Tetris Mastery: Video Clips To Make You Feel Inadequate


Tetris is one of those classic games that is simple to learn, but very difficult to master. The game has gone through many iterations over the last two decades, but people all around the world are still devoted to the game and developing new skills to show off. Inspired by this forum post by Radarscope1, I wanted to show off some of the most impressive Tetris videos that will make you seriously doubt your own abilities as a gamer.


Most of these videos are based off the Japanese arcade series, Tetris: The Grand Master from Akira. I did add the best NES and Gameboy videos I could find as well since those games are actually a little stricter with the rules, and therefore, more challenging. If you have any other impressive Tetris videos to share, please post them in the comments section below. I’d like to find some impressive videos of older versions of the game like the Gameboy or NES, but others are welcome as well.

Japan Finals 2001

Some classic footage from the Tetris Japan Finals from 2001 using Tetris: The Grand Master 2 – The Absolute from Akira.

Invisible Blocks

Here is a newer video that is using Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror Instinct. Pay special attention to the end where the credits for the game start rolling — the blocks turn invisible upon landing, so the player is flying blind.


Ok, so you’ve seen some fast and accurate Tetris action. Now, lets try it with one hand.

Two-Player Mode With One Person

Now, lets take a look at the Doubles Mode on Grand Master Absolute Plus. This mode is intended to be played by two players (which would be challenging enough), but this particular player is controlling both joysticks himself. Obviously, this player isn’t going through blocks quite as fast, but it is still impressive.

Pattern Recognition

At first, this one doesn’t look terribly impressive until you realize the player is creating a pattern with gaps in the pieces. Upon his completion, you’ll notice the player receives a special grade at the end.

NES Tetris: 25 Lines at Level 9, High 5 Clear

Since the old-school Tetris fans want to see some of the original Tetris games (before the relaxed gameplay rules) being mastered, here’s the best I could find. Pretty much all the difficulty settings have been maxed out on the NES version and he clears the level.

Gameboy Tetris: Level 9 Heart Height 5

Tetris on the Gameboy is my personal favorite and this video is the best I’ve seen.

Super-Fast Tetris Clone

While most Tetris experts drop their blocks instantly anyway, here’s a clip of an open-source Tetris clone that is insanely fast by default.


gs68 says:

You’re using the wrong video for “Invisible blocks.” The video is of Shirase mode (a mode where the game starts at instant-drop blocks), in which blocks turn one color towards the end and you get huge blocks during the credits.

Here’s the correct video, which is no less impressive:

gs68 says:

Also, I’m pissed off over that whole “Tetris Guideline” thing that the Tetris company set up. I really wanna play TGM, but the 360 version was gimped to fit in with that guideline.

sunnfun says:

Does anyone know how to access the “9-heart” level of Gameboy tetris? I accidentaly discovered it on a plane last year, but was never able to re-enter it afterwards. There are some videos of this level on youtube, but none show how to get there…

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