X-Play Reviews Sega Genesis Collection

The Sega Genesis Collection has apparently emerged as one of the best classic game compilations of all time. (If there was a Gamecube version, I would buy it for myself). I was pretty happy to see our friends at X-Play have taken the time to share the Genesis Collection with its television audience and provided some relevant commentary on the compilation itself.


kevinski says:

Yeah, I’ll never understand what people see in Altered Beast. Worst. Game. Ever.

FlyinBurritoMan says:

At the time, Altered Beast represented arcade gaming at home. It was a pack in game when the Sega Genesis was released. I remember I was about 12 years old when my older brother surprised me by taking me to the mall to buy a Genesis, Mystic Defender, Golden Axe, and Tommy Lasorda Baseball. After playing 8-bit Sega Master System games, 16-bit gaming was a new league. Finally, I thought, I can play true arcade games at home. So at the time, Altered Beast was a great game. But by today’s standards, the game’s significance does nothing to bolster it’s simple and repetitive gameplay.
Be that as it may, I still have good memories playing Altered Beast.

qim says:

It’s just a shame that they didn’t make the manuals for some of the games (Phantasy Star) either as bonus content on the disc or for download from sega. I love those old style genesis manuals!

Someone please shut up the annoying girl reviewing this. There’s nothing quite as horrid as hearing a girl whining like a fat nerd. And yes, I know how ironic that statement is.

Can’t say I am, not that I really know who she is or anything, I live in the UK so I don’t get the G4 channel. All I know is the last thing I wanna hear is a girl that sounds like a irritating school girl with too many expensive handbags talking like a gamer. It bugs me.

Anonymous says:

I uploaded that video to you tube, ty for putting it om this site!, this site rocks!

Anonymous says:

Misogyny is alive and well in the UK, eh?

racketboy says:

Morgan Webb is actually pretty knowledgeable, but she just has that personality on the show. I guess it can come off as annoying, but you get used to it if you want XPlay much

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