The Best Playstation (PS1) Games Under $10

I started the Cheapest Games series quite a while ago and I figured I should revise some of the posts to reflect some of the changing values and give more relevant recommendations.   Hopefully, this revised list of PS1 games will help you start or build up your collection without having to spend much — I’ve even included some affordable “hidden gems” at the bottom if you need to round out your collection on the cheap  (Prices listed are an average eBay price for US games, including shipping)

Cheap Classics

Metal Gear Solid Cover Metal Gear Solid: $9
This Konami classic not only was one of the biggest games on the Playstation, but it also one of the few 3D 32-bit games that has aged gracefully. It’s combination of great story-telling, innovative gameplay, and impressive graphics for the era resulted in a game that holds its own when compared to its more modern series installments and other games in the genre as well.
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cover Street Fighter Alpha 3: $9
The PS1 isn’t known for having arcade-accurate ports of 2D fighters, but Capcom really came through in bringing Street Fighter Alpha 3 to the Playstation without compromising much. This character-filled brawl-fest is actually one of the best console ports and is an excellent value. If you have a PS2 and want the entire Alpha collection, the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology may be a better value for you.
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Wipeout 3 Cover Wipeout XL/Wipeout 3: $5 each
If you are like me and prefer a futuristic arcade-style racer, you will love the Wipeout series. Wipeout XL and Wipeout 3 were the pinacles of the series on the PS1 and both are quite affordable. At these prices, you really can’t go wrong if you want some blazing-fast racing set to a killer techno soundtrack.
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Rayman Cover Rayman: $7
If you want a well-rounded two-dimensional platformer for the PS1 that gives you lots of beautiful sprites to complement great level designs, take a look at the original Rayman. The Playstation game is also a bit cheaper than the Saturn version.
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Crash 3 Cover Crash Bandicoot 2 & 3: About $8 each
Crash Bandicoot was one of the first 3D platforming games that were worth playing.    Sure, it wasn’t quite as smooth or expansive as the revolutionary Super Mario 64 (which came out just before Crash Bandicoot), but it was a leap above most of the rest of the competition – especially on the PlayStation.  Crash 3 is considered by many to be the best of the entire series, as well as one of the greatest platformers of all time.
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Tekken 3 Cover Tekken 3: $5
Personally, I’m not much for the Tekken series, but I know many a Playstation fan that will stand behind this 3D fighter franchise and the depth that Namco is known for. Tekken 3 was definitely one of the major landmarks on the PS1 and should be an essential purchase considering it’s bargain basement price. But keep in mind that the PS2 sequels are cheap as well.
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Mega Man X5 Cover Mega Man 8, X4, & X5: $5 each
There are tons of Megaman games on the PS1. So if you enjoy all that running, jumping, and shooting action, there is plenty to keep you busy for quite a while without spending a lot of money. However, if you have a PS2, you might find the Megaman X Collection to be a much more affordable solution for you.
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Syphon Filter Cover Syphon Filter Trilogy: $5 each
If you want an action-filled good time to complement your Metal Gear Solid, take a look at the Syphon Filer games. Each game of the trilogy is filled with imaginative levels designs, each of which pushed gamers to explore, but also required them to think about every time they began a new stage. If you shop around eBay carefully enough, you may find someone selling all three of these game together for a much more cost-effective package (around $10 for the set).
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Tony Hawk 3 Cover Tony Hawk 3: $3
Before the Tony Hawk series plummeted into mediocrity, its first four installments broke new ground in a crowded market by offering unique gameplay, intuitive controls, and customization. The third installment greatly expanded the gameplay over the originals and allowed for greater replay value. Tony Hawk 4’s later levels are rather unpolished and glitch plagued, so the third installement is probably your best bet for the money. But when it comes down to it, all four of the PlayStation releases are technical achievements for the console and are worth playing today.
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Metal Gear Solid VR Missions Cover Metal Gear Solid VR Missions: $6
If you want an extra MGS fix in small bits, the VR Missions release is an excellent value.  This disc will help you will help you build various skills throughout it’s 300 included missions.  It’s not the full-bodied experience of a pure MGS game, but there’s some solid content here and for the price, you really can’t go wrong.
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Ape Escape Cover Ape Escape: $9
Ape Escape is arguably one of PlayStation’s most original, innovative, and engaging platform titles on PlayStation. The game uses only the analog controllers, and enables gamers to use them in ways that have never been done on a system previously. All that and the game if filled with monkeys. It doesn’t get any better than that!
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Bust A Move 3 Cover Bust-A-Move 2 or ’99: $6
I’m a sucker for solid puzzle games and it’s one genre that is never really hindered by aging techology.  The Bust-A-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) series is one of my personally favorites and the installements before the 4th are my favorites as they don’t yet have the rather confusing combo system.   Part 2 and ’99 (otherwise known as part 3) are really the sweet spots in my book — especially for the price!
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Gran Turismo Cover Gran Turismo 2: $4
I debated if I should include this one or not as GT3 & 4 are both quite affordable on the PS2 as well. However, if you want a detailed console racer on the PS1 without spending much, look no further than Gran Turismo 2. The game features more than 600 cars, 27 tracks, hundreds of challenges, and more depth and replay value than any other racer on the Playstation.
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Spyro Cover Spyro the Dragon: $9
While Crash Bandicoot would be the closest any character would come to being the PlayStation’s mascot, Spyro the Dragon was a close second.  The Spyro the Dragon games are cartoonish 3D platformers that were quite popular with the younger crowd, but also had enough substance to keep established gamers entertained as well.    And like Crash Bandicoot, the Spyro games were some of the few non-Nintendo platforming games that did well in 3D.  It’s also worth noting that these three were the only three designed by Insomniac Games, and are often considered the best of the series.
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Other Cheap Favorites

Ridge Racer Type 4: $6
Mr Driller: $9 – eBay /
Colony Wars: Vengeance: $9 – eBay /
Driver 2: $4 – eBay /
Soul Blade: $6 – eBay /
Medal of Honor/Medal of Honor Underground: $5 – eBay /
Tomb Raider Series: $4 each – eBay /
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins: $5 – eBay /
Um Jammer Lammy: $8 –

Cheap Gems:

Gundam Battle Assault 2 Cover Gundam Battle Assault 2: $9
It can be quite a challenge to find a solid 2D fighter on the PS1 that doesn’t have a more solid port on the Sega Saturn.  However, the Gundam games on the Playstation are exclusives and are surprisingly solid fighters.  In fact, you might actually have more fun with this mech fighter than some games that Capcom put out.  Since this game isn’t super common and/or in demand, you can sometimes find a really good deal on a copy.  Other times, sellers might be asking high prices for mint copies.
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Tempest X3 Cover Tempest X3: $5
Don’t be thrown off too much by ther “X3” in the title.  This is actually just a slightly enhanced Playstation port of Jeff Minter’s arcade remake, Tempest 2000 that debuted on the Atari Jaguar.   If you enjoy old-school fixed shooting, this is quite a bargain.
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MDK Cover MDK: $6
Personally, I didn’t find out about the MDK series until I picked up the second installment as one of my first Dreamcast games.  Created by Earthworm Jim developed, Shiney Entertainment, this third-person shooter has solid combat, great puzzles, an impressive Tommt Tallarico soundtrack, and tons of personality.  I think you’ll find the sequel to be more challenging, but it’s a solid game considering the price.
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Trap Gunner Cover Trap Gunner: $9
If you want an action game that doesn’t follow the standard formula, check into Trap Gunner.   You run the levels and set traps which are invisible to your opponent while duking it out with various attacks.  It’s a refreshing blend of action, strategy, and puzzle gamplay.  Unfortunately, it’s getting a bit harder to find for under $10 in good condition, especially since it’s not in abundant supply.
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Tobal No 1 Cover Tobal No 1: $8
Squaresoft’s first entry into the fighting genre remains a underground favorite due to it’s tight controls, freedom of movement, and intuitive grappling and blocking system. It’s sequel, No. 2, is an expensive import-only title, but the original is stil quite affordable.
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Other Cheap Gems:

Omega Boost: $5 – eBay /
Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider: $9 – eBay /
No One Can Stop Mr Domino: $7 – eBay /
Speed Punks: $7 – eBay /
Tiny Tank: $8 – eBay /
Board Game Top Shop: $7 – eBay /

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Brian says:

The version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 that comes with the Alpha Anthology is a arcade port and doesn’t include some of the modes that the ps1 version does. The Ps1 version has World Tour, Dramatic Battle, Final Battle, Team Battle and Survival, which I don’t think the Alpah Anthology version has. I prefer the ps1 version myself.

racketboy says:

Good point. Those extra features are nice. I typically stick with arcade mode personally, but I do dabble with those from time to time.

lisalover1 says:

Final Fantasy VII for under $10? Here’s what I have to say to that:

racketboy says:

Did I have a typo somewhere? — I featured VIII, not VII…

lisalover1 says:

Sorry, I meant VIII.

racketboy says:

Eh figures — I swear, when I did price checks a couple weeks back, you could find a few complete copies on Amazon for under $10 and eBay seemed lower than it is now. Guess I need to bump that one off.

Patrick says:

Once again your Cheapest games articles have made me realised how over priced game here are.

Crash 2/3 for prices that equal $11 NZD.
They sell for around $50 here. Well Im glad I can play NTSC games on my console.

brokenpavement says:

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino and Board Game: Top Shop being mentioned brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for an excellent list as always, Racketboy! My only other suggestions would be Fear Effect and Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. Both are great and can be picked up on the cheap.

Eddie says:

Sheep Raider is one of the silliest games I’ve ever played. Not real deep but fun nonetheless. Tenchu is also a great game. Nice list here.

h8b1llg8ts says:

Where is the Wild 9 and Tai’ Fu love?

b1gb0ssm4tt says:

The first Fear Effect can be found for under $3 USD on Amazon. If you never experienced that game, you should. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I played it. Both PS1 Oddworld games are also under $10.

brokenpavement says:

To clarify on my earlier post, it was a tear of joy. 🙂

flymaster says:

No Pong: The Next Level? An all-time great party game.

racketboy says:

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone and glad you guys find this useful!

jmbarnes101 says:

No love for either of the fantastic OddWorld games?

ElTiante says:

Tekken 5 looks extraordinary for a PS2 game. It supports 16:9 and progressive scan mode. It also comes with Tekken 1,2 and 3. Great buy.

Vaughanabe13 says:

I agree for the most part, with one big exception, the Tony Hawk series. You can’t really think THPS 3 was the best of the 4? Just because they added revert or whatever doesn’t mean it has more replayability. Also, THPS was the first game available for PS2 as well, and the PS1 version severely lacked in comparison. The levels were restructured and lost a lot of the cool features from the PS2 version, in addition to the worse graphics. Tony Hawk 1 on PS1 was amazing when I first got the demo disk from Pizza Hut, and Tony Hawk 2 is to this day one of my favorite games of all time. Tony Hawk 3 completely ruined it for me with the crappy level design. The only level I can remember from it is the urban development level with the ice cream truck. I can remember every single level, hidden tape location, goal (Ollie the Magic Bum anyone?) and secret goody from THPS2. Unlocking the gym at “The School II” was amazing, if I had to give an example. There was so much genius that went into that game, it should definitely be on the list instead of THPS3. I would even pick the original over 3, the original even had Roswell, New Mexico!

zombi_ryu says:

great call on board game: top shop!

Patrick BBE says:

Add Coolboarders 2

bryan says:

wild 9 is a great game from shiney, its quite cheap as well, that should be on this. an underrated classic.

charlie says:

does anyone know how much legend of dragoon series with scratches but still work fine and a few cracks in the case worth I found it buied and want to get rid of it don’t have a lot room and I don’t play play station anymore jw

ms4barrell says:

heap Games NAP Can’t find what Games I want to buy!!

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