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CHARITY AUCTION 2013 (old thread)

by dsheinem Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:00 pm

New thread coming close to Thanksgiving time...



GOAL: $3000


Additional donations can be made to:

Jacobs Johnson Foundation
PO Box 1463
Marysville, WA 98270


Auction is ENDED.
Payment Due on or before: January 6, 2014
Items will start shipping January 7, 2014

Rolling End:
If a bid is timestamped between 11:55pm-11:59pm tonight, there will be a "rolling ending" on that item. Basically every bid during this time frame opens up a new "5 minute window" for bidding to continue. This should cut down on sniping and raise the totals :)

For example:
If someone bids $125 on item #1 at 11:58pm, that item is still able to be bid on until 12:03am. If someone then bids $127 on #1 at 12:03am, then the new ending time for that item will be 12:08pm and so on...

Below you will find a list of items to bid on, all of which were donated by members and friends of the site. All proceeds from the auction - every cent - will go to benefit The Jacobs Johnson Foundation. For those who want to donate without bidding on items, please send me a PM.

Bidding on each item starts at the prices listed and any and all subsequent bids must be at least $1 higher. All bids must be placed in the thread, and edited posts will not count. What you bid is what you are willing to pay. Bid retractions are NOT allowed.

Pictures and descriptions for most items are posted. Other pictures and information may be available upon request - please PM me or post in the thread if you need something!

Thanks to donations, all shipping will be free (within the USA) EVERYWHERE.International buyers should expect to pay some shipping charges on certain heavier items. Invoices will be sent via PM at auction end. Full details of the auction are listed at the bottom of this post.

The highest bids will be updated in this post as often as possible and especially frequently closer to the auction’s end…but be sure to check recent posts before bidding!


Item # - Item Name - Current bid - Current high bidder

Systems and System Bundles

1. Intellivision II Lot - $125 - dsheinem
System with original AC Adapter, new heavy-duty video cable, switchbox eliminator (plugs straight into any coax RF input), and 22 CIB Intellivision games (all w/ manuals and overlays). Games are: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin, Armor Battle, Astrosmash, Auto Racing, Boxing, Golf, Horse Racing, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, Lock 'N' Chase, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Night Stalker, Sea Battle, Skiing, Snafu, Space Armada, Space Battle, Star Strike, Tennis, and Triple Action!! Also includes: 2600 "System Changer" Module (plays 2600 carts!), QuickShot 2600 joystick w/ rapid-fire control, 5 CIB Atari 2600 games (Asteroids, Frogger, Pac-Man, Phoenix, and Warlords). Everything tested and working! ... 34e4f7.jpg, ... 8f5ba2.jpg, ... 5e64c7.jpg, ... 290f75.jpg, ... 1a5f2e.jpg, ... 4de653.jpg, ... abfa31.jpg, ... 772e3d.jpg, ... b9e924.jpg, ... c28447.jpg, ... 99c0f9.jpg

2. Original Xbox Softmodded with a 320 gig PATA harddrive - $122 - cha cha
All the latest emulators and legal homebrew ports and games built in. Ready for ethernet rom dumping. Comes with standard RCA composite cable, one good condtion Xbox Controller S pad or original "bigger is better" controller ( buyer's choice), and short mains power cord.

3. New in Box PS2 Slim 90001 bundle - $90 - nemoide
Includes factory-sealed PS2 Slim, second Dual Shock 2 from an identical model still sealed in bag, secondhand Sony PS2 memory card, and copies of FFX, FFX-2, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2 (sealed), and Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories (sealed). X-2 was used and the disc is decent, FFX and KH I bought new and are in nice shape. ... bundle.jpg

4. “Gamestop Refurbished” PS2 bundle - $50 - MrHealthy
Includes one slim "Gamestop refurbished" PS2 system, a power supply, an A/V cable, a blue 8MB memory card, a black Logitech wireless controller (w/ receiver), and eight complete PS2 games. The games include: Arctic Thunder, Eighteen Wheeler: American Pro Trucker; Ferrari Challenge, Shinobi, Spy Hunter, Test Drive Unlimited, Tom & Jerry: War of the Whiskers, and World of Outlaws Sprint Cars 2002 (which, unbelievably, is a bit of collector's item). I tested the system, controller, games, and memory card. Everything worked well, but the system struggled a bit with some of the "blue disc" PS2 games. It booted all of the DVD games without issue, however, but any potential buyer should be warned that the laser might need cleaning or adjustment at some point in the near future.

5. Black Gamecube system and 4 games - $41 - dedalusdedalus
Games are Eternal Darkness, Super Monkey Ball GH, The Incredibles, Chronicles of Narnia): ... meCube.jpg

6. Handy FamiEight - Red (CIB) - $60 - BoneSnapDeez ... yEight.jpg

7. Pandora (Open Pandora) Console - $180 - lokkenjawnz
Left analog glitchy despite fix app = need repair/tweak, Shell slightly warped (see 2nd picture), Works great - Portable touchscreen - X-COM verified working perfectly,,

8. Ribbit King for the Gamecube - $12 - 8bit
9. Mirror's Edge Origin Key - $1 - Aramonde
10. Gamecube Game Pack: - $10 - MrHealthy
Flushed Away(CIB/Good), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4(CIB/Worn), Spongebob Squarepants Lights, Camera, Pants!(CIB/Worn), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (CIB/Worn)

11. PS3 Game Starter Pack - $22 - TSTR
Demon's Souls, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, Resistance Fall of Man (Greatest Hits), NHL 09 -- (all CIB & Good)

12. Resistance Burning Skies for PSVita (Sealed) - $11 - coolthxmcdoom
13. NFL Quarterback Club for the 32x/CIB/Decent/Untested - $15 - CFFJR
14. Wii Game Double Pack - $15 - Anapan
Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage, Family Fest Movie Games (both new/sealed)

15. PC Gaming Pack - $15 - noiseredux
Rise of Nations (New, Not Sealed), Halo Combat Evolved (New, Not Sealed), Silent Hunter 5 (New, Not Sealed), Assassin's Creed (CIB, Good), Prey (New, Not Sealed/Worn Box/Key Registers on Steam for digital copy), Farming Simulator 2013(CIB, Decent)

16. Star Fox 2 (SNES repro, NTSC-U) - $130- chupon ... 5a920c.jpg, ... 931b1e.jpg, ... 7b7127.jpg

17. PS2 lot #1- $30 - MrHealthy
X-Men Legends, Naruto:Uzumaki Chronicles (no manual), NHL 2003 (disc), Mortal Kombat Deception, MLB Power Pros 2008, Hunter The Reckoning: Wayward, Fantavision, 007 Agent Under Fire, 007 From Russia With Love, Devil May Cry 3: CE (GH, sealed, small tear in plastic)

18. Pier Solar (2nd Run Print) - $165 - Anapan ... olar_1.jpg

19. 360 Lot - $15 - MrHealthy
Sonic the Hedgehog and Blue Dragon (near mint),

20. Final Fantasy III - SNES - CIB - $90 - 8bit
Box (very good) Cart (very good) Manual (good) Map (good) Poster (very good) ... 3c7488.jpg

21. Holy Diver NES reproduction cartridge - $42 - KalessinDB ... 6d5d4e.jpg, ... 3cc0fe.jpg, ... 0.jpg.html

22. Neo Geo Pocket lot - $20 - KalessinDB
Puzzle Bobble Mini, King of Fighter R2, Metal Slug 1st Mission, Metal Slug 2nd Mission -

23. CIB/New Atari 2600 Star Raiders w/ Video Touch Pad - $7 - Fragems
(Outer package isn't "sealed" but I don't think these were ever actually sealed with a sticker or anything. Inner boxes are sealed (see picture). ... 07ceaf.jpg, ... f43cee.jpg, ... 3001c4.jpg

24. PS3 2 Game lot - $20 - MrHealthy
Afro Samurai & Unreal Tournament (both CIB)

25. Gameboy Advance Lot - $30- MrHealthy
Scurge Hive (Box has some damage, game never played AFAIK. CIB), Advanced Music Player(Works - No box or documentation), Smashing Drive (loose), Mario Kart Super Circuit (loose),

26. Gameboy/GBC Lot - $30 - MrHealthy
Bomberman GB, Atomic Punk, Daedalan Opus, Astro Rabby (CIB - destroyed box), Qix, Wings of Fury, Turok 3, 3 GB Cases,

27. Game Gear Lot (all carts) - $15 - TEKTORO
Aladdin, Mortal Kombat, Super Columns, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Lion King, 2 cases,

28. Gamecube 2 Game Lot - $20 - CFFJR
Die Hard Vendetta and Resident Evil 0

29. Xbox 3 Game Lot - $10 - sevin0seven
Sega GT 2002, Sonic Heroes, Outlaw Volleyball,

30. Cruisn' USA for N64 (CIB) - $10 - MrHealthy
31. Spiderman and Venom Maximum Carnage - SNES - CIB - $28 - jmbarnes101
Box (very good) Cart (very good) Manual (very good) Warranty card and other pamphlets (very good), ... f35bc0.jpg

32. Giga Wing for Dreamcast (sealed) - $35 - 8bit

33. Deazemon Plus (shmup creator) for PS1 (JPN) - $10 - MrHealthy
34. Sega CD Game - Racing Aces - $5 - Stark
Case is cracked, otherwise great condition,

35. Dungeon Magic NES - $11 - Stark
with Manual and Nintendo Clam Shell Case. Good Clean shape, tested.

36. Dark Souls bundle - $25 - aaron
PS3 Game and Hardcover Strategy Guide, ... 8b2fde.jpg

37. PS2 Lot #2 - $40 - MrHealthy
Capcom Classics Collection 2 sealed, Crash Twinsanity sealed, disc is a flaoter, DT Carnage, The Getaway, The Getaway Black Monday, Gran Turismo 4, High Rollers Casino, King of Fighters XI, Lumines+, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum sealed, Power Drome, Soul Reaver 2, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, World Heroes Anthology sealed, Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner rental skin on disc,

38. Xbox 360 Lot of 5 - $20 - MrHealthy
Too Human, Fallout New Vegas regular edition, TC Rainbow Six Vegas, Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics // all complete and most range from very good condition to some play marks

39. PS1 Lot - $20 - tektoro
Wild 9, Lightning Legend: Daigo no Daibouken (JP), Tekken 3, Silent Bomber,

40. Neo Geo CD lot - $90 - cha cha
Crossed Swords J sealed, Fatal Fury Special J, King of the Monsters 2 J, Power Spikes II J, Quiz King of Fighters J, Samurai Shodown 3 J sealed, Samurai Shodown RPG J has obi, but cut corner, Soccer Brawl J sealed, Top Players Golf J, World Heroes Jet J

41. PS3 3 Game Lot - $20 - MrHealthy
Bayonetta, Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain,

42. Timesplitters 2 - Gamecube - CIB - $10 - oxymoron
Disc / Case / Manual / Pamphlet - All Very Good, ... 3937c0.jpg

43. Dreamcast Sports lot - $8 - CFFJR
UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship, World Series Baseball 2K1, NFL 2K, NFL 2K, NBA 2K, NBA 2k1

44. Saturn JPN Lot - $20 - coolthxmcdoom
Fighting Vipers (NTSC-J) (no manual), Nights Into Dreams (NTSC-J), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (NTSC-J), Golf The Masters (NTSC-J)

45. Atari 7800 Lot - $18 - Stark
Ms. Pac Man (sealed), Xevious (sealed), Realsports Baseball (sealed), Touchdown Football (cart), Dig Dug (cart), Pole Position 2 (cart)

46. PSP Metal Gear Acid 2 (w/ glasses but no manual) - $10 - MrHealthy

47. Dark Souls stuff - $13 - tektoro
The tin case, slip cover and art book from the limited edition. If purchased with #36, it would basically be an upgrade to a limited edition of the game

48. Xbox 360 Lot - $20 - MrHealthy
Rainbow Six Vega, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Fable II, Timeshift, Kameo, and Stranglehold - All CIB & non-GH

49. Steam Code Pack #1 - $4 -noiseredux
Keys for Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

50. Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) CIB - $20 - CFFJR

Controllers and Accessories
51. Aluminum Control Panel (fits Astro City or similar) - $80 - skate323k137
With custom Radiant Silvergun vinyl overlay. Comes populated with black and white buttons and black balltops. (buttons are a hodgepodge of sanwa and madcatz, but all are in good shape / working; no wires or joysticks included, build an epic 2p stick or turn it into an awesome display piece! Will include some additional buttons and tops...) ... 30b79b.jpg ... 671762.jpg

52. Official Xbox WiFi Adapter - $17- MC Rex Rexler
53. Saturn 3D Pad - $25 - skate323k137
no signs of wear - possibly JP origin?

54. Namco JogCon - $15 - Lokkenjawnz
NPC-105 - low use; Force feedback works perfectly on RR4,

55. PS2 Splitfish MotionFX Adapter - $5 - Fragems
never used - new out of box but shipped in box. Can test functionality if requested., GUIDE:

56. Splitfish RevolutionX Series - $6 - fragems
Dunno what it is. Ps3 with macro and PS3 mouse functionality - never tested but will report on functionality upon request,

57. Asciiware Ascii Stick PS - $20 - 8bit
Low usage, minimal food particles but fully functional last time I tried it.

58. PS2 Smart Joy FRAG - $10 - skate323k137
NIB from Rich's PSX parts. Last of the NOS direct from the only dealer,, GUIDE:

59. Spitfish FragFX PS3 - $10 - GSZX
Dunno - will test upon request.

60. Import Hori SNES / Super Famicom Arcade stick - $50 - Hobie-wan
HSJ-12 (Minor "issues", rust on bottom of case and Turbo switch board can be lifted out easily - neither affect performance).,,

61. HORI Fighting Stick 3 PS3 - $45 - Aramonde
HP3-01 - Works great - NM condition

62. Sony 3D Glasses (new) - $15 - MrHealthy

63. Nintendo Power Glove with DIY USB adapter from Retrozone (PowerGlove RetroKit) - $30 - fastbilly1

64. Nintendo 64 Game Shark - $15 - Mr. Healthy
v2.1 - Untested but good condition,

65. Genesis Totek-style Flash cart - $42 - dsheinem

66. Star Wars Collection - $18 - dsheinem
Original Trilogy on VHS, Original Trilogy on DVD, and Original Trilogy OST on CD, ... ection.jpg

67. Serial Experiments Lain DVDs - $15 - CFFJR
Complete series on the Signature release, which are barebones. Were purchased new, and the discs are pretty much flawless. ... 3/lain.jpg

68. SCART Switch - $35 - EllertMichael
Hama AV Selector 100S - Works perfectly.

69. Arcadeforge SCART scaler combo setup - $70 - coloradog1
Sync Strike + CGA Scaler (GBS 8220) + SLG 3000 - transcode SCART RGB from most consoles into VGA for TV/computer monitor viewing with scanlines via the SLG 3000.,

70. PQi Air Card - $10 - KalessinDB
Wifi your camera.

71. Mario Kart DS T-Shirt. - $15 - Anapan
Acquired from Nintendo Power promotion. Brand new, never worn. Size is Adult L/G/G. 100% preshrunk cotton. Measures from very top of shirt to very bottom approximately 28 inches, and from left to right about 22 inches. ... bd9a81.jpg

72. Hobie-wan made item: Genesis model 1 Blank book/journal - $35 - MrHealthy
Hardbound, 50 blank pages of high cotton paper. -,,

73. Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle for Galaxy smartphones - complete. - $37- o.pwuaioc

74. Korg Mini KP - Mini KAOSS pad - $40 - Hobie-wan
Realtime audio effects processor - missing all documentation including the effect list.

75. World's smallest mouse - USB - $6 -

76. Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade keychain - $10 - Aramonde
Zinc alloy ~ 6" long.

77. NECA Cult Classics series Labyrinth figures "Jareth The Goblin King and Hoggle” - $40 - mjmjr25
New in box and unopened. Packaging has a slight blemish on the upper right hand corner of the blister pack (see picture). These are extremely collectible and very out of print, they routinely sell on eBay for anywhere from $80-$150 (sometimes loose). , ... d2aec8.jpg ... a9b70c.jpg, ... dbce99.jpg

Late Additions

78. Gameboy Advance (AGS-101) - $30 - 8bit
Details: ... 15#p833785

79. modded Sega Nomad - $35 - Stark
Details: ... 15#p833785

80. Racketboy Podcast co-host for an episode - $160- aaron
You get to join Dave and John on a "regular" episode of the show and match wits with them for an hour or two.

81. Xeno Modded Gamecube with Gameboy Player - $95 - anapan
Comes with all hook ups and one controller. Pot has been tweaked for personal back ups. If the bid goes over 90.00 I will re tweak the pot and install a Full Size DVD Viper Case.

82. 30 Day Trial for Sony PlayStation Plus and Sony Music Unlimited - $5 - Blu

83. Nintendo Wii Bundle - $65 - KalessinDB
Comes with black Wii, stand, sensor bar and mount, all manuals, docs, and original packaging, Wii sports + resort, Wiimote with motion plus, 2 wiimote covers, nunchuck, composite and 3rd party component cables, and power brick. ... uction.jpg

84. Avatar single/pack - $5 - MrHealthy
Hobie-wan made custom animated Racketboy sized avatar up to 10 frames or a pack of 5 static ones. Nothing vulgar and you will need to host the images yourself for future use.

85. Trade thread banner - $16 - 8bit
Hobie-wan made trade thread top banner of size 640x480 or other size up to about 310,000 total pixels. Nothing vulgar and you will need to host the images yourself for future use.

86. Box with a random assortment of Dave's Convention Swag - $59 -Stark
Box full of posters, a shirt or two, some cool exclusive flyers/keychains/etc. - a nice mix of things, some of which is hard to come by. Most stuff is from PAX East 2010-present and E3 2012.

87. Alien Quadrilogy on DVD - $15 -
Complete and in good shape.

88. Another PS3 Lot - $20 - MrHealthy
Red Faction Armageddon, Heavenly Sword, Sports Champion, and MAG

89. Another 360 Lot - $20 - MrHealthy
Viva Pinata CE, Dead or Alive 4, Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza 2

90. Another Xbox Lot - $15 - Anapan
MVP Baseball 2005 (CIB), MLB Inside Pitch 2003 (CIB), Oddworld Munch's Oddysee (no case art)

91. Ghosts of Together Retro Past Pack - $20 - MrHealthy
Galaga '88 (PCE Hu Card), Fantastic Dizzy (Genesis cart), World Series Baseball '98 (Saturn CIB), Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA cart), EA Replay (PSP UMD - has several old TR games)

92. Sega Saturn Partials - $30 - MC Rex Rexler
Die Hard Arcade (Disc and Case/art), Astal (disc), Norse by Norsewest (Disc and Manual)

93. Momotarō Katsugeki for the PCE (CIB) - $15 - CFFJR
94. The Others (DVD) + Special surprise horror DVD - $10 - Mr. Healthy

95. 4 GB Zune Model 1124 (with all original accessories) - $20 - coolthxmcdoom

96. Lightscribe External DVD Burner - $20 - Anapan

97. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Soundtrack (disc only) - $3 - jmbarnes101

98. Collection of 10-15 Nintendo Power Posters - $30 -8bit
Random assortment including plenty of Zelda, Metroid, and Mario stuff

99. Random assortment of dongles, cables, and other PC and console accessories - $12 - Ziggy587
I'll fill this with as much stuff as I can fit into a medium sized Priority Mail box and will try to make the package worth more the more that this is bid up.

100. DVD Set of Dave's "The History of Video Games Parts 1-4" Lectures from here. - $35 - noiseredux
I'll do this up nice with some custom artwork, include a disc of course materials and other goodies, and otherwise try to make this worth your while. It will be a one time/one copy thing.


1. Bid generously - it's for charity and shipping is free to anywhere in the world! When you make your bid, please try to include the item number - it makes updating much easier!

2. Bids start at prices listed and subsequent bids must be at least $1 higher (in even amounts).

3. What you bid is what you are willing to pay. That means, if someone has bid $1, and you bid $2, the new price is now $2 (not $1.01, $1.50, etc.)

4. These items are located around the world, so you shouldn't expect them to arrive all at once. Most items should be shipped by mid-January. Remember, everything is done via communication behind the scenes - so it is not unusual to expect your items a month after auction close.

5. Any bids dated 12:00 AM EST on December 29th and later will not count - get them in early and often!

6. After the auction, You will be invoiced via PM for the total amount.

There will be several payment options including PayPal, check, money order, and credit card. All payment MUST be received before items ship - no exceptions.
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by Bradtemple87 Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:16 pm

Awesome Dave! I will be donating again this year for sure
MY Sale/Trade Thread
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by dsheinem Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:47 am

----------ORIGINAL THREAD POST--------------------



Since 2008, we’ve held an annual fundraiser or charity auction to help out and show our support for a variety of noble causes. We’ve raised more than $10,000 over the years, and would like 2013 to be the biggest year yet!

This year our charity is the Jacobs Johnson Foundation (, a charity suggested by forum regular Stark, whose daughter is being treated for Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) and who has received some help from the small but important organization. Here’s his thoughts:

I spoke with my wife and we feel that this money would be best appropriated by going to a charity/foundation that is dedicated to either the research of HLH as a disease, it's only been looked at since 1985, or something like the Jacob Johnson foundation, that helps with housing for patients undergoing a transplant procedure and need help with housing. I'd be happy to help with the process of finding that charity, although I'm not sure how much time I'll have in the next few months.

I feel so blessed to have found a community such as this that is willing to help out one of it's own in such a powerful manner.

mjmjr25 spoke with their president – here were his findings and thoughts about the organization:

The charity is run by (2) families...(the Jacobs...and the Johnsons) both of whom lost family members to similar conditions. 100% of all donations are used for patients and families. None of the family members take a salary and all of the costs in running the charity are paid for by the family themselves - they do not ever take donations to pay supply, maintenance, or utility bills. Last year they helped (4) families. This year, Stark’s family is the (6th) family they've helped. They help based on donations received of course. Accommodations are generally 2K per family, sometimes more and sometimes less. They also donate 2K/month to the Seattle Peds-Growth House anonymously. This is a home, similar to Ronald McDonald House, that provides clean accommodations for families with pediatric children.

It was really exciting speaking with the president - she has such joy at the thought that we would help them out, and such joy that Stark had recommended them. I feel really good about this being something our community could get behind.

Here’s how the donation process will work this year:

1. PM me a list of items you are willing to donate to the auction. If you can also attach a link to pictures of the item(s), it would be ideal (though not required). Be sure to provide all relevant description information (e.g. If game is complete, region information, the system smells like socks, etc.). I AM LIMITING THE AUCTION THIS YEAR TO 100 ITEMS TO BID ON (some items may be lots) which means that it is likely that NOT ALL DONATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. This is so we can emphasize the high quality of the items/lots up for grabs to a wide variety of sites and drive up the prices on fewer items. It’s an experiment, and if it doesn’t work well, we’ll go back to the older model again next year. The auction will be conducted in the forums in a dedicated thread.

2. Items that you can donate are not limited to games. You can also donate systems, accessories, movies, etc. You can also choose to donate bundled packages (e.g. a bundle of 3 games and a system, 10 movies, etc.). Live animals, weapons, personal favors, and other unmailable items are generally not auctionable – but feel free to be creative! We’ve had some interesting items donated over the years and would love to see more this year! Please don't just use the auction to unload your junk - I do reserve the right to refuse items.

3. In your PM, let me know if you will cover shipping costs on your own. If you aren't able to do so, please provide me with your PayPal address so that we can send you the shipping costs when they are collected. We would strongly urge you to consider covering shipping as part of your donation if you are at all able to do so. Remember, you will be shipping the items directly to the winning bidders.

4. As part of the new changes this year, all items will have preset minimum bid amounts in the auction. These amounts will be low, but will be designed to reflect fair starting values for the items (especially considering that shipping costs domestic bidders nothing). If you have a suggested minimum bid, please let me know. I won’t promise to implement it, but I will promise to consider it!

A sample PM might look like this:

I am donating:
CIB Top Loader NES (picture here:
Radiant Silvergun sealed for the SAT (NTSC-J) (picture here:
My custom-made life sized Superman 64 action figure (picture here:

I will cover domestic and international shipping for the first two items, but I will need to split the cost with the buyer to cover the cost of shipping the action figure (approx. $50 each in the U.S.).

My PayPal address is:

Suggested minimum bid:
Item 1 - $40
Item 2 - $30
Item 3 - $100

Remember, I only need a PayPal address if you will need some reimbursement for shipping costs.

So, take a look around and see what items you might be able to donate. Please submit your list of donations for the auction to me by SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7th. Remember: please be selective and donate items that you think will fetch high bids! Following a media blitz, the auction will begin in its very own thread on this site in early December.
Let me encourage people to share this thread via their social media feeds. While I know we can get great items from within the community, in the past we've also had community members reach out to friends, relatives, and other contacts asking for item donations and in the process yielded some pretty cool and valuable items. So if you have a retro store nearby that you think may want to donate something cool, a friend in the industry who can offer signed or unique items, or friends on other retro gaming sites that you think would be interested in the cause, please let them know to get in touch with me either via PM here or via email at [my username]
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by s1mplehumar Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:56 am

Expect a PM from me...eventually. Maybe a donated Vectrex this year.
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by Luke Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:12 pm

Please add a link to the foundation.

I'm capable of using google, but we've got some lazy ass members here.
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by Stark Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:31 pm

Luke wrote:Please add a link to the foundation.

I'm capable of using google, but we've got some lazy ass members here.
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by Luke Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:47 pm

Stark wrote:
Luke wrote:Please add a link to the foundation.

I'm capable of using google, but we've got some lazy ass members here.

Thanks Stark, and hope things are getting better with each day.

Dave, please add this link to your op.
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by dsheinem Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:41 pm

Luke wrote:
Stark wrote:
Luke wrote:Please add a link to the foundation.

I'm capable of using google, but we've got some lazy ass members here.

Thanks Stark, and hope things are getting better with each day.

Dave, please add this link to your op.

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by Luke Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:47 pm

Not promising a thing, and maybe this should be a different thread, but please post items that you guys and gals are looking for.

I say this as I have a way of getting Gamestops to send games to my local store, be it from across the road or from LA to NC. Doesn't always work, but I have copies of the .hack series, Rule of Rose, the Persona series, the Suikoden series, the Shadow Hearts series plus more because of good contacts.

Hopefully I can find the game you are looking for.
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by dsheinem Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:50 pm

bump! we need stuff!
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