Vote For The Best Retro Games of 2007

Can you believe that 2007 is coming to a close already? Well, now is the time to vote for your favorite retro releases from 2007. These games are ones that had commercial release in 2007, whether it be a physical release, or a release on XBLA, Virtual Console, or PSN. The main criteria for these selections were that they be mostly 2D gameplay, have a retro theme, or be a re-release of a game that is N64 or older.

I’m trying out a new WordPress plugin for the voting, so hopefully it will work well. I should have it set up so you can vote for up to two games. I will also let you vote for one more game in the comments section below, but those votes will be weighted as a half a point. You can also use the comments section for write-in votes if your favorite game is not on the list.

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Street3 says:

I’ll write in my vote for Super Stardust HD.

jeffx says:

Contra 4 and Dracula X for me, but your post made me realize that 2007 was a pretty good year all in all.

ramatut4001 says:

I should print this out and use like an old baseball card checklist! 2007’s been good to us.

Although I sai Metal Slug on the forums, I voted for FF Tactics as I am a loyal fan to the original, anything to overthrow the GBA and DS versions. Ugh law cards. ><

My second preference was Mario Kart 64. I had this game back in the day and played it to death with friends. Just the other day I was at a mates place and we were all going to play some Timesplitters. I noticed that he had Mario Kart on his Wii so we played that instead. Absolute blast. We had so much fun reliving the olden days.

gnome says:

Although, I could add Mario 64 (Wii VC) on the list, I’d rather ask for a retro remakes voting thing… Well, how about it?

racketboy says:

I believe Mario 64 was added at the end of 2006.
(At least here in the US)

RoushiMSX says:

No love for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on PSN?

Good to see a Dreamcast game getting love!

racketboy says:

RoushiMSX, I didn’t know it was on PSN… I’ll add PSN to the XBLA entry.

RadarScope1 says:

Wow. Tons of great retro titles this year. Hopefully we’ll see the trend continue with DLC titles into 2008.

Though Contra and both Castlevanias are worthy, I voted for games I’ve played. PMCE and Red Star. Racket – please give my half-vote to Space Giraffe.

racketboy says:

Wow, nobody so far seems to like Everyday Shooter or Sonic Rush Adventure…

Ender says:

Final Fantasy Tactics for me.
Best Tactics RPG ever released.
I’d love to see a review on this site for the game. 😉

RadarScope1 says:

I’m sure everyday shooter is awesome. I’m dying to play it, personally. But the PS3 install base is so small right now, and something tells me a lot of those cutting-edge folks aren’t frequenting retro gaming sites ….

d says:

You missed one: Galaxy Force II. Guess where my vote goes.
From this list I would pick Sin and Punishment, but I vote GFII.

abeisgreat says:

To bad the Arkanoid DS Remake wasnt on the list

Anonymous says:

Only voted for a single game. Contra 4. >:)

thesimplicity says:

Bomberman Live should win, just based on the fact that all the other titles on there are not Bomberman.

But I’d honestly say that Devil’s Crush on the VC has been the best retro release of the year, or at least the one I’ve sunk the most time into. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover it.

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