Win A Modded Sega Saturn from Slimline Case Project

 You may remember that not too long ago I mentioned a sweet new initiative to create Sega Saturn game inserts for slimline DVD cases. Well, Mookyjooky, the project’s fearless leader has stepped it up a notch to give the project a boost.

Every week Mookyjooky and Saurian Overlord will pick the best of show in terms of submitted covers for that week. The weekly winner will recieve an advance download of all the high-resolution scans submitted so far.

But here’s the best part… On Febuary 14th, they will select the grand prize winner — biggest contributer to the project will win a Modded Sega Saturn plus some great surprise goodies.

Mookyjooky adds, “Of course, I wont just hand a Saturn over to whoever creates 300 unprintable covers. We’re looking for quality scans and covers. If you dont have it, ask for it. If you try hard enough, you’ll find a decent clean scan for your covers. Being that its my extra Saturn, I’ll be the deciding factor in the end. Dont worry, if you deserve it, you’ll get it, and ALL the extra goodies!”

Not only are Modded Saturns a great piece of machinery, but they can sell for over $100 each and are only getting harder to find.

If you are interested, feel free to check out the project’s official thread at CheapAssGamer for more details and to check out some of the beautiful covers submitted so far.

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the7k says:

I know this contest is beyond over, but is the project? I’ve made a few covers and would like to upload ’em, but it seems like the project gallery hasn’t been updated in a long time.

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