Widescreen Sega Saturn Gaming – NiGHTS Into Dreams At Its Best in 16:9

Back in 1996, Widescreen TVs were just a distant possibility for nearly everyone, but in typical ahead-of-their-time fashion, Sega added widescreen support to a small handful of their Sega Saturn games. Of course, I couldn’t have chosen a better title for widescreen support than the crown jewel of the Saturn library, NiGHTS into Dreams. Both the original NiGHTS game and Christmas NiGHTS are playable in the 16:9 aspect ratio and look incredible.

I recently hooked my Saturn up to my Dell 2007WFP 20″ Widescreen LCD in my office via its built-in S-Video connection. I was pleasantly surprised to see how crisp everything looked and how much more dramatic the game felt on the widescreen LCD. Now, I’m still having a hard time figuring out if the screen is actually stretched, or if you actually see more of the game. Either way, I’m quite happy with the way it looks

In addition to the Sonic Team classic, Panzer Dragoon Zwei also supports widescreen resolution as well. In fact, I found this video clip of widescreen Zwei on YouTube. (That was actually uploaded by own very own Mozgus)

The only other Saturn game I am aware of with 16:9 support is High Velocity (a rather obscure racer).If you are aware of any other Saturn games (or other classics as well), feel free to leave a note in the comments section below or this forum thread. I will do my best to keep this list updated with any other titles we may find.Sega Saturn Games With Widescreen (16:9) Support
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams
High Velocity
NiGHTS into Dreams
Panzer Dragoon Zwei (II)


Telly says:

I just bought a Sega Saturn console off of eBay. I have a SAMSUNG LCD 1080p HDTV television. Is it safe to connect a Sega Saturn console to my TV or would I risk damaging the TV?


P.S. I asked Racketboy this question already and he got back to me on it. I was hoping to hear from some of the users. Thanks.

VICTOR says:


racketboy says:

I don’t believe Saga does…

jbltecnicspro says:

Umm… I didn’t notice this in other posts, and if it’s been brought up, sorry for repeating…

But my version of Nights gives me the option of setting the TV mode to widescreen or normal. I can take a picture of this if y’all want. Racketboy – your screen shot is actually stretched a little. When I set my game to wide, and set my TV to wide, the aspect ratio looks like when I have the game playing in Normal on my 4:3 tv. Nothing changes (other than being able to see more) – whereas your shot is stretched.

Megaman 8 also supports widescreen, and Road Rash seems to as well. I’ll look at my other games to see how they fare.

Malek86 says:

I can tell you that Baroque (only released in Japan) has a widescreen option. I confirmed it myself.

butane bob says:

Glenn Burbidge – There’s RGB scart and Composite scart. RGB is a lot better than svideo.

Sean says:

All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua (Sega-saturn), as well as Giant Gram and Giant Gram 2000 (Dreamcast), all have wide screen support.

Sean says:

Toug: King of Spirits 2 (Japanese Sega Saturn) also has widscreen support via a hidden menu.

slicer1000 says:

stellar assault SS is widescreen only it also supports a interlace mode

ZephyrOfWind says:

I’m pretty sure that Virtual-On: Cyber Troopers (the NTSC-J version at least) supports widescreen.

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