What Is The Best Survival Horror Game/Franchise?


Since it’s Halloween season and we’ve recently covered the basics of the Survival Horror genre and the defining games, I thought it would be a great time to ask the Racketboy community which games or franchises are their favorites.   To keep things especially interesting, I’ll let you choose your top 2.

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Scarred Sun says:

I see a disturbing lack of Zombies Ate My Neighbors on this list. 🙁

Jacob says:

Penumbra and Amnesia!

Anne Noise says:

No votes for Fatal Frame?! I had to vote for RE and Silent Hill, but Fatal Frame is a very, very close third.

bec82 says:

Call of Cthulhu!

brickiemart says:

I agree with Jacob, Amnesia and Penumbra are newer, but deserve recognition as top-notch entries in survival horror.

Lucas says:

What?!?! No Barbie?!?! I would not wish my worst enemy to play that!

Paul says:

The Lurking Horror and Shadow of the Comet.

John says:

How about the first condemned? That is still one of the scariest games I have ever played. The second was good too but not as good as the first.

moggiecatmog says:

Rez 4 on the gamecube is one of the best. Try to play it with the CHAINSAW CONTROLLER its even scaryer.Condemned on the xbox 360 is one hell of a game but only had two installments.There also cheep “we like cheep”.

Stezo2k says:

Resi 4 wasn’t scary at all, play resi 1 rebirth, thats by far the scariest survival horror there is.

I went for Resi and Deadly Premonition, Resi because the early games are amazing, the new ones are good but I love the classic ones. Deadly Premonition because the story is amazing and feels so retro even though its a new game

Zell says:

resident evil,silent hill and amnesia of course!these are top survival horror for me..i suppose clock tower is quite horrifing too but never had he chance to play it

MrPopo says:

Voted other for ZAMN.

Zeus says:

What is “Halloween”? You mean the old C64 game?

Bas NL says:


zikzak says:

Amensia for sure !
I’ve never been so affraid/firgtenned after each room !
The ambiance in this game is creapy.

Above what Frictionnal Games did on Penumbra.

HellHammer says:

This is a cool idea, glad to see Eternal Darkness. Though I wish I could just select Clock Tower for PS1, and not the rest of the series…
Or even The Thing video game for that matter.

jchav says:

the D series is weak as hell lmao

droid_party says:

I chose The Suffering. I remember playing that when it was new through a nice home theatre set up turned up and it scared the hell outta me. The sound design on the first one was amazing.

Blue Stinger all the way!

Mixtile says:

Silent Hill is masterpiece

ponposessed says:

Dark Corners of the Earth, Penumbra and Amnesia

breakwind says:

RE4 is a great action game.However due 2 the absence of preset camera angles,hunters and hairy spiders,RE4 lack the genuine scares of its series predecessors.

Damon Plus says:

I second Condemned. I’m playing through it, and is the scariest game I’ve played.

elmagicochrisg says:

I chose Silent Hill and Dead Space.

Overblood can hardly be called a horror game, but if you ever have the chance to get your hands on that one you should definitely try it! Even though the graphics aren’t all that, the game really sucks you in. And trust me, the few times you encounter an enemy, those fast fuckers will totally freak you out!… lol

And you have to admit, not to many games have a robot called Pipo in them… ><

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