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As another year winds down, it’s time to take a look back at some of the retro/old-school releases that 2008 has brought us.  Overall, we’ve seen a great deal of variety on a number of different platforms and distribution models.  We’ve seen a number of old franchises returning — both in remastered form and brand new installments.  We’ve also been treated to a number of completely fresh games that take concepts or graphical styles from games of old while adding a modern flair.

To determine our list of candidates, I turned to the forum to nominate their favorites.  Below is the result — if something you think it worthy is not listed below, (first of all, shame on you for not being active in the forum 🙂 ) please mention it kindly in the comments below and I may add it.

Anyway, please vote for your five favorites of the year, and we will see who comes out on top!

What Are Your Top 5 of 2008?

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Note says:

Racketboy, I’ve been trying to register for the forum but the registration e-mail just won’t go through. Tried re sending it multiple times with no luck.

Is there anyway you could activate the account on your end or change the registered email address? Let me know.

crux says:

I agree with Js’s point here. A primary qualifier for the games on this list seems to be 2D gameplay or by having a low, independent budget (which is the only way I can explain World of Goo, Wind and Water, or N being on the list). While some games (Mega Man 9, Pier Sol, some remakes on the list, etc.) obviously attempt to pay homage to their old-school predecessors, many games on the list are simply sequels that haven’t strayed radically far from their roots. It’s as if entire genres are labeled as “old-school” regardless of the advances made.

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