What Is The Best Puzzle Game/Series Ever?

Way before the Nintendo popularized “casual gaming” on the DS and Wii, we had a number of incredible puzzle games to work our brains and provide us with an addicting sense of challenge, competition and accomplishment.  Of course, many games in the puzzle genre are heavily inspired by Tetris, but the best have added enough new concepts and strategies to make them worthwhile.

Being a lover of the genre, it’s hard for me to really narrow down a list of my absolute favorites, but if I had to choose only 5, I would probably go with the original Tetris, Meteos, Magical Drop, Super Puzzle Fighter, and Baku Baku.

Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite puzzle games and/or franchises.  You can pick up to five selections for your vote.  Thanks to the forum for their nominations!

What Are Your Top 5 Puzzle Games?

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racketboy says:

1) Again, list would be huge
2) Should have nominated it 😉

William says:

You’re right, I should have nominated it.

geozeldadude says:

is it just me or is this not showing the old poll? i’m curious what the results of this poll is b/c i think i missed them when they came out.

transient says:

wow, this list is so awful.
where is tetris attack/paneldepon/pokemon puzzle league
where is wario’s woods
where is tetris battle gaiden or the original tetris for that matter?!?


gtmtnbiker says:

I agree with an earlier poster’s recommendation for Lode Runner. That was a great puzzle/action game.

Another puzzle game that I enjoyed was “Chip’s Challenge”. It was part of the Microsoft Windows 95 Entertainment pack I believe. Google it to find fan sites and places where you can download the game since it hasn’t been published for awhile.

Nuno says:

Does anyone here is above 16 years old?
Maybe because of that no one mentioned “The incredible machine” series. If not the best puzzle series, for sure should be in the top 5.

pawelini says:

Try Plants vs Zombies 😉 (defense style) but a-we-some 😉

mollygray says:

That was a great puzzle/action game.It’s cool to see all the old school games on here. Awesome site…keep it up…

bubble shooter

magallanes says:

Plant vs Zombies is not a pluzzle game.

My favorite is Magical Drop, specially the PSX version (is a rare game)

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