Shining Force III Premium Disc Translation

 Shining Force III was one of the crowning jewels for the Sega Saturn and is one of the best strategy RPGs ever from the folks at Sega.

However, there was a Scenario 2 and 3 in addition to a Premium Disc that never made it outside of Japan.

KnightOfDragon has released his patch for Shining Force III Premium Disk to make it more accessible to the English-speaking world. The Patch is close to being complete but has some bugs and spelling/grammar errors that need fixed.

Yes the Scenario 2 translation is coming along nicely too. I hope enough people can help out so this doenst die out before it gets completed.

Supposedly, the patch simple to apply and it works great. I’ll have to get around to trying it soon. If all three scenarios are available in english someday it would just be amazing. Scenario 2 is getting close, but we’ll just have to be patient.

Anyway, for the Premium Disc translation, check out these links:
Topic at Shining Force Central
Download Link

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Thad says:

“spelling/grammar errors that need fixed.”

Tell me that was intentional.

racketboy says:

Actually, I copied that line from the announcement I read. Picky, Picky.

Duce says:

Everytime I try to download this the link is broken. 🙁

alonzobots says:

You must be F$%*ing kidding, this is the one Shining force III I dont have! AHHHHHH! Translate 2. I really want that now, I love shining force.

racketboy says:

eeh their “free” server looks like crap. I’ll mirror it if I can get my hands on it…

my name has a 0 in 0f, and the server is still new, so till i find time to actually make a page, it will have to do.

To download, in IE just right click and save target as, in firefox just place the address into the address bar and it should download. Scen 2 and 3 are being worked on also, but in case you haven’t noticed, the game is huge, I am currently remaking the compressor to make the files even smaller, so that we can fit in all the bloated text from scen 1, for continuity purposes

Gabe says:

to knight0fdragon: youre a godsend for your hard work on these patches! however is there any way you could point us to the right direction for the resources to patch and translate other games? I would greatly appreciate it.

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