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Sega Saturn Model 1 Modchip Installation

This Saturn is by far the most difficult because you need to have some skill with a soldering iron. The actual installation of the chip is quite easy once you have correctly altered the chip. Model 1 Chips are no longer in production, so unless you can find some backstock or place that has some […]

Black and Yellow Saturn Mod

kccc, a newbie over at SegaXtreme has share his discontent with the look of a standard Sega Saturn and demonstrated his creative solution. His newly remodeled machine sports a sleek yellow and black exterior with glowing LEDs inside. Worth a look for Saturn enthusiasts.

Burning Sega CD and Saturn Games on Linux

Kahuna over at SegaXtreme has written up a detailed tutorial on how to burn Sega CD and Sega Saturn backup CDs using Linux. I figured I should post this as it’s a nice complement to my guides for Ripping and Burning BIN/CUE and ISO/MP3 images using Windows. I assume this method also works for some […]

Where to Download Sega Saturn Game ISOs

Once you get your hands on a modchip for your Sega Saturn, you can’t help be overtaken by the urge to collect more 32-bit goodness. Because of this, I’ve had a few people asking where they can start buiding up their Sega Saturn ISO collection. Well, I’ll get you started with a few places… In […]

Sega Saturn Modchip Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are a few things that can be overlooked when installing a Saturn Mod chip that can cause problems. If there is something wrong with the installation you may find that your games boot to a Audio CD Player. If your Saturn modchip installation seems to be giving your problem go through this check […]

Sega Saturn 4MB RAM Carts Now On Sale!

Sega Saturn 4M/1MB Video RAM Cart Visit My Store to Buy The RAM Cart This cartridge will allow you to play many of the best Saturn games that are otherwise unplayble without it. Here’s a list of games that support/require the RAM carts. Worldwide Shipping – $3.50 per order Your modchip order will be shipped […]

Sega Saturn Hacks

Here are some great ways to improve your Sega Saturn gaming experience… Why Would You Mod a Sega Saturn? Buy Sega Saturn Modchips Sega Saturn Modchips Installation Sega Saturn Guide to Playing Imports Sega Saturn ISO Region Patcher Sega Saturn Swap Trick Help Sega Saturn CD-RW Mod Games That Support the Saturn RAM Cart Sega […]

Sega Saturn Homebrew Coding Contest

Rockin-B (mastermind behind some great emulators for the Sega Saturn) is hosting a new SEGA Saturn coding contest. Currently, the Saturn is not as well known for its homebrew developments as its brother, the Dreamcast, however things are heating up for Saturn development. Now that SaturnOrbit, the all-in-one coding package for the Saturn has been […]

Why Would You Mod A Sega Saturn?

Why would you mod your Saturn? The Sega Saturn was a wonderful piece of hardware that was greatly underappreciated, but still has a cult following. While it was not the commercial success that the Sony Playstation was, the Saturn was techincally superior for 2D games and put up some wonderful 3D titles as well. However, […]

Sega Saturn Games That Use 1MB/4MB RAM Cart

For those of you that are interested, here are the Sega Saturn games that support my 1MB/4MB RAM carts. Most of these games require the RAM carts in order to play them. The ones that have (OPTIONAL) do not require the cart, but will have better performance with the cart 4MB RAM: Dungeons & Dragons […]

How to Mod a Sanyo Board Saturn

While Model 2 Saturns are very easy to modify to play backups, there are some older models that can be a bit more tricky. One model that is a bit different is those with a mainboard manufactured by Sanyo. Its layout is different and requires a different approach. However, I have come across a helpful […]

Sega Saturn Model 2 Swap Trick

How to perform the swap trick on a model 2 Sega Saturn By Sengoku Notes: I take NO responsibility for damage done to your Saturn by utilising the following text. Perform the swap trick at your own risk. The mentioned ‘Sega’ screen is not the animated ‘Sega Saturn’ screen, instead it is the next […]

Sega Saturn Swap Trick With PAR (Pro Action Replay) Guide

–=PAR-Swap Method=– by G Face CD-R Swap method using a Pro Action Replay (PAR) v1.0 -For those like me who are having a hard time with a Model 2 Saturn and no mod chip here is a 99% accurate way to play with a 4-in-1/5-in-1 – Pro Action Replay (PAR). –>Before you proceed: Using this […]

Saturn vs PSX Shooter Comparison

The 32-bit era was known for two classic genres, the 2D fighter and the 2D shooter. In fact, most of the people that pick up my Saturn modchips are heavlily interested in building their shooter collection. If you are interested in figuring out what the best shooters to start out or round out your game […]

Guide To Ripping Older CD-Based Games

I’ve had a number of people ask me how to rip their older games into an ISO-type format, so I’ve cobbled together some information on the topic. I personally use a piece of shareware software called CDRWin. It’s a very powerful piece of software that is very solid and has never given me problems. It […]

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