The Rarest and Most Valuable 3DO Games

Rare and Valuable 3DO Games

We do our best to keep our Rare & Valuable series updated and useful, but we have been missing some of the more obscure consoles from our guides.   Our first step to filling in the gaps is by tackling the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.   While there aren’t a lot of high-demand cult-classics on the 3DO like there is on more popular platforms, the console isn’t without its collectors and rarities.  The 3DO game packaging also makes it a challenge for die-hard collectors.  It is becoming harder to find complete 3DO games in their cardboard, longbox packaging (which gets damaged easily over the decades)

Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game with only its jewelcase. The second price is the highest price in the past three months which is usually the price for the complete-in-box or possibly a sealed game. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive.   In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this series will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling.

Special Thanks: I wanted to say thanks to the RB forum community for helping put this together, especially AgentBurnwood and pepharytheworm, who shared the most info 🙂

Treasured Standard Releases

Dino Park Tycoon: $300 – $645
Dino Park Tycoon is the single rarest US game release for the 3DO, but can readily be found for cheap on other platforms such as the PC and there is little non-collector demand for it on the 3DO.  Resale values can fluctuate quite a bit on DPT — a CIB (complete in box) copy of Dino Park Tycoon, was recently listed with a BIN of $479.99 and did not sell at that price, however, other listings have sold for significantly higher than that.
Shop for Dinopark Tycoon on eBay
  Lucienne’s Quest: $90 – $400
Lucienne’s Quest is the second rarest US release- more copies of it were made for the 3do than Dino Park Tycoon but unlike DPT the 3DO was the only platform Lucienne’s Quest was released on. Combined with the fact that it is a well regarded RPG, and one of the best games for the 3DO according to those who have been fortunate enough to acquire a copy, the demand for Lucienne’s Quest usually exceeds any demand for Dino Park Tycoon.
Shop for Luiceene’s Quest: on eBay
  Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: $50 – $140
This adult-themed FMV adventure game not only had laughably low production values, but it also had a very limited print run.   However, PDWT may have recieved much of its attention in this Angry Video Game Nerd video where AVGN labels it “possibly the most hilariously bad game ever”
Shop for  Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties on eBay
  D: $50 – $120
This survival horror adventure was originally developed for the 3DO before being ported to the PC, Saturn, and PS1.   Even thought it used some good technology from 1995, it has not aged well.   D featured pushed the limits of violence and horror in games in 1995 and resulted to some trickery to get it past censors in the US.  And while it sold well in Japan, it ultimately did not do well commercially in the US.
Shop for D on eBay
  Snow Job: $50 – $120
FMV games were all the rage in the era of the 3DO and Sega CD (at least that what the publishers wanted you to think).  And even though they get a bad reputation now, not all of them were horrible games.   Snow Job was actually ones of those that weren’t bad.  In fact those that don’t mind FMV games actually think Snow Job is one of the best games of the genre.  It also happens to be an exclusive to the 3DO and rather hard to find.
Shop for Snow Job on eBay
  Robinson’s Requiem: $50 – $103
This suvival simulation puts you on an alien prison planet and tests your ability to make the best of your limited resources.   While the game did have its weaknesses, it was quite advanced in terms of its originality and flexibility.   The game was also released on the PC and the Atari Jaguar, but it remains one of the most sought-after titles for 3DO collectors.
Shop for Robinson’s Requiem on eBay
  Crash ‘N Burn: $40 – $93
This futuristing racer/shooter combo stayed an exclusive on the 3DO.  While it does look rather choppy in terms of animation by today’s standards, it actually was quite impressive during the time of it’s release and is still an enjoyable game for fans of old-school racers.
Shop for Crash and Burn on eBay
  Braindead-13: $40 – $90
This adventure title is an interactive movie much like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace.  It started out as a PC title and was later ported to the 3DO, and most of the CD-based consoles of the day.  Due to its relative success, it was actually brought to the iPhone as well.   The 3DO version still remains as one of the superior and hardest to find ports of the game.
Shop for Braindead-13 on eBay
  Night Trap: $50 – $70
After getting caught up in the debate over sex and violience in video games in the US during the mid-1990’s, Night Trap became one of the most well-known FMV games.  While much of the sex and violence in the game was blown out of proportion, Night Trap has gathered an interesting type of nostolgia with game collectors.  And while the Sega CD version is the most well-known, the 3DO version remains the superior console version and also the hardest to find.
Shop for Night Trap on eBay
  Mathemagics: $50 – $60
Before the Nintendo DS and Brain Age made math puzzle games trendy, Mathmagics taught 3DO owners how to do cool math tricks.   If you’re a wannabe math geek, Mathemagics may be just what you’re looking for.  And if you’re just an average 3DO collector, this title isn’t worth skipping over either as it can easily illude you.
Shop for Mathemagics on eBay


Additional 3DO Games of Value

  • Cannon Fodder: $40 – $54
  • Endlessly: $30 – $50
  • Star Control II: $25 – $60
  • Flashback: $26 – $45
  • Virtuoso: $20 – $66
  • Phoenix 3: $16 – $80
  • Putt Putt Goes to the Moon: $25 – $45
  • Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed: $20 – $58
  • Wing Commander III: $22 – $44
  • Star Fighter: $18 – $50
  • Woody Woodpecker and Friends Vol. 1: $21 – $46
  • Lemmings: $20 – $50
  • Alone in the Dark 2: $15 – $44
  • Love Bites: $25 – $60
  • Immortal Desire: $25 – $60
  • Strahl: $20 – $86
  • Super Street Fighter 2: $ 19 – $$50
  • Captain Quazar: $18 – $35
  • Return Fire: Maps of Death: $20 – $45
  • Mind Teazzer: $30 – $40
  • Cyberdillo: $30 – $35
  • Samurai Shodown: $8 – $40


Xed says:

Great list! I had 0 knowledge about the 3DO library and now I know what to look for (in the rare case i’ll ever find 3DO games in the wild :p)

Brendan says:

I have some of these either as loose disk or in jewel cases but nothing truly rare there is a few good games on this system but you really have to look hard to find any game offline for this system i have only found 1 game offline where as i have brought 30 on ebay online 🙂 but good system i like my Japanese FZ-10 it plays everything 3DO has to offer 😛

MrPopo says:

So Lucienne’s Quest was actually also released on the Saturn, but in Japan only, where it was known as Sword & Sorcery (both versions).

Brendan says:

p.s there is a Game on 3DO even more rare then any of these its called Eye Of Typhoon 😀 i have never seen it on ebay but i heard it goes for quiet alot of money =O

Kris Kurz says:

Eye of the Typhoon was only released on 3D0 in South Korea.

Does anybody know if Doctor Hauzer–a survival horror game released in Japan, but very playable by English-speaking players–is rare or valuable? Currently there are no listings I can find on auction sights.

Does anybody know if Doctor Hauzer–a survival horror game released in Japan, but very playable by English-speaking players–is rare or valuable? Currently there are no listings I can find on auction sites.

JoeAwesome says:

I don’t agree with D, but the prices for the rest are informative. A few months back when I got into researching 3DO games, Woody Woodpecker was a highly sought out title, so I’m surprised to see it on here as low as it is, but I may be wrong in valuing it. The same with Lemmings. However, I’m glad more pages are coming out about the 3DO 🙂 Keep up the good work, Racketboy.

Brendan- Eye of Typhoon may or may not have been released exclusively in the Korean market, but if you look around 3DO sites, no one’s seen a physical copy outside of there.

One last thing; what about the “adult” video games? I see a few on here, but what about the rest? Are they being excluded for a reason? The same question about imports, too.

racketboy says:

Nothing was left out intentionally. There are some other adult titles in the extras listed below the main list. If you know of particular titles and their normal selling prices, please let me know and I’ll be glad to revise this list.

AgentBurnwood says:

Great guide as usual, Racketboy! I’m glad I was able to contribute towards it. I’ll also add I think it was wise to not list the Korean exclusive LG games, as no pricing information can be found on them, though on the other hand it might just be worth updating the guide to list without a price on them simply in the hopes that a mention in the guide will finally draw copies of them out into the open on Ebay. Keep up the awesomeness!

JoeAwesome: I think the adult games were left off for much the same reason as the Korean exclusives, that being that there isn’t enough information about them, including price and production info. You are spot on about the Woody Woodpecker titles, though. While they are not actual games (they’re Video CD’s), all 3 volumes of them are exceptionally scarce, and have not appeared on Ebay for quite some time (I haven’t seen any for a few years now), but there still isn’t enough concrete information on them to post about. But yes, they should be mentioned in the main part of the article- maybe a mention of them will draw out some copies on Ebay.

JoeAwesome says:

There are titles of note, such as Sex and Coven, but the key phrase, which you’ve nailed, is normal selling prices. These titles, along with others, do not normally show up very often, but I believe if they were being sold more consistently on eBay, they would be on the list. That said, I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m unfairly criticizing the article without much credible information.

JoeAwesome says:

AgentBurnwood- I didn’t see your post before mine, but you hit it on the head as well about concrete information. Although it’s one auction, there’s a complete copy of Neurodancer that has a couple of bids and at around $50, and I’m almost certain it’ll finish higher than that.

Anthony817 says:

How could you not put Starfighter on the list? God, that was the best 3D space shooter of the time, and I still look back at it in amazement. Hell, the graphics of the Saturn and PSX ports were VERY sub par with lots of fog and low draw distances compared to the PC and 3D0 versions.

I traded a Black Sega Sports Dreamcast for the system and got about 60 games for it too. I made possibly the best trade of my life.

However, it was my bros brand new Sports DC I traded in 2001 for an old 90’s system, and he got mad I didn’t get him a PSOne with a screen like I promised I would, so he took a hammer to the system and my CD booklet with 60 original games got stolen from me.

I even had D also.

God, I wonder how much it would cost now with all that stuff? Anyway, it sucked to be me that day.

racketboy says:

Anthony817, the only Starfighter I’ve seen recently, while not in complete condition, only sold for $45.

Also, on any of the adult titles or imports, if you know what they sometimes sell for, that would be helpful

Anthony817 says:

Hehe no its all good. I don’t think it was really a rare game, but it was one of the best I ever played. Just wishful thinking hehe.

Anyway, great article, makes me want to shell out the dough for another one. 😉

ecco6t9 says:

D was awesome.

It had blood,violence,satanic references,cannibalism, some incest and was rated T.

JoeAwesome says:

Dyno Park (w/o box) and Neurodancer (w/ box) just recently ended at $104 and $62, respectively, for what’s it worth to collector’s out there.

pepharytheworm says:

Thanks for the mention. If anyone want to further talk about the rare games and prices here’s a link:

I do think Neurodancer needs to be listed as it is regularly the highest selling adult game. Also good call on not putting the Korean games Battle Blues, Firewall and EYE OF TYPHOON in the main article listing but I do think they need a special mention so maybe we could flush these games out into the open.

Fibrofreak78 says:

I have a CIB w/ original sleeve Immortal Desire (Adults Only) on Ebay right now…one week left!
Only one listed that isn’t factory sealed…

Patrick BBE says:

That 3Do looks like a slim PS3.

Swarm says:

Kenji Eno’s Short Warp regularly goes for upwards for $150 on Japanese auction sites, since there was only 10000 units made, each hand-numbered.

crux says:

I found Doctor Hauzer for about $60 several years ago. It was only released in Japan, however, so an eBay purchase isn’t the best place to gauge the price.

Night Trap is probably best looking (and has the largest window) on 3DO, but it’s hard to pass up the pause and save features for the PC. For the original amount of frustration, though, the 3DO version can’t be beat. I got it for $30 about three years ago.

Owen says:

I just picked up the Japanese special edition of Hideo Kojima’s Policenauts (boxed with book and 3DO mouse) in Tokyo for abot 45$.

Jeremy says:

Hi racketboy i have several of your rarities mentioned. Any idea if Beverly Hills Models is rare? I can’t find a price for it anywhere and I happened to own that one. Also I found Dr. Hauzer complete and picked it up for 40 recently. I currently own 167 complete in longbox US 3DO games and have been told there are 183 in total…hoping to find the rest soon!


brendan says:

someone just made a killing money wise on ebay by selling Korean 3DO games sold prices are…

Captain Quazar AU $123.49
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Slayer AU $145.27
Total Eclipse AU $350
Firewall AU $392.25
Armageddon AU $1211.62
Battle blues AU $1,391.77
Eye of Typhoon AU $1,670.70

^^ damn that guys got tons of money now

brendan says:

Factory sealed US Super street fighter 2 just sold for $256 without shipping
Japanese Grand chef of the kingdom just sold for 200 not factory sealed
Conan Japanese factory sealed $225
Short warp Japanese $325
Monoshiri Japanese $327

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