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First Review of Last Hope – Neo Geo

While SNK may have finally fininshed supporting the Neo-Geo, there are still independant developers that have worked on Last Hope, an ambititous new 2D shooter that has the Neo-Geo community quite interested. So far, the game has only been released as a very limited edition and expensive Neo-Geo cartridge (a Neo-Geo CD and Dreamcast version […]

Make the Most of Your Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is quite possibly one of the most versatile console of all time. They also happen to be quite affordable and plentiful. If you don’t already have one, you need to pick one (or two) up. If you already have one, take a look at some hardware and software that will maximize your […]

Retro Gaming Dream Machines

Over the last decade or two, we have seen a wide variety of gaming hardware — each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I would love to be able to play with just about every unique piece of hardware at least once. However, some of the most interesting gaming machines are both difficult to […]

Meta-Review: Gradius Collection – PSP

Even though I’m not particularly interested in the PSP as a whole, it does have a handful of redeeming retro games under its belt, and as I elluded to earlier, Konami’s headlining shmup series is one of the latest additions. With the latest PSP compilation you will receive five beloved Gradius titles in one exciting […]

Games That Defined The Sega Saturn

Following up on my feature of the Games That Defined The Dreamcast, I wanted to cover the list of the best Sega Saturn games that gave Sega’s 32-bit console its character. The while the Saturn may have failed commercially in comparison to the Sony Playstation, it had a very solid game selection including some very […]

Meta-Review: Radiant Silvergun – Sega Saturn

Known as one of the Holy Grails of console game collecting and one of the greatest 2D shooters of all time, Radiant Silvergun does not need an introduction for those schooled in old-school cult-classic gaming. But for those that have begun to search for the greatest games that never made it to the United States […]

Comparing Resident Evil: Saturn vs Playstation

Pretty much everybody knows that the Playstation was built for 3D graphics, while 3D processing was just an afterthought on the Sega Saturn. However, every now and then gamers stumble across an instance where the Saturn holds its own in the 3D department. There has been some debate over the years as to whether the […]

Meta-Review: Radilgy (aka Radirgy/Rajirugi) – Dreamcast Shmup

Radiligy is one of the two new Naomi-to-Dreamcast shooter ports to come out in 2006 and it will offer shmup fans a slightly different shooting experience for their Dreamcast. Radiligy does borrow many elements from its sibling, Chaos Field, but does have some unique features and a fresh graphical style. Overall, it does not seem […]

Games That Defined The Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast obviously was not a strong commerical success. However, that was not because of a lack of quality games. Sega excelled at having games that were unique, addictive, and just plain fun. (Watch G4’s Coverage of Dreamcast history) The Dreamcast also had some strong support from a number of big publishers such as […]

Meta-Review: Ibara – PS2 – Shmup

Developed by Cave, the makers of such popular shooter franchises such as Do Don Pachi and Muschihimesama, comes another excellent masterpiece that is ported to the PS2 by Taito. Gameplay is reminiscent of titles such as Raiden and Castle Shikigami and there explosion count is pretty high. Ibara is one of hte hottest shmups in […]

Dreamcast Shmups Library – 2D Shooters Galore

You would think that it would be hard for the Dreamcast to follow in the 2D footsteps of its sibling, the Sega Saturn and its massive collection of 2D shoot-em-ups. However, the Dreamcast is the perfect complement to the Saturn and is a essentially a requirement in and shmup fanatic’s collection. While it only started […]

Survive Bullet Hell On Your Gameboy Advance

I don’t know why nobody thought of this project before… Instead of having ports of all your favorite shooters on the Gameboy Advance in order to practice techniques, why not just have a enemy fire simulator? BulletGBA is an ingenious homebrew effort that replicates the bullet patters of many popular shmups and let you practice […]

Gradius on the Go – TurboExpress, GBA, and PSP

I saw this photo on Flickr and had to share it with you: It shows off three great ways to play Gradius on the go: Gradius – TurboGrafx 16/PC engine game via the TurboExpress/PC Engine GT Gradius Advance/Galaxies – Gameboy Advance Gradius Portable/Collection – Sony PSP Similar Posts From These Categories: Portable Gaming, Gameboy, PSP, […]

Review: Silpheed – Sega CD

The Sega CD is one of those consoles (even though it was just an add-on) that took a lot of beating over the year for not fulfilling its potential. However, there are a few great Sega CD games (many of which were Sega CD exclusives in the US for some time) that made a Sega […]

Games That Pushed The Limits – Part 1

I have been recently been fascinated by the history of the various machines that have battled for our living rooms. Each machine has had its strengths and weaknesses, and as a programmer, I’m amazed by some of the ways developers have harnessed the power of consoles and pushed them to their limits resulting is some […]

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