Sega Saturn Modchip Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are a few things that can be overlooked when installing a Saturn Mod chip that can cause problems.
If there is something wrong with the installation you may find that your games boot to a Audio CD Player.
If your Saturn modchip installation seems to be giving your problem go through this check list:

  • Make sure you are using the correct set of instructions. Since there are a few different types of Saturn models, you need to make sure you are installing the correct way for your Saturn.
  • Make sure all the neccessary connections are clean. Make sure there is not any stray solder that could cause an electrical short.
  • You may want to look over the Soldering Guide to look for tips you might find helpful
  • Ensure that your system cannot play original games in addition to backups. If your Saturn can play originals with the chip in, it is most likely an issue with the burned CDs themselves.
  • Ensure that the chip is in the slot all the way. Sometimes a chip may have a hard time going into the slot and feels like it needs extra force to cram it in there. If this is the case, you may need to file down the edges of the slot plug.
  • If you are attempting the A+B method, try soldering to the chip on the mainboard instead. The A+B method is supposedly not a 100% sure thing.
  • If you are worried that your Sega Saturn console may be dead, you can take the chip out and see if it still plays regular games.

If you still need help, just post comments below or in the technical help forums and I’ll try to help you out. The forums will be your best bet as I will probably respond sooner and you will have many other knowledgable members at your service as well.


racketboy says:

Did you unsolder the chip as well?

Zachism says:

Yes, I did. And I have a thread with another question, which needs to be answered. here’s the link.

Anonymous says:

I used the ab method and a couple months later it quit working. Tried the signal wire method. nothing. did the ab method again but connected the power cord to pin 14 and tada! its working again. weird

Andrew says:

I have an MX-80000 console with oval buttons, and there’s a read-access light on there, so I assume it’s a Model 1. Do you have modchips for the Model 1?

LordOfTheCynics says:

I bought a model 1 20-pin Saturn (yeah, I know, poor me), got a chip from Racketboy, and attempted to modify and install the chip myself. I followed all the instructions as best I could, but all I get is nothing. The light comes on, and that’s it. The CD doesn’t even spin. Works fine without the chip, though, so what could I have done wrong? I checked all the solder connections, double- and even triple checked them, and I still can’t see what I did wrong. The only thing I can think of is the part in the instructions that mention “traces to cut.” I don’t see anything on those areas specified that I could cut, so I don’t know what else it could possibly be… maybe the modchip is faulty? Should I get another one, from Rob Webb? Apparently they have chips for Model 1’s that work fine…

racketboy says:

I don’t know much about Model 1s or the other chips — Sorry I can’t be more of a help 🙂

Anonymous says:

is there any way to get a picture of where to solder the power cord in larger detail? Do I solder it to the metal part sticking up, or do shove it way down in there?

Michael says:

Hi I just recieved my chip and have been trying to install it in a model 2 with the round buttons. At least I think it is, It is a little different than the images in the guide cause my chip could not go in without me snipping a corner of the bracket off so it could slide down into the slot. I have to do the A+B Method due to the bigger chip being under the laser for some reason, only way to it would be to take the laser all the way out. I have the 5v connected to the red wire and soldered the A+B together, even took the chip in and out to make sure it was in all the way and when the machine is turned on it makes a static noise and goes to the cd player screen and checks the disk. It does not spin or anything. If I take the chip out it will work. So Im not sure what to do try next.

James says:

I’ve tried modding my 2 Saturns w/ no success. My Saturn looks the the Saturn in the picture, but the buttons are black. And, the in the pictures of the Saturn’s insides, most of the stuff to the left doesn’t exactly look the same way. I’ve tried on 2 different Saturns & used 2 different mod chips and I come up with the same problem. The disk won’t spin. I even take out the mode and the disk still won’t spin. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

David Jones says:

Hey RacketBoy

Looking at your modding page now and theres no installation for the model m80200a sega saturn, I cracked open my version of the sega saturn and it has a 64 pin chip not a 32 pin chip, is this wrong? I my sega saturn not moddable? I can provide a picture of the insides of the saturn if you like.

Please help if you can RacketBoy,

bobbygamer says:

I tryed the install both ways with no result I filed down the edges and it fits great I have it on the 14th pin (gen 2) all I get with original or backups is the audio player all connections look great any help?

racketboy says:

just emailed ya…

hen says:

Greeting everyone! i’ve got the chip delivered today from racketboy. I have the saturn Model 2 64pin which look exactly like this guide here:
my saturn is a white japanese Model No. MK80219-07
Power source:200-240 50/60Hz, made in indonesia. serial no.AD65003837
i tried both methods(bridge A-B or solder A to 8pin IC), but either one work.

when power on my saturn with the chip in either mod, these are the things i get:
-Straight in ‘Sega Saturn’ screen’ with no boot up animation
-Two green cubes at the CD player screen
-No CD rotation
-Displays “checking disc format”

racketboy, what else can i try? my saturn can play normal games fine when i disconnect the chip.


racketboy says:

I can’t really offer you much support with 64-pinners as I haven’t done one myself and I don’t recommend them as they aren’t 100% compatible.

Personally, I would try tracking down a 32-pinner.

hen says:

oh.. no. you mean your chip is not compatible with my MOdel 2 64-pin saturn racketboy?
man, my bad.. i must of read it wrong about your chip.. when i decided your chip and this one here:

but anyway its already too late for me.. is there anyway you help me out this mess? i am ready for some more soldering!


racketboy says:

Well, I would recommend asking the forums.
People in there may be more of a help.
Just be specific with it being a 64-pinner

Shinebi says:

Hi Racketboy, I’m currently trying to install a modchip in a JAP Sanyo Saturn. Do I have to REMOVE the entire “TRAP” PCB including the wire or do I leave it be? Also, where exactly do I connect the signal wire? (all of the ICs on that version are marked SANYO) Or do I connect it on the same pad as to where the “trap” is connected to…? Can’t fin any detailed info about this anywhere.

Hope to hear something soon
Thanks in advance!

racketboy says:

I’ve never done a Sanyo personally — you might want to ask in the forums…

Shinebi says:

No prob man, after reading up on the forum (until page 8), I SUCCESSFULLY modded it yesterday after some testing. I’ll post on the forum and try to make a guide, because a lot of info just doesn’tseem right. Thanks for replying though!

ristar says:

I just recieved a modchip for my model 2 32-pin Saturn. I installed the chip, and soldered the wires, but when I power on my saturn, the lens and the disc spinning mechanism do not move. Nothing happens. What could be the problem?

aj says:

Seems as though i have a similar problem as others, everytime i load up a real game disk it goes to music player with green cubes.

koshman says:

Ah, I’ve had the chip lying here for half a year now and finally got to try it and … it works! I’m almost complete newbie in soldering and kinda clumsy too so if I could make it anyone can. Don’t be discouraged, guys 🙂 And big thanks to you, racketboy – for your great website and for this fantastic chip, too. Radiant Silvergun, here I cooome 😀

JD says:

Im having trouble. I bought a mod chip from the site. It is a Sega Saturn Modchip Board V2
chip and I have been trying to install it into my Model 2 32 Pin Saturn.
It is being a pain because the disc will not spin when the chip is connected. The installation is abit different from the other chips. There is only a power cable needed.

here are the instructions…

Aaron says:

I installed mine today in my Model 2. Works great. It didnt work at first, but I re-did all the soldering again and re-did the power wire to get it working. Thanks!

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