SNK Planing Neo-Geo Downloads for XB360 and PS3

 Yes, as I speculated a while ago, SNK will be bringing a number of its solid Neo-Geo games to the next-gen download services. And as you may have noticed from the title of this post, these downloads are planned for the XBox 360’s Live Arcade and the PS3’s download service. That’s right, so far there are no plans to bring NeoGeo games to the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console.


As announced before, SNK is in the process of bringing Fatal Fury Special to the XBLA, but apparently others will join it in the near future if Microsoft can agree to SNK’s terms.

Soichiro Hosoya, director of SNK game titles, has said in a recent interview: “We’ve been sending our propositions to Microsoft for a while, but it will depend on their policy for the Xbox Live Arcade,” continued Hosoya. “Of course, we wish to launch our NeoGeo titles through Xbox Live Arcade but we cannot tell whether they’ll accept our offer or not at present.”

However, Hosoya did confirm the deal with Sony: “We’ve discussed an online delivery service for our classic NeoGeo titles through next-gen formats and Sony Computer Entertainment has agreed to our propositions.”

No additional titles have been announced by SNK yet for either platform, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I find out.

SNK fans can’t forget that the Wii will be getting a souped-up Metal Slug Anthology. This retail collection still will probably be a better gameplay experience and a better value than most of the initial download offerings, but it would be very cool to see the Neo-Geo round out the Virtual Console’s offerings.

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