What Is The Best Mega Man Game of All Time?

While I love the forum here to death, I thought it would be cool to occasionally ask all the regular readers and those passing through their opinions about popular topics every now and then.

In this first installment of “Racketboy Asks”, I’d like to have everyone fight over which of the many Mega Man installments is the best (not counting the yet-to-be-released Mega Man 9).  Since you may have more than one favorite, you can vote for up to three games.

Since there are so many Mega Man games and I didn’t want to exclude anything, I condensed some of the later spin-off games into one entry for each series.  Also, if you enjoyed a remake of a certain installment, please vote for the original.  Of course, you can explain your reasoning in the comments section if you desire.

[poll id=”7″]

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BlacKVivi says:

You’ve split every game of the classic and X-Series, but you merged the rest… This isn’t fair, i think 🙂

At the topic: I personally liked the zero-games most.

BlacKVivi says:

You’ve split every game of the classic and X-Series, but you merged the rest… This isn’t fair, i think 🙂

At the topic: I personally liked the zero-games most.

d says:

Mega Man X is listed twice.
I chose X 6 because that’s the only one I have. That game has really great music.

Radarscope1 says:

Crap accidentally voted for X8 instead of 8. Might want to change it if one vote matters to you.

And, great poll.

Sturat says:

I can never decide whether 5, 3, or 2 is the best. Thanks for letting me choose three games so I didn’t have to finally decide.

kevinski says:

I voted for both Mega Man X’s listed, as Mega Man X is easily my favorite Mega Man game. XD

I don’t like how you’ve bundled the GBA games together and not included the GB games. Mega Man V GB was excellent.

extrarice says:

Only one vote is needed: Mega Man 2

AK says:

You are missing Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

sir jorge says:

megaman 2 hands down. It still as good today as it was back in the day.

racketboy says:

Sorry it took me so long to fix — I was at work.
I’ve combined the two Mega Man X entries.
I’ll work on expanding the most popular series into indv entries.

Were the Gameboy ones different than the NES ones (other than the graphics)?

As for the PSP ones, they are remakes, so you should vote for the original (but I guess I could add the remake title in there)

Tyler says:

The GB versions were completely different.

Also, how long will we have to vote? So far I only have Anniversary Collection.

Covarr says:

Mega Man Network Transmission isn’t on the list. Sure, its storyline is part of the Battle Network continuity, but the gameplay is completely different; it’s not an RPG at all, it’s simply the Battle Network characters in a 2D run-and-gun setting like the original.

racketboy says:

I don’t plan on closing the poll for a while
Thanks for your input, everyone — I’ll be tweaking this.
So many games and I’m far from a Mega Man expert 🙂

TheVGA says:

It’s all about Mega Man 2. There is just something satisfying about being able to chuck buzzing saw blades at anything and everything.

marurun says:

Mega Man 2 is truly my favorite, though 1 and 3 were also very good. 2 also had the best Mega Man soundtrack. Mega Man X was a close runner up, but I didn’t like the music as much.

Yeldarbthetitan says:

megaman 2 takes the cake for sure due to the excellent soundtrack, but i also really loved X1

btw, x3 was hard as hell if you didnt get all the upgrades

what the crap says:

Where is mega man soccer hahaha thats a laugh

pentium6700 says:

Whoever voted for X7 is officially on my list of terrible people. Finding the game somewhat enjoyable is an offense punishable by severe face punchings. Finding it the BEST? Not cool. I will find you.

The Apprentice says:

I voted X. The SNES original still beats out the rest of the series in gameplay, and the soudtrack is unforgettable. I want to get a PSP so I can try out the remake.

SnkOrCapcom? says:

It has to be X as it got the balance just right in that it could be completed in one sitting but never got frustrating due to akward replenishing enemies and disappearing platforms.

Also the story is decent good vs. evil tale and introduces us to Zero (who is a much better 2nd string character than Bass).

I gotta get Mega Man X collection on the gamecube, I’m from the UK so anyone know if there is a freeloader that works on the Wii which hasn’t been overcome with updates?

jackspicer says:

mm8 on the saturn!!!!

sevin0seven says:

megaman x and megaman 2 are the two best megaman games ever. both took the series to new HEIGHTS!!!

Mozgus says:

Had to go with MM2, MMX, and MMX4 being what I consider the 3 most noticeable high points in the franchise.

pomai says:

i chose x4 and 8 because i used to play the shit out of them on saturn!! but also i dont see rockman forte which is awesome..

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