The Sega Saturn DVD Case Project

 If you are a collector of either Sega Saturn or Sega CD games and live in North America, you know the frustration of the large, proprietary cases that break quite frequently and are hard to replace.

You could just put your games in regular CD cases and tuck away the manuals, but half the fun of collecting games is looking at all the pretty artwork. So what is a classic Sega collector to do?

CheapAssGamer has been doing some game cover projects to give game collectors some alternative options. The latest adapts the artwork from original Saturn cases to the format used for slimline DVD cases.

This technique maintains the long format of the US Saturn cases while keeping replacement case costs down and saving space on your shelf. It is also a great choice for those that have games without cases or a large collection of burned Saturn games for your modded Saturn.

You will notice that in the example picture that the Japanese artwork is used for the cases. This brings up a couple more advantages of this project. First of all, in many cases, the Japanese cover art is much better than the American counterpart. Secondly, for semi-perfectionists like myself, it is also nice to have consistent cases sizes for both my domestic US releases and my cherished Japanese imports (which used standard CD cases).

If you want to get involved here’s what Mookyjooky from CheapAssGamer writes…

“Here’s the gameplan, I will give all team members a copy of the template, locations to load the finished work, and a collection of high rez scans that I have. I’ll scan the US covers, the Jap covers, if I have Euro covers, I’ll scan those too. I’ll also scan any artwork from artbooks I find, and scan out of magazines. All you have to do is take those images and follow the template and make it pretty. You can make multiple versions as well if you like with all the scans.

My goal for now, is one a week. The average cover should take you about 30-45 mins to make at most. They’ll all be matching, and they’ll all look nice.”

While the selection of games covers is a bit limited at this time and it may require a decent color printer (and expensive ink) for optimal results, this is still a great project to get excited about.

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We need more people to help with this project! We’re up to five at the moment, and Mookyjooky is looking for ten to get started. Anyone who’s interested in this should check out this post and look at the examples–they are awesome. Mookyjooky is doing all the scanning, so all we need volunteers for is putting the images into the Photoshop templates. Give us a hand!

jarrixi says:

Hmmm, this is probably one of the best Sega Saturn projects I have seen in quite a while. Although I’m not very proficient in photoshop, I’d be glad to do anything that I can to help the cause.

TheChazz says:

I like this idea, I don’t like the huge cases, and that you get them(mostly) broken in some way doesn’t help. I’d planned to use some spare dvd cases anyway, but not in such a creative way. lol

Liam says:

What a great idea! Ive remade about 100 Sega CD games for DVD cases but not yet uploaded them. If anyone wants a copy of them emaul me at

Where can we download these covers?

ninju says:

i have a lot of burned saturn games and i need those covers,i have a lot of originals mostly europe games but i dont have any clue using photoshop or any paint programes.i can scan some covers if you want.but what’s unclear here:is how we will get those covers,as the project goes on?seems like that guy wants them for himself.i can’t find them for download.please reply

Aubrey says:

Yeah, it appears this website is no longer in existence…

Brandon says:

What happened to this project? The website that used to host the covers seems to have passed. I would love to make some of these slim DVD cases.

Terry says:

This sounds like a very bad idea to me. Any CD case incorpoates a hinge, which works very well; this includes the larger US Saturn cases. The DVD style case has no hinge, and in time will break in two. Stick with CD cases, no better software packaging has ever been invented. Also, the DVD case is only a waste of valuable space.

racketboy says:

Well DVD cases are easily replaceable now, match more modern systems, and give you more room for artwork (including the side) than CD cases….

xAn says:

After a little reading in that [dated] thread, the project was moved over to Though I didn’t see any slim DVD designs; better than nothing, I suppose.

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