Super Mario Mini for PSP – Awesome Homebrew

Super Mario Mini on PSP ScreenshotJust when you were getting over the fact that you could play Sonic the Hedgehog games on Nintendo platforms, you can now play an original Super Mario game on a Sony PSP.

While it is not made by Nintendo, Super Mario Mini is a beautiful hombrew effort by Arguru. This is by far the best and most commendable homebrew project that I have seen in a long time. From what I have seen, it looks very professional and take full advantage of the PSP’s wide screen. The graphical sprite style looks very similar to the Mario remakes on Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES.

Keep in mind that this project was coded from the ground up instead of being a port of an existing game or en emulator. There is also a custom level editor included an many Mario fans will get a big kick out of it. There are also a lot of new features in the new version 2.

You should be able to get it to run on any PSP via the eBoot Loader

You can download the game here.

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Kyle says:

will this work with 2.7 firmware?

Anonymous says:

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nooob

Anonymous says:

can you read

dc says:

can u use it on 2.0 firmware

thekidace says:

hey i have a 3.30 will it work on mine. if not can some one help me

Cool says:

-_- NOOB! 1.50 ONLY!!!!!!

gonzo says:

this game download doesnt work. why does it take me to a different page that is not even the doawnload for the game

very smart person says:

why wont this work on my xbox, i put it on a disk and put the disk in my xbox IT DOSNT WORK. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS EVERYONE IT DOESNT WORK

I have a pandora and a jigstick says:

it does work u dipshit just not in ur xbox

Love my PSP says:

Isn’t this listed for PSP not XBOX? Damn, Why can’t ppl read?

i hate that guy who copied this on his xbox says:

Hey xbox guy. how the hell,, i mean why did ,, just what the f were u thinking?????? u really put ,,i mean on xbox??? dude. you are an asshole.

ziom says:

a have this is work 3.xx snes9x noobs :P.

2342342grl says:

do u like dis game?

DGanti says:

how come if your 3 lifes are over you have to restart from the begenning? is there anything i can do or change in the script so i have more than 3 lives?

level 5 is really hard. cant get past level 6.

jon says:

how can i download this game?

jon says:

how can i download this super mario?

tigerspaw8 says:

Dudes u just download by when it says
You can download the game here.
u click the ‘here’

trjtjt says:

here is broken ….

LoGtu says:

yup yup here is broken…..hmmmm T_T

LoGtu says:

plz fix ‘here’….really love this game

Cheo says:

Would this work on my Atari 2600???

sami boy says:

Hi guys,
i just bought me self new psp not slim one can someone help by giving instction step by step how to put super mario game on me psp im kind new when it comes to games and pcs


scott says:

the here link is broken but if you go to there’s a download link on the side box. it tells you what 2 do from there 😛

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