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10 Games That Actually NEED A Sequel

As just about every gamer has noticed, the gaming market has been flooded with sequel upon sequel (Tony Hawk, anyone?) — many of which aren’t a great improvement over the last increment. You can’t blame the publishers too much as they wouldn’t be putting them out if gamers weren’t buying them in droves. But wouldn’t […]

Ben Heck – Console Hacker Extraordinare

I’ve recently seen a number of people reaching my site by searching for Ben Heck — the mastermind behind a number of amazing portable gaming systems. (See my recent interview with Ben) Not only does Ben have the amazing technical knowledge that is necessary to piece these wonders together, but he also has great design […]

Game Spotlight: Shining Force

Ever since I bought Advance Wars for the GBA, I’ve been facinated by strategy games. It’s a shame I didn’t get into the genre earlier. But over the last few years I’ve tried to make up for lost time and dive into some of the older titles that built up to the titles such as […]

FAQ: Can You Play Genesis ROMs on a Sega CD?

This question has been asked all over the Net during the last decade or so. I just encountered this topic again today and thought I would address it here. No, there is not a way to play Genesis/Megadrive ROMs on the Sega CD. The system does not have a way to nativly play them. It […]

Create Reprogrammable Genesis Carts

MAKE Magazine pointed to an informative piece on how to create your own reprogrammable cartridge for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. It can be used for many things, such as running demos, homebrew games and music on the real console. Sounds like a cool project for me to take on when I get caught up on stuff. […]

Console Controllers for PC and Mac

We all play around with at least a little bit of game emulation. It’s a great way to play games from out past and try out games that we missed over the year. However, one of the main downsides of emulation is that it doesn’t feel the same without the real controller. So, I’m starting […]

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