The Most Stunning Jet Set Radio / Jet Grind Radio Artwork

The Best Jet Grind Radio Jet Set Radio Future Art

I have a bit of an artistic background, so I can’t help but fall in love with quality, game-inspired artwork. Over the last year or so, I have been compiling my favorite unofficial fan art and I hope to start sharing them in themed bursts.

The first installment of this game art feature is Sega’s Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio) series. These pieces are fun-filled and really capture the spirit of the series. I hope you really get a kick out of them. Click on the image to see the larger view on the artist’s original page.

Jet Grind Radio Art 01


Jet Set Radio Future Art 02


Jet Grind Radio Art 03


Jet Set Radio Future Art 04


Jet Grind Radio Art 05


Jet Set Radio Future Art 06


Jet Grind Radio Art 07


Jet Set Radio Future Art 08


Jet Grind Radio Art 09


Jet Set Radio Art 10


mozgus says:

Daaaamn. I believe Gum is the new hotness, yes?

Richard says:

i played with cube, she is more sexy!.

Kagi says:

Man I really love these art posts.

Caleb says:

Racketboy thanks alot for sharing this.

Art like this is awesome.

3th one down is my fav.

PS – New video review on the Dreamcast Junkyard

Timerever says:

Cube FTW!! g0th puwar! That said, the second pic: “Extra oil and MSG” is the best of the bunch

Some trippy artwork there. I like how the last one went for a realistic effect. It certainly creates an interesting vibe.

Your doing well with this new series RB.

gnome says:

Excellent stuff and true to the game’s idiosyncraticaly impressive graphics! Now, how long before JSR hits the Wii?

SovietSniper says:

i know we are in a global crysis, so obviously the textile industry cant afford long skirts, but is it really necessary to be SO SHORT 😉 ?

someguy says:

yes it is SovietSniper

gnome says:

everyone says so, really…

Yanny says:

Nice job guys, you are really talented. I have always liked the idea of doing things like that, but i can’t. Haven’t recceived the training, or the programs to do so.

Rajash says:

Brilliant work, absolutely inspirational!!

Hugh says:

Fabian Schlaga colored the image but it was drawn by LeSean Thomas, credit him as well please.

Tomakun says:

Thanks for sharing this. I’ma hardcore fan of the game. Thank you so much.

Justin Young says:

why ain’t there more pics of ZeroBeat and DJ Professor K They are the coolest characters in the game, but it is impossable to find pics of them

Amida_Kun says:

qué buen artwork
me encantó
fo’ real awesome 😀

Roxanne says:

They atre good, but why are pretty much all of them pics of gum. There are other characters besides her.

Towelie says:

One of the best games I’ve ever played. I love the cultural references of it, the Bboy-ness and graffiti.

klk says:

sweet soul brothers

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