉

    As for other box sets, there are so many and I hesitate to include ones with controllers included as they skew the prices quite a bit… just like the Guitar Hero/Rock Band bundles.

  24. Hamlet says:

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 should not be consider rare. Is avaliable on xbox live and that has made the price value plomet. In my opinion Skygunner from atlus is never mention as a rare game, I only found one copy ever, and never again have I seen it.

  25. Hamlet says:

    As for the Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition. I luckly found it box and extra content for $17.99 at one of the Gamestop i frequent, one my greatest find. ohh yeah and Kaos war for 9.99 new but not sealed…

    I dont hate gamestop, hate yourself for trying to trade your games with them for fair value, if you get scam by them ones shame on them if twice shame on you.

  26. Grandpaf says:

    Nice list! But I think you forgot Rule of Rose (Pal version). You’ll likely pay 60 euro+++ for a complete copy. Since the game got banned in some countries.

    I dunno about the Japanese version but the price tag sometime exceed 80$ us

  27. Alex says:

    I’m SHOCKED Ico has gone up in value so much.

    I saw brand new copies for $10 for years… between 2001-2005. I bought myself a second copy in 05 because my first had the cover ripped a bit.

    You had your chance!

    But then again… I know how I feel when people tell me they found bargain bin copies of Earthbound back in the day…

  28. WhiteJester says:

    Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence has gone down alot in value. Where they just released the MGS 1-2-3 pack. Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence is in the 3 pack for 20 bucks at Walmart.

  29. Dan says:

    I don’t really agree with the Shin Megami Tensei titles because you can still buy them new in a store and therefor their “value” is standard retail price.

    That is like saying that Alan Wake is one of the most valuable 360 games because it retails for $60.

  30. Frank says:

    I happen to have Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Capcom Vs SNK 2 both in very good condition… I also have a sealed Star Ocean: Till the End of Time that I decided to never play… I wonder how much I could get for all three? Also, I have a semi rare game with the King of Fighters 2000/2001 pack.. Pretty funa games actually I hear they sell decently used as well..

  31. Anthony says:

    @WhiteJester – the MGS Trilogy pack did nothing to the value of Subsistence. While the game disc may be the same, it does not include either of the bonus discs – and those are what is collectible, not the game itself. MGS Subsistence has 2 discs, with the second containing playable copies of the MSX2 versions of the original two games. This disc is not in the $20 pack you are referring too. Secondly, this article is about Subsistence Limited Edition, which came in special packaging and had a third disc, called Metal gear Solid Saga Vol. 1 (vol 2 was a preorder bonus for MGS4 on the ps3).

    The only copies of subsistence that reach over $100 on eBay are the three disc versions.

    Personally, I have the two disc subsistence release, but separately I found the saga vol. 1 disc at a used book store. I doubt it is worth much however, as it isn’t in the “LE” packaging.

  32. gus says:

    we need PS2 Defining Games !!

  33. Rob says:

    I kinda disagree on some of these. I boutht my ico for five ten bucks four or so years ago, and still see it at very low asking prices. Same for Xenosaga three and others. Then again, the games I am referring to are used, and you may be referring to brand new games off the shelf, never played. I’m cheap, always bought second hand, and whenever I lose any inch of quality I just repair the discs. Easy, simple, cheap.

  34. racketboy says:

    Well the highest prices are usually sealed copies, but the lower price is often what a complete used copy averages for online at places like Amazon and eBay.

    So if you find them significantly cheaper locally, you’re doing well 🙂

  35. James says:

    I have noticed some of these games most likely had reprints. Xenosaga III, Tales of the Abyss, Nocturne, and DDS 2 have all become more common around me, and they all have the cheap ps2 cases without the memory card holder. The Nocturne reprints don’t have the soundtrack which is why its so cheap on ebay right now, and DDS 2 has a whole different cover art.

  36. AceNoctali says:

    No mention of the Tokimemo Fund Limited Edition of Tokimeki Memorial 3, in the Japanese Limited Edition runner-ups ?

    That variation of the Tokimeki Memorial 3 Limited Edition Box (there were two, the regular one and the Tokimemo Fund one) is very rare and expensive. On Yahoo Auctions Japan, starting price for that item unopened is 10000 yen, i.e. around 120 US$ :

  37. Cepillin says:

    I have to agree and disagree with some of these. One game worthy of mention is the TONY HAWK’S PROJECT 8 premium skateboard box set. Comes with the common game and deck. Picked mine up for 25$, And it is seldom seen for sale online under a 100$. Even rarer there is an xbox version, only seen it once. Also Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus is getting harder to find, especially one sealed.

  38. talena parent says:

    my husband is looking for a old game called Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero one i have been looking all over the place for it he bout to go to afghan agian and this game wil make his day plz help me email me if you know where i can get it at thanks

  39. nothingface says:

    i actually sold devil summoner for 13bucks last month ouch…glad i held on to the rest. really dig these articles racketboy, brings back alot of old memories man.

  40. marco says:

    a few years back i bought a copy of .hack//quarantine for $5 still have it somewhere in the house.

  41. swahili says:

    Good Article. I have a reprint of DDS2, but its one of the earliest reprints, so still somewhat uncommon. I have an original copy of Nocturne with the soundtrack and all, as well as all four .hack games with all four Liminality DVDs. Hopefully the original prints of the other SMT games that came with soundtracks I got at release(Strange Journey for DS, Persona 4 for ps2 etc.) will increase in value once reprints without the soundtracks are released.

  42. Jorge says:

    I have a king of fighters 2000/2001 on sale on eBay right now is up to 15.00 is complete

  43. B W says:

    Zone of the Enders 2nd runner. I brought this game on ebay last year for 50 bucks and it’s worth every penny also is my favorite game. A must play to everyone who is into a great storyline and visuals

  44. D-Money says:

    Thanks for the article, Along with the ps1 and nintendo ones to. Hopefully I see some of these at garage sales later this spring.

  45. Lucky says:

    I got luck to pick up ico for ten bucks complete in excellent condition. I am lucky enough to own seven of the standard us main list and three of the bottom list.

  46. D Fluff says:

    I have the original Persona 3 (not FES) with the sleeve, artbook and soundtrack. I bought it used and have since played it. I was wondering if it is at all rare and whether it could be worth something someday?


  47. Egamer says:

    Anyone heard of Growlanser Generations? It was the last Working Designs release and the box set came complete with a soundtrack, Growlanser 2 and 3, a watch, and other jewelery. It goes for about 140$ on Ebay right now, but no mention of it here.

  48. Now I can find ICO for $20 or lower since it’s been re-released. I bought a copy for $24 way back when, so I’m not too bummed about the price drop.

  49. dirk says:

    f .hack//quarantine gos for much higher then they ay here on ebay sealed copys go from 105 till 155 gladly i have 4 copys now XD and gonna perhaps buy more of them caue i know somewhere the sell it cheap

  50. Joy says:

    The Wild Arms games are getting more and more expensive, at least 4 and 5…. not to mention Wild Arms:Alter Code F. (been trying to find WA:ACF for a reasonable price for a while; 25+ for a scratched disk is unacceptable)

  51. Turrican says:

    got Metal gear solid 3 subsistance (european) for 6 bucks. So i saved 34 bucks.

  52. DUKE of TRON says:

    As I have so many PS2 games I will only just mention a couple which I have in my large collection –
    Zone of the Enders (and Zone of the Enders sequel – 2nd Runner)
    I also have another game called…..

    I would really like to know how much this game is worth. I have it as a UK PAL game.

  53. Lev821 says:

    I’ve got Shadow of the colossus, the cardboard cover version with the postcards. Haunting ground. Primal collectors edition, and Kula world on the ps1.

    I’m thinking of putting them on ebay but wonder if I’ll just get a one bid for 99p each. Anyway, I will try and get around to it soon, as I have other games that I would consider rare.

  54. Cepillin says:

    Also worthy of mention is the Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Limited Edition, it came with a bonus dvd, fancy box with a plastic dragon ball in the middle, and Broly chibi toy.
    Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition with the collectible Skywalker action figure and is hard to find.
    Guilty Gear Isuka was pre-released and came with a full game beta disc but was only handed out to certain people.
    I have all 3 of these brand new.

    When I find more scores I will add to the list.

  55. Cepillin says:

    Persona 3 FES limited edition. Not the regular Persona 3 limited edition version.

  56. David says:

    Nice list! Unfortunately, I remember renting .hack Quarantine at a blockbuster in 05, should have gotten that when it came up used 🙁

    While the SMT games should retain value, I know for a fact that any iteration of Persona 3 will not, seeing as there are three versions of the game (the PSP version is still readily available).

    For some reason, Persona 4 is still 40 bucks at Gamestop, up five bucks from a few months ago 😛 Hopefully the price will drop with the vita remake, although by then PS2=dead.

  57. Anon says:

    Two things to add – Xenosaga III had a limited edition holographic cover on version sold at bestbuy, this is even rarer than the regular version.

    Shadow Hearts has a not for resale promo version of the game that comes complete with case and manual, both say not for resale that is also significantly rarer than the regular version.

    As someone mentioned the original releases of nocturne, dds and even disgaea first print can still command decent prices, but in the case of the latter it has to be sealed as the original release of disgaea had sony sticker and while the rereleases did not.

  58. jacobgrocks says:

    MvC2 is going for $25-30 now, and Ico is getting a PS3 port.

  59. Patrick BBE says:

    My sister owns Tales of the Abyss. yay!

  60. Malice says:

    Dark Alliance is one of my favorites. I really want, no I need to get Dark Alliance 2. It’s $30 at Gamestop when they have it, the problem is they never freaking have it.

  61. Sthenurus says:

    Great Article Racketboy! But their is one game i would add to the rare list: DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. This game has become pretty hard to find and start at 30$ on ebay. Also i tough Shadow of collossus was rare and valuable 🙁 oh well

  62. I am looking for a very old fishing game for ps1 that i would like to try to find. It is where you can fish in the usa and the fish that you half to chatch has some stars on there side . and in eypt you can mummy fish. please help me to find this game. thank you

  63. DUKE of TRON says:

    @ Kristle Fennell
    Well, Kristle the only fishing games that I know of for the PS1 are called “ACTION BASS” (4 Diverse fishing areas! Plus a hidden bonus area to unlock! ), “SALTWATER FISHING” (now in this game it has 12 different locations featuring 24 different exotic fish, so this might be the one that you’re looking for), other fishing games I also know of are, “FISHERMAN’S BAIT 2”, “SONY PLAYSTATION BASS LANDING VIDEO GAME with FISHING CONTROLLER”, and finally “REEL FISHING II”.
    That’s all I can think of for the time being.

    So, hopefully one of these PS1 games is the one that you’re looking for.
    Good luck in the hunt for your game!!
    Should you want any more info on any game, just tap in one of the titles above in your browser and you can see if it’s the one that you are looking for. You can also find most old games to buy on the Amazon website. 🙂

  64. Samurai Sam says:

    Ico isn’t even worth 10 dollars anymore since the re-release. I know because I sold my copy on eBay.

  65. Graydaggers says:

    Racket Boy what about Rule of Rose it’s going for $60 to $150 now

  66. scooba says:

    rule of rose should really be added to this I have been having a hell of a time finding this off ebay. Echo night beyond is also quite rare as is Kuon; I collect horror ps2 games and if the 3 fatal frames made the cut i struggle to see why these two would fail

  67. cd ages says:

    I agree with Awesom-O. Why the F*** isn’t 3rd Strike Limited Collectors Edition box and Garou Neo Geo Stick bundle boxset not on this list. These releases are damn expensive and have been for quite some time

  68. Crabmaster2000 says:

    I find it weird to have a definitive price set on sealed items since the price can change drastically depending on the condition.

  69. racketboy says:

    @cd ages – those sets we’re added because I haven’t seen them with completed transactions on eBay. Do you have some sale prices? Also, as with the music games I excluded, I don’t like to include sets that are heavily weighed by expensive controllers.

    @Crabmaster2000 – I’m just listing them for reference — as noted, that sections isn’t meant to be extensive.

  70. cd ages says:

    Well 3rd Strike L.E. does not include a controller of any kind. In terms of price point, there are quite a few auction at this very moment for this product in complete form!

  71. cward24 says:

    I see that Tales of the Abyss has dropped off the list. This is most likely due to the 3DS release of the game. However I see that Wild Arms Alter Code F is on the list now. I did not realize that this remake was in demand. I wound up with two copies when the used version I got online was pretty scratched up so I ordered the second copy from Agetec directly. I am glad I did and was able to finish the game.

  72. Patrick BBE says:

    Wow, My sister and I obtain all of those .hack games. We also got ICO when it first came out during holiday season of 2001.

  73. James F says:

    DanceDanceRevolution X2 should be on this list. Game can range from like 30-80 bucks.

  74. goregasm says:

    Interesting to see futurama on the list.. doesnt seem rare at all and even die hard futurama fans think it sucks.

  75. Sonicx360 says:

    Racketboy, you should put the PS2 version of Samurai Shodown Anthology since most of the copies, both new and used, average about $35 to $70 on and eBay.

  76. Eduardo says:

    Another game I’d look into (for rarity) is Yakuza 2. Since it was released around 2008 (i believe) and it was highly praised it seems to be be somewhat demand. Not in the high price range but a very uncommon game.

  77. racketboy says:

    I added Third Strike Limited — not sure why that didn’t show up on my radar…
    Yakazu 2 used to be on the list, but it dropped low enough to be excluded.
    SS Anthology is showing only having been sold for $30 on eBay — not quite high enough to be included.

  78. cd ages says:

    Great! well done Racketboy.

    I agree totally with SS Anthology. But i’m sure the same will be said of its price tag in about a year from now.

  79. jacx says:

    I’m surprised Romancing Saga was left out on this list. The value of this game has been steadily rising. I don’t think it ever got a reprint either since it was a failure on the U.S. market.

  80. I used to have Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for PS2 but once I played it in HD on my PS3, I got rid of the PS2 version. I can’t tolerate the low res blurry games on PS2 anymore once I saw how much nicer full 1080 HD is. It’s a far better experience on the PS3. Too bad, that game doesn’t exist on disc format…or does it? I think XBox had released a “digital download only games pack” on disc?

  81. Patrick BBE says:

    Persona 4’s price dropped to a nice low $19.99 on Amazon. Gamespot still carries it for $39.99.

  82. dan says:

    hi racket boy,(and other guys)

    im a keen gamer,dealer/collector here in the uk (england),when im not working,im going to second hand game shops or boot sales etc…its like a 2nd job to me both dealing and also playing,i wach the sales of ebay games everyday so i have a pretty good knowledge of the price of rare games over here,your lists are great! i mean they whould be alot more usefull to me if you had more pal versions on here but hey i understand you have to cater for you guys over does the price differ to pal versions? also with all these games being made so easy to get on psn how will this effect the value of the classic gems we all love?will ff7 get back to the peak it once was?what is the best advice you could give to me as a keen dealer/collector? all the best to everyone..

  83. Banestyle says:

    I do think Panic! should be on this list, yeah, that off game from the Sega Cd had a PS2 release, yet I can’t find much on it

  84. Banestyle says:

    My bad, the game is called Switch! on the PS2, same game tho

  85. Mario says:

    I Have Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the ps2.. The disk is scratched, but it works great! I also have the old box. I wonder how much it is worth now in 2012 😀

  86. sam says:

    ha ive got klonoa 2 lunatea’s veil but only good condition so how much is that worth?

  87. GaryC says:

    Wow I had no idea some of my games were worth that much! Metal gear solid the essential collection I have is still sealed. Got to thanks my friend for telling me about this site good stuff. Btw is there a list here of all rpg games released in the US for each system? I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the ps2 ones.

  88. Patrick BBE says:

    I can’t wait for the Ps3 to become retro.

  89. kidsampson says:

    I remember seeing ICO and Contra: SS for $10 at KB Toys and posted on cheapassgamer. You used to be able to pick those up all the time around here at places like that and at Circuit City, which did price matching.

  90. MS says:

    Just picked up a mint copy of Suikoden V from a pawn shop for three dollars. Looks like I did well. Haha.

  91. Alex says:

    Jurassic Parkk operation genesis is another one thats quite pricey

  92. Burns says:

    I have The Warriors black seal version with all the original artwork in the manuel. But I will never sell the game, it is god I’m telling you!

  93. CarnageHeart says:

    This really isn’t a list of the rarest games, just the most sold off of ebay from what I can tell since you seemed to base your research off of that. Heres a list of some more that are actually rare:

    Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
    Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
    Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia
    Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
    Blood+: One Night Kiss
    Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
    Dynasty Tactics
    RPG Maker 3
    Shin Megami Tensei (Any of them)
    Disgaea (Any of them)
    La Pucelle Tactics
    Dark Cloud
    Shining Tears (SEGA Shining Force clone)
    Shining Force NEO
    Dawn of Mana
    MS Saga: A New Dawn (SAGA series)
    Mana Khemia
    Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future
    Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil
    Raiden 3
    Shadow Hearts
    Shadow Hearts: Covenant
    Lupin III: Treasures Of The Sorcerer King

    and there are actually quite a few more that I just can’t remember the names of.

  94. john says:

    What about the limited edition of killzone PS2? I got that off eBay for 60 and I herd the only made a couple thousand.

  95. jhovani madera says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!! I saw .hack G.U. vol.1 Rebirth Limited for sale for $10 at a mexican flea market! hell when i go back there for shopping i will be willing to pay double for that!

  96. jhovani madera says:

    wait does the game i mentioned above include 3 discs in it? because thats what i saw in there. their scratched but repairable.

  97. Juicey says:

    I bought yesterday Suikoden V PAL brand new & sealed from my local vg store for 17$. Didn’t know that US version is so valuable.

  98. Danika says:

    Go figure… I buy Devil Summoner 1 for $60 and like two months later it gets reprinted :S I bet the same thing would happen with Rule of Rose but I’m not holding my breath…

  99. Grandpaf says:

    Yeah, Rule of Rose price is going crazy now! We are not talking about 60 gold piece now, but ahead 90$ or 150$ sealed.

  100. Danika says:

    Rule of Rose seems to be the Suikoden II of the PS2 while .Hack Part 4 is like the EarthBound? Pretty sure .hack part 4 isn’t rare, just in high demand like EarthBound; only like 15000 copies or so of Rule of Rose exist AFAIK

  101. Spurg says:

    I’m pretty sure most of what CarnageHeart are mostly common and uncommon. I see no rare titles in that list. And ALOT of his information is wrong. MS Saga is not part of the SaGa series, it’s a Gundam game. Shining Tears is published by Sega and Sega has put out EVERY Shining game. From Shining in the Darkness to whatever came out a few years ago.

    SMT 3 and the spinoff series such as Devil Summoner and Persona have been reprinted, Disgaea is a greatest hits title, ALOT of copies out there, it’s common, same with Dragon Quest VIII.
    All those games can be found easily without much effort and for fairly cheap, where as stuff like Rule of Rose and .Hack// Quaratine you’ll only see 1-3 copies listed on eBay a week and you’re paying $80+. National Geographic’s Sea Monsters is rarer than anything CarnageHeart listed.

  102. Adam Anouer says:

    Musou Orochi 2 in the US and Europe is Warriors Orochi 3 which is a PS3 and XBOX title although to be fair I’d be amazed if any of the treasure box games from that series doesn’t for a high price. Not surprised about Metal Gear Solid 3 being on this list as Subsistence was released under the radar and even in Europe it’s a pretty valuable order aswell.

  103. Darlenshka Tatiana says:

    So funny when the price set up in your country is higher than ours,definitely higher. i recognized 15 games that are sold for only $2 each. since in my country,$1 is equal to RM3. The games can’t be say rare and valuable to me.

  104. mark says:

    Ive got monster hunter n need to know wat its worth plz n metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty… cheers

  105. mattttttttttt says:

    I bet that the futurama game will jump up in price a bit when final season is over

  106. Cool Z Epicpony says:

    i was just wondering, what system is “LSD: Dream Emulator” for? I Really want to know so i can suggest it to a gamer.

  107. DUKE of TRON says:

    @Cool Z Epicpony
    LSD (Also known as LSD: Dream Emulator) is an extremely rare video game released in Japan in 1998 for the Sony Playstation games console.
    I hope it’s what you were looking for.

  108. Betsy says:

    Persona 4 has gone up like crazy in the last 2 months (PAL release at least)- I was holding off buying it just because there were other things I wanted but gee I wish I had bought it when I had the chance.

  109. Ahmed says:

    Hello, I have the metal gear solid 3 subsistence (which I got for $5) and it has 3 discs but it’s the Euro standard edition does this still count as valuable it’s unsealed.

  110. tamagothchi says:

    I would think the Mana Khemia scholarship edition(big box and statue) would be fairly rare since it’s limited to supposedly 1,000.

  111. benstir83 says:

    Just picked up The Warriors on PS2 for two bucks at a local hole in the wall thrift shop for two bucks. Score! Fun game too!

  112. D519 says:

    Hey guys can I see if these games are rare please!

    Red Rose Ninja End of honor
    Gauntlet dark legacy
    Genji dawn of the samurai
    Champions norrath
    Dark angel vampire apocalypse
    Mdk 2 arraeddon
    Dragonball z budokai 1 2 3 series I have
    Xmen legands
    Xenosaga episode 1
    Final fantasy X and X-2

    Please email me and say ps2 games so I know when I read my email address and my email is

  113. Sean says:

    I suggest adding Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 to the list. Minimum going price seems to be around $35-45 at the moment, going as high as $70-85+.

  114. Macca says:

    i can remember getting baldurs gate 1 and 2 in game station for £8,99 less than a yr after release what the hell happened

  115. MangaEngel says:

    Rule of Rose for 40-80$?
    In what kind of world do you live?
    The cheapest I had found was a 50$ japanese version and it went up to 300$ at times.
    The fact that there are three versions (US, Japan and the european PAL) doesn’t make it that much easier to get it, since a US game doesn’t work on a european PS2 and vice versa