What Is The Best 2D Sonic Game?

The classic Sonic games are especially dear to my heart, so I know how hard it is to decide among them. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way, so I wanted to get everyone’s opinion one which ones are the best. Since I’m not overly cruel, I’ll let you choose up to two games.

(And if you must know what my choices are, they are Sonic 2 and Sonic CD)

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bonefish says:

In other news… Knuckles Chaotix has 8 votes?

slowslow325 says:

I really don’t like very many Sonic games at all, I just think that they have very little interaction and you are mainly just going forward with the occasional jump (Especially Sonic Rush). I also hate the water levels.

However, the one that I played and enjoyed is Sonic and Knuckles BY ITSELF!

Sonic 3 had one level that was totally different and didn’t flow like the levels in other Sonic levels did (yes I know my first and third paragraphs kinda contradict each other).

Alex (PresidentLeever) says:

Sonic 2 & Knuckles ownz all.

gnrlchaos says:

Yep, that’s right, I voted for Chaotix and I’m proud of it.

Gooseberrysoda says:

Ohoho, the best sonic game has 10 votes <3

Xonticus says:

I voted or Sonic 2 and Sonic&Knuckles simply because sonic 2 is my fav, and I like all the combinations you can get with S&K, so I only voted for the one to encompass all of the lock-on possibilities.

h8b1llg8ts says:

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure for the Neo Geo Pocket saved my life during those long flights from Japan to California during 2000 – 2001.

RyaNtheSlayA says:

Sonic 2 is the odd one out. All the other games kept you from just running as fast as you could right through the whole level. Sonic 3 is the best followed by Sonic CD in my eyes. Mainly as Sonic CD tried something different and Sonic 3 felt like an actual sequel to the first one.

Boringsupreez says:

I’ll go with Sonic CD, although Sonic 2 is a close second.

Franco says:

It was difficult for me to decide since I only have Sonic 1 & 2. So between those two I had to choose Sonic 2 for the upgraded graphics and level designs. It was a perfect sequel.

I heard that Sonic 3 isn’t worth buying though unless you have that Knuckles cart adaptor.

Patrick says:

1 & 2
Though nostalgia is probably why I chose those.
But out of that list I’ve only played 1-3 and Sonic & Knuckles

Well I picked up Advance the other day buy I haven’t played much of it.

Droid party says:

Sonic 2 all the way;).

Cerv says:

I think the level design in Sonic 3 is kind of confusing sometimes (Carnival Night Zone especially), and this interrupted the flow of the game to me (surprisingly, i think Sonic and Knuckles was better in this aspect). Sonic 3 is the only Sonic game on Mega Drive I never finished (not because it’s hard, just because it’s kind of boring with the excessive long levels). So, it’s Sonic 2 and S&K to me. And Sonic 2 is in the winning spot.

E-Turnal says:

Sonic 2 is the best selling Sonic game for a reason…

Also I voted for Sonic and Knuckles. I haven’t played a lot on the list though… Sonic 3’s music was great though.

kevin says:

loved the japan version of sonic cd. and sonic and knuckles…

Tom says:

I vote for Sonic 3 & Knuckles… unfortunately not included 🙂

Peynor says:

Sonic 3 was good, but the music was sub par. I voted for sonic 2 and sonic and knuckles.

Cauterize says:

Sonic 1 all the way. Its the most pure and well thought out Sonic game there is.

rid says:

sonic 2 all the way, hands down.

StrictlySega says:

i went with sonic 2 and sonic cd.. sonic 2 as the nostalgia value still touches me deep inside when miles was first introduced and sonic cd just due to its sheer size.. ut mind u i hated that level when u had to stay between metal sonic and drrobotniks ship.. that bit was very frustrating..none the less.. loved the game

PJ says:

Yeah, why no S3&K? I guess i prefer Soni 3 first, and in second place S&K.

Jack says:

Because no Sonic 3 and Knuckles, I’ll have to say sonic 3, then Sonic and Knuckles because they go hand in hand.

Dan says:

Wont let me click vote button. Put me in for Sonic 2 &3

slowslow325 says:

Sonic Rush!

Noah says:

No Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Sigh. Being sold separately does not change the fact that they are one big Sonic game that happened to get split into two because of an itch to get something out to sell for the holidays. Sonic and Knuckles is an expansion pack with a cool lock on feature, at most. It’s very obvious that it’s a continuation of Sonic 3 and the short release time in between both games should be telling.

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