Vote For the Best Old-School Games of 2010

Best Old-School Games of 2010

2010 was quite good to fans of old-school gaming.  Big studios are finally starting to realize that people still like 2D games — and not just on portable platforms.  The download platforms like Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare, DSiWare, and Steam have really given games like these a place to thrive, but we’ve also seen some solid retail releases like Donkey Kong Country Returns.   Let’s hope this is just the beginning!

Anyway, like last year,  to determine our list of this year’s candidates, I turned to the forum to nominate their favorites.  Below is the result — if something you think it worthy is not listed below, (first of all, shame on you for not being active in the forum  ) please mention it kindly in the comments below and I may add it.

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ECM says:

Based on how these types of games are selling as boxed products on Wii, it’s safe to say they are thriving far better in that medium than as purely downloadable affairs. (NSMB Wii may, by the end of the generation, be the best-selling, non-bundled, game, period.)

The Pharmaceutical Cowboy says:

I think you could almost put Starcraft 2 on here given how old the original is. Haha!

I imagine Battle Kid would rank higher if anyone actually got a chance to play it, myself included. But as it is my 5 choices here may as well be my top 5 for the year.

Lokkenjawnz says:

Interesting poll, although the results aren’t very surprising! One thing though, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is on the Wii, not the DS. Just a minor fix.

MasterSys says:

Super Street Fighter IV, just such a really well done game, love every bit of it.

ott0bot says:

You forgot to mention Pier Solar, which eeeked out just last week. Otherwise great list. Really enjoying Cave Story so far.

Gagaman says:

Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Space Invaders Infinity Genre (the XBLA/PSN version) were two more great retro games this year too. Joe Danger needs more love, it really does encompass everything we love about retro style gaming: simple but fun colourful visuals, controls that just feel right from the second you start playing, and it has that additive, just-more-more-go thing going for it.

racketboy says:

I was going to add Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but then I realized only the US release was this year… so maybe I should have included, but oh well…

Anthony says:

It was a toss up between 3D Dot Game Heroes or Donkey Kong Country Returns. Both great games but 3D took the cake IMO

wakawaka says:

Fast Striker?

bobbynewmarkiii says:

felt like a bit of a cheat putting ssfiv, seeing as how it’s not old-skool retro, but a fully modern 2d fighter. other than that pleased to see cave story and s&p2 do so well.

still in exile


Hanneshirnkopf says:

Is it possible to add Pier Solar and Fast Striker? Otherwise I guess DC Returns would be my choice I guess.

bsg says:

no Halo 2600?

oh thats right, nintendo invented video games in 1985

Virtual_Guy says:

Lots of great games, DKC makes me so happy, but what about Dark Void Zero? It should really be released on more platforms, it’s a great game

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