The Best Dreamcast Games Under $10

I started the Cheapest Games series quite a while ago and I figured I should revise some of the posts to reflect some of the changing values and give more relevant recommendations. Hopefully, this revised list of Dreamcast games will help you start or build up your collection without having to spend much.. (Prices listed are an average eBay price for US games, including shipping)

I revised this guide yet again as we have seen some shifting in values over the last few years.  Most of the standards have stayed consistant.  However, we have seen some previously higher-priced games come down below $10.  The only one that seemed to jump up higher was Jet Grind Radio (see notes below).   I have also added quite a few games to this list that were more hidden gems — I think you’ll enjoy them 🙂

Space Channel 5 Cover Space Channel 5: $6
While the rhythm genre has moved on to full instrument controllers, Space Channel 5 topped the charts with Dreamcast owners. Both the graphics and the music had a phenomenal retro-futurist (reminds me of a hip Jetson’s atmosphere) feel to them and kept Space Channel 5 from becoming just “another” simon-says-type game.
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Soul Calibur Cover Soul Calibur: $9
This Dreamcast launch title is one of the best examples of the incredible graphics the little white box is capable off. Between the polished visuals and the deep gameplay, the original Soul Calibur still holds surprisingly well to its newer siblings. The Soul Still Burns! Soul Calibur is also one of the Dreamcast games that has had the largest price drop over the last couple of years.
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Crazy Taxi Cover Crazy Taxi: $6
This arcade port was one of the main reasons I initially jumped on the Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi gives you control of a cabby racing around two San Francisco-esque cities, picking up customers and dropping them at their required destinations by any means necessary. It’s a race against the clock, resulting in no-holds-barred racing around the two cities, flying off hills and screeching around bends. Although some may argue that the game lacks some depth, they forget that this is a pure arcade game that compels you to beat your best scores.  Crazy Taxi 2 is also availible for a little over $10 if you need more tracks to choose from.
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Tennis 2k2 Cover Tennis 2K2: $5
Having the essential quality of being easy to play and difficulty to master, Virtua Tennis (and it’s successor, Tennis 2K2) was one of the sleeper hits on the Dreamcast. It is often overlooked as a killer party game — I have had many parties with both guys and girls of all gaming levels having a blast on a 4-player doubles tournament.
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Chu Chu Rocket Cover Chu Chu Rocket: $6
This little gem from Sega was extremely popular and recognized by most gamers who had actually played it and virtually unknown otherwise. Chu Chu Rocket is a unique puzzle game that not only served as a good brain-teaser in single-player mode, but also has solid multi-player features.   The game has also recently showed up on Android and iOS.   This has brought down the value of the Dreamcast release down a bit, but it can’t go much lower.
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Soul Reaver Cover Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver: $9
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was one of the Dreamcast’s first fantasy adventure games and was one of the hot games during its release. It offers a killer story-line and innovative action considering the era.   Once considered an essential title, many gamers have forgotten about it, leading it to a recent price drop.  It is almost getting to “hidden gem” status.
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House of the Dead 2 Cover The House of the Dead 2: $7
When it comes to arcade light-gun shooters, they don’t get much better than The House of the Dead series.  Up until recently, most of the console versions have been rather pricey.  However, with re-releases on all the modern consoles, we have seen prices come down quite a bit.
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Typing of the Dead Cover The Typing of the Dead: $9
While it doesn’t have quite the mainstream appeal of the shooters in the series, The Typing of the Dead remains a cult classic and is possibly the best use for the Dreamcast keyboard add-on.
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Resident Evil Code Veronica Cover Resident Evil Code: Veronica: $7
As a Resident Evil game that wasn’t a port of an older Playstation title, Code Veronica actually took advantage of the Dreamcast’s power and still serves as a cheap thrill to this day. (Some still consider it the best in the series up until Resident Evil 4)
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Ecco Cover Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future: $5
Ecco the Dolphin for the Dreamcast is one of those rare instances of a company taking a 2D game (the Genesis and Sega CD originals) and making it work in 3D. Defender of the Future is an amazing looking game — the rich textures and animation really bring the sea life to life. The game is also among the most challenging around again, but you’ll enjoy the brilliant atmosphere and story.
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Samba De Amigo Cover Samba De Amigo: $4 (without maracas)
This Latin-flavored rhythm game involves waving/shaking maracas in certain directions to match the upbeat music. Not only is Samba wonderful to play, but it also fun to watch other people shake their maracas like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, a follow-up was released on the Wii, but the Wiimotes didn’t provide as accurate and enjoyable control as the Dreamcast’s maracas.
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Test Drive Lemans Cover Test Drive LeMans: $5
Le Mans was one of the best all-around racers for the Dreamcast and one of the most under-appreciated. It can be found for a surprisingly low price even through it isn’t terribly common.
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Toy Commander Cover Toy Commander: $8
On the surface, Toy Commander looks like a cheap third-party game that would only interest young kids, but this little Dreamcast gem actually has a lot of charm to it. Get it for less that $10 before everybody learns about it.
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Virtua Fighter 3tb Cover Virtua Fighter 3tb: $8
Even though it was probably the least celebrated title in a fighting series with a cult following, Virtua Fighter 3TB is a deep and polished 3D fighter. Virtua Fighter 3tb isn’t as eye-catching as Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive 2, gameplay and strategy is where VF3tb excels.
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Sega Rally 2 Cover Sega Rally Championship 2: $5
Even though many hardcore fans still prefer the original game on the Saturn, Sega Rally 2 is a great graphical upgrade, is still an enjoyable racer and is well worth the small investment.
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Mr Driller Cover Mr Driller: $9
One of my favorite puzzle games can finally be found for under $10.  Instead of the normal falling-brick forumla, Mr, Driller takes you drilling down into the blocks — trying to get to the bottom quickly without being crushed by the ones falling down above you.  It is a welcome change to the genre and is also a fun and colorful experience.
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Wetrix Cover Wetrix+: $7
If you are looking for yet another interesting take on the puzzle genre, Wetrix is an addictive, but challenging, but rewarding game that has more of a 3D design.   The multiplayer in Wetrix is one of the best of its kind, with a game between two good players being a highly enjoyable frantic dash to get ducks and evaporate water, while throwing earthquakes and ice at the other player to hamper them.
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Outrigger Cover Outrigger: $7
Sega’s first party games during the Dreamcast era were usually quite good, and Outtrigger is no exception.  However, this First-Person/Third-Person Shooter went rather unnoticed and just fell further into obscurity over time.  If you are looking for a shooter without the blood and guts, this one is a great option, but that isn’t its only selling point.  If you enjoy the genre (or are just interested in dipping your toes in), Outtrigger is a great one for the Dreamcast without spending much money.
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F355 Cover F355 Challenge Passione Rossa
If you are looking for a pure arcade racer, you will probably want to skip this one.  However, if you like more of a simulator experience, keep an eye out for this one.  The most defining characteristic of F355 is definitely its control. Compare to typically floaty control of most “sim” racers,you will be simply amazed at how tight everything feels in F355. It is also important to note that this perfect control is equally attainable with either the standard Dreamcast pad, or a (preferred) high quality racing wheel. According to Sega, a professional F355 driver has claimed that “training” with F355 Challenge in the off season has actually improved his real life lap times at Long Beach! Now that’s saying quite a bit about what Yu Suzuki and his AM2 team have accomplished here!”
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One To Watch For:

Jet Grind Radio Cover Jet Grind Radio: $15
I have this wonderful game in a special section as, up until recently, it was under $10, but it has built up its demand as it remained a Dreamcast exclusive and a cult classic.  However, it will be coming out for multiple platforms including PSN & XBLA, so it should did down under $10 again not too long after this guide is posted.Not only is the gameplay in Jet Grind Radio compelling and unique, but the graphical style hits you like a brick in the face (in a good way) with its well-executed cel-shaded models and landscapes. The Jet Grind Radio soundtrack is also one of the most popular gaming lineups of all time featuring an array of eclectic songs combining the musical genres of J-pop, Trip-hop, Hip-hop and Electronica. Between the slick graphics, upbeat and quirky audio, and intense gameplay, Jet Grind Radio is a gaming experience that completely envelopes you when given the chance.
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Other Cheap Favorites:

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O says:

Awesome games especially for $10 and under.

Caleb says:

I shop at thrift stores, pawn shops and salvation army stores.

So most of my Dreamcast game purchases have been under $10.

slowslow325 says:

OR!, you could get any dreamcast game for about 10 cents if you burn them…

Great list, though.

racketboy says:

Not everyone wants to go the burned games route.
Don’t you like any “real” games on your shelf?

Tancred says:


Clearly this is aimed for people who don’t feel like burning their games or collectors.

I’m sure most people are already aware about the lack of CD-R protection on the Dreamcast.

Another obvious tip is buying games in lots. The other week I bought a 9 game lot for $25 on eBay. I got great gems like Code Veronica, Worms Armageddon, Ecco, Soul Reaver, and Space Channel 5 along with other decent titles.

Patrick says:

You won’t be finding them that cheap over in New Zealand -_-
I’m probably going to end up getting a DC from far off places.

Radarscope1 says:

slowslow325 is a little slow, isn’t he?

d says:

I hate to come off negative, but this list of games pretty much sucks. The US/PAL library of DC and SS pretty much suck to begin with. Let’s take a look at the jp DC and SS games for under 10$ Don’t let territorial borders stop you from playing the best games a system can offer.
But still cool that this article was made, I love all Racketboy articles!

racketboy says:

Unless you only like shmups, dating sims or something, I don’t see how you could say the DC’s US/PAL library sucks. The Saturn’s was significantly weaker than the Japanese, but the Dreamcast is pretty solid.

Sega Marine Fishing is a great pick. First off it’s simply a fantastic arcade game as despite it being about fishing there’s a lot of depth, fast-paced action, and challenge. Secondly the aesthetics are great. What I mean is the atmosphere is nice, the music is excellent, and catching exotic fish is cool(not like 30 flavors of bass in that other game Zzz). Throw in a mode where you can build your own aquarium and it’s easy to blow several hours on this title.

Boringsupreez says:

I would also add Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 to that list.

Retrofan says:

Good list, I was glad seeing jet grind at the top. You might add Daytona USA? So many good games..

Great list, all must have games in my book. A++

YoshiEgg25 says:

I picked up a Dreamcast, two controllers, a VMS, and ten games, including Soulcalibur, Toy Commander, and Tennis 2K2 for only $13. Just goes to show that you can get anything cheap if you look in the right place.


What’re you nuts? The games listed here for under ten-bucks are all pretty excellent titles and that’s not even getting into the more expensive games.

The JP releases just add a handful of shmups really. They’re good but to say the US/PAL releases were bad is madness.

DaveMMR says:

Great list – these are all solid games – but I don’t know about Samba De Amigo qualifying for an “Under $10” entry considering it only shines with the separate Maraca controllers. This will likely push it over the $10 mark.

Patrick BBE says:

Lovely list…but I would pay more for Capcom’s 2D fighters.

minimumspecs says:

@JoF Yes!! Zombie Revenge is my absolute favorite Dreamcast game. It is Sega at their very best! Rikiya Busujima is probably the most awesome video game character of all time! A must have at any price, but especially for $9.

VincentX says:


Damn! Nice catches for $25!

Love the list, laughed a lot as I have so many of these. Outrigger sounds like a lot of fun for the price, definitely gonna keep an eye out for it!

Megas XLR says:

Love the article! I wish I could find JSR at all- I haven’t seen a copy IRL anywhere!

SilverSR says:

Wow, so many good Dreamcast games for under $10. I believe this goes to show how many amazing games were available on the Dreamcast. Great system.

Crynox says:

If your into driving games how about these 3:

Vanishing Point, MSR & Stunt GP, I know the first 2 were available for NTSC but not sure about Stunt GP.

All cheap here in the UK and all GREAT! I spent many hours playing VP & MSR infact deleted my save and played them through twice, thats how good they are.

mas says:

Racketboy don’t pay attention to what anyone else says about this column. This list rocks. I love my dreamcast and because of this list and your website I picked up the dreamcast and learned everything about that little system. So thank you and keep up the good work. Because of this article I’m picking up some of these games after my fatal fury mark of the wolves come in next week

Eddie says:

This list was informative as I came to the site (today) specifically to see if there was an updated DC list. The DC library certainly doesn’t suck. I picked up Shenmue for $5 and it became one of my all-time favorites. Sega took risks and a lot of these games on the list are really unique. I’m gonna look for Toy Commander this week.

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