The Most Stunning Legend of Zelda-Inspired Artwork pt. 3

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Legend of Zelda (Link) Art21

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art22

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art23

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art24

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art25

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art26

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art27

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art28

See The Original

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art29

See This on Deviant Art

Legend of Zelda (Link) Art30

See This on Deviant Art

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Tongrhj says:

Beautiful selection!

SELENE says:

¡que bella forma de dibujar,,todas las imagenes son un arte en pocas palabras¡

FireFrenzy says:

ZOMFG!!!! this owns t3h @ll:P as people would say online…

Devin says:

I like your art so much I would “buy it for a high price”. Quote the merchant.


Impressive collection! I was very pleased to find some of the pieces that had been entered in my contest among them. The primary point of it was to inspire great OoT art, after all! If you haven’t already, you’re invited to drop by the official contest blog and see the rest of the entries. There’s gobs of great ones!

alex says:

Nice gallery. Great to see all my fav deviant zelda pics all in one place. You should consider some of the pencil sketches as well. some of these are amazing.
Thanks for posting these!

roxas111 says:

sweet stuff SWEET!!!!!!!!!! and stuff

Jimmy says:

Truly these are brilliant pieces of work, I would hope to see more of these pictures in the future, keep up the awesome work

ACE says:

omf friendship is sooooooooo cool its the best drawing iv seen in a long time

There’s more!?!?! I thought there was only one page!! GEEZ! This is amazing!!!

kathleen says:

these pictures are simply amazing,
im a Huge Zelda Fann! and this work is really good, Congrats to the people who made and created these fiine works of art <3

Alright! These are great, thanks for sharing and posting them here.

Kendra says:

Erm… I don’t know why it took you a year to copy and paste a bunch of crappy zelda pictures… There were three that caught my attention, the rest are dumb. Half of them bare no resemblance to link… Let alone zelda.. Was that zelda in a pink minidress?? Or was that links whore.

Wtf Mate?


eryyyyyn says:

@Kendra, i know you won’t answer this because you wrote last year but STILL… This is some of the most amazing fanart i have ever seen! You don’t just copy and paste these off Google Images! And they basically all have relevance to Zelda, there are more than just one Zelda game!

eryyyyyn says:

and it isnt a minidress, if you look closely it is very long.

Eliska says:

Those are absolutelly incredible. I really wish that I could do that. I love Legend of Zelda, and I love art. You should do some more. Thanks.

sevin0seven says:

love all the art work. great job to all the artist. 🙂

nick says:

if you really think most of these are “dumb” you obviously don’t understand art and should probably go cry about it. these arent supposed to nessicarly look like zelda, thats the beauty of art, it can be interpreted and twisted into just about anything. Maybe Kendra should go find something boring to look at…

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