The Most Stunning Darkstalkers Artwork pt. 1

Since it’s Halloween season, I felt that Darkstalkers was the perfect choice for this installment due to the variety and style of the character designs. Considering the Darkstalkers series has only had remixes and re-releases during the last ten years, it’s a bit surprising that there is so much great art out there. Granted, most of it is by artists that have been commissioned by UDON for some of their Capcom projects, but it was still a pleasant surprise. I also included some of my favorite official Darkstalkers pieces from the Capcom Art Works book.

| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 |

| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 |


mozgus says:

I’ve never really given this series a chance. Always looked interesting.

Oh, and in before “Lillith man-chest”.

racketboy says:

The Darkstalkers series is a set of 2D fighters made by Capcom around the same time as the Street Fighter Alpha series.

The US Saturn release went by the name Night Warriors. The Japanese names of the trilogy are Vampire, Vampire Hunter, and Vampire Savior.

You can also find Darkstalkers Chronicles (combination of all three) on the Dreamcast and PSP.

Kikimaru says:

There has never been a more tempting succubus than Morrigan Aensland ^_^

Caleb says:

Darkstalkers Artwork …


Yeah I liked this game. I played it on Neo-Geo Emulation as well as in the arcades. I always play as Morrigan in Marvel VS Capcom for the Dreamcast.

What a great idea for a game. Have all the famous monster types and undead fight it out! Plus cleavage! It’s a formula that can’t lose.

Some awesome artwork there, a few weeks back I was rerunning thru some of the official art. Man its so good. Especially that first image of Morrigan by Udon. So damn sexy. ^_^

Also for those that are interested you can find more official artwork here:

odaim says:

Excellent pictures. The best ever. I would publish em on my personnal website

Enrico says:

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max says:

The first piece of artwork is by Shinkiro.

Rob says:

My favorite ones here are the top one (by Shinkiro), the one by Ed McGuinnes, the ‘Darkstalkers warp around’ by HOON, the Vampire Savior one from Capcom design works and the bottom one by Mark and Danimation.

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