Where to Download Sega Saturn Game ISOs

Once you get your hands on a modchip for your Sega Saturn, you can’t help be overtaken by the urge to collect more 32-bit goodness. Because of this, I’ve had a few people asking where they can start buiding up their Sega Saturn ISO collection.

Well, I’ll get you started with a few places…

In my opinion, one of the easiest and quickest way to get a reliable stream of Saturn games is using the BitTorrent protocol and visiting these two sites:
Underground Gamer

In the past, I’ve had success using DC++ (a Direct Connect client) and visiting these two hubs:
Sega Palace (yamiyugi.dyndns.org:412)
Classic Sega (classicsega.homeunix.com)

If you have more suggestions on where to get Saturn ISOs, please feel free to share in the comments section.

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Anonymous says:

That’s an excellent example of the downside of high speed internet connections: People don’t know what to do with it and their time, so they start collecting this and collecting that.

Where is the reason to have a DVD with a ton of ISOs?

I got a ton of real games bought one by one from eBay. It’s by far not so many like you may have ripped. It’s been fun buying and it’s fun playing some from time to time, but still I don’t know what to do with this mass of games.

I think everyone gets his feet wet with making illegal copies, but nevertheless I’m against that!

racketboy says:

Well, as you are probably well aware, people have a wide array of opinions on this topic.

Personally, I enjoy being able to try out different games that I would otherwise not have tried — especially obscure Japanese titles.

However, I encourge people to go out and buy games that they enjoy — especially if they are released on newer systems. I don’t support distributing illegal copies of current systems — we need to support the developers.

Anonymous says:

I feel I have the right to answer this, as I got over 250 originals for all Sega systems and lots of ISOs too.
There are games I’d like to try but their Ebay prices are totally unreasonable. Why pay 300$ for Taromaru, 200 for Radiant Silvergun and another 200 for Panzer Dragoon Saga? Not to mention the numerous 50-100$ great Japanese games available. Getting them in ISO is better than making any Ebayer unreasonably rich for what is essentially a used game…
Somehow I got to BOTH pay for food and satisfy my desire for classic games. If you got a mass of originals you don’t want, I’d be glad to buy them for a REASONABLE price 😉

Anonymous says:

Buying original out of production games doesn’t benefit anyone except the seller whose just trying to make a profit. If you buy burned games or retail ones, you’re supporting the original developer equally – which is not at all.

Anonymous says:

I just like to play games.

Anonymous says:

and i dont like the idea of paying 200 for a game just to find out that it sux!

Anonymous says:

download the games, test them out, then buy the originals of the ones you like from sane ebay sellers, selling them for about $5 a game or less. if the game is scratched to kingdom come, use your backup to play, you’re legit.

Anonymous says:

It’s just simple: if you can’t afford a game that cost 100-300, then you are not going to buy and play it.

There are a lot of games I’d like to have, that I’d like to buy, but of course (again: of course) I cannot buy every game I’d like to.

Some games I’ll buy sooner or later, most of them not.

Some rules in life are simple and make sense and one of which is: you can’t get what you can’t afford.

Isn’t your “can’t afford = can’t get” mantra a little dated? I own a number of burnt CDs which I definitely would not be able to afford were I to try and troll eBay and find the game I want.

Here’s how it works: The Saturn has been commercially dead for eight years now. No company sells or supports the games it released on the console. Therefore there’s no moral benefit in paying some snotty-nosed eBayer (or indeed anybody else) my hard-earned $200 for a copy of any Saturn game; none of that money goes to anybody who mattered in the production of the game.

For a vastly lower cost I can buy CD-Rs and burn it. Which makes more economic sense?

Anonymous says:

there is a way to play burned sega saturn games but its complicated and requires u to open ure sega saturn unless u know what ure dooing do not try this. first open ure sega saturn u should see the power supply usually its brown then the cd rom reader between the power supply and the cd rom reader there should be a sensor that detects of the cd rom drive is open get a paper clip and remove the plastic casing around the sensor then put the paper clip in between the two copper piecess of metal then test the sega saturn to see if it reads the disk if not just keep moving the paper clip untill it works then turn off the sega satrurn put a real sega saturn cd turn the sega saturn on the eye on the cd rom reader will read the disk then it will check to see if its a leagle cd when it finishes readin the end of the disk it will quickly go back to the begginig of the disk to search for an aplication to boot when it reaches the beggining of the disk quickly switch the disk to the burned one then it will begin to spin a gain and read the disk if it goes to the end of the disk then that means that u did it rong so turn off the sega saturn and try it again when its done reading the end of the disk let it reach the beginig and let it start reading before changeing it but dont let it read too much just a second or else it wont work sofar all of the games ive burned worked great well if u need pictures of dooing this then email me urte questions to octavio892001@yahoo.com and ill help u mod ure sega saturn

racketboy says:

That’s called the swap trick and you don’t have to open up your Saturn:
Sega Saturn Swap Trick

Anonymous says:

I bought a saturn when it came out for 450 dollars US currency. it came with virtua fighter remix and i copped nba jam te the same day. when i got home my father yelled at me for not buying world series baseball so my mother bought it for him the next day. From there i went on to buy numerous games including the 4meg and converter in 1 for x-men vs street fighter. Got tired of the game and sold it to a game store for tekken 3. what was i thinking. I didnt even like tekken. I also noticed that the 4meg/converter successfully shorted out the cartridge connector in my saturn. Another US saturn i owned was used forx-men vs sf with the st key converter than i would swap to the standard sega issued 4 meg ram cart. Once again my us saturn was shorted out. Anyway when i got my first credit card i bought a japanese saturn with x-men vs sf again and went back to that game store for marvel vs sf and street fighter zero 3. Ive noticed that the cartridge connectors short out on the US saturns very quickly Being that they use a cheap aloe to conduct electricity. Never had a problem with the 4 meg running on the import system but i wasnt able to play us games. my advice is you can use any 4 meg without worrying about shorts as long as you simply leave it in the system. When i get my next saturn im getting another imoport with a mod chip for playing all regions and backups and ill just leave my 4 meg in for the rest of my life. PS i not getting raped on ebay cause i already learned my lesson by bogus dbz games for super nes. since when is trunks tolank and vegeta is bedidif. yeah right. i paid 127 dollars for this shit so no more games off ebay for me. Saturn isnt in stores anywhere and there are no plans for it so im gonna download all the free isos i want. Even if they were on store shelves id still dl them in a ny minute

Anonymous says:

Try out this Sega hub too;


Hub owner : [KSH]Kitty
Comment Posted by : [KSH]xXDanXx of Katanasegahub

Anonymous says:

Here’s the best site for Saturn ISOs ever,with 520 Saturn ISOs.If you can’t find it anywhere else, take a look at http://snesorama.us/board for yer ISO fix.

Anonymous says:

Be sure to visit – http://www.sega-saturn.us

We already have 50+ full Saturn games online and will be adding more on a semi-daily basic until we have the entire library online.


Anonymous says:

You can get complete sets from


Anonymous says:

I fully support downloading things like emulators, roms, ISOs, etc. illegal or not, but I still buy the next generation games like Xbox 360 from stores, but I refuse to spend money on games from the generation of PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and back.

I want to thank Racketboy and everybody else for contributing to the Saturn gaming scene. I picked up a Saturn a week or so ago, and I’ve been busily burning disks and trying to make them work. The swap trick is easily learned, but I’m certainly going to have to send in for that mod chip one of these weekends.

Fortunately, I have enough real Saturn disks – sports games mostly – to keep me happy, so this is just the icing on the cake. Great job, everyone.

FrakAttack says:

Rom Hustler has some stuff and no longer breaches your browser security like it used to.

martin31406 says:

I was just curious, is it possible to to play US and Japanese games on a PAL Saturn.

martin31406 says:

I’m interested in getting a premodded Saturn. I came across this site that sells them


but I don’t know anything about them. Do you know if it’s a reputable site? Can I trust them?

andy says:

any half-wit can install a modchip in the saturn

JuiceBox says:

Can’t believe no one mentioned…


Scroll down and go to the Trading Post section at the bottom… theres subforums for all consoles that take ISOs, including Saturn, and they have every game ever released uploaded. No registration required to view the forums or links either!

Have fun!

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