The Most Stunning Sonic the Hedgehog Artwork

The Best Sonic The Hedgehog Artwork

Even though the series has had some rough spots over the last decade, Sonic the Hedgehog is still one of my favorite franchises. In this latest installment, I’ve picked through an abundant supply of Sonic fan art to bring you the best. I had to weed through a lot of strange and obscure “art” to find them, but there are a number of pieces that not only look great, but also capture the spirit of the games and give a unique perspective into the franchise. I hope you enjoy them!  (Also, check out some of the past Game Art collections)


Team Magix X by E09ETM

Home Sweet Home by Thalia Evans

The Doomsday Zone by Zlydoc

Sonic by Gleydson

Super Sonic Is Born by Timothy Jack

Sonic - Old Skool by Jessica Jones

Sonic Fix: Marble Zone by Michael Sterns

Honorable Mentions

“AmyXShadow – Shall We Dance?” by TireFog
“Sonic Versus Shadow” by Matt Herms
“Sonic Fix: Star Light Zone” by Michael Sterns
Sonic in the GHZ again by Michael Sterns
“Sonic 1 Fanart” by WorryFox
“Old Sonic and Co.” by Herms85
“Sega Sonic Zombies” by TigerFog
“Happy Horrordays” by Orin


kinn says:

Wow. Some great pieces.

Richard says:

Thanks racketboy, they are great.

these bring back some good ol day memories!

Jesus says:

Cool stuff. Sonic rocks

Arthur Dewberry says:

Where in the devil is Knuckles?

John says:

no mentions of jeff axer? lol i forgot- ‘axer’ wasn’t even his real name. i think sum1 said it was AZIZ or something like that. heard he changed it for whatever reason

Wedge says:

<3 Machinae Supremacy poster in the first image.

robin says:

strange, i did sonic piece just a little while ago:

nice collection:)

ryan says:

wow some great ones, i like the “Super Sonic is born” peice myself. If you ask me though, they should remove all sonic characters other than:
Dr. Robotnik

Alyssa says:

Oh my god! All of the drawings are amazing. In my art class we are drawing these types of pics so I might be up there soon. My favorite is the first one thats like… Impossible to draw. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you sonic!^_^

lorenzo says:

sonic rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick says:

Hey there, does anyone know of a Sonic poster, with the incription “take my hand-forget your fears”?

Trying to locate it after seeing a photo of it.


im from romania, and im fan sonic 😀

joey says:

good work

sonicfreak says:

I personaly LOVE the “15 Years of Sonic” and “Sonic Ol-Skool” pics.

Long Live Sonic the Hedgehog!!!!

I wish that Sonic was real!I WISH I WISH I WISH!

UKAnime2010 says:

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Saerion td says:

WOW that´s awesome, i want to do some stuff like that

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