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Captain Commando Victory Screen – Marvel vs Capcom

This month for Together Retro we are going to be playing one of the unsung heroes of the beatemup world, Captain Commando. Many gamers, myself included, were first introduced to the Captain in the stunning 1998 versus fighter Marvel vs Capcom. His unnatural playstyle and crazy tags made him a crowd favorite. It was not until several years later that I discovered that Captain Commando came from a beatemup that did not do terribly well in the United States and has been ported to at least five platforms. And since most gamers I know have never played his selftitled game, well get ready folks, its beatemup time.



Released in 1991on the CPS-1 arcade platform, Captain Commando is a textbook arcade beatemup. Joystick and 2 buttons, 4 player, and a host of playable characters makes it blend in with many of the other titles that came out at the same time. What sets it apart, and the reason it was chosen, is that while the game is fun, the game is also funny. One of the playable characters is a baby in a mecha another is a knife wielding mummy named Mack the Knife. Some of the stages and events will have you laughing as well. Beatemups are not the deepest games on the market, however Captain Commando does provide the players with a wide variety of moves to pull while in combat, many of which chain together like a fighting game. By no means is it as deep as Guardian Heroes, but it is a breath of creativity in a genre plagued with cookie cutter titles. And lets be honest, who doesn’t love beating the crap out of something every once and awhile?

As you can guess Captain Commando was swept under the rug for a couple years before being brought back. Sales of Captain Commando must have been low, for this originally designed as a mascot character to disappear for a couple years, but 98 brought him back to where he belongs. The Captain has been a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Namco x Capcom, while the rest of the commandos have had cameos in Street Fighter Alpha 2’s backgrounds and Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Recommended Ports

Released on the SNES and PS1 (in Japan) and in the Capcom Generations Vol 2/Remixed packs for the PS2, Xbox, and PSP, you have a whole slew of different ways to play this months choice. But of course, the best version is still the arcade original  (see on eBay)

SNES Playstation (JP) PS2 XBox PSP
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kurt says:

I have this game on the snes but i have never tryed it, it just sounds so generic.

Dash says:

a friend of mine have this game on his snes, i still love playing it co-op
yes it’s generic, but awesome

i didn’t know it there was a port por the psx… i’ll fetch it

Dash says:

a friend of mine have this game on his snes, i still love playing it co-op
yes it’s generic, but awesome

i didn’t know it there was a port por the psx… i’ll fetch for it

Luke says:

This game rocks! I’m glad to see it get some recognition

FYI: Another game that is very similar to this would be Smash Brothers. Thankfully, that was released on the SNES in America (unlike Captain).

Thank God for Capcom Classics V.1 and 2 though, seriously! Two of the best compilation discs out there

Luke says:

Whoops. I meant “Brawl Brothers,” not Smash Bros.

Eddie says:

Capcom had so many beatemups for the SNES that this wasn’t the only one that didn’t get real popular. I remember seeing knights of the round in a pizza joint when the N64 was out and had no idea that this game existed. It’s tough to compete with Final Fight and the Turtles in Time on the SNES. I’ll have to check this one out.

PonPosessed says:

So many coins plying this to the end in the arcades…

h8b1llg8ts says:

I second Luke’s comments. Those Capcom Vol discs are still a great catch. Especially, with an arcade stick. Vol. 2 was a long time watch for the oXbox due to price but snagged it and well worth it.

Patrick says:

CAPtain COMmando = CAPCOM



ninjacop says:

only psx version have hidden 4P mode.
and its nearperfect port than CCC emu.
trust me.

Jason Rioux says:

I being older know that was Captain Commando was 1st the mascot of Capcom then he stared in his own game Captain Commando which bought for SNES as soon it came out. Did not see or played the arcade games afew yrs. later i have snes came out. thought was awesome. love game like this. and he one of my fav. in MVSC2

Alex says:

Weren’t there little captain commando cameos on the back of various NES and SNES capcom boxes or manuals or something? He was definetaly and intended mascot for capcom, well before the game I believe.

D says:

Does the 4 player mode work on the ps3? Anybody?

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