Ikaruga May Be Coming To XBox Live Arcade

 This is basically a rumor, but there is some solid evidence that one of the games from my XBox Live Wishlist might become a reality.

According to Eurogamer, Ikaruga, the cult classic 2D shooter from Treasure apparently has shown up on the XBox 360’s top-secret (only for developers and journalists) area, Partnernet.

Eurogamer stated,
“There are two downloads listed in the Xbox Live Arcade section of Partnernet, which mirrors Xbox Live’s functionality in a different setting. The titles are nondescript, but if you download the two 5.7MB files Ikaruga appears under a Japanese name in the console’s Live Arcade menu.

We couldn’t get it to run, but it does reach a Treasure title screen, and lists 12 achievements including one marked “Secret” and one for each of Chapters 1-4 and the Final Chapter.”

I have had a sneaking suspicion that Ikaruga and possibly Radiant Silvergun would show up on XBLA to complement the upcoming Treasure shooter for the 360. Treasure has also expressed a great deal of interest in the Live Arcade, but are always vague about what they might have in mind.

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  1. kevinski says:

    Awesome news. It’ll be interesting to see if it gets online coop play on XBLA.

  2. All Hail The New Flesh says:

    woah! that was a definition of awesomeness!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess that settles it. I’m getting a 360.

  4. Timerever says:

    My only comment to this is: Meh…

    IMHO Ikaruga is BRUTALLY overrated. The attitude seems to be “zOMG 1t’z a Treausere gmae lets bui it becuse theiy 0wn”.
    There are _far better_ shmups than Ikaruga out there, this one it’s just the last popular/known one that again IMHO isn’t that great, just average.

  5. racketboy says:

    Which ones do you like better?