TurboGrafix 16 / PC Engine Flash Cart Options

 After doing my research for my recent “Games That Pushed The Limits” article, I have become a bit more fascinated with the TurboGrafix 16 (aka the PC Engine)

When getting started with a new retro console, many gamers like to be able to try out a variety of games without having to shop eBay for a bunch of expensive titles. However, as opposed the easy CD burning for systems like the Sega CD, the TG16 needs a flash cart to play your downloaded games.

The TurboGrafx-16 used a thin memory card storage medium called a HuCard (also referred to as “TurboChip” in North America), instead of the then-standard cartridge format. The TG16’s HuCards can also be played on the portable TurboExpress system.

In addition to play downloaded games, flash carts are also beneficial for homebrew development and having the ability to have multiple games on one cartridge, cutting down on swapping cartridges.

This is flash multi-cart that supports all territories (with NTSC and PAL support too!). It has a simple OS which allows multiple games to live on the 32 meg flash cart simultaneously (up to 31), and supports cheat codes. The cart also supports the 20 Meg games like Street Fighter II
and supposedly SuperGrafx games as well.

This flash cart holds 128 Megs. It has enough room for 63 games via its own OS, and uses a USB slim loader to add content.

Other Options:
There is also this cart which holds up to 64 megs. It’s only available in Japan, so it would not be very cost-effective unless you did a bulk order and re-sold them.

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fruitbane says:

I wish I had known about these years ago when I actually had a TG-16, the CD attachment, and my own Arcade Card. The only problem is, while there are some nice cart games, the best games are on SuperCD.

I’ll give you that Bomberman ’94 is pretty darn impressive, though.

Joe says:

Whats the cart available only in Japan? Give more details.
Link is dead.

daylon says:

Would be nice if someone would make this product available with something to protect the PCB. Then maybe I would buy one. People are weird though. You wouldn’t buy the PCB for a DVD player. Or anything else this expensive for that matter. And if it’s too difficult to produce one that protects the PCB, then here’s a thought…. Make, and sell something that IS complete instead.

withalligators says:

TurboGrafx is spelled wrong!

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