Spotlight On: N20 – Nitrous Oxide

If you’re looking for a shooter with something a bit different, take a look at this PSX gem, N20. Think of it as a psychedelic version of Tempest with thumpin’ music. For you Dreamcast and PS2 fans, you may see this as a precursor to Rez.

One thing this game has on Rez, however is two-player action — either split-screen or sharing the same screen. The graphics are very colorful and have been eluded as some of the most entrancing visuals you will experience on the PSX. If the graphics and gameplay weren’t enough, the music provided by The Crystal Method, creates an outstanding experience.

Game Genie
The Prophet


Anonymous says:

I’ve been looking for a download to this game for a long time! I rented if twice back when it came out. I loved it. I did once find it for download before but all the music was removed.

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