Sega Saturn System Disc

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From Ivo:
I’ve found a link to an interesting (from a historic point of view) forum post at insert credit.
It is about the “system disc” that Sega gave to developers and that would allow them to test their burned discs in regular retail systems. For those that prefer to have a link rather than dig it from insert credit, click here for the more in-depth information:
Gamer history link

Racketboy’s take:
I still find it fascinating that to this day, nobody has figured out how to crack the booting software for the Saturn. Of course, you can mod the hardware itself now, but its not quite as easy for the everyday gamer as being able to burn a self-booting game like on the Dreamcast.

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Vhaeos says:

Wow, this is really interesting. If only someone could crack the protection, would make things so much easier. Mod chips are a bit of a hassle.

kingmohd84 says:

hahahaha this is funny because Sega planed for the Dreamcast to be everything the Saturn is not
So the Saturn has no Software crack up to this day, but the Dreamcast doesn’t need to be modded to play pirated games hahaha

dj898 says:

I recall when I got CartDev Rev.B all of them came with the system disc still inside the console. :p
sadly I’m not sure what happened to those as I’m off from collecting and my saturn collection has been in the storage for 4.5 years now…:(

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