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Sega Saturn Modchip
Sega Saturn mod chip modchip
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The Sega Saturn Mod Chip will allow your to play burned CD-R games on your 32-bit powerhouse console and open up many other great gaming possibilities.

If you would like to learn more, please read my article,
“Why Mod Your Saturn?”

Feel free to read just a sampling of customer comments below.

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iamprinco says:

Got my Modchip within a week to Australia!!
My model 2 Saturn with the 32-pin board just required the A+B trick.
Took a few goes to get the CD drive going as the ribbon cable and the chip have to be in tight! The modchip is wafer thin, so I was careful!
But this is awesome, works great with my Action replay cart & 50/60Hz mod!!
Thanks racketboy! My saturn ROCKS now! 🙂
This place is the last store selling chips, act fast! Or you’ll miss out forever!

Ian says:

Received my mod chip for a Saturn Model 2 Japanese ,fitted chip which worked straight up, then started to have two big red balls on the menu screen,removed chip and still have two big red balls on menu, my Saturn is now fried. Have left email am waiting on response

Ian says:

Update have not received reply as yet, but have done a search into possible causes and using a rather large magnifying glass I found their was a short on the 32 pin chip caused buy solder flux.Cleaned it up using a touch of metho and tooth brush all is now good I have my Saturn back.

racketboy says:

Hey Ian
Just responded to your email — glad to see you have it up and working.
And sorry for the slight delay in my response — got a newborn at home which slows things down for me 🙂

keyboredlizard says:

So does this chip work for any saturn model?

racketboy says:

It works best on Model 2 saturns — particularly 32-pin models.
I don’t recommend it for Model 1s

Steven Rios says:

hey Racket Boy, still got my chip working great, bought it from you ten years ago! this guys awesome, and i see his reputation is still topnotch! i just busted out my saturn and was looking around for the list of games you had that were compatible with the ram cart, YES GUYS his chip will last years of gaming!

ben says:

I’ve had my modchip for several years now. Even modded it to work in my model 1 Saturn. The performance and reliability has been rock solid. If I ever need one again I will be buying it from racketboy!!!

Lloyd says:

Will these modchips be back in stock at any point?

Lloyd says:

If so is there a estimate on when? Thanks

racketboy says:

It’s not looking like it at this point — sorry!

carlos says:

hola quisiera saber si teneis modchip de sega saturn model 1 y 2 de la sega saturn in stock,
si es que si lo teneis mandarme precio de los chips


D says:

Are you still alive? Do you still sell any Modchips?

racketboy says:

I am alive, but haven’t sold products in a while 🙂

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