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First Review of Last Hope – Neo Geo

While SNK may have finally fininshed supporting the Neo-Geo, there are still independant developers that have worked on Last Hope, an ambititous new 2D shooter that has the Neo-Geo community quite interested. So far, the game has only been released as a very limited edition and expensive Neo-Geo cartridge (a Neo-Geo CD and Dreamcast version […]

Metal Slug Collection Announced for PSP

The PSP will soon be recieving a big shot of retro action. During GDC 2006, SNK announced that a Metal Slug Collection will be released for the Sony PSP. It is scheduled for a November 2006 release. This is looking to be the biggest official compilation of Metal Slug games for any system as it […]

Review: Neo4All AES – Play Neo Geo ROMs on Dreamcast

They said it could never be done. The Neo Geo was too intense of a console and most Neo Geo ROMs were just too big for the Sega Dreamcast to handle. Just a year or two ago, skeptics insisted that because of these reasons, it wasn’t even worth the time to think about making a […]

Twinkle Star Sprites -La Petite Princesses – Opinion and More Info

Piyokun shared a nice little bit of information on one of the games I’ve been keeping an eye one — he says: “I bought the Twinkle Star Sprites -La Petite Princesses- for the PS2 but I haven’t opened it yet. Did you know the original SNK and Saturn game is unlockable? .” It’s some good […]

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