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Mod Chip Installation Guide

About the Sega Saturn Mod Chip…

Are you looking to preserve your Sega Saturn collection with backups? Or do you want to build up an ISO collection and want to be able to play burned Saturn games on your console?

The Sega Saturn Mod Chip will allow your to play burned CD-R games on your 32-bit powerhouse console and open up many other great gaming possibilities. You will be able to explore the games that were previously out of your reach and discover new and exciting titles.

However, because of the Saturn’s commercial obscurity (especially outside of Japan) many of the most enjoyable games for the system are quite hard to find for an affordable price. Some of the really tough finds, like Panzer Dragoon Saga , Radiant Silvergun , and others  are being sold for hundreds of dollars.  Because of this, many Saturn owners are unable to enjoy many of the great gems of the system without the use of the modchip. ISOs and game copies are easily obtainable now and it can be quite fun to collect. (I still encourage gamers to purchase these titles if they are released on newer systems).

What Saturn Models This Works For…

The chip is only compatible with Saturn models containing a 32-pin drive IC and a 21-pin ribbon cable. These are usually found in “Model 2” Saturns that have a round power and rest buttons (as oppose to oval buttons) but the console should be opened up and verified prior to purchasing a mod chip. The following page helps to identify the different internal drives used: . These mods chips are reported to work with other drives that have a 21-pin ribbon cable (but not a 32-pin IC) using the “A+B” method, however the compatibility for those drives is not guaranteed. Please see the installation guide for more information.

Clarifications on Mod Chip Abilities…

The mod chip will allow the Saturn to boot burned games, but not imports. The region of the game disc still has to match the region of the console, whether it be a retail disc or a burned disc. To play retail imports, one would need a cart solution such as the Action Replay or similar (Game Sharks are not recommended due to the damage they will do to the cart slot) or a region free BIOS mod (expert level mod). To play imports on burned discs, simply change the region of the disc image before burning using Saturn Region Patcher.

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