RetroGaming with Racketboy Podcast #4: Gaming for Charity

While the holidays are certainly not the only time of the year to donate to charities, it is when most charitable organizations collect the bulk of donations that they need to make it through the year. The last few years, many gamers have started to anticipate the holiday season as more than just the time of year when AAA titles are released, but also as the time of year when gamers have a chance to use their love for gaming to raise money for those in need. This episode of the podcast features interviews with two groups of gamers who, in the past few years, have raised almost $350,000 for charity. Those groups are…

The Speed Gamers

Britt LaRiviere, founder of The Speed Gamers, takes a look back at the history of the group and past marathons, reflects on why gamers donate to charity, suggests how other gamers might get involved in the charity movement, and spills the beans about the upcoming Pokémon marathon and next year’s plans.

The Desert Bus for Hope/ Loading Ready Run

The comedy troupe Loading Ready Run, who are responsible for the now annual Desert Bus for Hope marathon, talk about why they decided to play the most boring game ever made for hours on end, what donors have asked them to do for money, how they plan for and run the marathon, and how Penn and Teller’s involvement has made ordering lunch complicated. Thanks to both groups for offering their time! If you enjoy the show, consider donating to the charities they mention, such as and

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Show Outline:

  • (Theme from Christmas Nights – Orchestral Version)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Interview with Britt LaRiviere of The Speed Gamers
  • (Theme from Desert Bus )
  • Interview with Loading Ready Run of The Desert Bus for Hope
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (“Dream Bells” from Christmas NightsRemix by Dale North)


    Britt says:

    I made an error when speaking in the podcast about Allys House. Their correct website is

    dsheinem says:

    Hey Britt, thanks for chiming in – the web address listed above in the post is correct, so everyone can donate there!

    Good luck with the marathon tomorrow!

    marurun says:

    I am finding these podcasts to be of high quality. Very good.

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