The Most Stunning Legend of Zelda-Inspired Artwork pt. 1

I have a bit of an artistic background, so I can’t help but fall in love with quality, game-inspired artwork. Over the last year or so, I have been compiling my favorite unofficial fan art and I hope to start sharing them in themed bursts.

This latest installment of this game art feature is filled with Link, Zelda, and a bunch of other Hyrulian goodness. Usually, I only have my favorite ten pieces for a given theme, but The Legend of Zelda fans have created a wealth on incredible artwork. I wanted to give each of the best the attention they are due, so I have a three-part, 30 piece collection. Many of these pieces are just awe-inspiring and I hope you really get a kick out of them. Click on the DeviantArt links below the image to see the larger view on the artist’s original page.


part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 |


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art


See This on Deviant Art

| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 |


kevin says:

Some of them are really just some simple anime art like the 4th one, which sucks totaly balls.

But most of them are nice.

Jessica says:

Wow:o. that must take forever to draw! I am a really REALLY big fan, but I want to draw like that!

p.s. I like the fourth and the tenth alot! Please teach me!!!!!

nightshade says:

omg. i love u kyuumu!!! the perfect pic!!! do u have more?!

Linkluver#123 says:

Legend of Zelda fans definetly are more artistic than anybody else! These pictures are great! Like fastbilly1, I’d pay a bunch for “Inevitible Twilight” and “Tell me the Story” enlarged and poster-sized. “Hero’s Right to Dream” is a little TOO bloody for my room, though!

Bifi323 says:

I really like The Legend of Zelda.
I have The Ocarina Of Time !!

The music and the graphics are really good!!

Bifi323 says:

The Cucco Attack ON EPONA is funny!

ARV says:

las imajenes de link estan woaaaaoo! espero como estan las imajenes d chidas este la plicula ok…

roxas111 says:

tottaly sweet kooleo and i dont like stuff too often!

Riku122 says:

These are nice pictures.

ACE says:

omfg the best work iv ever sean i LOVE it

Zelda says:

i love this so much and my name is Zelda

Zelda says:

link is so hot and Zelda is cute

katrina says:

Hi.! wow this pictures are too cool. Zelda its a nice game 🙂 Goodbye

All of these pictures are gorgeous. I love to draw too but I love to draw cars and I have been drawing since I was 6,7,or 8 years of age. Those who have submitted these beautiful pieces should do it for a living! I know I am!

My fave is the ” Tell Me the Story” picture. I still love everybody else’s!!!

I love the pictures but I’d love to see more Zelda and more Wind Waker themed drawings. ( just suggesting!!! )

bob says:

marney: seconded.

Anapan says:

I found one a few days ago while searching for “Untooned” cartoon characters. It’s so realistic it’s creepy.

If you wanna see real creepy tho look up “real mario” o_O

Zafiro says:


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