What Is The Best Mega Man Game of All Time?

While I love the forum here to death, I thought it would be cool to occasionally ask all the regular readers and those passing through their opinions about popular topics every now and then.

In this first installment of “Racketboy Asks”, I’d like to have everyone fight over which of the many Mega Man installments is the best (not counting the yet-to-be-released Mega Man 9).  Since you may have more than one favorite, you can vote for up to three games.

Since there are so many Mega Man games and I didn’t want to exclude anything, I condensed some of the later spin-off games into one entry for each series.  Also, if you enjoyed a remake of a certain installment, please vote for the original.  Of course, you can explain your reasoning in the comments section if you desire.

What Is The Best Mega Man Game? (vote for up to 3)

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James says:

2 is classic, however, 3 was hands down the best nintendo game. So much longer than all of the rest and introduced the slide which I miss in the layer games. X for snes is another instant classic and the soundtrack is killer. Plus u gotta love the hadoken.

Peter says:

What can I say? I love all the Megaman games. My favorite in the classic is too hard to decide. Megaman 2 and 3 were always the top two, but for some reason I’ve always loved MegaMan and Bass (SNES version) because of it’s challenge. The music kicks ass and the stage select screen is a breath of fresh air. MegaMan and Bass never got much attention which is why I find it fascinating. It’s an unnoticed gem that most people just bumbled into.
As for the X series my favorite is MMX4 (Japanese version cause the voice acting and intro song is much better).

kyle says:

I’m not surprised MM2 is in first. I like that game a lot but i liked 3 better. X is by far my favorite one though. 2 is overrated in my opinion, i thought 3 was an improvement on it, and it doesn’t get enough credit

Kevin says:

I personally have played “most” of the megaman games on here, and let me say one thing. The Megaman for the GBA and DS, where he is on the internet is a disgrace. But I loved megaman as bass. (Finally a game where I love and can be the bad ass villain) And Zero series. I just got the megaman zero collection for my ds today and I love it., 4 games for the price of 1.

Kaiser says:

Most of the megaman games are awsome of course.
But I still think MM2 is the big daddy that brought the rest.

MM1 was the begining and was cool, MM3 came rush, X series had a story to follow and came zero etc.
But MM2 was the one to get ppl to play megaman, actually my first MM I played was MM2 and if it wasn’t for this game, I porbably wouldn’t like the rest of the megaman’s games.

My order is
1- MM2
2.- X5
3.- X4

FoxxMM2 says:

You totolly forgot the 9 and 10

my order


racketboy says:

Actually, I didn’t forget — this was posted back in mid 2008 🙂

David Mistwoods says:

Just luv ZX, MM5 and MMV

CrystalMan says:

ok, in my personal opinion every game but 1-6 SUCKED. The graphics were ‘better’ on 7,8,x,and zero? NO. they ruined the game for me. i hated his new 3d look. It made him look like a toddlers play toy.

zuschzero says:

4, 6 and X2 hands down.

Honorable mention to MMV GB.

Clayton says:

Randomly coming across this but I’ll give the nod to X4, X2 and MM3 with an honorable mention to X.

Mac says:

I’m only pissed because my vote for the original counted for Powered Up too. I hate that game. Capcom took a game loved by many and just fucking raped it…

cylentbuttdeadly says:

I do believe you forgot to list Mega Man 64. Not that it was that great or anything.

Fernando says:

Mega Man 8, X5 and X6, with an honorable mention to Battle Network series.

Mega Man 8, X5 e X6, com uma menção honrosa para série Battle Network.

jimbotherisenclown says:

It was hard to cut out Zero and the Battle Network series, but Legends, MM3, and MMX top the list. I almost put X4 instead of MMX, but in the end, I think I made the right choice. I’m running a marathon of the whole series right now, and those have definitely been top of the line.

VileTerror says:

Good to see that Mega Man 2 is leading the pack, followed closely by X. Anything else and I would have to seriously question what was going on.

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