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Shining Force III Premium Disc Translation

Shining Force III was one of the crowning jewels for the Sega Saturn and is one of the best strategy RPGs ever from the folks at Sega. However, there was a Scenario 2 and 3 in addition to a Premium Disc that never made it outside of Japan. KnightOfDragon has released his patch for Shining […]

The Sega Saturn Swap Trick

There are a number of people who are looking for an ultra-cheap method that will allow you to play burned copies of Saturn games or homebrew games without having to install a modchip. Your only other option is what is known as the swap trick. This guide is based off of an anonymous writing from […]

Put Multiple Homebrew Saturn Games On One Disc

One of my good friends, Rockin’B is at it again with another software package to make life easier for Sega Saturn enthusiasts. His latest project is the Atlas Game Pack. In a nutshell, it is the Saturn equivellent to the Self-Boot Inducer for the Dreamcast. According to Rockin’B on his website: “An AGP contains a […]

Sonic Xtreme for Sega Saturn LEAKED!

Are you a Sega Saturn owner that was bummed that elusive 3D Sonic game, Sonic Xtreme, never was released? Well, maybe this news will help you feel better… z3ntn3l, from the recently-deceased, Saturn Torrents Forum just informed me that a copy of Sonic X-Treme (which was recently sold for a hefty sum) has found its […]

Review: NiGHTS Into Dreams – Saturn

In the time right before the N64 release, Sonic Team’s challenge was to figure out how to take the traditional 2D videogame experience, and bring it into a three-dimensional world. While Mario 64 created a whole new experience while keeping the spirit of the old Super Mario, NiGHTS struck a balance between the old and […]

Games That Pushed The Limits – Part 2

This is a continuation of my series on console games that made the best use of each console’s limited system resources. Other Parts: Part 1 & Part 3 — Part 4 is on the way Aliens vs Predator There have only been a few times before the 21st century where I was amazed by how […]

Shmups: Sega Saturn vs. Sony Playstation

I don’t claim to be a shmup expert, but I did a lot of research on this subject about a year ago. The findings of “superior ports” are not a result of a great amount of testing on my part, but rather the general consensus that I found among the shmup community. We all know […]

Review: X-Men vs. Street Fighter – Saturn

X-Men vs. Street Fighter was Capcom’s first crossover fighting game and it caused quite a stir during the time of its release. As a child of the 80’s, I was raised playing Street Fighter 2 in the arcades during my early teen years and later moved onto the Street Fighter Alpha series and X-Men: Children […]

Review: Assault Suit Leynos 2 – Saturn

One of my first impressions of this game was “Mechs meets Metal Slug”. It’s an impressive but very tough 2D Mech shooter with some spectacular graphics and gameplay. It never made it over to the US, but it is definitely worth looking into if you are a shooter fan. The original Assault Suit Leynos, renamed […]

Panzer Dragoon for PS2 – New Screenshots and Info

Back in July of ’05, I mentioned that Sega was working on a graphically enhanced version of the first Panzer Dragoon game (originally for the Saturn) for the PS2. Since the original was a great game, but had rough graphics, I was very interested in this upgrade. Today, Famitsu magazine released some new screens of […]

Review: Die Hard Arcade – Saturn

Die Hard Arcade (aka Dynamite Deka in Japan) is, of course, loosely based on the first Die Hard movie, with some major character and plot changes thrown in to fit the video game medium. In DHA, you start on the roof of the Nakatomi Building and work your way up and down the building in […]

Make Your Own USB Saturn Controller

There has been quite a buzz from the Sega’s USB Saturn controllers. Even though they are very cool products, there are a number of people that would like to take their exisiting Saturn controllers and hack into their own USB controller. There is an excellent guide at that walks you through the entire process […]

How To Play Sega Saturn Backups

Those of you that frequent my site are probably familiar with this topic, but I thought I would write a guide for new readers that are looking to play backups on the Saturn. The Sega Saturn is possibly one of the best systems for 2D gaming and has a number of enjoyble 3D titles as […]

Want Wireless Saturn and Dreamcast Controllers?

I love my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. That fact is easy to pick if you visit my site often. However, I don’t play the systems as much as I should. What keeps me away from these great systems? I am addicted to wireless controllers. I have a Nintendo Gamecube and have fallen in love with […]

Is It Easy To Install a Saturn Modchip?

I’ve had a number of people asking me if it is easy to install a Sega Saturn Mod Chip. Basically, if you have a Model 2 Saturn, it’s extremely easy — even for beginners. Read my post on for more details

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